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    This is one beautiful Thuban Phoenix of the Resurrection!!! ~~

    Leviathan = DNA-Strand of the AirWater aka the Hermetic FisherEagle of the Lunar Twins and

    Behemoth = DNA-Strand of the FireEarth aka the SolarArrowed Unicorn of the SeaGoatian Dragonhorns
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    Gospel of Thomas
    (7) Jesus said, "Blessed is the lion which becomes man when consumed by man; and cursed is the man whom the lion consumes, and the lion becomes man."
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    My VISIT of HELL! (July 1995)

    It had been a long day of thought, meditation and writing.

    I had realised that the nature of the Gods was ONE of merging opposites in ONENESS. Specifically, I had became aware, for the first time, that ones biological body served a higher purpose of recombining something lost at the beginning of space and time.

    The only thing that really mattered in anyone's "life" was how one perceived ones own consciousness - the sense of being alive and the knowing of "ME".

    It is the thought that counts. What you think that you are. Or one creates one's own reality by thought projection.

    So not knowing or remembering what you are leads to the confusions of everyday life. The question becomes of how to remember and how to get in touch with the thing inside. Since confusion breeds confusion and more of the same becomes fear and doubt and ends in despair and hopelessness; the grail of hope would become an adventure of self discovery.

    All this I had realised and put into some words of hope in the attempt to clarify the situation. But I was still restless. It is easy to say to become centred is the way to be; but the practice of it is very hard unless you live in a cave as a hermit and isolated from the razzamatazz of screaming voices and the blahblah of a multitude of diverse channels of communication.

    The harmonies of music are a miraculous tonic for the ailment of cacophony.

    The superimposed waveforms of atmospheric pressure variations seem to tranquilise a tortured mind in the search of silence and understanding.

    What is perceived as melody, rhythms and harmony merges with the electricity generated in one's brain and specifically the beta waves of so 13-28+ cycles per second and responsible for front-brain activity in conscious thought and analysis.

    When this activity slows down, the alpha waves from 8-12 cycles induce a more meditative state and this then slows to sleep below 8 cycles and the state of being, when the autonomous nervous system relaxes. No frequency implies the "death" of the brain. There are periods of deep sleep when the physical consciousness subsides completely and the self-awareness of the digital ID becomes engulfed by the higher self or super-ego.

    Then this subconscious awareness begins to surface and astral experiences like dreams, visions and out-of-body experiences can occur. Rapid-Eye-Movement (REM) accompanies the dreaming sleep and the worlds of dreams are hyperspace or the 3 dimensions of the rotational twistor-symmetry.

    All my life did I try to realise this astral world in an analytic way, but I was not prepared to get the answers as to the "reality" of "hell" in the way I did.

    Yes, I had asked questions before. Such as how does the lightbody penetrate walls; and what does it feel like to fly - to be antigravitational?

    But with my new realisation as to the requirement to spiritualise the physical body; I induced some harmony via listening to some peaceful music on the radio and thought about how to visit my own body.

    All this beta wave activity did however not lull me to sleep as it had done countless times before.

    I thought about how the collective spiritual atmosphere by all those antispiritual thought forms of death, decay of planet Earth is obstructed and misery; when suddenly I found myself within my own realm of perception of this subject matter.

    There I was completely awake and it did not matter if I had my eyes open or shut. Incredible colours and shapes and beings just came to be; but completely subjugated to whatever I desired to think about.

    I created my own scenarios and just as I pleased.

    I truly was the landlord, the king in my own castle.

    So there I was; colours all around me and ready to be shaped .

    I decided to let things shape themselves, just to experience what would eventuate. It was a dark place but full of very rich colours, otherworldly colours really, spiritual reds and blues and greens, mixed to give any other colour in astral space. So it was dark and yet very colourful. I knew that what I experienced was my own underworld, my own hell and how my higher self "imagined" hell to be, even without words or ll-dimensional forms.

    But for the first time I really experienced what it was like to "walk" in the realms of the antispirit; once it is confined to your own body - your own self.

    So I began my "Dante-like" journey through the inferno of my own mind and thoughtfulness.

    I was dressed in this kind of Roman toga and descended some steps into a greater hall, one of many halls, towards many clearances and gatherings of a multitude of creatures. Little devils, demons, familiars were swarming around everywhere.

    The entire thing was incredibly funny and most hilarious, a kaleidoscope of colour and movement.

