dying ??? Regrets of The Dying - THE 7 passages of LIFE - What you need NOW is a SUPPORT CIRCLE

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    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Oct 11th 2012

      Atheist College Professor dies and sees hell and demons - it changed his life - Pt 1

      This is the testimony of college professor and atheist Howard Storm who while on vacation in Paris France
      had a perforation in his stomach and died. He had a NDE and when he died
      he was surrounded by demons jinns who tortured him,\
      but suddenly remembered a prayer was saved and was revived.
      After seeing hell and jinn he changed.

      On June 1, 1985, at the age of 38, Howard Storm, a Professor of Art at Northern Kentucky University,
      had a near-death experience due to a perforation of the stomach and his life was forever changed he lives to tell his story.

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      part 2

      View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tC0VOx4M5ZE&feature=relmfu

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      View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdUGoFTfP7w&feature=related

      11 yr Old Went to Heaven and Back, and Tells What He Saw

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      After colliding with a semi-truck, Don Piper died and went to heaven. Ninety minutes later he returned to life on earth.
      After years of silence, he is now sharing his life-changing story.

      View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ElnQUVkWsQ&feature=related

      90 Minutes in Heaven: A True Story of Death & Life

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      Scientist photographed soul leaving the body in death
      Part 1 of 2

      View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDmivrnktkQ

      View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQ4a_Gu49SA&feature=fvwrel

      Scientist photographed soul leaving the body in death 2nd part

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      Tibetan Book of the dead 1 of 2

      View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Nzrm__FzlY

      Tibetan Book of the dead 2 of 2

      View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rW0GDksXvzQ

      TheTibetan Book of the dead can be found on scribd here:
      (thanks Mudra)

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      Jorgelito - Posted Oct 16th 2012

      I listened to Part 1 of Tibetan Book of The Dead. I am especially interested in this. My brother-in-law, 84, is depressed about dying although his eyes are bright and his mind is quick. He has not yet resolved that death is on the horizon.
      The Book of the Dead prepares one to die
    • and allow consciousness to continue;
    • it's absolutely remarkable
    • that it would be true and make sense
    • if the word LIFE were substituted for DEATH!
    • So the way of dying would seem to be the way of living also.
    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Oct 16th 2012

      no doubt, in the ending of the physical life, there are a lot of things people who have NOT resolved any understanding about where they might go next,
      suffer a lot of different feelings & thoughts - some people are actually paranoid & fearful & confused & disoriented, etc.etc.etc.,
      always remember, every end, is simply a new beginning
      maybe, your brother-in-law, might enjoy this thread ?

      "EVERY END is SIMPLY A New Beginning" ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger

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      Jorgelito - Posted Oct 16th 2012

      Yes, these are the things going through his head in one form or another. He doesn't hear or see that well. He's thinking he doesn't want to go to Heaven or Hell. Earth would be fine.
      I read somewhere that that a person needs to be the things they wish to create. So I'm thinking what do I need to be to give a most excellent gift to him.



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    SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Oct 16th 2012

    an eXample ?
    an eXchanger ?
    a BeYonder ?
    perhaps, the secret is just being all that you can will yourself or your selves into being ;)
    "will it to be, so, it will be, and, so it is" - susan lynne schwenger (333 333 315* ***)*
    *soul sigil or soul signature

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    • Jorgelito - Posted Oct 16th 2012

      Yes, maybe I'm looking for something too tricky! Essentially being who I am in the fullest sense I can is really the answer. But I'm going to give it a rest and see what happens.
    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Oct 28th 2012

      Identifying and Attracting Your Support Circle
      (Excerpt from a group session)

      In order for you to have a "powerful" lifetime where what you planned to accomplish is actually achieved to satisfaction, the Universe has developed what is termed a SUPPORT GROUP. This Support Group consists of Twelve Positions/Individuals playing specific Roles in your life, each specializing in a facet of your life in order to keep you in a Thirteenth Position labeled the POWER Position. This is because when your full Support Group is in your life and recognized, you become incredibly empowered. Even Universes are arranged in this system of cooperation.
      The Twelve Positions are labeled and organized into 4 groups of 3, taking care of four defined contexts of your life. Each of these sub-groups of three allows you to play a fourth position in each, creating a Quadrant (group of four) that is very powerful. Although there is a non-physical Support Group in a given lifetime ("spirit guides"), we are speaking today of those physically incarnated for the Personality's comfort and support, except where indicated.
      It is important here to note that over many lifetimes you build a Network of Support that extends in circles, or "strings", of strength. There are twelve Strings of Support. To say whether a person is 1st String or 6th String indicates how often, BUT NOT HOW WELL that Essence plays that Position for you. A First String Position is the "strongest" because of time and depth of commitment to you, but those 11thand 12th Strings are just as effective, even if only short-term. This system of “strings” was cultivated to accommodate conflicting plans between Essences for a given lifetime. If the First String Position is not choosing to incarnate for that era, or are not planning physical contact, then a Second, or Third String, and so on, will always be available.
      If you find any of the Positions "missing", it is in an indication that you may simply be unaware of a source, or you are imposing that Position on an existing person in your life, "forcing" them to play roles they are not designed to, or are not willing to, play. (We will mention that you truly cannot "force" another to perform or behave in any way, it will always be his or her choice; we choose this word due to its impact and example, rather than its accuracy.) This imposition can cause great strain and stress on an individual coming into your life to play a specific role, and then finding they are trying to fulfill a handful of Positions. Identifying what a particular person's specialty is frees the relationship from unnecessary expectations and disappointments, creating permission to take full advantage of the gifts the individual CAN offer. Make mental notes along the way if you realize you have one person playing multiple Positions, and which Position may be the more natural intention.
      The first sub-group of three would be your INTIMATES. These are the most directly experienced of all Support Positions. They are LOVE, KNOWLEDGE, and COMPASSION. Since these are the basic fundamental needs in any given lifetime, those who are not open to receive these players consciously are usually dreadfully alone. It is NEVER a case where there is no one to play these roles; it is always that you are, for whatever reasons, blocking the interaction. Despite your blocking the interaction, energy is still exchanged with these Positions, most likely unconsciously, but they are a part of you nonetheless. In fact, you would physically be incapable of life if these Positions were not in some way fulfilled. Isolation and loneliness are such profound delusions in this Universe, regardless of your insistence and indulgence in them, that to have truly experienced such a state would result in complete self-annihilation. There is ALWAYS Love, Knowledge, and Compassion available to any fragment at any time.
      LOVE: the person playing this position is someone who has unconditionally accepted everything about you and loves you completely. There is nothing you can do wrong in this person's eyes. There is ALWAYS someone, somewhere who loves you and can inspire you. The False Personality may not recognize it because of its own limitations, but, fortunately, that does not stop you from being loved. Acknowledging who is presently your LOVE POSITION can bring great peace. Sometimes it isn't who you want it to be, but, again, this is False Personality's perception, not the truth. If you choose to recognize that you are loved, and by whom, you may be more capable of attracting the Personality defined "love" relationship, which isn't always about being truly loved, but what is stimulating to Personality.
      KNOWLEDGE: this person is your best advisor. This person can have ideas bounced off of them and they will tell you with confidence what will work and what will not, or help you in coming to those conclusions yourself. It is this person you trust the most in your life as an information source. The Love Position can inspire you, but the KNOWLEDGE POSITION helps put things in perspective like no other Position, helping to narrow your choices to what is in your best interest. This can range from high-impact life decisions, to just asking the opinion on a new mate or job. Without the objective viewpoint of an external source, choices can be made more difficult than necessary. You can rest in the hands of this individual's direction.
      COMPASSION: this person is the one who cares enough about you to point out what you are doing wrong, or right, in light of your "higher plans", as they support you. You may refer to this as "brutal" compassion, since it is sometimes painful to the Personality to face the truth. This person can be counted on to tell you the truth about you in any situation. This Position is vitally important as it helps you to stay within parameters you might have set for a lifetime's accomplishments. You may become bogged down by addictions, depression, procrastination, despair, boredom, even delights, or other "distractions", and COMPASSION will be there to help you move through these. Not that a lifetime is wasted in any way, even if these "distractions" prevailed, since all experience is valid and useful, but COMPASSION can still be there with truth. This person will help push you to the limits of who you are this lifetime, since they see past your fears. In fact, they refuse to support fear in your life at all.
      As we said, these three Positions are your INTIMATES, since they affect your most immediate reality and, therefore, are most important to start with in recognizing. Acknowledging what role you play in another Support Group can be as liberating, and we suggest you keep this in mind as we progress.
      Next, we will cover the INSPIRATIONALS. These Positions are labeled MENTOR, BEAUTY, and CHILD. The theme here is to remind you of the larger perspective of your life. They are not necessarily in your life intimately or even personally, but they are available at your disposal when the need arises.
      MENTOR: is the person who models most closely the role you want to play in your life. They are your teacher. This is someone who is accessible to you in some form for guidance in "how they did it" (or "do it"). The MENTOR provides a framework of plan for the general work you intend to do in life at a given time.
      BEAUTY: is the person who innocently points out the good in life, the beauty in you and your life, and generally embodies, themselves, what is beautiful to you. This person can take you back out of despair and help you connect with the loveliness of your life's unfolding. They help you connect with the loving field that creates the Physical Plane in the first place. They remind you of what is perfect in life.
      CHILD: is slightly self-explanatory, for this is the individual you, yourself, provide nurturing for. Often it is literally a child, but is by no means limited to that form. It is someone who depends on you for care. This gives you the experience of your own capabilities to provide and, therefore, reminds you of your strengths, however begrudgingly. Many people choose Companion Animals for this Position, and while this is quite effective, it is a bit more "to the point" when of the same species. Many people, when feeling lack of purpose or importance, turn to this Position for rekindling. This works, if all other factors are considered, but often False Personality then imposes several other Positions on the "child"/animal companion to fill a void. Then the gift is rarely truly gained. This turns the CHILD into a source of resentment, which is not GOOD WORK. This Position is usually easy to spot since it "cries out" for attention particularly from you.
      That completes the INSPIRATIONALS.
      The next triad of Support can be called your CLASSMATES, meaning those who help you through your Physical Plane Lessons you've chosen for the lifetime. In order to undertake your chosen challenges, you will need HUMOR, ANCHOR, and DISCIPLINE.
      (Notice, as we progress through the Positions, the less intimate and personal they become, yet, we assure you, they are just as crucial.)
      It may be obvious why HUMOUR is vital: someone has to cheer you up and make you laugh when the "going gets tough", reminding you NOT to take things so seriously. A celebrity comedian sometimes plays this for a mass of people. Acknowledging the affects of this person in your life carries with it a cleansing, putting your energy back in perspective.
      Your ANCHOR reminds you that, "through it all", you have a place to go at ANY time for rejuvenation, relaxation, and nurturing. This person has probably been in the same residence all of your life, or you, at least, know where they are at all times, and how to be with them, regardless of distance and time. This individual would never turn you away if you were in need of shelter, clothes, food, etc. This person reminds you of the stability existing in the midst of life; an "oasis" or retreat. Parents play this role a lot, but it can be played, of course, by anyone offering consistency on the Physical Plane; time and space is never a challenging factor in your relationship.
      DISCIPLINE is defined as the person who heightens the awareness of your decision making process. They are not someone who is riding you, forcing you to fulfill plans, they simply help create scenarios that bring your awareness to the impact of your decisions. Although Knowledge helps define the parameters of your potential decisions with feedback and advice, DISCIPLINE helps you see the end results, often far-reaching. A sometimes-frustrating relationship, since this person will remind you of your intended track, they are nevertheless helping you focus through your procrastination and distractions. While Compassion will be truthful through this, and Knowledge can help shape plans, DISCIPLINE actually shows you the road and keeps you "awake". We feel this helps differentiate the affect of DISCIPLINE from others, as it is sometimes hard to spot, or intensely ignored.
      That ends the CLASSMATES definitions.
      Finally, you have your SPIRIT GUIDES. We do not mean this term in the typical definition, but rather in the respect of their impact on more Spiritual (or abstract) Lessons as opposed to your day-to-day Material Lessons, as you will see. These Positions tend to hold more clues to themes that carry over several lifetimes. These Positions are especially free to be played by anything, or anyone, physical or non-physical, incarnated or not, who exemplify and express the inherent quality. They are HEALER, ENLIGHTENMENT, and MUSE.
      First, we will cover the HEALER Position. This Position takes care of repairing, mending, or processing the deeper effects of experience. Whether Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, or Spiritual you will always have available a HEALER for your "pains" and "ailments", or "dis-eases". This could be an actual Doctor, or spiritual leader, but may also be played by personal, non-physical guides who help you assimilate life. The Dream State is where many of you access your HEALER.
      ENLIGHTENMENT: this is a teaching, or teacher, person, or organization that gives structure to your current belief system, or perspective. This Position provides you with a framework with which to take in life. We, the Michael Entity, play this role for many of you, our Students, but it can be played by anything that helps you understand, comprehend, and act in the context of the "big picture" of your life. This is where you get a sense of having a "path".
      And, finally, we will cover the MUSE Position. This Position is the pure aspiration with which you measure your life against and strive to attain personally. The MUSE is the least tangible and namable, although you can usually hint at it in certain phrases, such as "Freedom", or "Unconditional Love"; more specifically in "Sexual Freedom", or "Unconditional Love of my family". Certain people, historically, become a MUSE for masses of people, such as Christ, or Buddha; even musical/theatrical entertainers, or political figures, like Madonna and James Dean, John F. Kennedy and Princess Di. Knowing and acknowledging who personifies your MUSE and being able to identify the quality to some extent constructs a sort of "light" ahead. The MUSE gives the greatest clues as to why you came to be incarnated in the first place. Be as clear as possible in your definition of the MUSE and refrain from confusing the source of the MUSE with the Muse itself. For instance, our Philosophy may be a MUSE, but we, the entity, act as Enlightenment, a vehicle for your MUSE. Another: Madonna's music may be entertaining, but her Personality, itself, acts as MUSE for most. One more: For some, Seth's Teachings act as Enlightenment, but Jane Roberts acts as the actual MUSE. You may have many MUSE to help tend to the different areas of your life, though this may be true of any of the Positions.
      Now: Evaluate the people in your lives and what role they play, assigning them, as accurately as you can intuit, what String they may be. Evaluate what Position you may be most inclined to play on a wider scale, and then what role you play in other's lives individually. Determine whether you have been playing a Position you are good at or if it has been imposed on you, and vice versa.
      If you find vacant areas in your Support Group, recall that you can ALWAYS find someone to fill the Position, even if they are not from any of your Strings. If you find resistance to a particular Position, start making an agreement upon rising from sleep that you are open to examples, so you can "ease" that Position into your life. Many resist the Discipline Position in daily life, for example, but can still find the experience of that Position's influence at any time. An elderly lady in front of you at the check out counting endless pennies and coupons can heighten your sense of decision making by forcing you to either surrender to the situation in peace, find another check out, or explode with anger. Regardless, the impact of your choice will be immediately apparent, thus, Discipline has been experienced. Many find it difficult to see their Beauty, so they can decide to allow "glimpses" of what it's like by actually listening to that simple compliment from a stranger, or acknowledging the sunset you helped create today.
      Rather than being distracted by what a person isn't giving, now you may be able to identify the gift that's been there all along. Comparing perceptions can also reveal a role you never knew you played for a person so well, or didn't suspect was expected of you. Rather than wander through life thinking these basic elements of Support are missing, ease them in gently, by paying attention to your day.
      The Support has always been there and always will.
      QUESTION: "Can gemstones act as HEALER, because I feel very healed by stones?"
      MICHAEL: Yes, but understand that gemstones are actually a conduit for the Healing source, NOT the Healer Position itself.
      QUESTION: "Are there times when you are naturally more open to your Support Group than at other times?"
      MICHAEL: Yes, of course, since some lifetimes are designed to "go it alone", so to speak. It may appear, at those times, a most isolating experience, but, since that lifetime would naturally be predisposed to isolation, contact may not even be missed. Besides, as we said before, but, here will reiterate, even in the most severely isolated experiences, it is merely illusion. Again, you are always surrounded by Support.
      We will also add that as Soul Age progresses, especially during the Older Soul Ages, there can tend to be a kind of "codginess" indulged in that seems to say, "I've been through so much over so long a time, I don't need anything I can't do for myself!" Old Souls are the most likely to get this bout of prejudice. Observe any room of Old Souls and regardless of their understanding and casual compassion, there is sometimes a secret labeling of each other as "lunatics". So, Old souls can get "set in their ways" and choose to ignore some Support.
      Another delusion of the Personality is that since you are such an OLD SOUL, you must express your strength and Spirituality through "individuality". In light of all offers for support, you must figuratively turn your head and say, "NO, I CAN HANDLE IT...". We do not see who benefits from this act and merely perpetuates your conditions. There is NO ONE to judge you, besides you. YOU MEASURE ALL PROGRESS; there is no other judge. We cannot stress this enough. Therefore, making life "easier" would only make sense, of course, if this is your choice.
      www.truthloveenergy.ning.com or www.truthloveenergy.com

