Bleeding Poetry

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    Bleeding Poetry

    Bleeding Poetry raxnae

    Poetry Writes From My Hand Like Blood,
    Can You Withstand the Flood?
    For Eight Years I've Labored,
    Hundreds of Poems Unnoticed and Unfavored,
    Yet It Still Bleeds From My Fingertips,
    And Will Continue To Do So Until I R.I.P,
    I've Been Bleed So Long,
    Why Can't Anyone See What's Wrong?
    This Empty Heart,
    Scarred And Alone In The Dark,
    A Fractured Mind,
    You Know Nothing Of My Kind,
    The Hopeless Romantic,
    Now Full Of Panic,
    Alone Again,
    As The World Spins,
    Just Annihilate,
    Your Heavens I Will Desecrate,
    I Am The Reaper,
    Born Into Flesh As A Sorrowful Creature,
    I Am Loki The Trickster,
    I'll End Your World As A Quickster,
    I Won't Last Long In This World So Wrong,
    Singing My Desperate Love Songs,
    I'm The Light At The End Of The Tunnel,
    The Void Is My Home And Funnel,
    I Squeeze Out Reincarnations Like Aborted Babies,
    So If You Want Eternity Ladies,
    Pray To A God Who Is Deaf And Blind,
    That Love I'll Find,
    Before My Heart Is Consumed,
    And My Mental Madness Resumed.

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