Dream Lord

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    Dream Lord

    Dream Lord
    ...by raxnae

    My Domain is the World of Dreams, Where Imagination Creates Reality,
    The Power of the Will, Shapes and Creates Every Shade Imaginable,
    I Set the Stage, Write the Scripts,
    Place the Players, And Unleash the Action.

    My Palace is Home to Many Dream Workers, Who Serve the Realm of Sleep,
    Making Sure Dreams all Reach Their Proper Places and Times, that Nightmares are Fed,
    And Flights of Fancy Unravel, the Eternal Reverie Remembered,
    A Home Away from Home, a Place for All Who Seek Rest.

    I even Fall into my Own Slumbering Realm, Finding myself in Dreams of my Own Making,
    Though many Negative Forces Strive to Ensure my Dreams are Hazy, I'm Always Aware and not Lazy,
    I Break through the Prison School Scenarios, sometimes I Even Become Lucid,
    And I Partake in Things my Physical Body Cannot Handle, Life of the Party.

    Some Call me Morpheous, the Shifting One,
    Others just the Raven, with Cloak of Feathers,
    I am Endless, I am Dream,
    Even in this Physical Incarnation, My Story has been Retold to Me.

    I Must Guard My Heart, I Fallen in Love,
    Have Broken My Heart Too Many Times, Yet Still Some Penetrate my Shadows,
    And Enter my Personal Dreamspace, Enticing me to Live Again,
    I Dream of the Summerlands, Where the Tribes Live.

    There We Play All Day, And Dance Around the Fire and Tell Stories All Night,
    Awaiting the Birth of the Grand Dream, We Sleep and Dream Within the Void,
    Til I Awake in the Current World, Lost as a Boy Who Suffered a Heartwound Most Dire,
    Still, I Know the my Cloak is the Stars and I Will Return Home When All is Said and Done.

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