dying ??? Regrets of The Dying - THE 7 passages of LIFE - What you need NOW is a SUPPORT CIRCLE

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    so, KNOW YOUR VALUE !!!

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    SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Oct 23rd 2013

    "i see so many battling to be 'special' 'unique' 'the one' - instead of working together
    ~we are all notes in the same song, just different melodies
    ~we set our lives to music
    ~imagine when we all sing together - it will be sum thing "
    ~ susan lynne schwenger

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    SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Oct 27th 2013

    my dad often said; before he died
    "getting old is NOT for sissies" -murray bruce "MUFF" Schwenger

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    Support Circles


    we know we have finished our 4th i.m.,
    and, we know we are somewhere in our 5th i.m.
    -lifetime 311, stage 7 of 7
    at the 6th level, we are an old king cast sage who lives with another
    7th level old scholar cast server, both are from c1e7
    things are going well
    - except; we do NOT seem to know where our support circle is,
    or; where we are in this 5th i.m.
    - makes me think things are tied to this 7 levels of wakefulness,
    - we know c1e3 dan #343 , and, c1e5 is chief of kogi tribe;
    and; c1e1 is my ET
    So, how do we sort out; what is more important
    - doing a 5th i.m., or, knowing the people in our support circles ?
    is the 5th i;.m., tied to your life purpose ?
    watching my parents going thru the 6th is very hard
    - it is, making me realize;
    that people seem to have regrets - lots of them
    and, we do NOT want to have regrets
    we want to come to earth, and, really do my true life work
    or, what might be termed real 'world work'
    We are in the position of KNOWLEDGE in our quadrant
    (immediate group of 4 people in 4 positions)

    First, we will say that the Positions of the Support Circle,
    those of Love, Knowledge, Compassion,
    Mentor, Beauty, Child,
    Humor, Discipline, Anchor,
    Healer, Enlightenment, and Muse
    are always in place and in some way active.

    This is not the same thing as having them fulfilled by familiar people.

    If you do not have people filling those Positions,
    then life experiences or situations or events
    often activate those Positions,
    or they are played out by "random strangers."

    In other words, no one is without an active
    Love Position in life.
    Someone, somewhere, loves you,
    or you would be dead.

    The first three Positions are almost never
    without an actual person fulfilling the Position.
    They may be rejected people, or people from the past,
    or people at a distance,
    but those Positions are filled.

    Someone truly Loves you.
    Someone truly Cares (compassion) about you.
    Someone truly "gets" you
    and can help you, advise you (knowledge).

    These three are the main Positions
    that one might want to focus on
    if there is a sense of lacking Support.

    Acknowledging even one person who Loves you,
    and one person who is Compassionate toward you,
    and one person who is Knowledgable for you,
    can do wonders in then helping to identify
    and attract the people for the other Positions.

    Keep in mind that someone who Loves you
    may not be given credit by you for loving you,
    because you have your own ideals about what love should be,
    and so a sister or old friend who loves you may be dismissed
    because it is not the same thing as a romantic whirlwind.

    But that will not change that you are Loved.

    Someone who is truly Compassionate to you
    may have been pushed aside
    in the past because you may have thought the person
    rude and insensitive,
    but they were willing to tell you the truth.
    That is Compassion.

    Love will help you find or create yourself.
    Knowledge will help you find or create your way.
    And Compassion will help you find or create your truth.
    These three Positions, if you identify those within them,
    can be contacted and kept close to you in some way.
    These are your Intimate or Vital Positions.

    There may be one person playing all of these,
    and you would want to expand your range so that one person
    is only ever playing one or two Positions
    at any given time.

    However, one Position may have up to 12 people playing it,
    so there should be plenty to choose from over time.

    Your next concern may then be those
    in your Inspirational quadrant of Support:
    your Mentor, Beauty, and Child Positions.