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      Jorgelito - Posted Oct 29th 2012

      The classification of Intimates, Inspirationals, Classmates & Spirit Guides may be a good way to make sense of the energies visiting me. Naming things helps.

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      SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Nov 6th 2012

      yes, naming things gives you a 'relation' point

    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Nov 6th 2012

      Bill Hick's left his final words behind in a note:
      "I left in love, in laughter, and in truth and wherever truth, love and laughter abide, I am there in spirit."
      He died of side effects of his cancer treatment in the presence of his parents at 11:20pm
      on February 26, 1994. He was 32 years old.

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      Jorgelito - Posted Nov 6th 2012

      Bill Hicks

      I saw one of his videos on awakening. Like a beacon of light he is.

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    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Dec 8th 2012

      "Did you know that any sequencing of note
      always starts in a negative pole"
      - Susan Lynne Schwenger

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      Jorgelito - Posted Dec 8th 2012

      Beautiful Days and Dark Notes


      I think of Earth as negative, holding everything we need and every pattern of notes we might play -- our history, our possibilities, every sequence.


      But to give life to these patterns, they need light.


      And therein is the origin of the pain! It stretches our molecules out of one shape to another. When we feel that pain, we know for sure we're shedding our body for another like a butterfly . . .


      A person could be born again multiple times in just one day if it's a real bad day! Today may be one such day requiring a lot of breathing and Pavarotti to allow these dark notes to play untouched by me.

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      Jorgelito - Posted Dec 10th 2012

      This is a Bad Day

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      Jorgelito - Posted Jan 10th 2013

      I am glad to know you, Susan!

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    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Apr 22nd 2013


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      This was posted at a private group
      -most of this lifetime, i have followed what is called 'the michael teachings'
      i was going to post this on oxy's thread
      however, it is likely more about
      death & dying - and, how to live
      and, where we do that...
      here, it is, hope you enjoy it

      it is written by: Kath Neall

      AS: The Logos

      Compilations from the transcripts of the original Michael group.

      [The transcripts of the original Michael Teachings group
      have been determined to be in the public domain.

      Any content or commentary added by the compiler/author is copyright:
      "CC by NC-ND."]

      [Compilation by Kath Neall]

      What is the Logos?

      Logos is one of the most difficult concepts in Greek Philosophy,
      let alone in Michael Teachings where it exists as a set with “Tao”
      and “infinite Soul.”

      It is a Greek word, which extends far back in time,
      and to the early Greek philosophers even then it had several meanings.

      The earliest uses had to do with: opinion, a plea, a “ground” for other discourse,
      an argument, expectations, reason, an account.

      With the philosopher Heraclitus (ca. BCE 500)
      the term became used to mean: a principle, order, harmony or knowledge.

      Later Stoic philosophers would broaden the term
      to denote the divine animating principle that filled the universe.

      In time, Judaism acquired the term under Hellenistic influence
      via Philo of Alexandria (ca. CE 50)
      where the cosmos is an image of the Logos,
      and God is known to man indirectly through the Logos.

      The early founders of Christianity would have to wrestle the term Logos
      out of the hands of Greek philosophers in their attempts
      to battle mysticism, paganism, gnosticism
      and just about anyone else not working out of their playbook.

      I would say that most Western mysticism derives
      from the work of Plotinus (ca. CE 250)
      and the Neo-Platonic school.

      This is because Plotinus would influence all of Western thought,
      be it philosophical or religious, from those arguing either for or against him.

      So, no matter the source of the mysticism
      – Christian, Jewish, Islam or secular
      -- Plotinus comes in somewhere:

      “Plotinus used a trinity concept that consisted of
      "The One", the "Spirit" and "Soul".

      The comparison with the Christian Trinity is inescapable,
      but for Plotinus these were not equal and "The One" was at the highest level,
      with the "Soul" at the lowest.

      For Plotinus, the relationship between the three elements of his trinity
      is conducted by the outpouring of Logos from the higher principle,
      and eros (loving) upward from the lower principle."

      See Wikipedia on Logos.

      Further, Christian apologetics are filled with ideas of the Logos.

      But the term itself rarely filtered down to daily use among the faithful
      and in general, evokes blank stares when used in modern conversation.

      In the late 19th century a movement of mystical thought
      into open use would again draw on Neo-Platonic ideas
      as a mode of expression.

      Hermetic thought, Christian mysticism, Theosophy and Spiritualism
      among others would revisit both Platonic and Neo-Platonic ideas
      available to them in many different versions.

      The importance of the term “Logos” in TOMG (TOMG=THE ORIGINAL MICHAEL GROUP)
      comes from the fact that the group understood the concept as something
      that could be both taught and shared.

      Their use of the word predated their contact with the Michael Entity
      on the Ouija board.

      For instance, the very first occurrence of this word is on Tuesday, July 3, 1973,
      one of the earliest sessions we have transcripts for
      and the source channeled is Soleal:

      Richard meditated silently on the question of whether or not,
      if we got heavily involved in propagating the Logos,
      and were arrested for our activities and incarcerated,
      there would be a possibility of rescue.
      Sarah and Richard both acknowledged that they had no fear of being gassed or hung, but did fear long imprisonments.
      We can do it

      RH: I would like to ask Soleal – because of studying Gurdjieff,
      I've come to believe that the only possibility for anything is through individual personal growth, and not through trying to change things like political systems.
      I would like to know if this is correct.
      Not entirely.
      Someone must teach the Logos in the first [place].
      As the population grows, the teachers increase.
      Some people need much more personal direction.
      Reading will not help them.
      Are you ready to take on that task?

      The next time the word Logos occurs it is used by the Michael Entity, Aug 21, 1973:

      Question: What are allies [a term used by Don Juan in the Carlos Castaneda books]?
      Allies was a word used by a relatively unlettered being
      to describe the forces manifesting.
      Some he created and combated.
      This enabled him to override the heredity of superstitions
      and open himself to positive experience.
      His “man of knowledge” means the same as the “one in whom the Logos resides.” [snip]

      It is not readily clear what the meaning of the term Logos
      was for the original group, but it is used several times throughout the transcripts,
      and was rarely elaborated on indicating pre-existing knowledge.
      From here this compilation will attempt to organize the occurrences
      of the term Logos by the general form of the discussion.
      This is not necessarily the best way to arrange this compilation
      but in the interest of students meeting the concept on their own ground
      it will have to do.
      [Also, see comment below on vocabulary definitions.]

      Kath 12/22/2011

      Understanding the Logos

      What is meant by [Jesus] saying He was the Son of God?

      You are all sons of “God.”
      This man, before the Infinite Soul manifested,
      referred to himself as the servant of man.
      The Infinite Soul said, “I am the Word.”
      The Infinite Soul manifested during a period of intense meditation and fasting,
      and “the sermon on the mount” was the first uttering of the Infinite Soul.

      What is the meaning of, “I am the Word”?

      The Logos, the truth, the absolute, the order of things.

      [Can you comment on the saying]
      “Thy kingdom come, (when you hear the Word,) thy will be done.”

      The Word is uttered, the way is made known;
      if you chose the path, evolution will occur. [11/22/1973]

      In regard to Christ, when the Ouija board said,
      “When the teacher dies, the teaching dies,” did they mean Christ?

      The descent of the high Mental body supersedes all that has gone before.
      The high Mental body does not live in the sense that you know life.
      When the 'Avatar' descends, the Logos is brought to bear.
      This is not a teaching.
      When the avatar descends again, the Logos will again be brought to bear,
      but in the language of today.
      Teachings are interpretations of the Logos.
      They must be updated, not because the Logos changes, but because language does.

      What is “Logos”?
      Sarah Chambers: THE knowledge.
      RH: “In the beginning was the word. The word was God.” [John 1:1.]
      Sarah Chambers: They are saying the teachings aren’t the Logos;
      they are just the interpretations of the Logos and the interpretations
      have to be constantly changed. [09/08/1973]

      RH: When love is turned on, this in itself puts you on a high.
      Maybe that’s “man #4” [balanced man] according to Gurdjieff and it is not permanent.

      The love of the Logos or agape permeated the being of Jesus
      even prior to the manifestation.
      He lived for the Word.
      The quest for spiritual liberation took precedence over all things,
      sometimes to his despair.
      Prior to manifestation this was an Emotionally Centered Mercury-Saturn.
      He was passionate and sensual.
      When others rejected his opinions, he was astonished. [10/06/1973]

      Did Christ know about atomic theory when He was in the physical body?

      Not as an Old Soul, but when the high Mental body manifested,
      it brought the sum of the Logos to bear. [10/08/1973]

      What is the difference between meditation and concentration?

      Meditation is the emptying of the mind of maya.
      Concentration is the active acquisition of higher knowledge: the Logos. [09/08/1973]

      How can we tell what is from Jesus and what is the Logos?

