Dolores Cannon - Convoluted Universe & ATLANTIS & THEY WALKED WITH JESUS

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    Dolores Cannon

    - Convoluted Universe



    Posted Jan 15th 2011

    Project Camelot: Dolores Cannon - Convoluted Universe
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    Project Camelot: Dolores Cannon

    - Convoluted Universe

    Shiloh Za-Rah - Posted Jan 16th 2011

    At the 49-51 minute mark Dolores SEES the Gaian Bubble transmitting inside out.
    Just as I have described many time in the Black Hole-White Hole Receiver-becoming-Transmitter signal processing.
    You Luckdragons here KNOW the Insider data lol. The information the ETs would like to know.

    PS.: Kerry seems a little uncomfortable with Dolores, saying the ETs are all positive lol.
    Dolores is good - Highly recommended video.
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    Macha Reina - Posted Jan 16th 2011

    Looking forward to watching this ... though it's possible i may already HAVE seen it (just from your description of Kerry's "respectful silence"
    re: certain things you could tell that Kerry didn't Necessarily Agree WholeHeartedly with!). i LOVE Delores!
    doesn't she have a book out with this title? or a Series of them?? i'd appreciate any recommendations re: books of her's ...
    if ya'll think one's better than another!

    thanks, dragon-buddies!
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    Shiloh Za-Rah - Posted Jan 16th 2011

    Hi Starmother of the Many Colours!

    All works of Dolores are recommended by me; the 'I walked with Jesus' and the Essenes hypnotic regressions and the Nostradamus Trilogy and her many books on ET past lives and interactions. Lately she has become more 'cosmogenetic' in addressing the more science based parts of the metaphysics.
    This is why I esteem Dolores; she is into the essence of things and her 'accuracy' is consistently above 80% an extremely rare feat for all of those 'channellers' and 'light workers' out there.
    Allow me to explain.

    The alternative 'media' and movement is basically not able to go past the fifty-fifty marker, because all of those 'data transmissions' is far far too general.
    See Kiesha, the 'Little Grandmother' for example is not able to go beyond the 50% marker, despite her messages of the 'Love and Light' and the 'Pains of Mother Nature' are all basically 100% and therefore resonate with so many peoples.
    I am so not interested, if she is 'qualified' or endorsed by the native elders - all of this is immaterial for the general correctness of her message.
    What I am interested in, is how deep Kiesha goes with her data and she is peripheral; general platitudes and information, all true but impotent to change the cosmic legislative structure of the cosmology.
    Now all of those 'new age' channellers are likewise and it does not matter if this is dressed up as ET abduction or 'whistle blowing' or the messages from the Arcturians, the Pleiadeans, the Sirians or the Andromedeans.

    All of the transmitted data is below or on the 50% marker for lack of essence; real 'data from the workings of the universe and how are things put together.
    So then you read 'materialistic science' and here you have the details ad nauseum, but no general comprehension whatsoever.
    Then the 'skeptics' likewise cant get past the 50% marker, despite their intricacies.

    There are a few exception of the 'channellers' and the 'hard core scientists' who get past this.
    I might mention the Ra material; the Seth material and the Kryon material.
    All of these carry a significant science component with the obvious metaphysical underpinnings.
    I would assign Ra=60% with a 80% of the metaphysics/Logos; Seth=80% (with a almost 0% of the Logos, lol why the science component is so high) and Kryon 80% and 80%.
    So from an overall perspective the Kryon chanellings are about the cream of the crop around; but as all of them do suffer from the public exposure and the 'cult' followings based on individuated egocentricities.

    Dolores Cannon is in a class of her own really; as she is an individual journeyer, remaining steadfast to her principles and sharing all she knows in an attempt to teach or show others how to do the same. Most other 'speakers' in the public arena have advisors and 'business partners' and what have you; Dolores 'runs her ship' independent of 'external advice' relyiing on her 'subconscious' ET friends or however she likes to term it. She is iow independent of the razzamatazz most others fall into in their juggling of the fames and fortunes and the recognitions of their individualities - well meaning most of then, but corruptible and corrupted by the 'human nature' nevertheless.

