Companion Star and God Touched

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    Companion Star

    Companion Star raxnae

    As Plato Said,
    Every Star has a Soul to Feed It,
    For Every Star in the Sky is the Spirit of a Being,
    Some Stars Amass Many Souls Connected to It's Core.

    Sol Shining High Over Earth,
    Grand Star of Many Races,
    Central Point of All Knowledge,
    Is it any Wonder Your Sign is the All-Seeing Eye?

    Ra Steward of the Sun,
    A Title Proudly Taken and Claimed,
    Sitting in my Mind,
    Inside the Living Room at Sol's Heart.

    Observing the Spheres Day by Day,
    Sleeping to Whispers of Luna's Journeys,
    Feeding Life to This Little Rock,
    Placing Thyself at the Center of Our Minds.

    Sol's Fire Burning Fiercely in my Heart,
    As I Ascended the Death Ladder,
    I Knew I Was Your First,
    And Now It Seems I Will Be the Last.

    When the Heavens and Earth Pass Away,
    Oh that Long Awaited Day,
    I Will Return,
    To the Word's Bosom.

    Will my Star be Born Again in Loneliness?
    Dread the Thought,
    What Image of Paradise does the All-Seeing Eye See?
    Where is the Grand Dream?

    I Ask Only to Sleep a Time,
    Within the Warm Heart of Your Core,
    My Soul Rejoined to my Shining Spirit,
    And Silence from the Envious Shades.

    This Gaian Story Teller,
    Timeless as can Be,
    Is Still Just a Dream,
    Til the Heart is Healed.

    Seeking One Love,
    One Heart,
    Hidden Away but Ever In Mine,
    The Companion Star's Companion Yet to Rise.


    God Touched

    God Touched raxnae

    A Hand Pushed Me Out the Gate of Oblivion,
    Falling Through Dark Unconsciousness,
    Opening Eyes Crying and Mewling as a Babe,
    The Only Sign Left a White Print Upon My Back.

    Raised in God's House,
    Like Many Another,
    Until My Mind and Heart's Wanderlust Compelled Me Farther,
    A Lover of Knowledge Philosopher I Be.

    I Began to See that Innocent Childhood in Another Light,
    The White Church just Wasn't the Same,
    God was Wearing a Mask of Many Faces,
    Yet Hiding the Truth.

    Lost and Despaired as I Could not Pierce the Veil,
    The Mystery a Great Lust to My Willpower to Gain,
    Someone I Cared for in my Tender Days Died in a Crash,
    But Pot Smoke Induced Manic Phase Left Me Unharmed in Screaming Metal The First Miracle.

    It Twas but a Moment,
    I Pierced the Veil of the Void,
    Instead of the Spirit I Sought I Found A Crown,
    With Crushing Knowledge and Wisdom Downloaded into my Mind The First Curse.

    Inheriting the Archetypal Blood Brothers Joined as One,
    I was Lost in this Reality with this Doubt Gnawing My Soul,
    Threw my Lot in with the Military and Government,
    Sold a Soul that was Already Bought.

    Pushing Through the Hazing Proud and Seeing an Ephemeral Future,
    The Depression Came Back on Legs that just Couldn't Run.
    I Drank the Poison to Kill the Pain,
    Instead the Data Downloaded Opened a Crack.

    Another Manic Haze,
    A Golden Vision,
    All the Stars Speaking Through Twin Mouths,
    As Sol Shown Behind Them The Second Miracle.

    Ra Ascended Back to His Home,
    Though the Ladder was Broken,
    Another Trick of God The Second Curse,
    Falling Back to Mortal Coil.

    This Journey was Physically Painful,
    But I'm Mentally Grateful,
    As I Continue this Lonely Road,
    The God Touched is Still Lost.

    Favored of Gods and Devils,
    Rising Ancient One With a Brand New Dream,
    "Boy With Loneliness In His Side,"
    "I Wanna Control Your Soul."

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