      This teaching should enable you to differentiate. [01/20/1974]

      Teaching the Logos

      We have also been wondering if there was anything else
      that had not been communicated yet by the teacher.

      As for new information, we endeavor to present some new information
      whenever we have your attention
      — new in the sense that perhaps you have never thought of it
      in quite that light before.
      However, dear students, you have heard all that there is to hear.
      Our task, as we see it, is to continue to present the body of this Logos
      until a student grasps at its meaning and begins to apply it and teach it to others.
      We will continue to present it and since we are not limited by physical time,
      we can serve it up to you in an infinite variety of frames.
      Perhaps we have just not hit upon the winning combination.
      After all, yours is, as you have said many times,
      a verbal culture and the words are eventually what you will hear,
      and then they can be translated into the action.
      RH has hit upon the meaning of this teaching,
      but his understanding is still basically intellectual and philosophical
      rather than emotional and transcendental. [11/04/1977]

      I have a complaint and comment and a question.
      I don’t seem to be able to change knowledge into being
      and I don’t feel any different.

      [Snip] Your life is not geared for understanding, just toiling.
      We know that this is difficult for RH and RC.
      However, Jesus was trying to tell this same truth two thousand years ago.
      We keep telling you: you must choose your path.
      If that [chosen path] is spiritual liberation,
      then you must eliminate the distractions of maya.
      If the goal is different, then the path will be different
      and you are correct in assuming that we don’t care [which path you choose].
      We impart the Logos dispassionately.
      It is yours to accept or reject. [10/06/1973]

      I am concerned about the slow growth of the group.
      It was said that we should spread the Logos.

      It is the manner in which it is being presented that frightens many.
      Arrange the data in some suitable form and teach it yourselves.
      We will be with you to keep you from embellishing. [10/13/1973]

      ES: If I understand the Logos correctly,
      there seems to be four features dominant in each of us.
      My question is, is there one more important than the other?
      I see the four:
      (l) the constitution you are born with, Essence or if you are born with brain damage;
      (2) the level [Age] of the soul;
      (3) Centering;
      (4) Body Types;
      (5) Roles. Is there a line of relationship that we can be guided by?
      Is there one more important than another?

      Socrates said, “Know thyself.”

      ES: He's avoiding the question.

      All of these overlays come into play. You must learn their significance.
      A by-product of this will be a far deeper understanding of the others,
      which must be learnt before you can truly feel agape. [10/23/1973]

      TW: What can I do?

      Make substantial strides toward affecting [effecting?] the synthesis.

      EM: With the out-of-the-body experience, we can contact them directly
      on the Astral Plane?

      Just listen to us when we talk to you. With Priests, that is easy.

      TW: I hear. What can I do with this?

      Propagate the Logos. This isn’t trite. We expect this teaching to reach others.
      We are not just hollering down the rain barrel. [12/31/1973]

      MJ: I’d like to ask about a dream I had last night.
      I was dancing and became dizzy. I have a feeling I could use dancing in my therapy.

      That is valid. You could make significant contributions from Essence.

      I’d really never given it much thought before.

      Because it brings you pleasure of a sensual sort
      and you cannot translate this into “work.”

      I would like to know if there is somewhere I could go for this training,
      and if I could use it to help people.

      That is valid. You could conceivably bring this to an entire community
      that would be receptive to this in the near future.
      You can learn the Sufi dances and also folk dancing helps some
      to act out their fantasies.
      This can be the most valuable for essentially nonverbal, strictured souls.

      BJ: Does this mention of Alexandria in Egypt
      have anything to do with the “White Brotherhood”?

      By all means.

      We wish for you the opportunity to propagate the Logos.
      How you do it should be as comfortable as possible,
      so that you can devote yourself best to growth and not to struggle. [01/22/1974]

      Sarah Chambers: I am seeking a way of life within the group,
      not to become more effective in the milieu.

      There is a way, you know, that this teaching can serve the needs of all who seek,
      and you have it within the original nucleus to perform this service.
      Those who have the need for intensified personal searches can arrange for this.
      Those who are not certain of their level of commitment may find
      that the general session is adequate for them.
      The smaller sessions are most valuable for the more committed students
      and definitely should be reserved for that purpose.
      There is some merriment derived in the general session
      merely by pursuing some of the less dedicated students’ personal agendas,
      and this will benefit all.
      We still see the tendency in all of you to expect of the others
      and to be disappointed when the anticipated reaction does not come about.
      This cannot be avoided unless much intensive work is done.
      We could do this with you, and we are always available for this.
      There is a need for some diversification here now with all of the parts
      contributing toward a greater whole in the end.

      We have not suggested that the nucleus of this teaching expand
      to the point where needs are no longer being served.
      We are concerned only that you share the knowledge
      once it has been assimilated and verified.

      We have a method by which all of you can choose to achieve a modicum of growth
      on a spiritual plane.
      Many of you can even use it as a springboard toward becoming an Adept.
      This is entirely up to you.
      We will find many vehicles through which we can teach the Logos
      — this does not present us with a problem.
      We answer all calls for this teaching.

      What is the method?

      We have been transmitting this to you, but many have not heard.
      This teaching has implicit within it the method of which we speak.

      NC: The method is to live the teaching in an attitude of love.

      Individual verification of the given material is perhaps
      the most vital precept upon which this teaching is based,
      for this process alone opens the door to expanded perception,
      which is, of course, necessary in order to experience agape (love),
      and thus grow spiritually. [02/24/1974]

      Question: In order to teach the Logos,
      must we get rid of problems, such as cultural problems, before we teach?

      We would agree with that.
      Where major conflicts stand as significant barriers
      between the students and the Logos, then the student can seek the guidance group.
      Most of you, though, are in a position
      where you can begin to look at your own conflicts,
      and with our help work through them. [03/27/1974]

      In CIF and EST we were exposed to much knowledge.
      What is the purpose of these for us?

      This answer would be much the same for all in this room.
      That is, to synthesize and verify this knowledge so that you can be
      in a better space to promulgate the Logos. [06/19/1974]

      Could Michael give us some of JB's Agreements on the Astral Plane?

      This student has elected to reach a large number of souls
      with what he discerns as the Logos.
      This to us represents a good beginning,
      although on the surface this may seem to be a commercial venture,
      the observations are at a deeper level,
      and the Essence here has more influence than you would think.
      Although he is still quite “asleep”
      [a Gurdjieff term for those not fully in contact with Essence],
      he does follow many intuitive drives. [11/20/1974]

      [snip] The role of observer will be the best choice by far,
      and the continuing offering of insights.
      Both are able to look at their Overleaves
      and choose to alter them into workable ones,
      but the vocabulary and the groundwork is simply not there
      for the expression and grasping of the teaching
      in the same intellectual fashion that is being given
      to these students here.
      In this case, the preliminary concepts must be expressed,
      and this in a sense will make the eventual reading more valuable
      to beginners on the path.
      One does not have to see the Logos in terms of the synthesis that you have received,
      in order to see it.
      [Source is not Michael, but another Causal Entity, per Sarah Chambers]. [01/31/1975]

      [snip] Yes, they can write books and the like to promulgate the Logos
      to other scholarly souls.
      You can express the Logos through the arts.
      We would have you review the prophesy we have given this world,
      as well as others.
      The technology will expend itself of its own accord,
      perhaps not in the lifetime now, but it will.
      This is only a start.
      We have seen this happen before and all we ask is that you look dispassionately
      at the alternatives now open to you.
      That you may accelerate this,
      if you wish, is the essence of which we speak. [02/12/1975]

      [snip] Please stop associating religion with the “church.”
      Religion is the ecstasy of the Logos.
      In your society, the church is a business in Artificial Space.
      One is of the Essence; one is not.
      One is in Real Space; one is not.
      Preparing an altar for the experience can be third line work of the highest order,
      or it can be a drudge
      — or even worse, it can be a mockery.
      Or better yet, for those in the work, it can be the gift of higher expression. [02/16/1975 Soleal]

      What is the Agreement?

      It has to do with the rendering of a service.
      Yes, it will be your way of expressing the Logos.
      Yes, the three of you are ideally suited to his task.
      [Undated private Session for ET]

      The Logos Brought to Bear

      Sarah Chambers: The Transcendental and Infinite Souls do not manifest in a physical body.

      That is essentially correct.
      The high Causal body [Transcendental Soul]
      manifests only in times of social or religious unrest.
      Then if the revolution does not come about,
      the high Mental body [Infinite Soul] manifests
      and brings the Logos to bear.
      The Mature Soul can also accelerate within the cycle.
      Young Souls can burn karmic ribbons rapidly, sometimes,
      and accelerate. Elizabeth Blackwell and Florence Nightingale are examples;
      Louis Pasteur, Walter Reed, Marie Curie,
      [and] Frank Lloyd Wright accelerated. [09/18/1973]

      EM: Can you explain reality and unreality?

      The ‘realities,’ of course, depend upon the perceiver.
      This session itself is a good example.
      Some in this room perceive us as real; others do not.
      The same could be said of unidentified flying objects
      and most unexplained phenomena.
      Another concept of ‘reality’ begins with widespread agreement
      that a certain object is real.
      We think that Bishop [George] Berkeley had a few words on this subject.
      There is, of course, an ultimate reality that is absolute.
      This can only be glimpsed when the Logos is brought to bear.

      Physical things are very real on the Physical plane,
      and should be respected as such in order to avoid possible serious collisions
      with doors that are really and truly there.
      On the Astral [plane], things are truly real on the Astral plane.
      In another frame of reference, the same admonition
      [to be careful of ‘real’ things] holds true.
      We on this plane also perceive certain Causal phenomenon as ‘real’
      and there is agreement.
      We believe that holds true for the high planes.
      This same subject has been occupying philosophers happily now
      for many thousands of years.
      There is, oddly enough, always an opposing opinion that goes something like:
      accept that nothing is real. Does this suggest anything to you? [11/08/1973]

      Could we ask for a general comment?

      Honesty without guile, simplicity without poverty of soul, love without material expectations,
      emptying the life of all nonessential considerations, the endless cycles of evolution with the Physical Plane
      being the crudest and roughest — these are the things emphasized in the true teachings of Christ [as the Infinite Soul].

      Whereby Jesus’ statement “I can do nothing”?

      He could do nothing.
      That is true of all, without the other forces holding the universe together
      — all of these combined are necessary to perpetuate the cycles.
      Knowing how it happens does not give you cart blanche to go and do it.
      Many people were disappointed in Jesus because he did nothing physical
      about their woes.
      This will be the case again.
      The Infinite Soul does not come to lead the troops.
      The Infinite Soul comes to bring the Logos to bear.
      It is up to you to listen and take your own action. [11/22/1973]

      Could you explain the Sermon on the Mount.
      I do not understand it. All my life I’ve been asking people.

      [Ed. Note: Snipped explanation of the Sermon on the Mount,
      which was the first manifestation of the Infinite Soul.]

      Greek thought had much influence on the man Jesus,
      particularly Epicurus, but it would have been impossible for him
      to espouse the words of this pagan philosopher from the porticoes of the temple.
      Then when the Infinite Soul manifested,
      the Logos was brought to bear in the language of the times,
      transcribed by a Roman tax collector [Matthew]
      and an Emotionally Centered Greek physician (Luke).
      Epicurus had a most profound influence on all of the philosophy of the time,
      surpassing that of the Stoic, Zeno.
      This philosophy was made to order for the Sadducees,
      who also appealed to this young man’s sensitive nature.
      The Epicurean thought pattern is what you all are striving to accomplish. [12/25/1973]

      [snip] All of you now have the chance again to hear the words
      and be a part of the manifestation of the Logos;
      also, a chance to sit at the feet of the master.
      All of you also now have the opportunity to participate in a movement
      toward peaceful world dominion
      — this time without the bloodshed of the past. [snip] [10/19/1974]

      Misc Mentions of Logos

      I would like to know the relationships between the caste system of India and Roles?

      There was [a relationship] in the beginning when Sri Krishna
      brought the Logos to bear. This has since become blurred by ambition and material desires. [11/15/1973]

      What does the Scholar seek?

      The Scholar seeks to define the Logos. [10/01/1974]

      Will Soleal’s visit be a precursor for the Infinite Soul manifestation?

      This student will not be a vehicle for the Transcendental Soul on this planet,
      no, but it will be a part of the initial surge, yes.
      He has taken as his task the “proof” of the universality of the Logos:
      that truth there [on his planet] is truth here [on earth]. [11/10/1974]

      I learn that most everything I do each day is Epicurean in nature:
      what I accept, what I reject; what is attractive, what is repulsive; what I study (currently it's fermenting foods to promote gut health),
      what I practice (cleaning up diet, cleaning up thoughts), and most importantly for me, living a simple life. All the things that have become a part
      of my daily routine are my (previously unconscious) efforts to attain pleasure and freedom from fear,
      as described perfectly in Kath's definition of Epicureanism.
      If this is as high as I go this lifetime,
      I'll be quite satisfied.
      And there is much growth to come as concerns the challenges of aging.