    Just as I entered one of those greater halls, which was bathed in an all pervading orange glow with many colours reflected in the creatures; some of the little demons started to pull on my toga.

    They looked like miniature devils, about 50 cm in height and they tried to look very frightfully. They grimaced and rather frenzied pulled and tore on my toga; there were about 10 of them pulling at one time with many more all around the place.

    All I did is give them a stern look and all of them scattered in all directions, waiting for me to become complacent and tolerant again.

    Aha, I thought, when you get annoyed then they cannot stand to be near you. Your tolerance is their life and you are like the lollyman with your presence.

    To describe the creatures I saw is no easy thing. They are anything the producers and creators of Hollywood have ever imagined yet are more vibrant and more alive than anything which could be imparted onto a screen or a videotape.

    There are many mixtures of animal creatures. Some are half toad and half fish; others are troll like and others are gargoyles and dragons, krakens and all the creatures of mythology are there.

    If you like to see a creature made up of various sorts; you can create this creature by thinking about it and then project your realisation into colour and it materialises with a life of its own.

    Anyway I started to really have fun in my mythological hell.

    The greatest and richest forms "down" there are sexual and religious.

    I did not encounter violence; maybe because my higher self does not like it.

    I tried to imagine some really horrible things like human torture or suffering children, but it could not be done.

    There seems to be a safeguard in your own hell. It is meant to be a funny place.

    You can have a lot of hilarious laughter there and have lots of "funny sexual encounters"; but there is absolutely no sense of true suffering or even horror there.

    I tried hard to relive something like a true painful torture like the crucifixion; but there is a big blank in your imagination and everything turns "funny".

    Now religious ideas are very strong 'down" there. Everywhere you can see groups of creatures pushing wagons and big crosses around in the attempt to frighten the "hell" and the 'living daylights' out of unsuspecting minds, expecting hellfire and eternal damnation.

    At one instance there was this group of toaddemons attempting to crucify this"poor" green "frog".

    As in the movies, they laid the cross down and spread the frog into all fours.

    After they had "nailed" the frog onto the cross, they put the cross up and then the "frog" simply moved its extremeties and "popped" of the cross and hopped away.

    To me it seemed like everything, all substance was completely malleable and subject to thought. So the frog just played the game and when "he" was annoyed or tired of the game "he" just went away.

    There were no screams of agony or pain, just this seeming "seriousness" on behalf of the little devils and hilarity in regards to everything else.

    As I went along, I came across this covenant of "witches".

    Some were young and others old. They were all naked and rather nice to look at. When they saw me, they became very excited and wanted to have sex with me.

    So they paraded themselves around this big cauldron and exhibiting their bodily glory, they invited me to merge in "hellish ecstasies".

    Meanwhile other little sexdevils swarmed all around me, all having small erections relative to their own size of course, and they pulled on my toga again.

    So I took my toga off and investigated my response to all this titillation.

    To my surprise the sexual impulse is not really comparable to the physical state. The importance is different in the astral.

    There the sexual feeling is paramount and the actual merger is almost insignificant. Sure, you can be excited and have an erection, or an engorged vulva; but the sexual relief is more a tension of the body, with an "orgasm" primarily in the mind and not in the body.

    This is a very potent form of sex. Your sexual organs respond to your mind and the male sexual expression is satisfied without ejaculation.

    Of course, once the immortal body is achieved, then the mental bisexuality is manifested and the two sexes are unified within the androgynous mind of unity.

    So in the setting of my journey through hell; I could very easily change my sex and walk as my female part and imagining myself as rounded feminine form with accomodating vagina, well developed mammalian glands and all the rest of it.

    Then I would have fun in "teasing" the little sexdevils in wiggling my backside or accidently pulling up my toga with nothing on underneath.

    Gee, whiz, maybe a woman would have even more fun with the devils in hell, than a man. I could also be on the lookout for a "big" masterdevil and entice him with my "worldly beauty". Seeing his big erection would surely "turn me on".

    Anyway, the sexual encounters in my hell are all to do with erotic feeling in the mind and have practically nothing to do with actual penetration or being penetrated. There is absolutely no sense of possessing things in your own hell.

    You are in complete command about anything that happens.

    You can be "lazy" and just stroll and observe and experience with your astral senses. You can also create your own reality and form your own experiences.