    Your Mentor is someone who has done what you now aspire to do.
    If you have no aspirations, you probably do not need an obvious Mentor Position,
    but if you have aspirations, as we know you do,
    then it would be helpful to identify who has done what you now want to do,
    and how you learn from that resource.
    You do not have to know this person directly.

    Your Beauty is someone who reminds you that you are beautiful,
    that life is beautiful, and may even be beautiful himself or herself.
    This Position helps point out the patterns of your life
    amidst what seems to be chaos.

    They also help you to redefine or expand on the concept of Beauty.
    Again, you may not know this person directly.

    Your Child Position is someone for whom you care enough
    to help that person.

    When these three Positions are not filled by people,
    they tend to be filled by nature and creativity,
    so that things in nature stir up the inspiration,
    and may even be an animal companion or a project who is the Child.

    Mentors help you to remember or create your intentions.
    Beauty helps you to remember or create your direction.
    And Child helps you to remember or create your meaning.

    The next quadrant of Support are those who have agreed
    to help keep you awake.

    Again, you do not have to directly know these people,
    or have them directly in your life,
    but you will know them by how they bring Humor, Discipine,
    and Anchor to your life.

    The only Support Positions that do not require a person
    as a means for full effectiveness are Healer, Enlightenment, and Muse.
    These can be filled by guides, teachers, those who are deceased, etc.

    So, Susan, if you were to look around your life,
    not just the vicinity,
    you may find that you have much more Support
    than you thought you had.
    The key then would be to call on that Support.
    Ask for help, ask for support.
    And remember, you play one of the Positions for others, too.

    You are in a transitional stage right now because of choices
    that you have made, so it would make sense to us
    that your sense of footing and support is in flux,
    but this would most likely change.

    One of the reasons it would change is because we think you normally hook
    your personal value and progress into partnerships that then become the only means
    through which you can gauge where you are with yourself and your personal aim,
    but that is changing.

    And because that is changing, it is a healthy period of time right now for you to BE with YOU.
    Not at the expense of Support, but so that you can unhook yourself from worrying
    about what others should be doing,
    or could be doing, etc.

    This is your life, your "party," so to speak, so Support must be invited.
    And when it shows up, it must be acknowledged for its full effectiveness.

    So we would suggest a reassessment of those in your life
    who are important to you, no matter where they are,
    or how long since you have seen or spoken to them, and start there.

    At first, this may seem pointless, especially if those people cannot "do"
    anything for you, but it is not pointless.

    As you acknowledge those who have fulfilled the Positions,
    you then open them up for greater attraction for those who may be
    more accessible and effective.

    12:36 PM 4/16/2012

    to which i added:
    Someone already emailed me asking
    what the question was that, prompted me asking the question

    you can find it here, on Martha's Blog at:

    a brief summary on Vividary is:

    What it means to be awake...
    as, Michael says

    "Every fragment has varying degrees of wakefulness i
    n the days of its life,
    and when there are routines in place,
    there is less wakefulness.

    This is natural.

    It is much like the lost time and space that one experiences
    while driving a familiar route, or long stretch.

    You do not "have to be" awake.

    Or rather, you do not "have to be that" awake.

    One is either awake or asleep,ut there are degrees to each.

    Wakefulness can be described in degrees as something like:

    Survival, Sustenance,Effectiveness,Calm/Centered,
    Presence,Knowing, and Vividry.

    Most who are awake "live" within the first three degrees.

    No one lives in the 7th degree,
    but it is often visited by those who are awake.

    Wakefulness is one of the 7 Positive States of Being
    that most older souls strive to attain and sustain to some degree,
    and its corresponding Negative State, of course, is Sleep, or "waking sleep."

    When one who is awake changes routines,or moves forward in his or evolution,
    the wakefulness tends to shift toward the higher degrees.

    When one sheds her Chief Negative Feature completely,
    even if only for the day, Vividry takes its place.

    Living without the "security" of the Chief Negative Feature heightens all senses.

