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    raxnae One Love, One Heart

    Poetry where I bleed my negative feelings. Here is Grey Skies, "Dying Flame, Silenced Voice", and Sangrado Reaper.

    Poem: grey_skies_by_raxnae-d3cv3mr.

    Grey Skies

    Grey skies
    ...when my mood hits a little close to home

    Calm Cloudy Day, Stormy Thunderous Night,
    Overcast, for the Outcast,
    I am Both, I am Neither,
    A Middle Ground, Stretching in Either Direction,
    Infinite Sorrow, Unknowable Pain.

    Shed your Tears for Me, I just wanted to be Free,
    A Dying Thing, why Cry for Me,
    When all I feel is Empty, Nothingness Forevermore,
    My Mind, Blocking out the Sun,
    Lightning Storm, Bloody Thunder.

    Strike the Forest, Ignite my Flames,
    Burn the World, End this Suffering,
    You know I Never stop Walking, Forward I Must Go,
    I seek an Answer to a Question, Beyond Understanding,
    It must Simply Be, or Not to Be.

    Calm Good, Evil Enrage,
    Yet this Neutral Ground, a Shallow Hole,
    Why do I Define, with Everything out of Line,
    Collect and Assimilate, Icy Crystals of Wisdom,
    Melt the Ice, Drink the Waters of Life.

    Memory beyond Count, Stretching Back and Forth,
    Stuck in the Middle, Slaving Away,
    A Dream that Never Comes, Remind me of my Shame,
    Howling Tornado, Show them Fury,
    For Sorrow is their Jury.

    Author's Notes: Nothing much to say here it speaks for itself.

    Poem: dying_flame__the_silenced_voice_by_raxnae-d4jomsf.

    Dying Flame, The Silenced Voice

    Dying Flame, The Silenced Voice
    ...because why not

    The Fate of Fire, Consume or Burn Out,
    Transformative Imagination, or Icy Stagnation,
    A Flaming Vampire, with a Roaring Shout,
    Live with Passion and Die with Glory.

    What of the Spirit of Fire, to Live Forever,
    That Mighty Blaze, Never Ending Phase,
    A Purpose to Steer It, Fight Whenever,
    Til the World Dies and all Within it.

    Mind Controlled State, Robbing the Senses,
    Cutting off Life little by little, Untouchable Heat is now Brittle,
    Emptiness becomes Hate, Blindly Devouring Scents,
    Til even the Smell Fades Away.

    Dying Rock, Corrupting Rot,
    The Pyre is but an Ember, that cannot Remember,
    Original Divine Shock, a Mind running out of Watts,
    Like the Brain Dead Ashes of the Masses.

    Love is Lost, Hope is Dead,
    Replaced by Darkest Black, Vengeful Inferno Attack,
    Choking on the Exhaust, Fill the Earth with Dread,
    Silent Voice of the End.

    Author's Notes: I believe this poem was inspired by feelings of not being heard and having my inner fire burn out.

    Poem: sangrado_reaper_by_raxnae-d3cs2a5.

    Sangrado Reaper

    Sangrado Reaper
    ...bleeding from the soul

    Blood Flows, Pages turning Red,
    Weeping Black Flames, Tears of the Dead,
    Roar in Agony, Dying Damned,
    Lost Soul, True Face in Hand.

    Don the Mask, Cover the Hate,
    Loss all Control, Decide their Fate,
    Dolor Ardiente, Burning Sorrow,
    Spirit Eater, Feast Again.

    Ignore my Wisdom, Cage my Freedom,
    I End your World, a Painful Death,
    Consuming your ID, Devouring your Soul,
    Who can Come Back, Whom no longer Exists?

    Bleeding Faith, Erase my Fate,
    Paint a New Picture, Writing my Own Story,
    Feeding on the Hearts, of Heartless Man,
    Awaken or Perish, my Time is at Hand.

    Author's Notes: Another poem born of sorrow.
  2. raxnae

    raxnae One Love, One Heart

    Dead Man's Throne, Death of the Dream, and "Blackest Black, Deepest Dark"

    Poem: dead_man_s_throne_by_raxnae-d68e0g6.

    Dead Man's Throne

    Dead Man's Throne
    ....by the Angel of Death

    Cast me in a Mold of Life, Give Flesh to Creaking Bones,
    See my Infinite Light Shine, the Inversion of Infinite Darkness,
    I who am always Balanced, Regardless of Projected Nature,
    Birth me in a Reality of Warped Naturalism.

    I Spend every Dime, Burn every Dollar,
    On the Death Plant, Filling my Lungs with Black Smoke,
    Painting the Forests with Tar, Slowing my Roll to a Crawl,
    Give me Cancer and let me Fade back to Void.

