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  1. Allisiam

    Allisiam Well-Known Member


    Written sometime in the mid 80’s

    I look at you
    with the eyes of a ravenous child
    a hunger so deep
    parches the pit of my stomach
    I want to feel you
    within me
    I lose words to this fever
    of you,
    its madness stealing
    my tongue.

    A thousand times I should have
    kissed you
    ten thousand times i will feel
    the eternal longing
    I will try to mouth and
    put to form the words to
    describe all the magic, all the fire
    when our eyes meet only briefly
    the world comes to a standstill
    and all the butterflies sing
    millions of them
    these words are like gaping wounds
    feebly attempting to
    describe the souls desire.

    ©Julienne Alvarez
  2. Allisiam

    Allisiam Well-Known Member


    All Along The Watchtower
    December 8, 2014 at 11:48am

    i am not famous
    notoriety does not perfume
    my air
    no I
    crumbled like humid earth
    within a fungal embrace
    and as such
    I have entered
    escape velocity
    no memories holding me here
    to be erased, untethered
    like the worn leather of that old pole ball
    no longer smacked
    it has already happened you see
    as I look down the road
    that long stretch into the fading distance
    I disappear, there
    into the everywhere
    beneath the raised graves of night
    into the blood of morning.

    ©Julienne Alvarez
  3. Allisiam

    Allisiam Well-Known Member


    Flame Letter Aleph

    You came to me again last night
    as an old flame of mine
    we acknowledged each other as you became him
    your left eye being my right eye
    stared at me
    in our palindrome mirror
    I swallowed
    at the sight of you
    you swallowed
    the thirst of desire gutting us
    forming a deep wound
    that not even our greatest love making can heal
    we gasped through deep kisses
    trying to fill our emptiness
    with each others breath
    I moaned your name over and over
    and felt its sound escape the cave of my mouth
    igniting the air with its spell.

    I mounted your body
    your manhood swelled into my aching belly
    I bent myself like a willow near your dark river
    deeply drinking from your mouth and eyes
    our lips tenderly devouring the time we lost
    since we last met over 24 years ago
    eclipsed by this dream of now
    and yet in another place, hidden from the world
    now and then
    your apartment out of time.

    In the morning I awoke
    and went outside
    staring down the throat of the sun
    I journeyed toward your heart
    following the path of flames
    you traced out upon my flesh
    within the womb of night.

    Outside of time and space
    this is where I will meet you
    again and again
    within the clockwork of eternity
    and someday the inside will meet the outside
    as we dance across the sands of time
    and meet once again within
    this flaming ring of fire.

    ©Julienne Alvarez
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