    Nothing is dulled.

    It is at once terrifying and blissful.

    Vividary and True Wakefulness, but never without the Chief Features.

    Once once lands into a Positive State of Being,
    such as Wakefulness, the experience begins to "spread" more "horizontally"

    and begins to work on one of the other States of Being,

    such as Truth, Love, Joy, Generosity, Integrity,
    or Optimism to then link to that State.

    We will point out that all fragments in existence have a State of Being,
    either Positively or Negatively,

    because, of course, one cannot escape the fact that one exists.

    Many default to, or choose, one or more of the Negative States:

    Deception, Apathy, Misery, Avarice, Lying, and Pessimism.
    Or, of course, Waking Sleep.


    Thanks Martha, for asking this very important question
    about what it means to truly be awake !!!

    And, an important comment:

    Violet said: thank you for posting this, Susan.

    It is so easy to forget all of the people who offer invaluable support
    just as it's mindboggling to grapple with how supported we all truly are
    in this immense, cold, universe.

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    10:39 AM 12/4/2011

    [susan] we were wanting to inquire about my past lives of note,
    related to incarnations within indigenous,
    meso-american,native american,
    first nations- also 1200 bce - in cusco, peru, etc.,

    we seem called by The Thunderbird Doodem (the 7th tribe) as elder
    ie: Nokomis aka Grandmother
    - we know, we have had past lives related to
    day- date-night- record - wisdom keeper
    or day - date -night- record - time - wisdom keeping
    and; that these callings are related to:
    "The Seven (7) levels of storage of information of Story or Stories:
    Music, in the way of the application of the voice:
    chant (chanting), or songs (singing)
    Music, in the way of the application of the instrument:
    putting out energy - ie; colour, frequency, light, sound, tone and vibration
    into the 12 level universe
    Writing, in the ways of:
    poetry (poem), or, prose (story)
    Stories - in the ways of the writing of poetry (poem) or, prose (story)
    Mathematics, in the way of Sacred Geometry
    Oracles, in the way of Archetypes, Astrology & Astronomy"
    -susan lynne schwenger
    (note: The above dialogue, is NOT michael, but THE SOURCE, thru me - asking a question)

    SOME DETAILS on Susan Lynne Schwenger & The Source below

    Susan - in response to "question"

    1) In terms of what we might describe as the 7 Methods of Storing/Sharing Information,
    your Essence's Personalities across time, and in particular in the time frames you have indicated, have tended toward the medium of Stories.

    Though the other methods are fascinating to your Essence,
    and help you to gather information, y
    our method of storing and sharing
    have come in the form of Stories, internally and externally.

    Stories that are told to yourself and to others that help unlock Memories,
    interpret Maps, primarily, though there is some effect on your capacity
    for extrapolations from Astronomy/Astrology (oracles), Math, Music,
    and Geometry.

    But everything is funneled from and to Stories,
    which can be as enlightening as it is confusing,
    as some methods are difficult to translate into other methods.

    If you embraced your strengths in Stories,
    without funneling all of the other methods through it,
    you may find greater clarity in your sharing and meaning.

    [susan] question # 2 -
    what is the relationship between tony bermanseder & susan lynne schwenger
    related to our successful calibration of cosmic time 16 dec 2013 at sunset;
    and 17 dec 2013 at sunrise - proven mathematically and scientifically;
    with backup of new and full moons
    no one has debunked it; yet it has been Pier reviewed
    so, it is irreputable
    (unable to be disputed
    -since; we have mathematics, science, and,
    new & full moon cycles to prove it)
    [susan] the two of us; must of done this
    once , or twice before together
    In response to "question" 2)

    This is an example of using Stories to extrapolate
    from other methods of storing/sharing information.

    And yes, the two of your Essences have "done this before."

    If the extrapolations could be seen as adding to your Stories,
    rather than as independent from your Stories, you may find insight.