    Of course if you decide to be uncreative, then you can encounter all the zillions of thought forms which have ever been thought of by anyone who ever lived.

    You can tap into the sexual fantasies of Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte or Adolf Hitler.

    You can find out just what Josephine or Marie Antoinette or Eva Braun had on their minds in terms of sexual expectation or whatever.

    Sex is the most funny thing imaginable in hyperspace.

    Once you know this, you will thank your lucky stars that the general human history has been so paranoid about this taboo. If it would have been natural, then you could not have so much fun with it in the astral.

    And so I had my encounter with the naked witches and I swushed the little sexdevils away, thinking to them in no uncertain terms, that I did not tolerate their attempts of sticking their little erections into me . They stopped to bother me after that.

    I put on my toga and decided to meet a "big" monster.

    I walked past a kind of lagoon and there a great seamonster pushed upwards into the dark ceiling of the cave. It appeared in the form of a mythological "kraken", sort of scaley with a huge head and huge hoglike canine teeth and fangs.

    It was the size of a two storey house and I went towards it and enticed it to scare me.

    It bent down and opened its huge jaws right in front of me.

    I then projected the thought of walking right into its mouth and it trembled; regained its upright posture, slammed its "hand" before its shut mouth and spiralled quite hilariously back into the swamp from which it had emerged.

    It was such a funny sight; I could not stop laughing.

    And so I walked on along the "corridors of hell".

    I became more and more adventurous as time went on and so I decided to have a game of poker with three master devils.

    As soon as I had thought about it, I noticed a spiral stairway into another level of the "hellish" landscape.

    I ascended and entered a small room with a fireplace, a small table and four chairs. Here were three creatures of my own size, all dressed in darkish red costumes, probably a sort of standard idea throughout the centuries as to what the "devil," might or should look like.

    Anyway, the colours were too uniform for me and I thought of changing their attire.
    One I left as reddish devil with two little horns coming out of his head and one other I gave a black outfit of the middle ages with a large and flat black hat and the other I dressed in a spanish baggy crepe' outfit, golden yellow with black stripes and a hat with long white and brown feathers.

    I tried to look very serious and introduced myself as M.E.

    I then let things take its own "historic" shape and they assumed the names Asmodeus, Belial and Beelzebub the Second.

    Aha, I thought, so it was Beelzebub the First which had visited me in 1976 in New Farm. You see, letting things unfold in your own "hell" can fit in some missing gaps about your own experiences in the normal state of affairs. But this is another story.

    So we all sat down around the table and played cards. I did not influence anything with my thoughts and by chance the game proceeded with everybody winning and losing. Eventually I decided to let Belial win all of the games and the "medieval one" kept drawing flushes and full houses and got all excited about beating the rest of us.

    I soon got tired of card games, took my leave and went back into the main corridors of the "eternal damnation".

    Yes, I truly knew what this meant. Your body, when spiritualised contains the "darkness" of creation. All the antispiritual things which had manifested throughout the long evolutionary path of the starhuman personas became the energy of thought forms forming your new bodies.

    That is why things are so plastic, so formable and subject to your thoughts.

    The left side of God so becomes the "eternal damnation" and the spiritmatter, whilst the right side of God becomes the spiritual life within that "damned" body.

    The hellfire is the fact that the "devils and demons" are "trapped" forever in Your body and You can go there for some fun. They are Your ENTERTAINMENT!

    Nobody gets hurt, nobody suffers and You can let Your imagination run wild and FREE. Now just imagine that the RIGHT to DIE is taken away from You and You cannot accept this FACT of DAMNATION.

    Then You are stuck with a body You can infiltrate and change with Your thinking.

    Then imagine You refuse to believe in Your own power and desire to hold on to a belief of some imaginary hell and devils outside of Yourself.

    Just imagine howYou would Feel. You cannot die and You cannot come to terms with YOUR own body.

    So there is no relief of this sense of being lost until You come to ACCEPT YOURSELF. Even when YOU sleep and dream, the thing will not leave You alone.

    For You see, there needs to be a change of the astral after the greater changes occur in the period 1998-2001-2013 and the time when all the ancient sayings will fulfil. This means that many of the "lost" ones will have an insufficient personal vibration to incarnate in the "peaceful" scenario of planet Earth and are stuck in an expanded astral hyperspace.

    For evolution and spiritual growth is not linear.

    So beings do not just reincarnate; it is a rather cosmic thing all to do with Your own personal frequency of self being.