      Wow! This is definitely an aha! moment for me.
      It feels much more balanced than believing all things and/or believing no-things.
      I have found my middle ground--paganism.

      Sorry, but this is the first time I've come to this link. And I just want to say that your introduction is one of the most beautiful
      and clear things of yours I've ever seen. It helps me so much to get a glimpse of the history of the word and it's meaning. Thank you.


      verb (used with object)
      1. to make known by open declaration; publish; proclaim formallybor put into operation (a law, decree of a court, etc.).
      2. to set forth or teach publicly (a creed, doctrine, etc.)

      verb (used with object)
      1. to cause (an organism) to multiply by any process of natural reproduction from the parent stock.
      2. to reproduce (itself, its kind, etc.), as an organism does.
      3. to transmit (hereditary features or elements) to, or through, offspring.
      4. to spread (a report, doctrine, practice, etc.) from person to person; disseminate.
      5. to cause to increase in number or amount.

      1. ( often initial capital letter ) Philosophy . the rational principle that governs and develops the universe.
      2. Theology . the divine word or reason incarnate in Jesus Christ. John 1:1–14.


      Epicurus believed that pleasure is the greatest good.
      But the way to attain pleasure was to live modestly and to gain knowledge
      of the workings of the world and the limits of one's desires.
      This led one to attain a state of tranquility (ataraxia) and freedom from fear,
      as well as absence of bodily pain (aponia).
      The combination of these two states is supposed to constitute happiness
      in its highest form. Although Epicureanism is a form of hedonism,
      insofar as it declares pleasure as the sole intrinsic good,
      its conception of absence of pain as the greatest pleasure
      and its advocacy of a simple life make it different from "hedonism" as it is commonly understood.

      Any comments are welcomed !!!

    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Apr 22nd 2013

      My toddler son unexpectedly helped me cope with my grandmothers death

    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Apr 22nd 2013

      What the world needs NOW
      is 'support circles'
      -Susan Lynne Schwenger

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      Jorgelito - Posted Apr 22nd 2013

      Very interesting stuff on the Logos and the Word.

    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Sep 25th 2013


      Recently, I overheard a mother and daughter in their last moments together at the airport
      as the daughter's departure had been announced. Standing near the security gate, they hugged and the mother said:

      "I love you and I wish you enough."

      The daughter replied, "Mom, our life together has been more than enough.
      Your love is all I ever needed. I wish you enough, too, Mom." They kissed and the daughter left.

      The mother walked over to the window where I sat. Standing there, I could see she wanted and needed to cry.

      I tried not to intrude on her privacy but she welcomed me in by asking,
      "Did you ever say good-bye to someone knowing it would be forever?" "Yes, I have," I replied.
      "Forgive me for asking but why is this a forever good-bye?"

      "I am old and she lives so far away.
      I have challenges ahead and the reality is the next trip back will be for my funeral," she said.

      When you were saying good-bye, I heard you say, "I wish you enough."
      May I ask what that means?"

      She began to smile. "That's a wish that has been handed down from other generations.
      My parents used to say it to everyone."
      She paused a moment and looked up as if trying to remember it in detail and she smiled even more.

      "When we said 'I wish you enough' we were wanting the other person
      to have a life filled with just enough good things to sustain them".
      Then turning toward me, she shared the following, reciting it from memory,

      "I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright.

      I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more.

      I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive.

      I wish you enough pain so that the smallest joys in life appear much bigger.

      I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting.

      I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess.

      I wish you enough hellos to get you through the final good-bye."

      She then began to cry and walked away.

      They say it takes a minute to find a special person.
      An hour to appreciate them.
      A day to love them.
      And an entire life to forget them.

      Please Share this with your friends.
      It has the potential to inspire a lot of people.

      ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger

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      Bill Hick's left his final words behind in a note:

      "I left in love, in laughter, and in truth and wherever truth, love and laughter abide, I am there in spirit."

      He died of side effects of his cancer treatment in the presence of his parents at 11:20pm

      on February 26, 1994. He was 32 years old.


    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Sep 25th 2013

      THEeXchanger on Wed May 22, 2013 8:43 am
      His last words ...

      (in the hospice)

      As, I was sitting with my Dad

      I heard the words

      'Oh God', slide out of my Dad's mouth.

      It surprised me,

      since, my Dad believed 'the end' was 'the end".

      One of my Aunt's wandered into the room

      and, sat down.

      Again, my dad said, "OH GOD"

      and, I said,

      "did you just hear what he said ?

      he said that, just before you came into the room, now he is saying it again

      perhaps, Dad is having some kind of internal dialogue

      with The Creator."

      To which, my aunt said,

      "i think, its just an expression, and, you should NOT take any kind of meaning out of it"

      Approximately three minutes later,

      my father spoke again,

      he said, "OH GOD".

      I know, in the end,

      my Dad was having a private meeting with The Creator

      and, his final passing words have touched deeply into my heart

      in a very rare and special way.

      ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger

    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Sep 25th 2013

      intersting chart
      showing positive & negative poles


      made me realize a few things

    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Sep 25th 2013

      empty. THEeXchanger on Mon Jun 10, 2013 2:11 pm
      that you are part of 'the waking dead' ???

      if so, here is a suggestion:

      "remember to invite your guides/guardians to bead,
      or to work with you
      - sometimes, if you do NOT do that
      - you miss the real spark, that comes in to work with you
      - you are NEVER ALONE, unless of course, you choose to be alone
      - you are, what you choose to allow,
      NO MORE...NO LESS"
      ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger


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      The Eulogy for My Dad
      -Murray Bruce “Muff” Schwenger
      31 OCT 1931 - 08 MAY 2013
      Delivered: 14 May 2013
      – Turner & Porter, Butler Chapel

      Enlarge this this image Click to see fullsize

      Thank you for choosing to invest your time
      in being here with all of us today.

      Dad always said,
      “That an investment of time into others
      was one of the only things,
      That would pay back the type of dividends
      that were truly worth chasing after in this lifetime.

      The Master of Time,
      was almost always right,
      except when it came to futures.

      To see myself, and my family surrounded by
      so many good people that Dad loved,
      and, who loved our Dad
      is absolutely amazing.

      Thank you for choosing to be here,
      to share in this
      ~Our last good-bye to him.

      Thank you to all of you
      ~for loving us.

      A Special “Thank You”
      To George & Carol Handy – Provost
      for setting up the special Memorial tables.

      A Special “thank you”
      To Bill & Janice Handy – Spring
      For the special meal prepared with love
      for the family yesterday.
      The time give to prepare The Order of Service
      agenda and brochure.
      ~Your eye for the fine details,
      Along with your investment of time
      your caring & loving input
      Has greatly assisted us in putting this all together
      With measures of grace and with ease.

      Our family, will be eternally grateful to all of you.

      On behalf of my family, we thank you
      From the bottoms of our heart !!!

      And, of course,
      A special thank you to all of you
      Who have helped us & stood by us.
      During the times before,
      and, those times in the hospice
      Without all of you, and, your help
      this would have been a lot harder to bear.
      And, much more stressful than it was.

      There are far too many,
      To stop, to recognize you all personally
      in this precise moment.

      However, we know who you are
      and, that is all that is important.
      So, thank you !!!

      Thank You for coming out today
      to exchange with all of us.

      I’d like to start out by saying:
      I was always incredibly proud to be
      Murray Bruce “Muff” Schwenger’s daughter

      Was born on the 31st of October in 1931
      On Hallowe’en evening at 10:31 pm EST
      Weighing in at a whopping 10 lbs 3.1 oz...
      His Mother Goldie, my grandmother
      always said it made him,
      her “Special Triple TEN DASH THIRTY ONE
      Trick or Treat”.

      He had an older sister, Lucille
      who married Barry Yates
      And, he had an older brother,
      Wallace who married Jean Bird.

      Losing his beloved mother "Goldie"
      at the tender age of 21, in 1953
      ~had a major impact on My Dad’s life

      Fortunately Mum came into DAD’s Life,
      And, brought with her some trying amazing people
      ~ her parents Viola Drury & James Edward Handy Jr.
      ~and Grandma Teresa Kopitowski – Drury
      Which gave dad back some ‘new-found’ mothers.

      He also gained brothers Merv & Donald
      And sisters Joan, Janice & Carol.
      As, well as, Marg Ryan, Gloria Airhartyt, Alice Deforge, Lloyd Fletcher, William Spring, George Provost,
      And Michael Moloney.

      And, he loved each & everyone of them,
      As, if they were his own blood brothers & blood sisters.

      They blessed him with a wonderful & rich assortment
      of nieces & nephews, who loved him,
      and, who he loved dearly,
      and, they almost all called him “Uncle Muff”

      To many of his friends, he was known simply as “Muff”.

      To his beloved wife of 56 years, he was known as “Murr”.

      There are a lot of amazing words
      I would have to utilize to describe My Dad
      & The Assortment of Great Lessons
      that he spent his valuable time to teach me.

      ~In a nutshell,
      he was a ‘real’ Master of Time

      He ran his private life & his public life the same...
      He taught us, the great lessons of:
      Acceptance & Appreciation
      Bravery & Courage
      Compassion & Courtesy
      Fair mindedness
      Forgiveness & Grace
      Honour & Humility
      Patience & Perseverance
      Respect for Authority & Respect for Elders
      Which resulted in my own knowing
      & understanding of:
      The importance of being in loving service to others .

      My Dad was a great story-teller
      ~stuffed full of a lot of Stories & Wisdom
      and he applied & infused measures of all of these things
      Into the equations he weaved in his life.

      Truth was important to My Dad,
      Because it is the highest expression of love.

      My Dad was known for his beautiful handwriting,
      Along with his long beautiful, gentle, large fingers
      – and, highly skilled healing hands.

      For awhile, I believed all men possessed this skill
      Sadly, I was disappointed,
      When I discovered that this was NOT a truth
      but, rather my dad was a very rare & talented man.

      He fixed many special things, for many special people.

      He was my own private Mr. Fix it !!!

      Back when i was 2, i broke a glass,
      Before anyone could react to what had happened,
      I piped up, and, said
      “That is OK, Daddy can fix it !!!”

      I grew up, believing all men could fix anything
      Sadly, i was oft times disappointed
      Since, that was NOT a real truth.

      It took me a long time to find a good man
      Like my dad, fortunately,
      i have found those same type of measures
      in my good friend & life partner Tim Restoule.

      One of the greatest lessons,
      My father ever taught me,
      Was the investment of ‘giving unselfishly of your time’ .

      Thank you for all choosing to make the investment
      of your valuable time to be here with all of us today...
      Today marks an important passage in time.

      It is a day, where I get to say my last goodbyes
      To my Dad.

      The caring, kind & thoughtful things
      many of you have done for all of us,
      During both of my parents struggles with cancer
      And, during my fathers last days
      Which spans NOT only over the last five years,
      But, over our complete lifetime,
      Has NOT gone unnoticed.

      It is through all of you,
      That many of us,
      Get to learn the lessons associated with
      giving of your time unselfishly to others.

      This ironically was one of Mum’s & Dad’s
      Greatest attributes.

      The true gift of time can NOT be measured...
      For everyone who was ever lucky enough
      & fortunate to have their paths cross with DAD
      they would all tell you,
      he was always a ‘treat’ to be around
      ~even right up until the very end.

      He NEVER shared with me any of his fears,
      Although, I am sure, he must of had them.

      In many ways, he always spent a lot of his time
      protecting his family, and, keeping us safe
      and, He did this right up until the end.

      There are a lot of parts of this last five years,
      that still seem totally surreal
      ~in fact, I might find myself trying to describe it
      Like a bad dream or a nightmare.

      And, for the first time, in my own life,
      i just didn’t know what to do.

      The question of
      ~How on earth can bad things happen to good people ?
      Surfaced frequently.

      Dad was always clever, creative & innovative.

      Dad always had an amazing sense of humour,
      Which resulted in him coming up with
      An assortment of funny things to do to people !!!

      Fortunately, the bulk of these things
      Fit into the category of harmless pranks,
      which after the initial fear factor,
      left a lasting impression .
      Which solicited hugs, smiles, tears & laughter
      From others.

      It seems Dad reserved these hilarious
      “treats & tricks”
      for those people that he loved the most !!!

      Dad had a special way of being
      ~he was genuine & real
      ~his smile & his laugh where both contagious
      ~he lit up a room with his presence when he entered it

      Dad loved the ritual of dressing up~ hallowe’en style

      Dad also loved getting dressed up,
      Putting his #1 Dolly – My MUM on his arm,
      And, going out bowling, dancing or to a good movie.

      He also enjoyed ‘eating’ good food.

      He almost always looked good & smelled good.

      He took great pride in his ability to accomplish &
      Complete projects, he could fix almost anything.

      My Dad was born in The Steel City of Hamilton
      back in 1931, and, perhaps that lent Dad
      one of the true measures of his many strengths.

      Up to age 6, he spent his time spread between
      The family home in Hamilton, Ontario &
      Cedar Springs near Kilbride, Ontario
      where they lived in a log cabin with a stone fireplace
      Which overlooked 16 mile creek, and, a golf course.