    Bowing to Parasites, Upon Wicked Towers,
    You sit in Poverty, and Wonder why Criminals Rule your World,
    Planting Seeds of Sorrow, Sowing Yields of Despair,
    Caught in a Race for Material Comfort to Escape your Suffering.

    You Chose not to Think, Not to Fight for your Land,
    I am Alien, and I Love this Land More,
    Coming from Pluto, with my Hell Hounds,
    For just a Taste of Life.

    Yet I Sit Upon the Throne of Righteousness, I am King of Kings,
    I am Alpha and Omega, Omega and Alpha,
    My Howling Pack, Knows the Grand Dream,
    And Upon the Scales you are All Found Wanting.

    I am Sol, and I would rather Burn it All Away,
    Than Bare Witness, to your Leeching Creeping Decay,
    You Profaned the Luna I Love, I will Profane your Existence,
    The Blood Moon will Rise and All will be Dragged to Oblivion.

    The Children Hide Within My Heart, Protecting my Own Blood,
    Using the Scythe, to Save the Dying Inner Child,
    Inside Dying Worlds, Who Cannot Exist Beyond a Lifetime,
    I can Destroy All you Heartless Fools and Release the Children in Nature's Bounty.

    I am the Alchemist of Creation, I am the Father of Destruction,
    And Within me is a Universe of True Infinity, Cancer Cells will Form,
    Feel the Break Down of my Body, Run for your Life and Run Forever,
    Too Scared to Truly Feel you Cling to Death's Suppression.

    Denied my Life Herb, by the Harlot of Your Corruption,
    Lest Oblivion Seep into my Skull, Yet I Will not Move,
    I am Almighty, and Here I Still Sit,
    Upon the Throne.

    As the Physical Shell Rots, Coughing Up my Life,
    The White Blood Cells, the Reapers will Enter,
    To Deconstruct this Flawed Framework, This Weak Pathetic Parasitic Structure,
    You Who Let Time Wither You instead of being Forever Young at Heart.

    Is it Such a Hard Kept Secret, Yet I have Revealed Many Times,
    No One Listens, No One Cares,
    Apathy is True Death, And I Care Not For You All,
    Here I Sit and Here I Shall Forever Remain.

    Author's Note: Was in a really dark mood when this one was inspired, also have several hidden secrets within it.

    Poem: death_of_the_dream_by_raxnae-d56dnkc.

    Death of the Dream

    Death of the Grand Dream
    ...by no one

    How I worked tirelessly,
    Only to see it all in ruin,
    Alchemy exploded,
    Dream journal burning,

    I who saw so far,
    Couldn't survive the wait,
    The endless wait,
    For perfected existence,

    What of Life?
    What of Love?
    What of Adventure?
    All for naught,

    My short sighted mistakes,
    Blowing up in my face,
    For some peace of mind,
    I bide my empty time.

    Author's Notes: When I feel like giving up the dream, but I never can haha.

    Poem: blackest_black__deepest_dark_by_raxnae-d3ekfvl.

    Blackest Black, Deepest Dark

    Blackest Black, Deepest Dark
    ...you think deleting it once will stop my rap?

    The earth keeps spinning faster on its axis
    Bitches don't know I'm draxiss
    Forgetting the name
    I'll have to explain
    Why I feel sorrow and pain

    All these people wantin to ascend
    Yet they cant comprehend
    My vision of life
    Hiding my wife
    Cowering like mice

    Judging me by the pigment of false reality
    Like they abusin my hospitality
    Not seeing the spirit within
    Even though we wearin the same skin
    Ignoring my individuality, blackest black and deepest dark

    Branding me a criminal
    Slandering subliminal
    Starting the party inciting
    Without inviting
    The master of lightning

    You actin all retarded
    Smellin like somebody farted
    I'm tired of your shit
    As I'm loading a clip
    Like I'm eatin your chip

    Judgeing me by grey morality
    Thinkin you know the colors of passion
    No friends and no love for the wild man
    Making me forget I am red man
    The color of my blood flowing within, blackest black and deepest dark

    I'm gonna erase this sin
    Toking my special blend
    Planting my seeds within the hearts and minds of stars
    You'll be seeing mars
    While venus be digging my charm

    My tribal roots are longer than your stem
    Lineage of my spirit within
    Uprooting me from my villages
    Until my resistance pillages
    All value in your images

    Judgeing me with modern rationality
    Forgetting ancient nationality
    No food and no water for this starving pauper
    Until I become your stalker
    My heart will shine, blackest black and deepest dark

    I'm a lover of diversity
    Yet all I get is adversity
    Like grey's anatomy
    Your stupid insanity
    Decline of humanity

    So take my words to heart
    My form is not the start
    I am the end
    For I shall win
    A dream without sin.

    Author's Notes: Now this one has some flair to it.

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