    Her loss of human egocentricity has allowed her to bridge the gap between the 7 parts of the 57 (remember the 57 races of Collier this is where this symbol comes from) of the human consciousness template.
    1 part (1.75%) is christ consciousness as superconscious; 7 parts (12.28%) are subconscious and the waking consciousness of the norm is 49 parts or 85.96% in the 1-7-49 partition of this distribution of the human consciousness.
    These are indicators of course, but they show you the 777 archetype in the scriptures as the 7x77 of Jesus' statement of forgiving your brother and the 'cursed' generations of Cain in Genesis and such things.

    Ok then, I have said Dolores is consistently at the 80% or over level in her data retrieval from her regressions. This is because she is tapping into the correct archetypical nature of what is called 'soul' or 'higher self' or oversoul and such labellings.
    As an example, I call you Starmother and I shall elaborate what I mean by this.

    metaphysically and say as a Cosmic Identity you are much more than you believe yourself to be or what you are told what you are.

    You are actually 4 soul-aspects in One; only one you recognise as Macha Reina or Inanna or any other label you may choose.
    Before conception two sexual chromosomes of your biological (not cosmic) father blended with two sexual chromosomes of your biological (not cosmic) mother in four possible outcomes of the hippibill bobbi genomatic blueprint.
    This of course became absorbed in the placenta of your biological mother (with chromosomes X1X2) as the genetic library of your biological father (with chromosomes X0Y0).
    The detaild couplings are X0Y0+X1X2=X0X1+X0X2+Y0X1+Y0X2.
    This is YOU, namely two starsisters X0X1 with X0X2 AND two starbrothers Y0X1 with Y0X2.
    So, you Macha Reina are a Cosmic Double Twin, namely the Egyptian Twinship of the Lion Of Judea; the Logos of all creation.
    See it goes like this. At your birth, the doctors and midwives, in their scientific wisdoms, threw the placenta of your mother in the bin.
    They also chucked your twin brothers and your twin sister into the human garbage tip.
    Lately, the doctors of the human wisdoms have realised that there is all this totipotent stemcellular potential in the placenta and the menstrual blood and the male spermatozoa and so they, some of them, have begun to treasure the genetic material of anyones birth a little more.

    But anyhow, you might then see, that you are four souls in one - a soul complex and Dolores has realised this and uses this gnosis or insight throughout her works and endeavours.
    Macha Reina has a Cosmic Identity, because the Cosmic Mother's placenta was never discarded as the Cosmic Womb and so Macha Reina has a Cosmic Twinship as a female and a Cosmic Twinship as a male, being All Of It.

    Macha Reina is the Mother of the Starry Fire as Isis Michael; say you can use many other symbols.
    Macha Reina is the Mother of the Starry Water as Pasht Raphael; say you can replace with other namings.
    Macha Reina is the Mother of the Starry Air as Gabriella Horus; say you can substitute many other labels.
    Macha Reina is the Mother of the Starry Earth as Uriela Thoth; say in one form of semantics.

    So Macha Reina becomes a Cosmic Memeplex of 4 elemental soul aspects in one - and the 12 as the Cardinality, the Fixidity and the Mutability of say the astrocharts.

    So when Dolores shares her regression data; she consequentially receives information from all the aspects; might these be 4 or 12 or 12x12=144 or 24 or 288,
    as Susan Lynne Schwenger has discovered and shared in her works as well on this forum and elsewhere.

    And the filtering of all of this data then depends on the quality of the sources, as Dolores emphasizes in her videos and speakings.
    So sometimes things are mixed up in time and in space, like parts of the Essene stories and the ET experiences.
    Yet generally, the quality is of a high enough standard to allow the 80% consistency.

