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    Dragon People Wake Up!

    Muse Amarushka, Starwheel by Aya

    High Priestess of the Archaic Dragon Revival

    From The Realms of Light in the Red Rock Mountains of Sedona

    View From On High at Boynton Canyon, Sedona, Arizona

    "'Drakenberg', means the Mountain (or Wrath) of the Dragon. Mountains signify the high places of heaven, thrones of the Dragon God Kings, symbolizing the overview of the transcendent mind. As does the symbology of the Dragon itself, as 'clear vision' soaring on the wings of Angels above the common consciousness of humanity." -- Prince Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg

    The Unified Hermetic, Hermaphrodite Dragon King and Queen

    I am the Hermetic King resurrected from the sepulcher of
    the Nigredo. My fire has been drawn out of the darkness;
    purified and exalted. My expansive fire is Solar by nature and
    I am called the Son of the Sun. I am the purified and exalted
    fire of your soul. I am the solar radiance of your consciousness
    and the true Gold of the philosophers. Blessed are they who
    have assimilated the inner most nature of this most adorable Fire!

    "The dragon represents Transcendental Consciousness. The word 'dragon' in Greek is drakon (drakon); as in edrakon (edrakon), an aorist of derkesthai (derkesthai), which means 'to see clearly'. A dragon was one who saw clearly, and clarity of vision engendered and was always classically associated with wisdom, which itself produced power. Today we say that knowledge is power, so nothing has changed in that respect, except that it is actually wisdom - the ability to predict or intuit and synthesize knowledge - a prerequisite of druidic or fairy neurophysiology, that actually affords the greatest power of all." -- Author Unknown

    Drakenberg Family Crests

    Relic Population

    "Despite "elitist" accusations, metaphysical memes, reptilian ridicule, and books which compound our Mystery, (such as Holy Blood/Holy Grail, The Da Vinci Code and films such as "Bloodline"), the Dragon/Grail families are not missing, hiding, nor sequestered. Here we are in broad daylight with or without the aid of the Priory of Sion or other legendary bodies claiming a relationship with this noble line. We aren't Hollywood or conspiracy cliches: aliens, angels or devils, satanists, reptiles, the Undead, New World Order, Dungeon Masters, scheming Illuminati, or any other evil cabal. We are simply dragon - First Nation, Lords of the Tree of Truth & the Secret Knowledge Therein. Lineal Descent." -- Author Unknown

    History is being systematically pushed back to around 50,000 years ago. Over the centuries the various royal houses which constitute the Sovereign Grand Duchy of Drakenberg have been known by many names in various places: the Fallen House, the Lost Tribes, Anunnaki, the Fairy Folk, Elves, Vampires, Druids, Serpents, Goths, Templars, Jacobites, Illuminati, Khazar, Ashina, Saka. The list is interminable, tracing back to the proto-historical homelands in Transylvania and the Altai Mountains of Central Asia, when "dragon" armour clad proto-Scythian warriors roamed the Steppe on horseback.
    "Dragon" armour clad Female proto-Scythian warriors roaming the Steppe on horseback