    By this we mean that, while there may be some sound theories involved here,
    they are in support of your Stories, and not necessarily independent from those.

    When proving or disproving, or questioning the validity of the theories,
    from within a closed system of Stories,
    then the cross-referencing is limited to that "world."

    The theories may not stand outside of those Stories,
    or in other "worlds," if you will.

    [susan] Time is mapped differently in other worlds - understood ;)

    For example: everything that is true of Never-NeverLand
    is true within Never-NeverLand,
    and the Stories from Never-Neverland can be applicable across many worlds,
    such as the universal challenges of childhood and growing up and innocence,
    but the Maps, Astronomy, Geometry, etc
    may be exclusive to that world.To that Story.

    And so it is that there are layers within your explorations
    that should not be presumed to be absolutes across worlds,
    or outside of your Stories.

    We can speak to these

    7 Methods of Storage and Sharing of Information at some point,
    which may shed more light on our response here,
    but we can say here that they are precisely defined in such a way
    as to allow information to move between and among worlds,
    but that they are not always applicable
    or provable outside of their origin.


    Keeping that in mind can help keep your explorations
    in perspective when sharing,
    so that no exploration, theory, or discovery is presumed an absolute.

    11:05 AM 12/4/2011

    SOME DETAILS on Susan Lynne Schwenger & The Source

    Dame Susan Lynne Schwenger (Pendragon ap Custennyn)

    Dame & Lady Dragon eXKavier

    THE FiNAL SYNTHESiS, eXKavier - Susan Lynne Schwenger

    Talks with Thunder with Thunders

    White Lotus Star

    The eXchanger


    Wassenakoshka Anang ~ Wassenakoshka Giisis (Kwe)
    (which translates into English as:
    Bright Shining Star ~ Bright Shining Sun (Woman)

    Talks with Thunder with Thunders
    given by Past Chief & Grandfather
    William Commanda

    Talks with Thunder
    Talks with Thunders
    given by Grandmother Rose Logan
    at The Toronto Friendship Centre

    Offering to Spring Waters:

    Talks with Thunder with Thunders

    Harmonizer of Indigenous Culture
    with Modern Precepts of Pythagorean Perennial Philosophy

    in The Mode of Cosmic Healer
    in The Ancient Order of The Eagle

    in The Mode of The eXchanger
    in The Ancient Order of The Condor

    in The Mode of Cosmic Weaver
    in The Ancient Order of The Star Spider Clan

    in The Mode of Dragon
    in The Ancient Order of The Star Dragon-Serpent Clan

    in The Mode of Dragon Master
    in The Ancient Order of The Star Dragon-Serpent Clan

    in The Mode of Dragon Rider
    in The Ancient Order of The Star Dragon-Serpent Clan

    NOW in The Mode of:
    Scribe, Thunderbird, and, Unicorn ;)

    – An International Author
    & Award Winning Poet

    Title: “Buried within my Heart”
    - Noble House, UK - 2004

    Title: “Buried within my Heart”-2004

    THE BEST POEMS and POETS of 2004

    Title: “Buried within my Heart”-2004

    Editors Choice 2003

    Editors Choice 2002
    – The Top 33 Poets
    in The World –3D CD SET - 2001

    Editors Choice 2001

    She was known as;
    White Lotus Star
    on Paranormal 101 Radio Show
    on www.blogtalkradio.com

    Radio Show: 13 (THiRTEEN)
    The Journey to The 13th Bridge

    CURRENTLY writing a book called:
    THE FiNAL SYNTHESiS, eXKavier - Susan Lynne Schwenger

    isbn 978-0-9939480-0-8 - Book, Video & Movie coming soon !!!