    There is valuable insider data from the soul complex, the oversoul as Dolores terms it; in all of her sharing of the data.

    It is not 100%, but close enough to add an essence; the blending of the metaphysics with real 3D information
    , which touches the omni-science the peacemaker between the material and the spiritual and the physics and the metaphysics as the source of the physical;
    which becomes potent in the cosmic and holographic quantum entanglement of all of the Macha Reina; all starmothers and all fathers of the stars yet to crystallize in earnest.
    But the New Law is here; legislature will be followed by the executive of the jurisdiction of the Logos.

    shiloh hidden-09. Ra Akbar de Queen Bayan 43 Magdalene One 34
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    Macha Reina - Posted Jan 17th 2011

    WOW ... Thank You, Tonyblue, for your Wonderfully Extensive exposition on Delores Cannon and her Merits ... relative to other material you give high-marks to as well .... i most definitely VALUE your opinion on such things HIGHLY ! i "cut-my-teeth" (as they say) on the Seth material ... but knowing me as you do as a Yeshua-ite ... that 0% Appreciation on the Logos-issue became an eventual "parting-point" for me. but OTHERWISE ... and from my limited perspective ... i found the Seth-Stuff to be Exciting and Sound. i came to Seth from Edgar Cayce ... so his material was my real intro into what we then called "Para-Psychology." and Cayce remains imo a "Seminal Source" ... as our academic siblings might say. so with these "Guides" along with my own spiritual experience and inheritance ... it was "Easy-as-Pie" to fall-in-love with the Ra material ... and by extension David Wilcock, Kerry & Bill, Abraxas, Delores ... and sweet Grandmother Keisha too, of course !

    Anyway ... thank you, tony, for putting your heart into this response .... and i WILL make time to watch that video of Delores & Kerry ... even if if HAVE already seen it ... i'm sure it would be worth a "re-marking." just so you know ... i was asking about "Book Recommendations" cause i'm wanting to GIVE a Book as a Late CHristmas present ... to someone who still goes to Church and is somewhat "leary" of ET-stuff .... but OTHERWISE has a very Wonderful Awareness of his Power to Create His Own Reality (my daughter's 31-year old boyfriend....funny thing...he's Catholic...even though my kids were NOT raised Catholic....but Episcopalian ... and my daughter hasn't been to church since she was 16...and she's 31 now! [i was the Renegade who "Left & Came-Back"... as the Church saw it. though i haven't been to church in the last 10 years or so either!] ) ANYHoo .... my kids & i haven't actually had our Christmas Get-Together yet (we're a bit "loosey-goosey" about such things), but we probably WILL have it in the next few weeks ... so i've got to Get Serious about this Book-Buying Deal !

    much love,
    Gabriella Horus
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    Shiloh Za-Rah - Posted Jan 17th 2011

    Well Starmother of the Aquarian Airways!

    This is a dilemma really; because I CAN advise an excellent book for anyone wishing to 'break free' from their conditionings.
    This book is 'Conversations with God' by Neale Donald Walsh and Book 3 of a trilogy. (Dont bother with any follow up (workshop) manuals; they all are superfluous as the 'public exposure' and marketing tools).

    Now this book is by far the best exposition of reality and the nature of the divine 'out there' in my considered opinion.
    It is say 90% Logos truth; yet the 10% is the same thing that caused you 'with wonderful discernment by the way' to disengage the Seth material, because of the 'under appreciation' of the Logos, the true nature of Jesus Christ as the Incarnation of 'The Word'.

    See Seth is like a preamble to string theory, the real physics about the nature of the material universe - and by inference the nature of what God must be in the descriptive models of any scientific model deep enough to probe, what many call the 'Ultimate Reality'.
    But because it is good in the science department it is required to fail dismally in describing the nature of the Logos.
    And the same thing applies to the Walsh books - they literally nail the question of 'what God is' in a beautiful and elegantly simple manner for any layman reader.