    Rediscovery of the Crypto-Dragons

    We can call anyone of the dragon blood who has yet to discover or prove their dynastic heritage, a "crypto-dragon." Over and over the phenomenon and transformative reaction repeats itself. A seemingly ordinary person somehow develops an interest in their family genealogy, finds a historical Gateway Ancestor, who's pedigree leads them back to medieval times where they find they descend from nobility and royalty. Because of intensive intermarriage among nobles in past eras, finding one royal usually means tapping into several blueblood lines.
    At first we are struck with the richness of our personal family story, but soon come to realize many of our noble lines are intimately crossed with those already aware of their Dragon heritage. We come to understand our lineage is that of the greater Dragon Dynasties, who are already deeply involved in their own historical reclamation and heritage projects. We begin to understand that this is, indeed, our tue family.
    As the seeker's online search widens, sooner or later they come across some material on the Dragon legacy, or those involved with the Dragon Court or universal dragon culture. Given a few hints on where and who to look for, and suddenly they are faced with the mind-blowing distinction that they descend arguably from the oldest royal line on the planet, and that there is a deeper 'reality' to the mythic stories -- a living reality.
    The Dragon God-Kings are rooted in mythic prehistory and extended their rule well into the Classical Period, before they were deposed and separated from their divine-rights by socio-political machinations. Looking to their own family lines and/or genetic genealogy reports, such crypto-dragons come face to face with the relevation of their true being.
    Thus awakened, they draw new energy from the collective unconscious and their dragon companions on the same journey to pursue the depths of their being and connection to Cosmos. So it has been, from the dawn of time. Suddenly their 'differences' make sense, possibly for the first time. They may experience an infusion of trustworthy Knowledge welling up from the Plenum within.
    Genealogists are now using molecular genealogy, comparing and matching people by matrilineal DNA lineages-mtDNA or patrilineal Y-chromosome ancestry and/or autosomal tests. People interested in ancestry now look at genetic markers to trace the migrations of the human species. You can trace your genealogy by DNA from your grandparents back 10,000 or more years.
    Anyone can be interested in DNA for ancestry research, learning how different populations from a mosaic of communities reached their current locations. From who are you descended? What markers shed light on your deepest ancestry? You can study DNA for medical reasons or to discover the geographic travels and dwelling places of some of your ancestors. Specifically, you can interpret your DNA test and/or genealogy for family history.
    Initiation opens a communication link between the aspirant and this divine guiding principle -- our inner genius -- fostering balance in the personality as the firm foundation for spiritual development. Maat or 'Balance' was the prime expression of the Egyptian Mystery Schools, because it gave order and meaning to life. In the East, it is called the Tao, a dynamic blending of yin and yang. Balance helps you to achieve the goals you want in life and to manifest your dreams. You can easily integrate this wisdom tradition in your own life. Empowerment comes through grounding and centering
    Such knowledge transforms and activates a new level of Being, internally and in the world, at large. The Dragon has come calling and collected its own, informing that consciousness spark with a connection to hyperdimensional depth, with a sense of mission and purpose, with a commitment to the recovery of full Dragon nature and inherent potential of genius for clarity. This is the Path of Return.
    "The Dragon Mysteries preceded all others. they are primal secrets regarding all human evolution. They are the signposts along the primal path of alchemy leading to Gnosis. The first masters on Earth were all Dragons and Serpents. They did not come here to deny wisdom, but to bestow it. Enki, Sanat Kumara, Lucifer. They were all light bearers and Lords of Alchemy and Gnosis. Lords of the Left Hand Path." -- Mark Pinkham


    Dragon Soul

    Today's "shining ones" constitute a microcosmic "U.N." of global dragon kin. We are Gaian, Christian, Gnostic, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, mystics, shamans, and adherents of the Perennial Philosophy. We are vocally engaged in global politics in a move toward transparency, outreach and consultancy. We are seers, artists, writers, teachers, journalists, and scientists. We are economists, financiers, civil servants, entrepreneurs, politicos and ambassadors of good will. Most fundamentally, we are one family, one blood, one vision. The Dragon Court is a Libertarian Collective, founded upon the principles of friendship, brotherhood, free will, collective work and decision. Its aim is to preserve and renew the Royal Dragon bloodline and cultural heritage, while reviving the memory of events from dragon history and of meritorious Dragons.
    "The wisdom of the alchemists claims that all life is fire, the soul of things. The light that emanates from it is our mercury and this all rises from the salt of the earth. No family is 'saltier,' -- physically, tangibly manifest -- than that of the ancient and royal Dragon bloodline. That is to say, their claims are far older and more legitimate than many contenders would dare to admit. The self-rooted nobility of the Dragon Family remains inextinguishable." -- Prince Nicholas de Vere

    Enduring Verities

    We have reclaimed our voice on the world stage. We are speaking out, in part, because of the needful state of the world and because whole industries and memes are based on misapprehensions, out-right lies, and exploitation of our Dragon Legacy. We are awakened. We are engaged in a transpersonal, metaphysical method of knowing Truth. Namely, that Necessity binds us to our destiny, which is not to be confused with linear preordination. The Underground Stream is Goddess Worship. Cultural Transformation theory asserts the original direction of cultural evolution was toward partnership. We are here to set the record straight and define ourselves with our own narratives in today's world, as the stewards we rightfully claim to be.
    The Dragon Field