      It was built with loving hands by his father Albert,
      as a wedding present
      For his mother Goldie Cameron Mckenzie.

      For one year, they lived on HWY 10 in a grand old house with a big clock in front
      ~which very likely created his early interest in the inner workings of clocks & watches.

      My Dad was NOT only a Master Horologist
      aka Clock & Watchmaker, but also a
      Graduate Jeweler (GJ)
      Who practiced his art for exactly 60 years,
      Since he graduated from school on the 7th of May 1953,
      And, crossed over on the 8th of May 2013.

      More importantly,
      my dad was a real Master of Time
      ~He was a man who understood the ‘real’ value
      of exchanging & sharing his time
      Unselfishly with others...
      He was a great exchanger & incredible teacher
      who created the type of friendships with others,
      that lasted for his entire lifetime.

      In 1939, when Dad was in his 9th year ( icon_cool. ,
      His family moved away from the steel city
      to The Big Smoke aka Toronto
      into the heart of Bloor West Village
      and, they lived at 319 Durie Street.

      Albert & Goldie instilled the importance
      of getting a good education,
      the love of cottage life, being out in nature
      & the great outdoors.
      ~fishing, golfing, hunting, skiing, racket & water sports where all featured prominently.

      Dad excelled at every one of them.

      Living amongst nature gave Murray
      a very healthy respect for all living things,
      Which he also instilled into his own family.

      His mother was an avid 'rock' & 'wild-flower' gardener,
      As, well as, an expert quilter
      ~she was killed by a drunk truck driver on Hamilton Mountain in 1953
      When Dad was in his 22nd year.

      She left behind a half finished double wedding band quilt, which is on display here, in its finished form.

      This quilt was finished by Lynda's mother Viola Mae Drury - Handy, my grandmother
      & Grandmother Efie aka Theresa Kopitowski – Drury, my great-grandmother.
      ~so, it is very rare, to have one quilt,
      that was made by 2 mothers & 1 grandmother.

      Today, it is just one of our assortment of
      real family treasures.

      Dad was always a great lover of dogs & cats in his childhood.

      He also had his own 'in house' breeding business of tropical fish which he brought into his married life
      with Mum.

      One of my Dad’s favourite past times was dancing.

      He was an accomplished Square Dancer
      & Square Dance Caller.
      He taught me
      & his granddaughter “Jamie” how to dance.

      He also enjoyed the social dances at
      The Palias Royale
      on The Lake in Toronto.
      which is where, Mum & Dad
      first met back in July of 1954.

      One of the things, that my dad always said to me,
      Was that the first time, he ever danced with Mum
      He knew, without any doubts or any reservations,
      that she was the girl for him.

      ~There have been many times in my life
      That I, along with many others have marvelled
      at their ability to dance together
      NOT as two, but, as one.

      Music was another love in My Dad’s life.

      My Mum once said to me,
      If there was any song,
      That summed up, everything My Dad,
      Was to her, it would be the song “Perhaps Love”
      By Placido Domingo & Johnny Denver.

      Dad proposed to my mum on her birthday
      the 5th of January 1956
      And, on the 19th of May 1956 they were married.

      Their union lasted almost 57 years,

      He left earth, just 11 days short of their 57th Anniversary.

      He honoured his wedding vows, right to the very end.

      ~The most remarkable gift Dad ever gave me,
      Was, that he truly loved Mum.

      Their union was a great love story.

      After Dad & Mum got married
      They lived in Mum’s Apartment from her single days
      And, they eventually moved into Grandpa Schwenger’s house to save money for there own house,
      while Lucille his sister
      lived at Cedar Springs during the summer.

      They also lived briefly,
      in a flat at 387 Durie Street,
      prior to purchasing a home,
      at 7 Henley Crescent in Rexdale in 1957
      next door to The Mandersons who had 9 children.

      Mum had made Dad agree to having six children,
      before she accepted his engagement ring.

      After struggling with 9 months of terrible illnesses associated with pregnancies while carrying Ken & me
      -they decided that having 2 children was enough !!!

      From Patter to Spooky, Daisy to Buddy
      Dad loved all of our cats
      ~ after the death of Buddy
      Dad secretly visited the Etobicoke Humane Society
      ~ however, he was never quite brave enough to come home with The 5th cat.

      Dad was a good man
      ~he was a great provider
      ~he excelled in the things that truly matter

      He gave us the greatest gift of all,
      he always, and, in all ways gave us his time,
      and, he did that unselfishly.

      He helped us become & develop into good people.

      His ability to help people to fix things,
      Along with his caring, kind, and thoughtful nature
      Lead him to experiencing a very rich & full life.

      With 4 good cats, and, 1 good wife
      Along with 2 good kids,
      you would think, that would be enough.

      Mum & Dad often opened their home,
      To assist others, in their time of need

      They always were caring, considerate, kind, loyal,
      loving, loveable and thoughtful towards each other,
      and, to others.

      My first camping & fishing trip with my dad
      Consisted of a Canvas Tent with no floor
      And 13 Poles – Back in 1962, at the age of 3 ½

      When the two of us
      Set off for the great white north alone
      -Dad had me in an inner tube catching little green frogs for bait, and, he was fishing right off a dock
      -he’d set down his pole for just a minute
      And, the big whopper hit the line
      And, before you knew it
      -his pole was sliding of dock and into the water
      -Dad did NOT take any kind of defeat easy
      So, off came the watch, he handed it to me,
      and, he told me to stay exactly where I was,
      and, he actually dove into the water,
      after the fishing pole, at that particular moment,
      I was sure, I’d lost my dad forever
      -anyway, as, most good fishing stories go
      The Whopper got away, he recaptured his pole
      And, our camping & fishing trip continued.

      Dad was also kind to his own father
      Taking him away on boating trips to fish, hunt & camp.

      ~The Lessons about interacting in NATURE
      started young.

      Dad only had ONE major rule...
      And, it was a simple one !!!

      -“You always leave a place,
      better than you found it “
      ~Murray Bruce “Muff” Schwenger

      You always use up, anything you take,
      & that old adage of waste NOT, want NOT
      Was the cardinal rule!!!

      If there is a good use for something,
      you do NOT throw it out !!!

      This earth & this world has become a better place
      because Murray Bruce “Muff” Schwenger
      exchanged & lived in it for over 81 years.

      The last conversation, that I shared with Dad
      Was exactly, what I thought it would be,
      Although, I had always hoped, and, always prayed,
      That something would occur,
      that would miraculously heal him.

      The set of circumstances that were beginning to play themselves out were definitely NOT leading
      in that direction.

      On my last visit to Dad with Tim,
      before he went off to the hospice,
      He asked me, to promise to get
      Ken & Pam, Allan & Jamie, & Tim & myself
      To look after, as, well as look out for My Mum
      in the days to come.

      I know, it will be both an honour & a privilege
      To honour this, his last request !!!

      Looking around this room,
      And, seeing the type of people
      who were Dad’s & Mum’s family & friends
      it gives me that inner sense of real knowing,
      that my Dad was truly the greatest man
      that I have ever known
      – fortunately for me,
      Tim Restoule is just like him.

      One of the greatest things about DAD
      Was, that he was always,
      ready, willing & able to lend his ear or his hand.

      He valued ‘good friends’
      And, could always be relied upon
      As, your confident & your best friend.

      If, something was broken
      He always knew how to FIX- IT !!!

      I’ve often heard my mother say...
      “It is, what it is”
      But, is it ?

      I know that my life,
      without My Dad is NOT going to be the same again
      ~and, I know I am going to miss him.

      You know, if I had to think of
      the greatest gift My Dad ever gave To Ken & I,
      I’d have to say,
      It was that he truly loved Our Mum.
      I know it allowed us,
      to grow up in a house that was very balanced,
      a place that was full of love, peace & tranquility
      & we both were able to transport all of that,
      into our own two lives with our partners.

      So, Thank You Dad,
      for The All the great life of lessons,
      and, for loving all of us

      Thank you for always making sure
      that I have always known
      I was loved each & every day of my life.

      I love you, Dad,
      and I will miss you more than I can say.

      With all my love, and, my respect

      Until we cross paths again,

      JOURNEY WELL !!!

      Your daughter,
      Susan Lynne Schwenger

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      This video features the 1980 recording of song
      "Perhaps Love", sung by John Denver & Plácido Domingo.


      John Denver & Plácido Domingo in Studio - Perhaps Love (1980)

      Perhaps love is like a resting place
      A shelter from the storm
      It exists to give you comfort
      It is there to keep you warm
      And in those times of trouble
      When you are most alone
      The memory of love will bring you home

      Perhaps love is like a window
      Perhaps an open door
      It invites you to come closer
      It wants to show you more
      And even if you lose yourself
      And don't know what to do
      The memory of love will see you through

      Oh, love to some is like a cloud
      To some as strong as steel
      For some a way of living
      For some a way to feel
      And some say love is holding on
      And some say letting go
      And some say love is everything
      And some say they don't know

      Perhaps love is like the ocean
      Full of conflict, full of Pain
      Like a fire when it's cold outside
      Or thunder when it rains
      If I should live forever
      And all my dreams come true
      My memories of love will be of you

      And some say love is holding on
      And some say letting go
      And some say love is everything
      And some say they don't know

      Perhaps love is like the ocean
      Full of conflict, full of Pain
      Like a fire when it's cold outside
      Or thunder when it rains
      If I should live forever
      And all my dreams come true
      My memories of love will be of you

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      His last words ...
      (in the hospice)
      As, I was sitting with my Dad
      I heard the words
      'Oh God', slide out of my Dad's mouth.
      It surprised me,
      since, my Dad believed 'the end' was 'the end".
      One of my Aunt's wandered into the room
      and, sat down.
      Again, my dad said, "OH GOD"
      and, I said,
      "did you just hear what he said ?
      he said that, just before you came into the room, now he is saying it again
      perhaps, Dad is having some kind of internal dialogue
      with The Creator."
      To which, my aunt said,
      "i think, its just an expression, and, you should NOT take any kind of meaning out of it"
      Approximately three minutes later,
      my father spoke again,
      he said, "OH GOD".
      I know, in the end,
      my Dad was having a private meeting with The Creator
      and, his final passing words have touched deeply into my heart
      in a very rare and special way.
      ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger

      View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ZxEazBfPVFg

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      THE MOON on 08 MAY 2013
      - This was the night my dad left earth

      Enlarge this this image Click to see fullsize
      PHOTO CREDIT: Greg Diesel Walck
      Thin Crescent Moon Over North CarolinaCredit: Greg Diesel Walck

      Astrophotographer Greg Diesel Walck sent in a photo of the crescent moon at sunrise taken on May 8, 2013.
      He writes: "Finally clear skies after days of going out at 4 am to see the rising moon.
      This is the last view before the new moon and the orange skies were amazing.Unedited picture at 5:15 am, Currituck Sound, coastal North Carolina."


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    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Sep 25th 2013

      "God aka The Great Sprit aka by 1000+ other names,
      please aid, assist, help and, support every man, woman, and child
      especially those who have pillows that are soaked with their grief & tears every night. Please send the energies, in colour,
      in frequency, in light, in sound, in tone, and, in vibration to comfort them, and, to lift their spirits, so, they might be brought back
      into the fullness & richness of living the good life, as, it was intended to be...
      please help others to know how to activate their support circles,
      so, that you activate 'the 12 strings' given by Troy Trolley of
      (see right below here)

      "The first sub-group of three would be your INTIMATES.
      These are the most directly experienced of all Support Positions.
      Next, we will cover the INSPIRATIONALS.
      These Positions are labeled MENTOR, BEAUTY, and CHILD.
      The next triad of Support can be called your CLASSMATES, meaning those who help you through your Physical Plane Lessons you've chosen for the lifetime. In order to undertake your chosen challenges, you will need HUMOR, ANCHOR, and DISCIPLINE.
      Finally, you have your SPIRIT GUIDES. We do not mean this term in the typical definition, but rather in the respect of their impact on more Spiritual (or abstract) Lessons as opposed to your day-to-day Material Lessons, as you will see. These Positions tend to hold more clues to themes that carry over several lifetimes. These Positions are especially free to be played by anything, or anyone, physical or non-physical, incarnated or not, who exemplify and express the inherent quality.
      They are HEALER, ENLIGHTENMENT, and MUSE."
      Troy Trolley of www.truthloveenergy.com


      "i would like to thank a friend for this Fable,
      it is one that I love, I feel this story may help people to see that which they need to see.

      Thank you Wind.

      I have changed it slightly from the original story that was told to me by Wind,

      though Wind knows me well, and anyone who knows me, knows I have to add just that little bit more,

      I see just that little bit more that needs to be said or expressed.

      So here you have the fable told to me by the wind.

      This is a fable....
      Anger, Joy, Sadness, Frustration, Despair and more…

      they need to listen to Love......

      and Time comes to love as a stranger...

      and your emotions will lead you to your destiny.

