February 1-18th, 2021 A Huge Stellium Of 7 Planets In The Sign Of The Futurist- Last Time 1962

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    sunday January 17 2021

    A heads up! High Voltage

    This week, on January 19th when the Sun enters the sign of the Futurist,
    we will all feel the great shift into Air from Earth
    that began on December 21st / 2020
    with the epochal Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction
    in Aquarius.

    This is the seeding of the 2021-43 Aquarian Agenda which will radically change the frequencies and time-lines when the February 1-18th /2021
    Great Aquarius Stellium imprints us with
    the 5th Ray of concrete knowledge, science and technology
    - the electricity that powers your devices and your subtle magnetic field.

    On Wednesday January 20th, 2021
    with Sun, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius sparked by
    the one in 80 years conjunction of warrior Mars
    with unpredictable Uranus in Taurus,
    expect flashpoints in the collective along with acts of rebellion,
    resistance, aggression and violence against governments and places of religion.

    This is likely to play out most visibly
    around the US Presidential Inauguration
    but tension will be heightened globally.

    The Moon will be occulting Mars/Uranus, fanning the flames
    of irrationality while Mercury and slippery Neptune
    connect with the Karmic Node of Fate
    suggesting dark web plots and conspiracies.

    On a personal level, step right out of the way of arguments,
    controversy, soap operas and dramas- no matter how juicy or compelling.

    What you think you see being played out is veiled,
    so pay attention to any deeper truths that are revealed
    at this time and don’t be afraid to lift up the veil to see what’s behind.

    Intensifying throughout 2021, this astrology is going to make
    a profound impact on all the Fixed signs
    -Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

    The more planets and points,
    such as Ascendant/Descendant/MC/IC/Node of Fate,
    you have in these signs, the more change to expect.

    Be at cause, not at effect and collaborate rather than resist.

    Aim for transmutation.

    Not improvement, not incremental change.

    Between February 1-18th, 2021
    a huge stellium of 7 planets in the sign of the Futurist-
    not experienced since 1962
    - is about to re-pattern and re-code us into the Aquarian Era…
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    Annelie Elisabeth

    Everything is written in the stars and this is eerily resonant. 1f447_1f3fc. 1f31f.

    Personally it seem like my own natal chart mirror these times almost exactly;

    I am Leo and I have 6 planets in the 8th House.
    House of death, rebirth, transformation, sex and heritage.
    Leo and Mars are two of them.
    My descendent sign is in Aquarius.
    North node in Aquarius and south node in Leo.
    MC in Scorpio. IC in Taurus.
    So what does this mean exactly?
    Am I simply in for a very bumpy ride and not necessarily a pleasant one....?
    I’d appreciate any interpretation 1f64f_1f3fc. .
    Annelie Elisabeth

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