    There are however a lot of AFFINITIES and correspondence; but once a starhuman always a starhuman, but eventuation as fully fledged God of course.

    You can choose Your experiences on a downward scale to Learn something and You can even connect to certain mindstates of animal consciousness; but You will not incarnate as a being incompatible with Your L-C-Factor definition expounded elsewhere.

    To render animals more human like, they have to develop Selfinductance, the L-factor and so You cannot incarnate as an animal if You have a L-C-Factor coupling.

    This Coupling IS YOUR LIFEFORCE, YOUR soul and IT is already eternal as a mathematical entity but subject to experience through learning.

    Immortality in the body then results in the setup of this coupling as variable ENERGY SOURCE and the changing of Your body, the quickening of Your MASS, is then able to resonate as Your own PERSONAL Cosmic-ID-vibration with Your source of all LOVE.

    But let us presume that You have a life of material abundance and You Learn a great many things to do with handling money and wielding influence and power over many other things and persons.

    You die and You might very well choose to live as a starving child in Africa and die then at the age of five. This is Your choice and happens regularly. The so called Karma is more to do with what You need to Learn on Your path to Godhood.

    Although things like these seem unbelievable to many in the physical life; these things become very different in perspective once You have left this place.

    Everything You read here is something YOU KNOW and Know very well. You will IDENTIFY with all those words You now question or even ridicule.

    Everything You read, You will be familiar with - WHEN YOU ARE DEAD, when You have left Your physical body.

    So You might understand just WHY it can only help You if You read this and if You TRY to understand in Your present state of mind. IT is YOUR own KNOWING which is trying to convey some truth relative to YOURSELF to YOUR sceptical mind.

    Why sceptical? Just think it through. The "devils" KNOW what they are, thought forms and to YOUR COMMAND. They are the ones which are AFRAID of YOUR AWAKENING.

    But YOUR DAD, in HIS wisdom, decided to GIVE to YOU HIS darkness for YOUR BODY and YOUR entertainment. And the time has come, after 4000 years, to manifest this fact.
    So the missing link in Your life is YOUR LOVE for the spiritual energy which is the energy which makes You alive; Your feelings and emotions, likes and dislikes. The enormity of what You are is truly splendiferous.
    Not only are You in possession of the potentially best computer there is; but this computer links intricate energy systems of circulation and respiration under the guiding infiltration of the Unified Field of all Energy, the natural electricity in space.

    Just imagine if You could remember all the things and lifes You have lived in the 19.1 Billion years of Your existence and that is linear spacetime only.

    Why can You remember so little about Your past? Where were You 100 or 200 years ago? Some of You think to know that they were somewhere or someplace and others think that everybody only lives once.
    To live only once is equivalent to saying that Your mathematical definition is already fixed. Then You live and die and are ASLEEP in memory and You forget what has been before in Your sphere of Life.

    And Your brother Jesus said, that some were standing around at the "sermon of the mount", who would not taste of death until the kingdom of God would have come in power.

    So You can try and twist things as You like, but what HE meant was, that some people there would always and sometimes remember former lives and so they would not "taste of the death of memory" and they would not fall asleep in totality.

    In another place HE said in regards to John the Eagle, the apostle "whom HE LOVED"; that it should not matter to the apostles if John was to "tarry", that is wait for HIS second coming and the Advent of the period AC or AFTER CHRIST.

    And the raising of the dead is the REAWAKENING of all YOUR UNCONSCIOUS minds.

    This is veiled at the moment to allow You to come to terms with Your mortality and to develop a faith and belief structure about Yourself and based not just on Religion but upon a true understanding about Your own past, present and future, which is the same as Now=Always in the relativity of the wave of Oneness.

    The "veil" is the rather bewildering "mist of deception" the spiritual muck, destined to become absorbed into Your bodies and the "stuff" of Your FREEDOM.

    But Your bodies are very important. They will become the containers of Your life and the abodes of Your own personal hells, the HALLS OF ENTERTAINMENT.

    So whenever You desire to create or experience within the dark side of DAD, which is of course also MUM, then You can visit there through Your mind and maybe come back with a new story to write or a new film to produce - endless possibilities.

    Practice makes perfect; but should You only once succeed to go there; You will understand and You will start straight away to enjoy this kind of freedom.

    So the KINGDOM OF GOD is within YOU and the KINGDOM of HELL is without YOU.