      There was an enchanted island and on that island there lived a tribe of feelings.

      These Feelings had a leader called Wisdom…

      and he read a sign from the Gods, that the island was going to sink beneath the waves…

      so he commanded that everyone make a boat to save themselves.

      So everybody made their own boats…except Love…she wanted to stay with the island until its final moments.

      Frustration and Despair, said they would stay with her, we will help her,

      they both said as they stood next to her, doing nothing, but looking at the waves.

      The water began to rise up to her knees…
      and she saw Anger coming on a warship, she called out to him…

      “Anger…I have no boat of my own…

      can I get on your ship?
      And Anger scowled at her and said…

      “go away, you waste of time, you not have been so lazy,
      you should have built your own boat, the same as the rest of us,
      so go forget you and I hope you die!” and Anger just left her there to die.

      Next she saw Joy coming on a yacht…

      Joy was having so much fun, partying loud and hard,
      that he didn’t hear Love calling out to him…

      and so he passed her by.

      Next she saw Sadness coming on a junk…

      and she cried out to him (the water was up to her neck now)
      “Sadness please help me, I have no boat, let me get on your junk”…

      but sadness said “I just want to be alone right now”…

      So the water rose up and the tide came in and Love began to drown…

      Suddenly, there came a stranger on a raft and he reached down to her
      and pulled her out of the water,

      when he did, the raft began to fly…as the raft began to fly,
      Love spotted that he had not reached out
      to take Frustration and Despair with him.

      They both shouted, take us with you!

      The stranger looked at both of them and told them to answer a question.

      He asked them…

      “What do you have to offer us where we are going?

      What good will you do all of us if I take you on board?,
      they both looked at each other,

      and saw that they had been of no help to Love,
      with one last look at each other,
      Frustration and Despair disappeared under the waves,

      and so the stranger took Love with others, to a new island they called Destiny…

      But love wondered who it was that saved her and brought her there,
      so she asked wisdom

      And wisdom said that it was Time…

      And Love asked how he knew that …

      Wisdom said…
      “Because only Time remembers how important love truly is.”


      Susan Lynne Schwenger


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      everyone is the sum total of all choices
      - the good, the bad, and, the ugly ones
      - if you do NOT love the sum total of The Consequences of Choice,
      simply start a process to change your choices !!! "

      ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger
      aka The eXchanger

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      "We are here to change the world...
      and, we are NOT alone" - susan lynne schwenger

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      priest says - hell is an invention of the church

      View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=bOUmCHOdGOU#t=14


    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Sep 25th 2013

      sayinghello wrote:You may not realize it, but your wisdom is slowly going viral via Facebook.
      I had to stop in to thank you for sharing your wisdom acquired in a rare view of life (for most of us).

      I did a gut check, and one of the points gave me pause....

      I wish you well and wanted to offer my thanks. Any chance you live near me? [​IMG]

      Thank you for the kind words
      Saying Hello
      -you should drop into www.themistsofavalon.net more often
      Best Regards,
      Susan Lynne Schwenger


    CULCULCAN The Final Synthesis - isbn 978-0-9939480-0-8 Staff Member

    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Sep 25th 2013

      When I was about 30 and my great aunt was diagnosed with terminal cancer,
      she said to me,

      "I wish I had spent more time rocking my baby
      and less time cleaning.

      I wish I had spent more time living and less time working."

      Those words stuck with me, and it's been 28 years.

      My youngest child hadn't been born yet;
      I was actually pregnant when she told me that.

      I can guarantee that I spent more time rocking that baby
      and less time cleaning.
      And I've spent more time living and less time working.
      My husband and I work to live;
      we don't live to work.

      Those words from a woman I love had an enormous impact on my life.

      Thank you, Aunt Freda, for the gift of your wisdom. I still miss you.

      Blue Bird 55

    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Sep 25th 2013

      Another good book on this subject:

      'One Year To Live', by Stephen Levine

    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Sep 25th 2013

      A "life fully lived"...
      Sometimes I wonder if being "unhappy and unfulfilled"
      throughout one's life is genetic.

      When I think about my late mother,
      whom I can now relate,
      who never had the courage to change anything for the better,
      was always negative,
      a total worry-wart about everything and everyone,
      and never expressed her feelings, hopes or wishes.

      And in the last weeks of her life,
      she was silent, never utttering a word about the fear of dying,
      nor expressed any regrets about how she lived her life,
      and towards the end,
      didn't want her siblings, children or grandchildren to see her
      for any last words or goodbyes.

      She suffered in silence and alone with her thoughts,
      leaving this world much as she lived,
      without so much as a whimper on the way out.


      "in the last weeks of her life, she was silent,
      never uttering a word about the fear of dying...
      She suffered in silence and alone with her thoughts." NOVEMBER - ROSE


      Perhaps she didn't fear dying.

      Not everyone does.

      Shakespeare put it best:

      "Life's but a walking shadow,
      a poor player that struts
      and frets his hour
      upon the stage
      then is heard no more;
      it is a tale told by an idiot,
      full of sound and fury,
      signifying nothing."

      William Shakespeare
      I think these five regrets the article mentions
      have to do with NOT having been more authentic, balanced, assertive, connected,
      and content, all of which are arguably worthwhile qualities.


      "The only regrets I have in life
      is the pain I have caused others."

      - FREEAXIE
      If we dig a bit deeper,
      we'll see that in fact all these regrets come from one source
      - FEAR.

      They all come down to the regret of living a life in fear,
      and not LOVE.

      Not living a life true to yourself has to do
      with the fear of being rejected by family or friends; the fear of being different....

      The regret on working so hard comes from fear of living in poverty,
      or attachment to material things,
      which again is fear of losing a certain status in life. Etc. etc.

      Once we slay the ULTIMATE dragon
      - FEAR
      - we will be able to live a life with A LOT less regrets.

      Here are 7 Life-Changing Tips for Overcoming Fear

      - http://www.brainwavelove.com/7-life-changing-tips-for-overcoming-fear/

      Ashton Brainwavelove

      Like Awolnation sings in Kill your Heros:

      "Never let your fear decide your fate"
      I got surprised when I reviewed all five regrets .
      All regrets were related to worldly desire.
      Nobody regretted that they did not progress spiritually.
      Why we are born?

      To work more, to have friends or to improve our life quality
      and have ever lasting bliss and peace?

      With spiritual practice we can experience Bliss in this life and in after life .

      Then we regret nothing at the end of life
      because the very purpose of our life is achieved.


      Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D.

      Psychologist; Author, 'The Now Effect';
      Co-author, 'A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook'

      Top 5 Regrets of the Dying
      Posted: 09/11/2013 8:14 am

      Happiness, Relationships, Death &Amp; Dying, Dying, Happiness Life, Lessons, Lessons From The Dying, Life Lesson, Life Lessons, Life Regrests, Meaninfgul Life, Meaning, Regrets, Values, Healthy Living News

      I've always been interested in the wisdom of our elders
      and often do a practice with students and clients
      when they've seemed to veer off the path of what truly matters in their lives.

      I ask them to project themselves forward many years from now
      looking back onto this very moment right now,
      what do they wish they would've done?

      Bronnie Ware is an Australian nurse who spent many years working in palliative care
      caring for those who were dying.

      She eventually published a book called the The Top Five Regrets of the Dying.

      Regrets can be seen as something that's good
      if they give us insight into what we can change today for the better.

      Here are the top five.

      Use them as a north star to help guide your actions in the days
      that follow toward an even more fulfilling life.

      Although we can veer off the path,

      when we notice the star, we can always come back to it.

      Top 5 Regrets of the Dying:

      I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself,
      not the life others expected of me.

      From the time we're born we're looking to our parents
      to teach us the rules of this world and to guide our expectations
      about how we should or shouldn't act.
      Looking to our culture or other people to guide
      how we should dress, speak, act,
      and even what kind of profession we should be in is common.
      What would it look like to get in touch with
      what seems right to you and live an authentic life?

      I wish I hadn't worked so hard.

      As the saying goes, no one ever kicked themselves
      on their deathbeds for missing a day of work.
      Sometimes we work too much out of routine,
      other times from other people's expectations
      and sometimes as an addictive behavior to avoid discomfort.
      Are there things that may be more valuable to pay attention to
      where we can loosen up on working so hard
      and pay attention to things that nourish us more?

      I wish I'd had the courage to express my feelings.

      Whether it's at work, in a friendship or a partnership
      we make the snap judgment to bite our tongue
      rather than being assertive.

      Standing in an authentic life means becoming aware of
      and expressing our feelings.

      This may be a missed opportunity to let others know we love them
      that can create deeper connections
      or maybe it's a time when someone hurts us
      and we stay silent out of fear.
      Learning how to become more aware of our emotions
      and express them in a skillful way
      can help us feel more connected, self-reliant and happy.

      I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

      There's no question.

      At the crux of feeling happy and fulfilled in life is having nurturing relationships.

      There are so many ways to stay connected nowadays
      through text, chat, email, social media, the phone
      and of course face to face.

      How might you make it a priority to make relationships
      an integral part of your day to day life?

      I wish that I had let myself be happier.

      Bronnie Ware said that many people didn't notice
      until the end of life that happiness is a choice.
      With awareness we can make conscious choices
      about what nourishes us and what depletes us.
      What beliefs we want to invest in and which ones we don't.
      We may get hooked into states of high stress, anxiety, depression
      and even trauma reactions, but at some point we get to choose
      how we want to relate to them
      and this may help us ride them with more grace.
      Maybe it's time to play a little more,
      what makes you happy?

      Take a moment to look back once again
      at these five regrets people have had
      and see where you can begin integrating these more
      into your life starting today.

      As always, please share your thoughts, stories and questions below.

      Your interaction creates a living wisdom for us all to benefit from.

      Adapted from Mindfulness and Psychotherapy

      For more by Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D., click here.

      For more on mindfulness, click here.


    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Sep 25th 2013

      [One afternoon we] were sitting in his backyard ...
      and he was not in the best of health at the time. ...
      He said, 'You know, I'm kind of 50/50 on believing in God.
      But I want to believe that something endures,
      that your wisdom that you accumulate,
      that the knowledge that you have somehow is able to endure after you die.'

      "And then he pauses, and he says,
      'Maybe that's just wishful thinking.
      Maybe that's just like an on-off switch.'
      And he goes, 'Click, you're off. You're gone. It's over.'
      And then he paused for a moment and he said,
      'Maybe that's why I didn't like to put on-off switches on Apple devices.' " Steve Jobs~~~

      Although Steve jobs was very doubtful about the afterlife
      his sister quoted him as saying
      "Steve’s final words, hours earlier, were monosyllables, repeated three times".

      Before embarking, he’d looked at his sister Patty,
      then for a long time at his children,
      then at his life’s partner, Laurene,
      and then over their shoulders past them.

      Steve’s final words were:

      "OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW"

    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Sep 25th 2013

      "Words of wisdom.

      At 58 I have watch many friends and relatives leave this earth.

      Fortunately, most of them had strong faith and showed my how to leave this world with grace.

      Living life with grace enables one to leave this earth with grace.

      I want to be remembered with a smile.

      I spend my time trying to make others smile.

      Sharing smiles is free and should be done with reckless abandon.

      Not done with judgement.

      The day before my mother passed away, the Minister told her, he loved her attitude.

      Her response was, "ya gotta live life with a smile" and she did.

      The smile on her face, showed her gladness in her heart.

      Her life was enriched with family and friends, not money.

      My parents did not leave me with the wealth of money.

      They left me with wealth of heart.

      Something money can not buy.

      I am grateful! "

      Connie in Cleveland

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      SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Sep 25th 2013


      Recently, I overheard a mother and daughter in their last moments together at the airport
      as the daughter's departure had been announced. Standing near the security gate, they hugged and the mother said:

      "I love you and I wish you enough."

      The daughter replied, "Mom, our life together has been more than enough.
      Your love is all I ever needed. I wish you enough, too, Mom." They kissed and the daughter left.

      The mother walked over to the window where I sat. Standing there, I could see she wanted and needed to cry.

      I tried not to intrude on her privacy but she welcomed me in by asking,
      "Did you ever say good-bye to someone knowing it would be forever?" "Yes, I have," I replied.
      "Forgive me for asking but why is this a forever good-bye?"

      "I am old and she lives so far away.
      I have challenges ahead and the reality is the next trip back will be for my funeral," she said.

      When you were saying good-bye, I heard you say, "I wish you enough."
      May I ask what that means?"

      She began to smile. "That's a wish that has been handed down from other generations.
      My parents used to say it to everyone."

      She paused a moment and looked up as if trying to remember it in detail and she smiled even more.

      "When we said 'I wish you enough' we were wanting the other person
      to have a life filled with just enough good things to sustain them".

      Then turning toward me, she shared the following, reciting it from memory,

      "I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright.

      I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more.

      I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive.

      I wish you enough pain so that the smallest joys in life appear much bigger.

      I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting.

      I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess.