    12 Grand Cycle - in 13th Grand Cycle
    6th Level Old King Cast Sage

    Role: Sage

    Essence Twin: Discarnate King Cast Priest c1e1 #343

    Task Companion:
    Discarnate King Cast Priest c1e7 #686
    Discarnate Artisan Cast Warrior c1e7 #1024
    Incarnate Artisan Cast Warrior c1e1 #1024 (Higher Emotional/Moving)

    Casting: King - 7/1/1

    Cadre/Entity: 1/7 (seat 343) King Mastery Row

    Soul Age: Old 6

    Grand Cycles: 12

    Past Lives: 311

    Male/Female: 35/65

    Frequency: 50

    Goal: Dominance

    Mode: Power

    Attitude: Spiritualist

    Center: Higher Intellectual/Moving

    Chief Obstacle: Impatience

    Body Type: Venusian

    Secondary(ies) 10% Solar, 10% Lunar

    Needs: Expression, Adventure, Freedom

    Side: Truth (seat 343)

    Motivation: Mastery

    Global Job: Completion

    Community Job: Global Prosperity

    Important Quadrate:
    C1e7 #343 - King Mastery Row Channel: Position of Knowledge
    Primary channel of THE SOURCE

    The King Mastery Row of Truth, Love and Energy
    of The Source, is an agreement between 21 fragments aka original sparks or souls:

    3 servers (self-reliance) #336 #680 #1023,
    3 artisans (elimination) #338, #681, #1024,
    3 Warriors (consequence) #339, #682, #1025,
    3 Scholars (impartiality) #340, #683, #1026,
    3 Sages (wisdom) #341, #684, #1027,
    3 priests (libertion) #342, #685, #1028,
    3 kings (prosperity) #343, #686 #1029
    = 21 souls
    + KING CAST SAGE c1e7 #343 = 22 (susan lynne schwenger)
    + KING CAST PRIEST c1e1 #343 (discarnate)
    + ARTISAN CAST KING C1e7 #1024 (dicarnate)
    + ARTISAN CAST WARRIOR C1e1 #1024 (incarnate)

    THIS GROUP consists of:
    3 servers, The Source
    5 artisans, The Source(3)
    c1e1 - 1
    c1e7 - 1
    3 warriors, The Source
    3 scholars, The Source
    3 sages, The Source
    3 priests, The Source
    5 kings, The Source (3)
    c1e1 - 1
    c1e7 - 1
    so, group of '25' - Energy of 7

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    SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Oct 27th 2013

    Angelic Beings
    • The Post Somebody Here
    • REALLY Didn't Want Anyone To See !

    Michael Student: "Do you agree with the opinion that "angels"
    are individual essences who chose to never incarnate
    for whatever reason or purpose, but are otherwise just like us at the essence level?
    (i.e. they too have an entity).

    As permanent residents of astral,
    they would likely become known as guides and teachers.

    But, why do they not need to learn lessons from the physical realm?

    Are they no longer doing grand cycles in the physical, but still cast from Tau?"

    Jondalf - "You must have been reading one of my minds
    (remember, I 'quantum commute' amongst about 300 of my closest analogs,
    so sometimes even I don't know what I am thinking - lol).

    Of the 9 Angelic Orders, only Angels and ArchAngels and Principalities
    hang out mostly on the Astral (Higher and Lower)

    Cherubim are native to the Akashic Plane, Seraphs gravitate
    to the Transcendental, Thrones are mostly on the Buddhic.

    Dominions, Virtues and Powers are generally Causal Plane Beings.

    Unlike "free-willed" ensouled evolving fragments and Entities,
    the Angelic races were "constructed from", not "cast from" The Tao.


    They are analogous to androids with Artificial Intelligence,
    each order has specific hierarchical functions and purviews.
    They are the maintenance robots of the Metaverse,
    with far greater Intelligence Quotients and computational speeds
    and data capacity than ANY ensouled being could ever imagine.


    I repeat: they are not connected to any ESSENCE,
    other than that of the Usurper (if non-"fallen", or non-Neutral),
    and ultimately, the Tao.