    Jesus is mentioned of course; but more as some ascended master or something and hisher uniqueness is never accentuated - for the selfsame reason of course as the Seth material (which is much more scientific in semantics and so harder to digest by the layman reader).

    So you see my dilemma, don't you?

    There are many good books on God but NONE on what Jesus and the True Christ are all about - none. The reason for this is very simple; the Logos itself disallowed the revelation of himherself UNTIL the fulfilment of the scriptures became activated.
    This became implemented on December 8th, 2004 and triggered on August 4th, 2008 in mirror function and in association with a worldwide concurrence with say native 'prophecies' and such revolving about the 8-year Venus transit of the Sun between June 7th/8th 2004 and June 5th/6th 2012.

    The latter then is say a scientific astrophysical indicator within a greater timeline of the Wold Logos.
    As you seek a book which accentuates the Logos as different from the 'Word of God' of the fundamentalist dogmatists, say tele evangelists; the reality is, that apart from the information you can find in Thuban associated materials - have as yet not been written.

    Dolores' Book 'I walked with Jesus'; and similar are regression records of 'past life experiences' under hypnosis and only partially reconstruct the deeper meanings; just as the orthodox gospels are 80% allegory and 20% historical fact and henceforth NOT to be evaluated and analysed in historical accuracy as undertaken by the academics and historians - however well meaning.

    Ergo I can recommend books for the layman to understand the nature of God; but not about the real Logos; who, as you know, will appear as a 'thief in the night' (to steal the kingdom of the earth from the Devils), before appearing in power and in glory.


    PS.: The time has come for further revelations about the 'Book of Life' as indicated in the Book of Revelation.
    You will most surely become rather interested in that unfoldment, as it also engages your purposes and questions about what this is all about; questions you still harbour.
    It will be published under the Preparation for the Logos forum.
    Thank You for having 'stayed the distance' so far and of not having succumbed to the many burdens placed into your path and journey as your encumberances.

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    shiloh hidden-09. Ra Akbar de Queen Bayan 43 Magdalene One 34

    I Am the Darkness of the Purple Dawn and the Light of the Moon Turquoise!


    Bluey Dracs
    The Presence of the Mosaic implies the will of Unity=God=Starhumanity and not the will of Humanity=Man=Separation!
    I Am One in Many and Many in One!

    Decoder Michael = 54+51=105=15=6=123=ABC=ABBA=BAAB=33=E3=8=3E=ME=WE
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    Macha Reina - Posted Jan 18th 2011

    Thank You AGAIN, Tonyblue, for your very THOUGHTFUL answer to my request for pertinent book "recommendations." i understand the dilemma ... and won't exactly try to "solve" it.
    i'll just keep praying and go with my "gut instincts." i AM reluctant to give my "imprimatur" to texts that "underappreciate the Logos" ... as you so eloquently put it. but then again ...
    neither am i trying to go-all-evangelical about Jesus and convert the guy to MY brand of Christianity/catholicism (which is fairly UNCOMMON outside of Thuban-Ville!).

    This man is pretty much a "novice" to ANY of this "esoteric" new-agey type "stuff" ... from ETs to astrology to reincarnation ... and he's not a "Science-whiz" either! (but he IS a Really Nice Guy!)
    so i feel a need to start-him-off at a pretty "generic" level. i guess i'll just continue to "mull-it-over" for a bit and see what 'feels right" when i actually HAVE to make the decision!

    but i DO appreciate your input alot, tony, thank you. maybe EYE might try the Walsh books myself, though ...
    and then i could decide if i wanted to give them to Chris or Claire (my daughter) later!


    Your "PS" is so INTRIGUING, tony ... can't WAIT to see the "unfoldment" you speak of !
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    Posted Jan 18th 2011

    "BE who you are, and, do that eloquently
    ~ that is the best road map of all"
    ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger
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    Posted Dec 6th 2013

    Yes, will search for some more videos of Dolores
    ~ perhaps some of our readership here, can help me with that
    Thank You
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