      I wish you enough hellos to get you through the final good-bye."

      She then began to cry and walked away.

      They say it takes a minute to find a special person.
      An hour to appreciate them.
      A day to love them.
      And an entire life to forget them.

      Please Share this with your friends.

      It has the potential to inspire a lot of people.

      ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger

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      SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Sep 26th 2013

      We all live through monads...which ones are you living through ?
      Examining the 30 "classic" Monads
      can help you to navigate where you may be in the Love Monad.
      That list is as follows:
      Hopelessly Loving/Hopelessly Loved;
      Pivotal Facilitator/Facilitated;
      Tandem Monad;
      and then the Love Monad
      At this point, it appears that my relationship is exploring:
      What are you exploring ?
      - Susan Lynne Schwenger

    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Sep 26th 2013

      Scientist Photographs The Soul Leaving The Body

      The timing of astral disembodiment in which the spirit leaves the body

      has been captured by Russian scientist Konstantin Korotkov,
      who photographed a person at the moment of his death with a bioelectrographic camera.
      The image taken using the gas discharge visualization method,
      an advanced technique of Kirlian photography
      shows in blue the life force of the person leaving the body gradually.

      According to Korotkov, navel and head are the parties who first lose their life force
      (which would be the soul) and the groin and the heart are the last areas
      where the spirit before surfing the phantasmagoria of the infinite.

      In other cases according to Korotkov has noted that "the soul" of people
      who suffer a violent and unexpected death usually manifests a state of confusion in your power settings
      and return to the body in the days following death.
      This could be due to a surplus of unused energy.

      View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZczmTkfqKY

      View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-W45AkDHnsQ

      View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6NIUV24vcQ


    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Oct 1st 2013


      SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Oct 1st 2013​

    • www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoEezZD71sc#t=149
      Tim Minchin Occasional Address and Honorary Degree of Doctor

      View: http://youtu.be/yoEezZD71sc


    CULCULCAN The Final Synthesis - isbn 978-0-9939480-0-8 Staff Member

    Jorgelito - Posted Oct 1st 2013

    You have good stories, Susan.

    SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Oct 10th 2013

    Della Nishizaki says:
    "Correct...I never make it my business to care what others think of me...
    I care what I think about myself.
    No one knows me like I have come to know myself.
    We all need to make our boundaries clear..
    people focus on others as a distraction to avoid the difficult self reflective inner work,
    the most important work of all.
    be no one's scapegoat XXOO"

    SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Oct 10th 2013

    "The finest food that this planet has to offer
    is only a small portion of the nourishment
    that comes to those who live their lives
    in the energy currents of eternal love.
    The earth recognizes people in whom God flowers.
    There is a sensuousness, a centeredness, a grace to their movement.
    There is a relaxed gentility of power flowing quietly within and beneath their action.
    There is a humble assuredness about them, a reverence, a sense of humor
    and a sense of the sacred entwined.
    They are the magical people for whom the earth has longed."
    ~ Carrie Langdoc

    "we want to be, one of those people ~ in which God aka The Great Spirit flowers"
    ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger

    SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Oct 10th 2013

    "The hidden ones; can no longer stay hidden"
    - Susan Lynne Schwenger

    SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Oct 10th 2013

    17 Levels of Consciousness


    In the book Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins [1],
    there’s a hierarchy of levels of human consciousness.
    It’s an interesting paradigm.

    If you read the book, it’s also fairly easy to figure out where you fall on this hierarchy
    based on your current life situation.

    From low to high, the levels of consciousness are:
    shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger, pride, courage, neutrality,
    willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace, enlightenment.

    While we can pop in and out of different levels at various times,
    usually there’s a predominant “normal” state for us.

    If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re at least at the level of courage
    because if you were at a lower level,
    you’d likely have no conscious interest in personal growth.

    I’ll go over these levels in order,
    mostly focusing on the ones between courage and reason,
    since that’s the range where you’re most likely to land.

    The labels are Hawkins’.

    The descriptions of each level are based on Hawkins’ descriptions
    but blended with my own thoughts.

    Hawkins defines this as a logarithmic scale,
    so there are far fewer people at the higher levels than at the lower ones.

    An increase from one level to another will result in enormous change in your life.

    1. Shame – Just a step above death.
    You’re probably contemplating suicide at this level.
    Either that or you’re a serial killer. Think of this as self-directed hatred.

    2. Guilt – A step above shame, but you still may be having thoughts of suicide.
    You think of yourself as a sinner, unable to forgive yourself for past transgressions.

    3. Apathy – Feeling hopeless or victimized.
    The state of learned helplessness. Many homeless people are stuck here.

    4. Grief – A state of perpetual sadness and loss.
    You might drop down here after losing a loved one.
    Depression. Still higher than apathy, since you’re beginning to escape the numbness.

    5. Fear – Seeing the world as dangerous and unsafe.
    Paranoia. Usually you’ll need help to rise above this level,
    or you’ll remain trapped for a long time, such as in an abusive relationship.

    6. Desire – Not to be confused with setting and achieving goals,
    this is the level of addiction, craving, and lust
    — for money, approval, power, fame, etc.
    Consumerism. Materialism.
    This is the level of smoking and drinking and doing drugs.

    7. Anger – the level of frustration, often from not having your desires met
    at the lower level. This level can spur you to action at higher levels,
    or it can keep you stuck in hatred.
    In an abusive relationship, you’ll often see an anger person coupled with a fear person.

    8. Pride – The first level where you start to feel good, but it’s a false feeling.
    It’s dependent on external circumstances (money, prestige, etc),
    so it’s vulnerable.
    Pride can lead to nationalism, racism, and religious wars. Think Nazis.
    A state of irrational denial and defensiveness.
    Religious fundamentalism is also stuck at this level.
    You become so closely enmeshed in your beliefs that you see an attack
    on your beliefs as an attack on you.

    9. Courage – The first level of true strength. I’ve made a previous post about this level:
    Courage is the Gateway. [2] This is where you start to see life as challenging
    and exciting instead of overwhelming.
    You begin to have an inkling of interest in personal growth,
    although at this level you’ll probably call it something else like skill-building,
    career advancement, education, etc.
    You start to see your future as an improvement upon your past,
    rather than a continuation of the same.

    10. Neutrality – This level is epitomized by the phrase, “live and let live.”
    It’s flexible, relaxed, and unattached.
    Whatever happens, you roll with the punches.
    You don’t have anything to prove.
    You feel safe and get along well with other people.
    A lot of self-employed people are at this level.
    A very comfortable place.
    The level of complacency and laziness.
    You’re taking care of your needs, but you don’t push yourself too hard.

    11. Willingness – Now that you’re basically safe and comfortable,
    you start using your energy more effectively. Just getting by isn’t good enough anymore.
    You begin caring about doing a good job — perhaps even your best.
    You think about time management and productivity and getting organized,
    things that weren’t so important to you at the level of neutrality.

    Think of this level as the development of willpower and self-discipline.
    These people are the “troopers” of society; they get things done well
    and don’t complain much. If you’re in school, then you’re a really good student;
    you take your studies seriously and put in the time to do a good job.
    This is the point where your consciousness becomes more organized and disciplined.

    12. Acceptance – Now a powerful shift happens, and you awaken to the possibilities
    of living proactively. At the level of willingness you’ve become competent,
    and now you want to put your abilities to good use.

    This is the level of setting and achieving goals.
    I don’t like the label “acceptance” that Hawkins uses here, but it basically
    means that you begin accepting responsibility for your role in the world.
    If something isn’t right about your life (your career, your health, your relationship),
    you define your desired outcome and change it.
    You start to see the big picture of your life more clearly.
    This level drives many people to switch careers, start a new business,
    or change their diets.

    13. Reason – At this level you transcend the emotional aspects of the lower levels
    and begin to think clearly and rationally.
    Hawkins defines this as the level of medicine and science.
    The way I see it, when you reach this level, you become capable
    of using your reasoning abilities to their fullest extent.
    You now have the discipline and the proactivity to fully exploit your natural abilities.

    You’ve reached the point where you say, “Wow. I can do all this stuff,
    and I know I must put it to good use.
    So what’s the best use of my talents?”

    You take a look around the world and start making meaningful contributions.

    At the very high end, this is the level of Einstein and Freud.

    It’s probably obvious that most people never reach this level in their entire lives.

    14. Love – I don’t like Hawkins’ label “love” here
    because this isn’t the emotion of love.
    It’s unconditional love, a permanent understanding
    of your connectedness with all that exists.
    Think compassion.
    At the level of reason, you live in service to your head.
    But that eventually becomes a dead end where you fall into the trap
    of over-intellectualizing.
    You see that you need a bigger context than just thinking for its own sake.

    At the level of love, you now place your head
    and all your other talents and abilities in service to your heart
    (not your emotions, but your greater sense of right and wrong — your conscience).
    I see this as the level of awakening to your true purpose.
    Your motives at this level are pure and uncorrupted by the desires of the ego.

    This is the level of lifetime service to humanity.
    Think Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Dr. Albert Schweitzer.
    At this level you also begin to be guided by a force greater than yourself.
    It’s a feeling of letting go. Your intuition becomes extremely strong.

    Hawkins claims this level is reached only by 1 in 250 people during their entire lifetimes.

    15. Joy – A state of pervasive, unshakable happiness.
    Eckhart Tolle describes this state in The Power of Now. [3]
    The level of saints and advanced spiritual teachers.
    Just being around people at this level makes you feel incredible.
    At this level life is fully guided by synchronicity and intuition.
    There’s no more need to set goals and make detailed plans
    — the expansion of your consciousness allows you to operate at a much higher level.
    A near-death experience can temporarily bump you to this level.

    16. Peace – Total transcendence. Hawkins claims this level is reached
    only by one person in 10 million.


    Enlarge this image Click to see fullsize

    17. Enlightenment – The highest level of human consciousness,
    where humanity blends with divinity.
    Extremely rare.
    The level of Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus.
    Even just thinking about people at this level can raise your consciousness.

    I think you’ll find this model worthy of reflection.
    Not only people but also objects, events,
    and whole societies can be ranked at these levels.
    Within your own life, you’ll see that some parts of your life
    are at different levels than others,
    but you should be able to identify your current overall level.

    You might be at the level of neutrality overall b
    ut still be addicted to smoking (level of desire).
    The lower levels you find within yourself will serve as a drag
    that holds the rest of you back.
    But you’ll also find higher levels in your life.
    You may be at the level of acceptance
    and read a book at the level of reason and feel really inspired.

    Think about the strongest influences in your life right now.
    Which ones raise your consciousness? Which ones lower it?

    One thing I like about these levels of consciousness
    is that I can trace back over my own life
    and see how I’ve been moving through them.

    I remember being stuck at the level of guilt for a long time
    – as a child I was indoctrinated into a belief system
    where I was a helpless sinner, being judged according to the standards of someone at the level of love or higher. From there I graduated to the state of apathy, feeling numb to the whole thing.

    By high school I had reached the level of pride — I was a straight-A student, captain of the Academic Decathlon team, showered with accolades and awards,
    but I became dependent on them.
    I hit the level of Courage in my late teens,
    but the courage was very unfocused,
    and I overdid it and got myself into all sorts of trouble.
    I then spent about a year in neutrality
    and moved through willingness and acceptance during my 20s with a lot of conscious effort.

    At present I’m at the level of reason and getting closer and closer to completing
    the leap to love. I experience the state of love more and more often,
    and it’s guiding many of my decisions already,
    but it hasn’t yet stuck as my natural state.

    I’ve also experienced the state of joy for days at a time,
    but never with any permanence yet.

    That state is a pervasive feeling of natural euphoria,
    as if I’m exploding on the inside with positive energy.
    It literally forces me to smile.
    I’ve been in that state for most of this morning,
    probably because I haven’t eaten anything yet today
    (I find it easier to hit that state of consciousness when I eat lightly or not at all).

    We’ll naturally fluctuate between multiple states
    throughout the course of any given week,
    so you’ll probably see a range of 3-4 levels where you spend most of your time.

    One way to figure out your “natural” state is to think about
    how you perform under pressure.
    If you squeeze an orange, you get orange juice because that’s what’s inside.

    What comes out of you when you get squeezed by external events?
    Do you become paranoid and shut down (fear)?
    Do you start yelling at people (anger)?
    Do you become defensive (pride)?

    What happens to me under pressure is that I become hyper-analytical,
    but recently I just had a pressure situation where I handled it mostly by intuition,
    which was a big change for me.
    This tells me I’m getting close to the unconditional love state
    because in that state, intuition can be effectively accessed even under pressure.

    Everything in your environment will have an effect on your level of consciousness.
    TV. Movies. Books. Web sites. People. Places. Objects. Food.
    If you’re at the level of reason, watching TV news
    (which is predominantly at the levels of fear and desire)
    will temporarily lower your consciousness.
    If you’re at the level of guilt, TV news will actually raise it up.

    Progressing from one level to the next requires an enormous amount of energy.
    I wrote about this previously when discussing quantum leaps. [4]
    Without conscious effort or the help of others, you’ll likely just stay
    at your current level until some outside force comes into your life.

