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    Black ones are related to The Shadow People
    The Black Ones are shadow figures of souls that have either
    moved down from the upper six levels, or, are unable move above
    the seventh level, which is related to The Higher Self (7) which resides
    on (10) The Low Causal,
    the eighth level, which is related to The Essence aka The Core (8)
    which resides on (11) The Mid Causal,
    and, the ninth level, which is related to The Monad aka The Pinnacle of The Soul, which transports a soul, past, present, future and NOW,
    through the particular pivot of The NOW
    which resides on (12) The High Causal...
    souls that pass through the lower,
    and, the upper, do so,
    by starting at zero-point aka zero point aka zeropoint
    and, moving through
    (1) Physical Body
    (2) Emotional Body
    (3) Intellectual Body
    through a portal called The Triad,
    which leads to:
    (4) The Etheric Realm, which has 7 levels
    (5) The Low Astral, which has 7 levels
    (6) The High Astral, which has 7 levels...
    this level is NOT as high as your own Higher Self.

    Then you move through a portal known as The Trine,
    this leads into:
    (7) The Higher Self
    (8) The Essence aka The Core
    (9) The Monad
    through a portal called The Trinity,
    which leads to:
    (10) The Low Causal aka The Gateway to The Elemental Realms, and, The Gateway to The Angelic Realms,
    (11) The Mid Causal aka The Gateway to The Buddic Planes, and,
    The Gateway to The Great Councils, The Great Teachers,
    and, cycled off Soul Families, such as "Kyron", "The Michael Entity Group aka The Michaels", and, "The Source" just to mention a few.
    (12) The High Causal, The Gateway to The Messanic Planes, and,
    The Gateway to The 13th Bridge aka The Thirteenth Bridge
    (0 + 3 + 1/3 Triad + 3 + 1/3 Trine + 3 + 1/3 Trinity + 3 = 12 + 1 (The Bridge)
    which are each attained by balancing the poles, in a highly developed soul.

    This is a discovery of Susan Lynne Schwenger

    KNOW THiS....
    Everyone is created with the same raft of potentials,
    the greatest part of the journey, is always, and in all ways,
    coming into a state of 'true balance'.

    These shadow forms, are lacking a physical body,
    although, they do have an emotional and intellectual consciousness
    which allows that soul, to choose how it wishes to exercise its will
    in ways that it expresses itself, as a seen, or even unseen form.

    These are NOT always a higher form of a being passing through our
    3D-9D Earth eXpression...
    these beings will eventually find their '7th' level expression of
    their Higher Self...
    if they choose to stay in a 2D-9D expression
    they are known as Shadow People...

    if these Black Souls are disturbed,
    or have unfinished business with you,
    they can become what is known as "Wraths"...
    thus, The eXpression The Wrath of Mr. X or Ms. Y...
    these entities do have a soul,
    thus they are also known as A Living Spirit.

    This photograph posted above, in our opinion accurately eXpresses itself
    as a 2D Black Shadow Soul Person.
    ~ susan lynne schwenger

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