    They are their own Essences, said essences being programmed with their purpose." - Jondalf Thrasher

    At least thats what I get from the Akashic.

    The Urantia Book has all the very detailed details,
    and the channeled book "The Keys Of Enoch"
    has some interesting factoids, as does "OAHSPE".

    The "Dictionary Of Angels" is a good compilation of earthly textual references.





    Keys Of Enoch:


    - Jondalf Thrasher

    New Transcript About "WHO exactly is Michael?"

    Hi Everybody,
    Per Geraldine's suggestion, I'd like to share some questions and answers
    via JP/Michael that pertain to my thread at MTSC called "WHO exactly is Michael?"

    [1]. I'll post them here one question at a time:

    Q: What dimension is the Michael Entity at?
    What exactly is mid-causal? Are they in our Energy Ring #17 or #16 (by TT)?
    Is the Michael entity in any way related to (or associated with) Archangel Michael
    or any "fallen angelic" or phantom matrix realms?

    We are all technically in the same dimension, and in fact,
    also operate in all parallel dimensions.

    Different planes are a matter of different frequencies.

    When you die, for instance, your essence proceeds
    from the frequency of thought (physical plane frequency)
    to that of just beyond the speed of light (astral plane frequency).

    The space between constituting the Bardo or entryway to the Astral Plane....
    often referred to as the first level of the Astral Plane....
    though there are different physical laws governing the Bardo
    rather than the rest of the Astral Plane.

    The Causal Plane is that next frequency higher than the astral,
    followed by the Mental, Messianic, Buddhaic Planes, and eventually the Tao.

    We (Michael) constitute the 4th entity of the 10th Cadre of Energy Ring #17.

    We have always maintained that we are in the same Energy Ring
    as our students.

    it is why we are your teachers, and is basic karmic payback for you
    having taught us in past cycles where you preceded us in cycling off
    the Physical Plane.

    We have in many societies been seen (as most spiritual guides are)
    as angelic and some of history's stories about "Archangel Michael"
    have been erroneously ascribed to us.

    People who do this know nothing of angelic order.

    "Angels" are generally the name given to those who have died
    and achieved a more saintly status....
    in other words spiritual guides that are sometimes experienced in ghostly form.

    Though the church sees Angels as always different than and separate from mankind,
    the experience that people have of Angels is actually the contact people experience
    with those at the lowest two levels of the Astral Plane,
    and constitute those who are between lifetimes or just recently cycled off.

    Archangels are actually the name for those essences from the higher levels
    of the Astral who have contact with someone physical.

    The Causal level of contact would be at the next level of vibration
    and be technically known as Principalities,
    so we would properly be known as Michael the Principality.

    Those on the Mental Level are the Powers.

    The lower Messianic Levels are the Virtues while the higher Messianic
    are the Dominions, various levels of the Buddhaic Plane constitute
    the Thrones, Cherubim and Seraphim.

    Q2: Referring to "Michael the Principality"
    does that mean they are of the angelic side,
    which generally do not incarnate in the physical plane?

    No, all of our Michael fragments went through cycles of human lifetimes....
    but the frequency of the angelic energies are equivalent to the frequencies
    of the different planes as we have described.

    What J. T. says about Angels and angelic energy is correct [2].

    True angelic energy is directed by the Tao and has no independent consciousness.

    What people pray to and refer to as Angels, Archangels, etc.
    differs from true angelic energies.

    People want to relate to personas, therefore they rarely actually pray to
    or relate to angels but rather to cycled off fragments that resonate
    to angelic frequencies.

    As T.B. has stated, Angels and Archangels, etc.
    can be designed by the Universe to take on the tasks of Warriors, etc.
    but they are not ensouled beings

    [3].Q: What species design (humanoid / amphibian / other)
    did the Michael entity have just prior to coming to Earth?

    Were they part of the Negative Sirians fleeing the planet that blew up
    in the Sirian star system?