    Notice the natural progression of levels, and consider what happens
    when you try to short-cut the process.
    If you try to reach the level of reason before mastering self-discipline (willingness)
    and goal-setting (acceptance), you’ll be too disorganized and unfocused to use your mind
    to its full extent.
    If you try to push yourself to the level of love before you’ve mastered reason,
    you’ll suffer from gullibility and may end up in a cult.

    Going up even one level can be extremely hard;
    most people don’t do so in their entire lives.
    A change in just one level can radically alter everything in your life.
    This is why people below the level of courage aren’t likely to progress
    without external help.
    Courage is required to work on this consciously;
    it comes down to repeatedly betting your whole reality
    for the chance to become more conscious and aware.
    But whenever you reach that next level,
    you realize clearly that it was a good bet.

    For example, when you hit the level of courage,
    all your past fears and false pride seem silly to you now.
    When you reach the level of acceptance (setting and achieving goals),
    you look back on the level of willingness
    and see you were like a mouse running on a treadmill
    — you were a good runner, but you didn’t pick a direction.

    I think the most important work we can do as human beings
    is to raise our individual level of consciousness.
    When we do this, we spread higher levels of consciousness
    to everyone around us.
    Imagine what an incredible world this would be
    if we could at least get everyone to the level of acceptance.

    According to Hawkins 85% of the people on earth live below the level of courage.

    When you temporarily experience the higher levels,
    you can see where you must go next.
    You have one of those moments of clarity
    where you understand that things have to change.
    But when you sink into the lower levels, that memory becomes clouded.

    We have to keep consciously taking ourselves back to the sources
    that can help us complete the next leap.
    Each step requires different solutions.
    I recall when making the shift from neutrality to willingness,
    I listened to time management tapes almost every day.
    I immersed myself in sources created by people
    at the level of willingness until I eventually shifted.

    But a book on time management will be of little use to someone
    who’s at the level of pride; they’ll reject the very notion
    with a lot of defensiveness.
    And time management is meaningless to someone at the level of peace.
    But you can’t hit the higher levels if you haven’t mastered the basics first.
    Jesus was a carpenter.
    Gandhi was a lawyer.
    Buddha was a prince.
    We all have to start somewhere.

    Look at this hierarchy with an open mind and see if it leads you
    to new insights that may help you take the next leap in your own life.

    No levels are any more right or wrong than others.

    Try not to get your ego wrapped up in the idea of being at any particular level,
    unless you’re currently at the level of pride of course.

    - See more at: http://humansarefree.com/2013/10/17-levels-of-consciousness.html#sthash.TbEX45ev.NnVW45MV.dpuf




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    CULCULCAN The Final Synthesis - isbn 978-0-9939480-0-8 Staff Member

    SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Oct 10th 2013


    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Oct 10th 2013


    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Oct 10th 2013


    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Oct 10th 2013

      as, i was saying ...MY BURNING BUSH
      [9/18/2013 1:17:00 AM] The 13th Bridge: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/curiou...us-times--barbara-delong-intuit-medium-author
      [9/18/2013 1:22:33 AM] The 13th Bridge: blogtalk.vo.llnwd.net/o23/show/5/435/show_5435263.mp3 Roll show forward to the 2:18:00 (2 hrs & 18 minute mark)

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      Owl Medicine

      Post last edited Oct 17th 2013

    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Oct 11th 2013

      How To Take Stock of Your Life

      ~ Sandra Sneed - Godscribe - The World is NOT ready to hear this !!!
      Imagine there is only one way to find yourself.
      Imagine this path is a way to your heart and not to your mind.
      Imagine that your mind is in your heart when you find yourself.
      This is the way to understand all things that have ever happened in your life.
      This is also how you will mostly find the way that life has happened to you.
      (AS SCRIBED FROM THE MIND OF BEING — © by Sondra Sneed)
      Without your knowing it, your heart has maneuvered everything you’ve ever experienced.
      What this means is that you have been made by what your heart responds to and what it ignores.
      The more you ignore, the more life seems to have no meaning and no real identification with what you thought about your life.
      What this is telling you is that you have a great deal of living to do yet, if your heart is not in good repair.
      The repair I’m talking about is not a heart that suffers from heart disease, but heart illness.
      The difference is that heart disease is a symptom of what is ailing your heart.
      Disease is measurable by science’s devices for measuring what is normal and what is abnormal.
      Heart illness, however, is about what you cannot see that is disturbing you and causing you to suffer uncontrollably.
      The symptoms of heart illness come out in your relationships with other people.
      Other people also have a heart in various stages of illness and wellness.
      As you learn to allow wellness to occur, more and more well people will be surrounding your life.
      So long, however, as you have a toxic affect on others, you will suffer the toxic effect of others.
      You may say that you are not responsible for the toxic people in your life,
      but the more well you become the less you will tolerate toxic people,
      and therefore the less people who are toxic will come around.
      The more you are able to tolerate toxins in your blood,
      the more they will hang around and cause you a karmic shift from curable to incurable.
      What is incurable?
      Nothing is so worthy in the state of nothingness than the lack of hope that what is bothering your state of affairs will never end.
      In other words, only you can decide what is curable and what is hopeless.
      That said, there are many elements of illness that are not easy to uncover and not easy to expose to the light of God within you.
      This is why you must take stock.
      How to Take Stock:
      1. Open your mind to the idea that you are being controlled by the world around you, in very subtle ways.
      These subtle ways are in the way that the news makes you feel about the world;
      the way your family tells you about what you can and cannot do; the way you are always forcing yourself to fit-in
      to the way the world worthies itself; by telling you how to dress, how to eat, how to live, and how to love.
      Open your mind to the possibility that everyday you are invaded by what the world wants from you.
      2. Open your mind to the idea that there are people who don’t have your best interest at heart,
      who are working on your psyche, to attempt to get you to do things you aught not do.
      For some people it’s as simple as being taken advantage of at work.
      For others it’s a drastic form of self-denial that others are forcing down their throats.
      These are two sides of the extremes that we are forced into when we don’t take stock of our most important natures.
      3. Open your mind to the notion that only you can allow this to happen.
      Make sure that each person in your life is concerned only with how you might feel if they were to do something against your will.
      People who step all over you, without that concern, are the very people who will suck the life right out of you,
      if you don’t take stock in who you are.
      4. Imagine that you are the greatest mind that ever lived.
      This mind is the only one capable of healing disease and curing the world’s ways of dark and impenetrable doom.
      This mind is a process of God, and it is contained within you in such a way that calling it forth is the most powerful event
      you could ever witness in the stillness of your knowing.
      Take stock of the mind of God within you, notice that it has incredible power.
      Notice that you will one day learn to use it for your very own healing.
      5. Learn how to love.
      I don’t mean to love unconditionally but to love yourself with unconditional acceptance.
      Learning this simple task will take stock of everything you ever did and say, “hey, that’s not such a bad thing.”
      Unless of course you believe that what you’ve done is unforgivable.
      If so, see number six.
      6. Unforgiving the unforgivable.
      This is an impossible task.
      One cannot unforgive.
      Forgiveness is the act of seeing another as a human being that has made a mistake in judgement.
      The mistakable judgement is having made someone else unworthy.
      This is an act of not seeing that God is contained within each human being,
      and if that was well received, then the person who received the bitter atrocity
      would not have suffered under the hands of the human being who made them unworthy.
      Every single soul is worthy in the mind of God and the mistakes that are made are not only forgiven
      but they are released into the part of God that is separate from peace.
      Peace is what God dwells within, and you dwell within God.
      When you have opened your heart, and the heart of God speaks the words of peace,
      then all is forgiven and even forgotten,
      because no deed that is forgiven will remain in the memory of God’s sweet surrendering peace.

    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Oct 11th 2013

      How To Make Your 3rd Eye the Road You Follow

      ~ Sandra Sneed - Godscribe - The World is NOT ready to hear this !!!

      When you have your third-eye open, the universe will open, too.
      Suddenly you will see that the grand scale that is without you, is also contained within you.
      This is because there is a small opening in your major mind.
      The major mind is contained in your head.
      The small opening allows you to escape into the wondrous arena that is the mind your head is contained within.
      (AS SCRIBED FROM THE MIND OF BEING — © by Sondra Sneed)
      The ancients learned this secret because they could see the universe outside of their bodies,
      and identified how to attribute their visions to what they saw with their own eyes.
      This is the way that the birth of all religion began.
      In this very sacred place, the world you inhabit is as imaginary as the world that is imagined.
      You need only take the tiniest of steps to make your third-eye the road on which you travel.
      But this kind of travel is not a figment of imagination.
      It is an imagined road into which your soul can actually learn to incorporate the ways of its own nature.
      The way to imagine this is to put yourself outside of your body.
      In fact, this is where the misnomer of “out of body” experience came from.
      But the truth is that there is no way to leave your body, only imagine yourself without a body.
      When you are imagining this, then you are no longer confined to physical aspects of a body experience.
      Without actually leaving the room your body is lying in, you can travel the universe to worlds unknown.
      This traveling is better than taking a trip down memory lane,
      because it doesn’t cause you to erupt in sadness over having lost something you love.
      Instead, you see that nothing is lost in the mind of God,
      because it is a container for all that ever was and all that has yet to be.
      People like to say that there is no past, no future, only present time, only now.
      But they rarely fully grasp how that is so.
      The way that you can imagine the past as not existing is to remember something
      in the past that is so full of emotion, it is as if it is occurring right now.
      Your body doesn’t know that it is in the past or future when it is reliving something that has full,
      physical symptoms such as emotional trauma.
      This is also true of the future.
      You can imagine a future that will stop you from actually moving forward
      because the future you imagine is not what you want to be true.
      As you imagine this future of pain, you are actually creating it.
      You create every single solitary reality that you experience by never assembling the parts
      that would change the future in a different course.
      When you open the door to this idea,
      you will start to listen to your own thoughts and your own awareness of the time when you were unhappy.
      Each time you recognize that it was a past event that made you unhappy,
      you can quickly remind yourself that it is not happening now.
      When you do that you have achieved the moment of now.
      At each stage of your awareness of the now, you get closer and closer to the true reality.
      When you are true to that, there will be an abundance of expression that moves through your creative means.
      The creative means is the focus you begin to acquire to manifest the life you so desire.

      This changes your perspective from thinking that your mind is all inside your head to your mind is inside the mind of God.
      Your imagination is contained within the Great Imaginer.
      Your mind is inside the collective mind of the universe.
      When you allow this to be so, within your way of understanding how things work,
      you will learn to un-contain your mind, and allow it to expand to beyond your wildest dreams.

    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Oct 11th 2013

      Your Mind is Inside the Mind of God

      ~ Sandra Sneed - Godscribe - The World is NOT ready to hear this !!!
      The mind that is in your brain is like a cup of water inside the ocean.
      This ocean is accessiable the minute you step outside of the container.
      This container is imaginary, just as your body is an imagined reality.
      Your mind holds within it all of the world’s input.
      When you start to trade the world’s input with the ocean you are contained within,
      your world will not be able to contain you.
      (AS SCRIBED FROM THE MIND OF BEING — © by Sondra Sneed)
      Take a step into this mind that is vastly surrounding you.
      Take this moment to imagine you are not in the world but instead inside the mind of God.
      This mind is so huge you cannot even imagine what it looks like.
      This is because it has no end.
      Even the closer you get to the sides of it, the further you get from the end of it.
      This is because there is a battle ground that you have created.
      The battle ground is where all of the people you have ever met begin to tell their stories.
      These stories are always in conflict with your own, if you think that the sum of your being is small and insignificant.
      When you start to see that you are contained within God and God within you,
      you will begin to not identify with people you know or even love.
      Instead you will begin to identify with the nature of your soul.
      Your soul is fortified with the centuries upon centuries that you have existed before coming to earth.
      Earth was a place in your mind before it became the home you call your world.
      The reason this is important to acknowledge is because as you define yourself
      by having lived for eons and eons, you will slowly develop a kind of passion for things that are not of this world.
      You will even see nature as having patterns that are repeated over and over again.
      These patterns, while immensely beautiful and colorful, diverse and outrageously dignified,
      are still a conjured way of the source of all being, within which you have also been made.
      When your mind is open to the lost ways of God,
      you become an abundantly able individual, no longer defined by health, money, or class.
      You will behave the way an astronaut does regarding the boundaries of countries.
      From the perspective of space there is only land and water, sky
      and working systems that make up these natural processes to make the earth.
      There is no such thing as country from the space within which the earth does spin.
      So too is your mind from the perspective of the mind of God.
      As you elevate your identity to a being who knows no boundaries,
      no one can put you into the pendulum swing of the changes in social acceptance.
      You will not be identified by your money, or by your looks,
      instead you will be identified by the mind of the creator that dwells in your eyes.

    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Oct 11th 2013


    • SUSANakaTHE13THBRIDGE - Posted Oct 11th 2013


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