    "The Dragon is the universal energetic field, slumbering at the center of the Universe. A hidden Dragon sleeps within our deep nature and guides our collective destiny. Virtual and electromagnetic waves bathe all things in this radiation, in their motion. Through miniscule perturbations, waves can change to forms and images that can speak, becoming voices that can be heard by our sensitive energy bodies, feeding on biophotonic light. Transformed to vision and dreams they produce presentiments in us. We learn to see through our Dragon Eyes." -- IAuthor Unknown

    The prime paradigm of each era is that of its Age. Our story can only be understood against the vast backdrop of the archetype of Eternal Return: the Great Cycle of Precession which changes world Ages, but not without catastrophic growing pains. The Dragon remains unchanging at the heart of this process. Earth wants an answer to Chaos, and it may be We Dragons. The axiom "As Above, So Below" means Earth's sacred Dragon Clan mystically connects with the Dragon, the "Infinite Nothing" at the center of the Universe. Society is recalibrated from this cosmic zero-point -- an Archaic Renaissance begins the Great Cycle anew, and Earth once again knows the Dragon's footprint.
    The Dragon symbolizes the universal ether as the fundamental light frequency or form of ‘pure energy’. All other forms of energy are a modification of this primal energy, creating the impression of a concrete physical world, along with the astral impressions of the imagination, and the various sensations and perceptions that accompany human existence. It appears that reality has two aspects: the underlying field continuum, and the nature of the form perceived in it. The mere probability of measurable particle level asymmetry remaining beyond the Big Bang suggests that antimatter may be significantly influencing brain dynamics and conscious mind states.
    The Asian Dragon represents chi, or universal prana, feeding on dragon energy. The Dragon is also connected with the serpent of wisdom, the dynamic energy connecting the paths of the tree of life, and sometimes depicted in myth as swallowing the sun or moon during eclipses. It is also related to the kundalini in another context. In one sense, the "central" constellation Draco is the personification of Nuit, and infinite space itself. Ananta, the great serpent which surrounds the Universe, devours its own tail, thereby reducing it to Zero.


    "One of the biggest distortions of western civlization has been the legend of St. Michael and the Dragon.

    St. Michael never slayed the Dragon.

    He tamed it and rode it to Heaven,i.e., to enlightenment.

    We are all spiritual warriors taming our vehicles and then riding them to the goal.

    Our inner spirits are St. Michael and the various sheaths that surround our spirit are colectively our Dragon.

    The Dragon is also the Serpent Fire at the base of the spine.

    We ride it up the Tree of Life, the spine, to "Heaven," the 6th and 7th chakras

    and their corresponding gnostic enlightenment."

    Mark Pinkham

    Born to Be Weir-d

    Drakenberg is a transformative imperative.

    The Akashic records are an energetic pattern, a frequency like a tuning fork vibration.

    Holographic images are pictures captured in light and hold the feeling of events and emotions so they may be viewed again as a learning tool. We can "consult" with our ancestors.

    In recent decades modern science has verified what the ancient traditions intuited long ago.

    In both tangible and mysterious ways, we are all interconnected, and any one of us can have a profound effect
    on the whole.

    Twisted Descent

    "If you accept the perennial mystical teaching that, at the level of consciousness, we are not only interconnected,

    but are actually One Self seeing through many eyes, then it should be clear that, like it or not,

    in the way we conduct our inner and outer lives, each of us is in fact always having an effect on the whole.

    What would you do if you realized that the entire human endeavor, the evolution of consciousness itself,

    depended on your willingness to transform your own consciousness?" -- Author Unknown

    Primal Dragon King of the Pleiades

    "The Primal Dragon of the Pleiades. Karttikeya (from Krittika - the Pleiades) with his six heads - the six visible stars of the Pleiades. It is he, Earth's first dragon, whom we know as Sanat Kumara, Tawsi Melek (the Peacock Angel) and Lucifer, the primal Dragon King of the World." -- Mark Pinkham

    Fire Dragon Calling Forth the Dragon Bloodline!