    Things are the reverse way before transformation. YOU find imaginary devils and anti love manifested everywhere and just because things are inside out.

    It is the task of all of US to invert the inside out and to LOVE LOVE.​
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    Galactic-Butterfly 1.

    symbol is called
    the Galactic Butterfly
    which is said to represent all of
    the consciousness that has ever existed
    in this galaxy. This is all of our physical ancestors
    both human, animal, reptile, fish, shell fish, plants as well
    as the consciousness which organized all of the raw material from
    a whirling disk into stars then planets and solar systems. Big Meaning. So
    big that the original Maya had no symbol for this. In their civilization it was like
    having no name for God. Just knowing the concept was good enough. Later this pattern
    was devised by Toltec or Zapatec weavers as a pattern for blankets and this is where Jose Arguelles
    came across it. He called it Hunab Ku. The indigenous peoples call it "The Galactic Butterfly". Butterflies are seen
    as ancestors returning for a visit to physicality. Wearing one of these symbols is very powerful as it broadcasts your
    reaching to actively join the consciousness of our galaxy.

    May 15th 2010

    Raven ALL IS I AM Julienne Ishtara's Gnosis Event; She wishes to share with All

    [7:26:15 AM] Ishtara Raven: tony i see it, everything mirrors everything, its all there
    [7:26:32 AM] Ishtara Raven: every word, person , place thing is a reflection of it all
    [7:27:09 AM] Tony Bermanseder: Indeed you have become witness to the creation darling
    [7:27:11 AM] Ishtara Raven: in one word is the entirety of creation, all of it
    [7:27:19 AM] Tony Bermanseder: yes
    [7:27:25 AM] Tony Bermanseder: LOVE
    [7:27:29 AM] Ishtara Raven: YES
    [7:27:37 AM] Ishtara Raven: i am flying
    [7:27:46 AM] Tony Bermanseder: Eps=hfps=wormhole energy lol
    [7:27:53 AM] Tony Bermanseder: simple
    [7:28:05 AM] Ishtara Raven: yes i see it now, its what was downloaded into me, i SEE it
    [7:28:11 AM] Tony Bermanseder: LOVE=3,000,....000 Cycles per cosmic second
    [7:28:23 AM] Ishtara Raven: do you see what i see?
    [7:28:32 AM] Ishtara Raven: that song
    [7:28:43 AM] Tony Bermanseder: in my filtered forms yes
    [7:28:58 AM] Ishtara Raven: omg tony
    [7:29:05 AM] Ishtara Raven: this is heaven on earth
    [7:29:10 AM] Tony Bermanseder: we are all mirrors of IT
    [7:29:15 AM] Ishtara Raven: YES
    [7:29:21 AM] Tony Bermanseder: YES You know now it shall BE
    [7:29:22 AM] Ishtara Raven: ultimate sharing and reflecting
    [7:29:24 AM] Tony Bermanseder: Becoming
    [7:29:29 AM] Tony Bermanseder: Yes
    [7:29:38 AM] Tony Bermanseder: Its all so silly this 1-1 thing
    [7:29:39 AM] Ishtara Raven: we are so blessed
    [7:29:58 AM] Tony Bermanseder: exclusion LOVE IS ALL see Tyrion is me not remembering
    [7:30:04 AM] Ishtara Raven: god is WITHIN creatin
    [7:30:08 AM] Ishtara Raven: creation
    [7:30:09 AM] Ishtara Raven: NOW
    [7:30:14 AM] Tony Bermanseder: YES NOW HE IS through US
    [7:30:22 AM] Ishtara Raven: yes yes
    [7:30:27 AM] Ishtara Raven: i see him, it, everything
    [7:30:35 AM] Tony Bermanseder: God is rejoicing that WE KNOW see
    [7:30:49 AM] Ishtara Raven: yes YESSSSSS
    [7:30:55 AM] Tony Bermanseder: waited a long for some of us to remember
    [7:31:04 AM] Tony Bermanseder: that's all
    [7:31:11 AM] Ishtara Raven: i am crying again, jeese
    [7:31:28 AM] Tony Bermanseder: Baby you are beautiful its your SOUL Alissam
    [7:31:29 AM] Ishtara Raven: Tyrion is you not remembering who you are
    [7:31:36 AM] Tony Bermanseder: YES, not remembering what HE truly is
    [7:31:39 AM] Ishtara Raven: bawling
    [7:31:41 AM] Ishtara Raven: bawling
    [7:31:54 AM] Ishtara Raven: how can i make HIM SEE
    [7:31:58 AM] Tony Bermanseder: ALISSIAM
    [7:32:14 AM] Tony Bermanseder: just tell him, love him, share but BE FIRM
    [7:32:25 AM] Tony Bermanseder: ALLISIAM
    [7:32:27 AM] Ishtara Raven: the creator WANTS all to remember ALLLLLL
    [7:32:31 AM] Tony Bermanseder: YES
