Dragons Kings (and, Queens)

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    Before the Pope falsely claimed
    through the fictitious "Donation of Constantine"
    that King Constantine had given the Church
    the power to make kings, all monarchs were born
    into their position.

    They were all descended from Dragons
    and inherited their ancestor's Dragon Power and Dragon Wisdom.

    The Dragon Kings of the past
    were also known as Fisher Kings

    and their inherited Dragon Force
    was also known as the power of the Holy Grail.

    All the various lineages of Dragon Kings
    were known as both Holy Grail and "Fisher King" lineages.

    The primal Dragon and Fisher King
    of our world was
    Sanat Kumara,
    aka Enki, King Melchizedek
    and the Peacock Angel

    He was the fountainhead of Dragon Power and Wisdom.

    He established lineages of Dragon-Fisher Kings,
    as well as lineages of Dragon Masters and Siddhas,
    through which his power and wisdom was passed down.

    Many European Dragon King lineages
    originated from the region of Mt. Kailash,
    which was Sanat Kumara's court in the Himalayas.

    His lineages of Dragon Kings and Siddhas
    were taken west with the Persians and Scythians
    or "Sakas."

    Saka means "those of power."

    One lineage of Scythians produced
    a lineage of Dragon Kings in Scotland,
    the country named after the Scythians,
    who were also known as the "Scoloti."

    From this lineage emerged the Dragon Princess Melusine
    who traveled south to France and founded
    the two Dragon Courts of Anjou and Lusignan.

    She brought with her the famous Fisher King lineage
    that was known by the Knights Templar
    popularized by Wolfram von Eischebach in Parzival.

    From the Anjou court came King Henry I
    I and the Dragon Kings of the Plantagenet Dynasty
    whose Dragon Seed was transmitted
    to many of the royal houses throughout Europe.

    From: An Initiate's Guide to the Path of the Dragon


    Mark Amaru Pinkham
    Path of the Dragon Mystery School

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