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    Chinese Astrology
    I was born in the year of The Golden Earth Dog, on the day of The Golden Earth Tiger,
    in the hour of the white monkey, in the month of the green rat
    Your Lucky Element
    Time Zone: EST city Longitude: -75 Gender : Female
    Birth Year: 1958 Month: 12 Day: 27 Hour: 15 Minute: 45
    Astrology Birthday is December 27, 1958. Astrology Birth Time is 15:45.

    The following is your birth chart. You are Brown Tiger, born in the year of Brown Dog.

    The first character in DAY represents you. So you are equivalent to Soil.
    Hour (kids)Day (you)Month (parents)Year (ancestor)
    E-Sky7. C-Sky7. Male Metal E-Sky5. C-Sky5. Male Soil E-Sky1. C-Sky1. Male Wood E-Sky5. C-Sky5. Male Soil
    E-Monkey. C-Earth9. White Monkey E-Tiger. C-Earth3. Brown Tiger E-Rat. C-Earth1. Green Rat E-Dog. C-Earth11. Brown Dog

    Your birth chart was generated using the Chinese Stem-Branch Calendar system. The Stems, upper row in the chart, are Five Elements which are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. The Branches, lower row in the chart, are 12 animal names which are related to Five Elements. The following Five Elements distribution chart is produced from your birth chart.

    Five elements Soil. Soil (you) Metal. Metal (kids) Water. Water (money) Wood. Wood (job) Fire. Fire (mom)
    Total74 101 88 69 5

    Here we select an element from the Five Element chart as your Lucky Element.

    The Chinese Yin-Yang Five Elements describe the BALANCE.

    When the Five Elements are balanced, they are in harmony and you will be lucky.

    When they are out of balance, they are in conflict and cause you trouble.

    So your lucky elements are the ones that bring the Five Elements into balance.

    Usually the lucky elements are the ones with a lesser weight (score).

    Here we want to pick Fire as your lucky element, becaue your Five Elements
    have a better shape when the weight of Fire increases.

    Using the balance theory, we can predict the rise and fall of your entire life.

    want to figure out yours ???

    The Rise and Fall Chart of Your Life

      1blue. 1red. 1red. 1red. 1red. 1red. 1red. 1red. 1red. 1red.
    Age 6-1516-2526-3536-4546-5556-6566-7576-8586-95

    The Blue Bar stands for the beginning Luck Level when you were born.
    Each Red Bar stands for the Luck Level for 10 years.
    When you are in luck, the Red Bar is longer than the Blue Bar.
    Your good marriage should be in the longest Red Bar or a longer Red Bar period during the marriage age.

    Your career should begin in a longer Red Bar too. Usually,
    you can find two consecutive longer Red Bars together, which are your best 20 years.

    6 1964
    16 1974
    26 1984
    36 1994
    46 2004
    56 2014
    66 2024
    76 2034
    86 2044

    CULCULCAN The Final Synthesis - isbn 978-0-9939480-0-8 Staff Member

    want to figure out yours ???

    When the Fire is your lucky element
    • Horse and Snake are your lucky animals.
    • Years of Horse and Snake are your lucky years.
    • Months of Horse and Snake are your lucky Months.
    • Summer or hot season is your lucky season.
    • 9:00 - 13:00 (9 A.M. to 1 P.M.) are your lucky hours.
    • Southern direction is your lucky place.
    • It will bring you luck to live a house that faces south.
    • You should choose a bedroom on the south side of the house.
    • When arranging the office desk, you should sit facing the south.
    • Your lucky color is red.
    • You should wear in red often.
    • You should use the red system for your house decoration.
    • Take care of your Circulatory system - Heart, Blood and Tongue.
    • Be careful of your eyes and small Intestine too.
    • More in Chinese Fortune Angel Software ....
    Fire can balance your Five Elements.
    Too much Fire might put your Five Elements out of balance too.

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