    [7:32:44 AM] Tony Bermanseder: will take time but WEE are the seed its nowhere else
    [7:32:54 AM] Ishtara Raven: oh my god i am so overwhelmed, i see it baby i see it all
    [7:32:55 AM] Tony Bermanseder: otherwise seeds compete see
    [7:33:14 AM] Ishtara Raven: no it is done, it was PROMISED
    [7:33:15 AM] Tony Bermanseder: Thank You Sweetheart your unconditional Love has set you free
    [7:33:19 AM] Ishtara Raven: i FEEL IT
    [7:33:49 AM] Tony Bermanseder: Good Tyrion might see it too, sooner than later
    [7:34:03 AM] Ishtara Raven: i want the whole world to see
    [7:34:09 AM] Tony Bermanseder: Tyrion is inside you understand
    [7:34:20 AM] Tony Bermanseder: UNTIL he gets OUT tell him that
    [7:34:22 AM] Ishtara Raven: please dont forget me, please, like the dead, i remember Tony i remember
    [7:34:41 AM] Tony Bermanseder: How can I forget you you are my reflection
    [7:34:54 AM] Ishtara Raven: I know, i know
    [7:34:56 AM] Tony Bermanseder: Mary is my reflection Tyrion is my reflection
    [7:34:57 AM] Ishtara Raven: it all fits
    [7:35:09 AM] Tony Bermanseder: INCLUSION
    [7:35:17 AM] Ishtara Raven: YES!!!!!!!!
    [7:35:25 AM] Tony Bermanseder: Separation within UNITY of LOVE of ONE
    [7:35:38 AM] Ishtara Raven: its so beautiful tony, so beautiful
    [7:35:44 AM] Tony Bermanseder: NOT Unity 1-1 within Separation; see the difference
    [7:35:50 AM] Ishtara Raven: YES
    [7:35:50 AM] Tony Bermanseder: I KNOW
    [7:36:12 AM] Ishtara Raven: i am crying and laughing histerically
    [7:36:24 AM] Tony Bermanseder: Now you can lead the Lair until Dove sees it too. TALK to her please
    [7:36:38 AM] Tony Bermanseder: YOU two are a big key here
    [7:36:40 AM] Ishtara Raven: i will
    [7:36:54 AM] Tony Bermanseder: because you already UNDERSTAND
    [7:37:01 AM] Ishtara Raven: yes i do
    [7:37:09 AM] Ishtara Raven: because you do and your IN me
    [7:37:12 AM] Ishtara Raven: omg tears tears
    [7:37:16 AM] Tony Bermanseder: Teach Mary and Bobbi first
    [7:37:21 AM] Tony Bermanseder: with Dove
    [7:37:35 AM] Ishtara Raven: OH TONY IF THEY COULD SEE THIS OMG OMG
    [7:37:49 AM] Tony Bermanseder: YES I am Happy you KNOW
    [7:38:08 AM] Ishtara Raven: its so beautiful, so beautiful, words cannot discribe how beautiful this is
    [7:38:36 AM] Ishtara Raven: copy paste this to them, now
    [7:38:42 AM] Tony Bermanseder: ok baby
    [7:38:50 AM] Ishtara Raven: i must go to work
    [7:38:55 AM] Ishtara Raven: sitting here with my hair wet lol
    [7:39:01 AM] Ishtara Raven: laughing and crying
    [7:39:02 AM] Tony Bermanseder: ok love you have been reborn love
    [7:39:23 AM] Tony Bermanseder: You have become Universal Motherhood and LOVERHOOD see
    [7:39:24 AM] Ishtara Raven: YES and God is waiting for them, heshe shehe is WAITING for them to remember
    [7:39:31 AM] Tony Bermanseder: YES
    [7:39:42 AM] Ishtara Raven: tell them i have remembered
    [7:39:42 AM] Tony Bermanseder: RESPONSIBILITY
    [7:39:49 AM] Ishtara Raven: so WE ALL HAVE
    [7:40:07 AM] Tony Bermanseder: yes but this is big stuff now the universe is watching see
    [7:40:19 AM] Ishtara Raven: i am gonna try for an EO tonight, hopefully i can get out eairly if its slow
    [7:40:30 AM] Ishtara Raven: i want to talk to all of them
    [7:40:48 AM] Tony Bermanseder: its fine sweetheart there is time most important to OWN this data
    [7:40:59 AM] Ishtara Raven: YES your right
    [7:41:00 AM] Tony Bermanseder: so can never be swerved
    [7:41:10 AM] Ishtara Raven: cannot, cannot
    [7:41:13 AM] Tony Bermanseder: You are steady as a rock
    [7:41:20 AM] Ishtara Raven: yes i am gibralter
    [7:41:28 AM] Tony Bermanseder: Cephas like Peter, rock of the apostles
    [7:41:32 AM] Tony Bermanseder: thats you
    [7:41:37 AM] Ishtara Raven: yes
    [7:41:43 AM] Ishtara Raven: ok baby i am going
    [7:41:43 AM] Tony Bermanseder: WE KNOW now
    [7:41:55 AM] Tony Bermanseder: feed my sheep Our beloved said to him
    [7:41:59 AM] Ishtara Raven: i love you
    [7:42:04 AM] Tony Bermanseder: I Love You
    [7:42:11 AM] Ishtara Raven: butterfly kisses
    [7:42:21 AM] Tony Bermanseder: back to you butterfly
    [7:42:25 AM] Tony Bermanseder: papillon​

