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    Dragons, Unicorns and Elementals

    Dudley & Sabina, Warriors of The Light

    These “mythical” creatures are just as alive and well as we are …
    just in their own reality and from which they can and do, visit ours,
    anytime they choose to do so.

    Before the fall of Atlantis, Dragons and especially Unicorns mixed freely with us and among us,
    but as the corruption and decay set in to what had been an incredibly advanced and beneficial society, they withdrew, unable to bear the dense negativity which was polluting the air
    and energies around the population.

    This incidentally was the last time when Source stepped in to give the human race
    a fresh start and on 11 11 2015 it will happen again.

    Many of us who have chosen a spiritual and psychic path find ourselves attracting these Beings to us, as they wish to work alongside us, in our spiritual and psychic practises.

    Shortly after my spiritual awakening in this lifetime, I was told that I had a Dragon with me and was totally amazed.

    I was told that we had worked together in several of my previous human lives and now that I was “awakened” again, that she was ready and willing to work with me.

    I was fascinated but at that time had no idea how to connect, or how to even begin to work together, so she had to wait a while for me to catch up, but now we work together every day in a variety
    of ways.

    Sometime later I received similar information re a Unicorn, with initially the same reaction from me, but as I reawakened, reconnected and remembered, all gradually became clear.

    I had indeed worked closely with the wonderful creatures in a series of Past Lives, and began to learn how to do so again.

    Dragons have very direct, powerful energy.

    We need to be very precise in our requests and commands to them and they will assist with protection and also healing in some areas where the cleansing of residual negative energies is required.

    Unicorns are specifically with us to assist with healing and work at the high level of the soul.

    The healing Angels who work with us when we are channelling and directing healing energy,
    work closer to the human vehicle and the level of the spirit.
    Elementals are different creatures again, and the planet is teeming with them.

    They are with us to safeguard and look after what is natural in the world.

    The plants, trees, water courses, the quality of the soil and of the air for example,
    and are horrified at what we as a species are doing with all of the destruction
    being wreaked on Mother Earth at this time.

    They cannot on their own repair the damage we are doing and often come to me
    and others like me, asking for assistance, which of course we give as far as we can.

    One area I get called in to deal with quite regularly, is to remove curses from an area of land,
    which is effectively preventing the growth of the vegetation there.

    I have done much of this work here in Spain, where many curses are still working in areas
    attacked in this way during the Franco – Spanish Civil War.

    There are the Elemental Kings of the four Elements, Air, Fire, Water and Earth,
    who again I connect with quite regularly and work with.

    They are Peraldar, Jinn, Nixa and Gobe respectively.

    Be very respectful if you attempt to connect with them.

    My first contacts with Elementals came at a fairly early stage in my reawakening,
    with people asking me if I could help them, as things kept breaking,
    and or disappearing and then later reappearing in their houses.

    I asked my then spiritual Guides what was going on here,
    and was told that it was mischievious Elementals playing games.

    I could connect with them but they would not obey me, so I asked the Archangel Melchizedek
    (who I was already working with) if he would remove them for me and he then did so,
    so all was well.

    A while later I was given my name in spirit (again I was at a loss as to what to do with it)
    but it did at some point occur to me (a guided message for sure) to try connecting with
    the next Goblin or whoever was being a nuisance,
    using my Spirit name to see if it made any difference.

    It was incredible.

    I couldn`t finish the sentence ordering it to go home and not return before it was gone!

    It was so quick that I wasn`t convinced but after the third occasion and having the same instant effect every time, I had to accept that it was working.

    So much of this spiritual and psychic work is fascinating.

    We learn something new every day, and gradually all becomes clear and logical. dragons3-300x225.
    I love this aspect, as I now know that if something is not fully understood,
    it is only because a piece of information is still missing and when the time is right,
    in it comes and suddenly that “mystery” is solved and probably a few others at the same time.

    Such a different state of affairs from the major religions, with all of their dogma
    and controls where logic does not seem to exist half the time.

    Ooops, get off the subject quickly !

    So, these days I find myself working closely with a whole host of Beings which is marvellous.

    I had a Goblin come to me a couple of years ago (we actually connected on Christmas day) w
    ho acts as my liaison officer, incredible but true.

    He did not have a name but said he would like one so we tuned in together
    and found just the right name for him, in one of the letters of the Runic Alphabet.

    And so now, as well as banishing Elementals on occasion, I also ask them to guard and protect natural areas for me.

    Someone`s garden perhaps where a dark practitioner was sending in Elementals to cause damage.

    I will permanently neutralise (using very powerful Light energy) the person or persons working
    with the black magic , send these Elementals home with an instruction not to return,
    and then invite in friendly Elementals to guard and protect the space, to allow the plants to grow properly again, etc.

    One of the fascinations of Elementals, is that when instructed by someone with the power to command them, they will follow the orders given, without any thought as to the rights
    or wrongs of it, as we may see the situation.

    Glass can be smashed for example, things hidden in another dimension,
    electrical equipment broken, and a lot of damage and distress caused in the household concerned.

    They are simply following an instruction, and so will just as quickly take my instruction
    to return all and anything they have taken away and hidden, and then go home.

    If we are prepared to open our minds, we can start to see many realities around us,
    a closed mind sees only one.

    Dudley & Sabina, Warriors of The Light


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