    Psychosocial Genomics

    “Nothing, it seems turns on gene expression and brain plasticity as much as the presence of others of the same species!”

    -- Ernest Rossi, M.D.

    Genealogists are now using molecular genealogy-comparing and matching people by matrilineal DNA lineages-mtDNA
    or patrilineal Y-chromosome ancestry and/or racial percentages tests. People interested in ancestry now look at genetic markers to trace the migrations of the human species. You can trace your genealogy by DNA from your grandparents back 10,000 or more years.

    Anyone can be interested in DNA for ancestry research, learning how different populations from a mosaic of communities reached their current locations. From who are you descended?

    What markers shed light on your deepest ancestry?

    You can study DNA for medical reasons or to discover the geographic travels and dwelling places of some of your ancestors. How do Europeans in general fit into the great migrations of prehistory that took all to where they are today based on their genetic DNA markers and sequences?

    Where is the geographic center of their origin and the roots of all people?

    Specifically, how can you interpret your DNA test for family history?

    Autosomal DNA is tested by recombining chromosomes. These attempt to measure an individual's mixed geographic heritage by identifying particular markers, called ancestry informative markers or AIM, that are associated with populations of specific geographical areas. The tests' validity and reliability have been questioned but they continue to be popular. Anomalous findings most often result from databases too small to associate markers with all the areas where they occur in indigenous populations.

    Biogeographical ancestry. Autosomal DNA testing purports either to determine the "genetic percentages" of a person's ancestry from particular continents/regions or to identify the countries and "tribes" of origin on an overall basis.

    Admixture tests arrive at these percentages by examining SNPs, which are locations on the DNA
    where one nucleotide has "mutated" or "switched" to a different nucleotide.

    Tests listing geographical places of origin use alleles—individual and family variations on various chromosomes across the genome analyzed with the aid of population databases.
    "The noblest subject in England, and Indeed, as Englishmen loved to say, the noblest subject in Europe, was Aubrey de Vere. . who derived his title through an uninterrupted male descent, from a time when the families of Howard and Seymour were still obscure, when the Nevills and Percys enjoyed only a provincial celebrity, and when even the great name of Plantagenet had not yet been heard in England. One chief of the house of de Vere had held high command at Hastings; another had marched, with Godfrey and Tancred, over heaps of slaughtered Moslems, to the sepulchre of Christ. The first Earl of Oxford had been minister of Henry Beauclerc, The third earl had been conspicuous among the lords who extorted the great Charter from JOHN. The seventh earl had fought bravely at Cressy and Poictiers. The thirteenth earl had, through many vicissitudes of fortune, been the chief of the party of the Red Rose, and had led the van on the decisive day of Bosworth. The seventeenth earl had shone at the court of Elizabeth I, and had won for himself an honourable place among the early masters of English poetry."

    -- Baron Thomas Babbington Macaulay


    Our Shared Dragon Legacy

    Dragons exert a therapeutic, novel and excitatory effect on each other. This shared trance of focused awareness
    is born of resonance and amplification through feedback, a consensus paradigm or worldview,
    rooted in the Tree of Knowledge or gnosis. Not only does dragonkin transform us, our male and female ancestors
    are nested within us like Russian matryoshka dolls, as fractals of the universal.

    Surprise motivates memory and learning in a self-reinforcing culture.

    It primes the pump of the unconscious. Classical theories offer no no satisfying understanding
    of the dragon sense of adventure, quest, spiritual striving, and the experience of the numinosum
    — the sense of fascination, mystery
    and the tremendous.

    This is our Dragon Legacy.
    Dragoness Legacy

    United the Dragon Families! Alliance….
    With Mark Amaru Pinkham

    Alfred Freddy Krupa de Tarnawa Interview, Guardians of the Holy Grail with Mark Amaru Pinkham

    Are You a Dragon?