    Are the Michael entity part of the Sirian Anunnaki
    (like the transcendental soul Akhenaton)
    or associated with the Anunnaki
    (there are many types: Jehovian, Luciferian, Thoth, etc.)
    or their agenda?
    Are Zeta/Reptilians the enemies of Anunnaki?

    We, and all humans on Earth, were and are a simian race that evolved
    originally on the same planet as the Annunaki...
    a much more advanced race at the time.

    (These people do not call themselves Annunaki, by the way...

    they are telepathic and are the race that our yeti, Bigfoot,
    and abominable snowman myths come from,
    though they look more like the Egyptian god Anubis.)

    Discovering the sentience of humans, and having no space
    for them on their own planet
    (any more than humans would now move over for sentient gorillas)....

    they searched the galaxy for a similar planet on which to seed the humans
    that was not already inhabited by sentient creatures and found Earth.

    Humans were then genetically altered a bit to fit the planet's geological,
    and atmospheric conditions and then seeded here.

    We were barely more advanced than today's chimpanzees
    at that point and were certainly not negative or fleeing anything.

    These "zookeepers" of the human race stayed in regular contact
    down through the centuries and still keep an eye on humans today.

    The Zeta or Reptilian races also exist in the Universe
    and though one particular species is unfriendly with the Annunaki,
    they are not at war....

    they simply have different value systems
    and tend to avoid contact and commerce with each other.

    Q: In a previous channeling, you mentioned that the Bigfoot
    were called "Gedemondan" - is this the same species that the Anunnaki are?

    What planet was it - Sirius B or Nibiru or other?

    Are humans the slave race ("Lulu") that the Anunnaki constructed
    for mining gold, as told in the Sumerian tablets (Z. Sichin)? Is that true?

    Yes, the Gedemondans are the same people known by the Egyptians
    (and now many others as the Annunaki and their home is near Sirius B
    (which is a sun) in the Sirian system.

    Humans evolved independently and were not created,
    though they were later genetically enhanced to handle things
    like Earth's greater gravity.

    They were not used as slaves, though they were domesticated pets
    before they became sentient and were coworkers with the Gedemondans
    the way elephants work side by side with humans in India,
    or the way horses and oxen have plowed fields or worked as riding vehicles.

    Once they developed enough sentience to become self-aware
    they were eventually recognized as sentient and no longer treated as animals or pets.

    Q: Was the Michael entity here as physical or nonphysical beings
    throughout the history of Lumaria/Alania
    (=first seeding on earth from 250 million years ago),
    Lamania/Atlania (=second seeding from 3.7 million years ago),
    Lemuria/Atlantis (=third seeding from 75,000 years ago)
    and after the "Great Flood" in Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek
    or later times as actual physical beings OR as nonphysical collectives,
    possibly posing as the creator gods or custodial gods or as brotherhoods?
    When did the first & last fragments of the Michael entity start
    and end their physical cycle on earth?

    Though this planet has been used by sentient races before humanity
    was introduced, those species were long gone by the time humans arrived.

    The first seeding that you mentioned was not the human race.

    The second seeding did indeed bring humans here as an experiment
    to see if this could be a planet in which we could thrive,
    but it actually took place much more recently....
    about 2 million years ago, not 3.7 million....
    though the Annunaki as you call them were investigating the planet
    for many centuries prior to seeding us here.
    The third seeding was not a seeding per se,
    but rather a re-distribution of various tribes of humans
    across the planetary landscape to ensure healthy diversity.

    That is when humans were first brought to South America for example.

    Humans did indeed build up the Annunaki in their minds as gods.

    We had our first lifetimes shortly after humans took root here
    as a viable species and our last fragment cycled off over 5000 years ago.

    Q: Is it true that there have been three different human hybrid projects
    on earth
    please elaborate from the Akashic records:

    1. Lemuria - associated with Lyrans,
    2. Atlantis - associated with Anunnaki, who are playing the "darkest of the Dark,"
    3. Recent Earth/Venus (base) - associated with Zetas?


