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Discussion in 'Technical Problems' started by Jorgelito, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. Jorgelito

    Jorgelito ¡Olé!

    Xenforo responds fully only for members using Windows. (I verified this by going to the library today).

    Computers used in test:

    Me @ Home - Apple DOES NOT WORK
    Me @ Roomates Apple DOES NOT WORK
    Shiloh & alias - Windows WORKS
    Allisiam - Windows WORKS
    Me @ Library - Windows WORKS
    Susan - Windows WORKS
    Olivia - Windows WORKS

    The byte boundary still exists (even when using Windows - I checked this today on a thread of eXchanger at the library). This is the red error message box - Internal Server error.

    Tony, is this useful to you? I hope you can correct these problems no matter what their source may be. Jorgelito
  2. admin

    admin Well-Known Member Staff Member

    [3:23:46 PM] Sirius 17: I tried to sign in again today
    [3:24:03 PM] Sirius 17: still no edit box and I am guessing this is a windows 8.1 problem
    [3:24:14 PM] Sirius 17: as I had zero problem with windows 8
    [3:27:05 PM] Sirius 17: ok as Olivia I have an edit box
    [3:28:29 PM] Sirius 17: so maybe this is a permissions thing
    [3:28:48 PM] Sirius 17: like however you have set up the moderator hierarchy?
    [3:29:00 PM] Sirius 17: I am just guessing because I really don't know
    [3:32:02 PM] Sirius 17: Oh wait it seems to be working now under allisiam
    [3:32:17 PM] Sirius 17: I have an edit box again
    [3:33:07 PM] Sirius 17: strange I tried earlier to edit as allisiam but I still had no edit box, but now I do
    [3:33:50 PM] Shiloh: perhaps my recaching fixed it
    [3:34:13 PM] Sirius 17: yes maybe, I don't know
    [3:34:24 PM] Sirius 17: it worked after I logged in Olivia
    [3:34:33 PM] Shiloh: I am pretty sure that dougs transfer of Susan's post caused bugs, as she had terrible html copy paste from whereever
    [3:34:46 PM] Shiloh: I reset just an hour or so ago
    [3:34:47 PM] Sirius 17: yes perhaps it did

    [4:21:50 PM] Shiloh: But you CAN use xenforo now without problems?
    [4:22:19 PM] Sirius 17: yes i can see an editor now
    [4:22:38 PM] Shiloh: I better let doug know, he asked if you could
    Sirius 17
  3. Jorgelito

    Jorgelito ¡Olé!

    Something wonderful happened! I can write to Xenforo Cosmogenesis. Thank-you! What happened? A reset an hour ago? 11:40 PST 22 Jul 2014
  4. admin

    admin Well-Known Member Staff Member

    As said, I reset the caches and this might have cleaned up some bug from Susan's htmls. I also noticed that Susan did not have access to the editor for some reason, but this was after the cache clean up
    So you should now be able to use Susan's avatar, provided she did not change passwords
    As you can see, i fixed the thumbnail pics a while ago in adding some software from the developers
    There was a problem with the captcha and why people could not join. I reverted back to google captche from the previous custom, as I could not see why it did not work in custm

    Good you have access now doug

  5. Jorgelito

    Jorgelito ¡Olé!

    Tony, everything is copacetic now. The "byte boundary" was due apparently to some hidden control characters in the text of one of eXchanger's post. Jorgelito.


    It's not always apparent what is causing the INTERNAL SERVER ERROR; contol characters causing the error are sometimes embedded in an image. So to clean the image, I save and copy back the image to Xenforo. Sometimes the control characters are in the text. So to clean the text, I copy and paste to a primitive text file then copy back the text to Xenforo.

    Sometimes nothing works. Like now. Doing it by chunks now -- cleaning each data chunk along the way -- and it's working though I don't know why.



    Still getting Internal Server Error messages . . .

    It seems the surest way to "clean" an image is to take a screen shot & crop as needed. No control charcters can hold up to that.

    Some control chacters seem linked (but not seen) to a space -- not text -- in the document. One possible way is to "clean" the document is to go to the source document.

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  6. Jorgelito

    Jorgelito ¡Olé!

    Here are some programs that remove hidden formatting characters from a document -- to banish the INTERNAL SERVER ERROR . . .


    Stripmail - Apple

    Puretext 3.0 - Windows


    By being very careful, I haven't encountered the INTERNAL SERVER ERROR in a month. :):)


    If anyone needs to know how to avoid this error message, this method will work but it isn't always necessary:

    1. Copy and paste title separate from main document.
    2. Copy and paste main document separate from images.
    3. Copy and paste the contents of a "box" not the box containing the text and/or images.
    3. The worst case scenario is to delete the REPLY or the DISCUSSION to get rid of the error message.

    Jorgelito 9-10-2014
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2014
  7. shiloh za-rah

    shiloh za-rah Planetary Rebirth

    Good to hear Jorgelito. As you can see, I have begun to transfer data more extensively.
    I would suggest you use spruz as a backup and place all your info into your forum here though.
    I dont know if Susan is transferring anything or not; therefore you should tender your own forum content first and then help her.
    As said I will transfer all her data on some main threads; like opscam and legacy and the science forum posts.
    And in this regard, I have a question.
    Are you still using Susan's sign in details and are you still transferring her posts?
    I am asking because I dont know, if she is posting here on xenforo or not.
    I placed this message onto the main spruz page:

    General Message from Thuban:
    This Forum will remain active until July 2016. This forum is subject to a 'shared server' with limited access to the root file tree and so does not represent a sufficient medium for an effective preservation of its data base; especially if the information placed here, can serve an extended Dragon Family for purposes of planetary reconfiguration, both in a metaphysical precursor, followed by its physical logistic implementation.

    In a period of about 2 years from July 2014; the major data found on this forum will be transferred to a new virtual (non publically shared) server, which allows access to particular root directories with a more appropriate forum dynamic.

    An Open Invitation from the Elders of Thuban and the Council of the StarHuman Dragonhood extends to all readers and participators to read and/or participate on this new Virtual Server with an associated Xenforo Forum; and which enables a more extensive data preservation system, not subject to data loss and data corruption, due to the nature of the server dynamics.

    All participators are encouraged to save their information on the new forum and to utilize this old forum as a backup to ensure the protection and preservation of the data they wish to share with the future evolvements regarding this planetary cosmic environment.
    For this purpose, extensive access to the new forum will be granted to such participators, following initialisation.

    Thuban Cosmogenesis Dragon Forum

    Shiloh Za-Rah, September 4th, 2014

    Thanks agai, for your splendid cooperation here Doug.


    CULCULCAN The Final Synthesis - isbn 978-0-9939480-0-8 Staff Member

    You're quite welcome. It is something I feel good doing. Susan has not posted on Xenforo for some time. Just me. I check everyday. The transfer of eXchanger will be done about Aug 2015. This is my focius. I may do something different for my stuff on Thuban. Not sure yet. -- Jorgelito
  9. shiloh za-rah

    shiloh za-rah Planetary Rebirth

    Thank you for your feedback Jorgelito. This means that Susan's sign in details are still the same and she has not changed them.

  10. Jorgelito

    Jorgelito ¡Olé!

    This is correct.

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