    1. Are you naturally drawn to the secret wisdom of the ancient mystery schools?
    2. Do you consciously work with the Dragon Force or Kundelini?
    3. Do you practice a healing modality that increases and/or moves the Dragon Force?
    4. Have you ever been a collector of Dragon images?
    5. Are you currently involved with Alchemy or some type of Yoga?
    6. Do you use a mantra for meditation?
    7. Do you like ritual that awakens and activates inner and outer power?
    8. Are you attracted to the study and practice of magic?
    9. Are you attracted to the ancient practices and rites of shamanism?
    10. Does your sexual desire sometimes feel overwhelming?
    11. Do you rebel against the control of others?
    12. Are your emotions often felt to be extremely strong?
    13. Are you attracted to those things that society normally considers taboo?
    14. Do you normally feel out of place in the current society?
    15. Do you naturally reject religious dogma?
    16. Do you know that the God and Goddess Dwells within you as you?
    17. Do you seek a direct mystical experience of the Source?
    18. Do you seek to find your answers within yourself?
    19. Are you consciously on a path to Gnosis?
    20. Are you attracted to occult and mystical?
    21. Do you have a fascination for what has been called the Left Hand Path?”
    22. Do you feel an affinity to the Goddess and Her Ancient Traditions?
    23. Do you tend to be a secretive or very private person?
    24. Do you have a natural affinity toward Fairies, Elves, Dwarfs, Vampires, etc.?
    25. Are you attracted to Tantra?
    Green Dragon and Red Dragon of Dragon Alchemy

    Dragon Alchemy

    According to legend, is in the nature of the Dragon to collect, store and guard a vast array of precious gems.

    Metaphorically, the Dragon is the Ancient Ancestor who contains all the old wisdom.

    This is why the symbol has and is used by initiates and royalty.

    It is a symbol of mastery as well as sovereignty.

    To 'awaken the Dragon' means to make an ally of ones own power and to be in touch with the mysteries of the universe.

    When one accepts their own personal power and wields this authority with Wisdom and Response-Ability,
    what is gained is the knowledge of Earth and Star energy - the Power in the land and the constellations above.

    However, when power is abused or unacknowledged, these energies take the form of ones shadow
    and will be a source of trouble until resolution is born.

    Symbolically, the Dragon with its tail in its mouth represents the unenlightened soul bound
    to the cycle of reincarnation, while the active Dragon symbolizes the Adept.

    Two Dragons facing each other symbolize one who is working toward Immortality,
    while two Dragons facing in opposite directions indicate the attainment of Immortality.

    The Grail Quest or 'Great Work' is also called the 'Opening of the Eye of the Dragon'.

    This is because the Spirit reabsorbs all of the Light that it has projected as the objective universe,
    reawakening the Dragon energy.

    This union produces 'the Immortal Spirit', the 'Sun at Midnight'.
    Tantra is perhaps the oldest form of Eastern or 'Dragon' Alchemy.

    According to Tantric philosophy the whole universe is built up of and pervaded by basic forces
    which are in intimate and intricate union.

    (The Chinese as well as the Sumerians perceived of two dragon currents, male and female.

    The Green Dragon and the Red Dragon of the alchemists are the positive and negative energies
    that compromise the cosmos of our perception, as manifest in the famous Chinese yin-yang/tao symbol.)

    In Tantra these forces, named Shiva and Shakti, are personified as male and female deities.

    Of this divine pair, Shiva is the subordinate one, for it is the Female Principle that ultimately underlies
    all manifestation.

    There is a tantric saying, "Shiva without Shakti is a corpse."

    No significant progress can be made until this is fully realised.

    Most Adepts in the East follow the ancient traditions of the Dragon,
    and concentrate on the 'Pearl of Great Price', seeing it as the culmination of change
    and the attainment, immortality and Eternal Bliss.

    After the Pearl is created, the Body of Light or 'Diamond Body' becomes active,
    and the Adept is said to be immortal. The ancient Chinese word for Dragon,
    literally meant 'rising of the Moon,' referring to this Pearl of Great Price and the Body of Light (Star)
    of the Immortal.

    At this point, further progress involves learning about the various states of Immortality beyond Enlightenment.

    Entrance to Eternity involves the 'Wave of Bliss', the 'Divine Carriage to the Immortal Realms',
    also referred to as 'Riding the Dragon'.

    Tao Dragons


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