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    The dragon or fairy gene was very rare and true archdruidic,
    royal dragon families were rarer still.

    Persecutions excepted, if this were not the case anyway,
    then perhaps many fairy stories of the popular genre
    which originated from outside the dragon culture
    would never have taken hold,
    because the reality would have been constantly staring people in the face.

    Traditionally and consistently, the symbol of both wisdom ( Sophia)
    and healing was the serpent or, as it was also known, the dragon.

    In keeping with this the kings and queens of pre-catholic history
    were noted for their healing capabilities and as such,
    in Judaic mythology, were called, perhaps after the archangel Raphael,
    the Repha'im orRapha'Elohim; the healing gods of the Anunnaki.

    Raphael was the Prince who appeared to Adam in Eden according toMilton.

    No mention of this is made in Genesis and one suspects
    that of the two entities that did appear to Adam, Enlil and Enki,
    or if you like: God and the Catholic Satan.

    Raphael - the Angel of the Rising Sun - must have been Enki
    who gave Kingship to man in the form of the Elven Overlords
    and after whom, by various related epithets;
    including 'The Repha'im', the Elven Kings are known.

    Authorities believe that these people were identical to both the Nephilim
    and the Anakim of Idumea and Canaan.

    In early heraldry, derived from ancient sources,
    the dragon was depicted as a serpent with the wings of a swan.

    This image was also given the wings of a bat.

    The dragon nevertheless was humanoid
    and so the symbolism in the dragon glyph
    ought rather be interpreted to substantiate
    the etymology of the word itself.

    The serpent stands for the wisdom and healing powers
    of the sacred king or queen whose regalia often consisted
    of serpent-like scale armour and whose consciousness soars
    above that of humanity as if carried on wings,
    which were symbolized by shamanic swan's feather cloaks.

    The nocturnal habits of the dragon people,
    typically those of the Cimmerian Scythians,
    were noted by their contemporaries and the swan's wings
    of the dragon glyph attributed to them were either interchangeable with, or substituted by, those of the bat to signify this.

    One of their earlier names - Anunnaki - means "heaven meets earth".

    Lots of fanciful notions have been put forward to suggest that the Anunnaki
    were from outer space, but a far simpler way of understanding the name
    is to ask a simple question:

    "when do the heavens - the An or Stars - meet the Earth?".

    The answer is of course - "at night time".

    When considering the nature of the elves or the Anunnaki,
    rather than believing they came from a different planet,
    it might be worth considering that they occupied a different dimension.

    If this sounds equally as fanciful and implausible, consider this.

    A multitude of different animal species on this planet can be seen and touched.

    However, because of their physiology and chemical make-up
    WERE different and these
    differences in synaptic connections and hormone levels
    altered their perceptions of their universe,
    these species actually lived in another dimension
    and at a higher frequency, where time and the environment
    for them were totally different to the way humans perceived them.

    The level to which the fairies experienced life was far deeper
    than the level to which humans experienced it.

    In real terms the fairies inhabited an entirely alien world
    but occupied the same planet.

    In this sense they were from a different dimension,
    characterized and regulated by their body chemistry
    which enabled them to see more in the environment than humans could.

    In this they were no more remarkable than any other non-human species
    we are able to study today.

    Flies, Sharks, Dolphins and a host of other lifeforms
    have attributes and abilities humans do not possess
    and the way in which they interact
    with the planet is completely alien to the way in which humans do.

    For a fly time is completely different and for a Shark,
    any warm blooded creature glows with a blue, electro-chemical haze
    or aura, proving to some extent,
    the veracity of the theory of Kirlian photography.

    The Fairies were dragons and this means that they 'saw clearly',
    they saw subtler emanations than man could.

    In order to be able to do this the fairy would have to have their senses
    tuned into a higher frequency than man, meaning that the fairies,
    perforce, were tuned to a higher frequency of perception and activity generally.

    In cybernetic terms, any system that is faster and consequently higher
    than a given base is called a nautonnier ornavigator
    and in cybernetics these systems are set over
    and in control of the slower functional operations
    within any given mechanical or organic arrangement.

    If we transpose this theory onto human society we get leaders and followers,
    where the leaders are supposed to be able to function at a faster rate
    than the followers and thereby anticipate any given direction the system
    might go in and plan sensible strategies that the system
    might adopt for its well-being.

    Today this is a joke and incompetent, self-seeking,
    middle class idiots more often find themselves voted
    into control of vast social systems which,
    once upon a time, no-one would trust to anyone but the Elves.

    In the past therefore, because the Fairies were, for millennia,
    physiologically bred and exhaustively trained to operate
    at a higher level than men, humans often invited them
    to become social navigators or nautonniers.

    The Sumerian wordfor a navigator is a GALL,
    which sounds a bit like a Gael, doesn't it?

    The language of the western Royal Scythians was Gaelic
    and the Royal Scythians were the fairies, the Elves:

    The Dragons.

    The dragon's fiery breath symbolized the pneuma,
    the spirit of the divine, which coalesced into the Torah
    or cosmic law that the Dragon queens and kingsvampyr overlords
    or fairy overkings.

    Though humanoid, Dragons were not Homo Sapiens
    but from the far older elven race sometimes called in literature
    - the Elda or Eldar,
    probably suggested or derived from the name of an ancient queen
    and her ancient, former habitation in Mesopotamia
    and possibly intended, in its attribution as a simile for Elder perhaps,
    to imply some form of racial primogeniture.

    Reflected upon within the context of early Sumerian historical records,
    such a synonym would indeed seem to be apposite,
    inasmuch as this ancient and mysterious people
    claimed that the Dragons, with Queen Hawah Elda's assistance,
    made mankind.


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