    The Presence of the Mosaic implies the will of Unity=God=Starhumanity and not the will of Humanity=Man=Separation!

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    Satanicus Rex rebirthing as Satanina, Queen of HeavenHell
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    Allisiam Well-Known Member

    eyeofabraxas. tonyblue-11-18-11.

    Anubis Eye of the World

    In sevenfoldedness of the Spirits of God.

    1. SERPENT OF EDEN = 97+21+28 = 97 + 49 = SERPENT BEAST = PRESENT MUM = 146=11

    2. WYZARD OF OM = 97 + 21 +28

    3. PRESENT OF LAMB = 97 + 21 + 28

    4. ANTHONY OF NAME = 97 + 21 + 28

    5. SON OF MAN OF BLAM =(48+21+28) +21 + 28

    6. CIRCLE OF GOD OF MAN = (50+21+26) + 21 + 28

    7. SNAKE OF GOD OF OM = (50+21+26) + 21 + 28

    Tonyblue I Am!



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    iwadjet. eyeofabraxas. eye_to_eye. iwadjet.

    Right Eye of Abraxas Atum (Re-Hamarkhis Sun) Horus the Elder of the Horizon----------------------Left Eye of Wadjet (Thoth-Moon) of the Golden Uraeus

    lunchbreak. tonyblue-11-18-11.

    Cutie Deb.

    carisis. carfire. cartwins.

    Tonyblue Spruz.

    Cephas Boanerges de Didymos aka CB DD 58=85
    Star Father

    I will walk along the beach by the ocean with my toes deep in the sand,
    and you will be there with me, whispering like all your fingers in my hand
    There will be no river that we can't cross, no mountain we can't climb
    I'll make all the same mistakes, and you'll forgive me
    Cause I won't love you next time
    Like the phoenix rising from the fire again,
    I will warm you with such fire even you could fall in love with me, and then...
    And I won't love you next time
    When you fall in love with me, all this dreaming will be yours
    All these riches throughout all eternity
    But I won't love you next time
    I will walk along the beach by the ocean with my toes deep in the sand,
    and you will be there with me, whispering like all your fingers in my hand
    There will be no river that we can't cross, no mountain we can't climb
    I'll make all the same mistakes, and you'll forgive me
    Cause I won't love you next time
    Like the phoenix rising from the fire again,
    I will warm you with such fire even you could fall in love with me, and then...
    And I won't love you next time
    When you fall in love with me, all this dreaming will be yours
    All these riches throughout all eternity
    But I won't love you next time

    Sirebard Beardris

    Friday, September 21st, 2012 11:41 = 16 = 61 = 7 = 1 Abba = Baab 1 (+10UCT)

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