    Q: What are the "Order" and the occult "Brotherhood"
    talked about in the TOMG materials?

    What about the Illuminati?

    How does the Michael entity fit into these organizations
    or the "spiritual hierarchies" with Sananda, Sanat Kumara etc. beings (if at all)?

    There were a variety of Orders and Brotherhoods that we and other older souls
    belonged to down through the centuries...
    we would need to see which piece of channeling you
    are asking about to know which we described at the time.

    We have at different times belonged to the Ascene Schools,
    the Anansi (in Africa), the B'alam (in South America), the Shinto (in Japan),
    and many others, though not the Illuminati (who evolved after we cycled off).
    We have always rejected being part of a religious pantheon,
    and do not consider ourselves part of those (Sananda, etc.)
    or any other spiritual hierarchies.

    WE understand the Jesus (Order) -WB (White Brotherhood) issue,
    but have no personal part of it.

    Q: Re: Orders and Brotherhoods
    see some sample questions posed in the TOMG material about these "brothers"
    were they the Nephilim (=Anunnaki-human hybrids that were giants)
    or normal sized humans?

    Question: Why build these big pyramids? What was their function?

    The pyramids were designed and built by the occult brotherhood,
    not by visitors from outer space.

    This had to do with a theory of channeling the life force
    much in the way that we would depict the reunion of the fragments
    of ancient entities.

    Question: Still, how did they do it?
    Each stone weighs two tons.
    How could they do it without modern technical machines?
    This is no particular strain for a brother.
    Their powers were great.

    The brothers mentioned here were genetically enhanced humans...
    the Nephilim....
    who were not actually Annunaki-human hybrids,
    but literally genetically enhanced by scientists
    to be larger, stronger, smarter, and just generally more capable
    than the humans that evolved to that point.

    Unfortunately, these super-charged human variants
    had enlarged hearts and other longevity problems
    that kept them from taking over
    and essentially becoming the new and better human race.

    They rarely lived beyond their late 20's,
    but did interbreed with the humans of the day
    and their offspring led to the human tendency
    to become taller, larger, smarter
    and stronger with each ensuing generation
    if well-fed and healthy.

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    There is a lot more info on this on: TROY'S SITE
    and, a lot of private info for members, in The "Fringe TLE" FORUM
    basic info on micheal teachings can be found here:

    The Michael Teachings with Stephen Cocconi: Citizen of Earth™



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    CULCULCAN The Final Synthesis - isbn 978-0-9939480-0-8 Staff Member

    Jorgelito - Posted Oct 27th 2013

    Re Angelic Beings
    The Michael post is quite interesting, but I especially like what Murray Bruce Schwenger has to say:
    getting old is NOT for sissies

    CULCULCAN The Final Synthesis - isbn 978-0-9939480-0-8 Staff Member


    CULCULCAN The Final Synthesis - isbn 978-0-9939480-0-8 Staff Member

    "When you meet anyone, remember it is a holy and sacred encounter.
    As you see her or him, you will see yourself.
    As you treat her or him, you will treat yourself.
    As you think of her or him, you will think of yourself.
    Never forget this, for in her or in him you will find yourself or lose yourself."
    ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger
    Nov 29th 2009 = 11 / 11 / 11

    CULCULCAN The Final Synthesis - isbn 978-0-9939480-0-8 Staff Member

    well; the great spirit created all men,
    women and children with white palms,
    white soles-souls on their feet
    and, a pure white essence inside
    - perhaps; it would be an idea for all the root races
    to behave as The Creator originally intended, them to act
    - it is a very small group of people on this earth that are bad
    - and, that can
    - and, it does extend into every root race on earth,
    and, into every blending of every root race that there is
    - sadly, this is a true fact
    ~ susan lynne schwenger

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