Bermanseder Discovery solves the mystery of the pyramid & closes the 12 pointed star

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    old site was:

    yup; this one was published on thuban
    - b4 the other people published their findings

    also- this to:
    The Calendar of Calakmul, Campeche, Mexico was decoded by:
    Susan Lynne Schwenger
    Aug 20th 2012
    this link below was old published works;


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    also- this to:
    The Calendar of Calakmul, Campeche, Mexico was decoded by:
    Susan Lynne Schwenger
    Aug 20th 2012

    • Pyramid 390 ft square ~ 390 x 24,000 = 9,360,000 = 360 x 26000

    The Calendar of Calakmul, Campeche, Mexico

    - Pyramid 390 ft square

    ~ 390 x 24,000 = 9,360,000

    = 360 x 26000 = 9,360,000

    = 260 x 36000 =9,360,000

    =5 major cycles of 13 = 65 cycle x 144,000 =9,360,000


    This is also another calendar:
    That fits into the work of:
    Susan Lynne Schwenger & Tony Bermanseder
    9,360,000 divided by 360 = 26,000
    9,360,360 divided by 360 = 26,001
    also 9,360,000 divided by 390 = 24,000 - plato's great year
    and, 9,360,360 divided by 390 = 24,000.923

    ~ Susan Lynne Schwenger

    Structure II at the ancient Mayan city of Calakmul (Campeche, Mexico)
    is a massive north-facing pyramid temple,
    one of the largest in the Maya world.

    Its base measures 120 meters (390 ft) square and it stands over 45 metres (148 ft) high.
    The city is situated on a promontory formed by a natural 35-metre (115 ft) high limestone dome
    rising above the surrounding lowlands.

    This dome was artificially leveled by the Maya.

    The stone used in construction at the site is a soft limestone.
    This has resulted in severe erosion of the site's sculpture.

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    and, it is NOW on this forum at this link:
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    Egyptian History and Metaphysics

    - Future Shadows in the Times of Now

    1. Future Shadows in the Times of Now

      'Adam's Metric Meter' of the Dragons as the Matrix of Thuban - The Pyramids and 82=41+41=Armageddon=DragonMade=DreamDream=OmegaKing=Naviga=Get Fuc11ed!


      Future Shadows in the Time of Now

      For the Eye of the Shaman of Ophis, the Eagleman and for the Ear of the Witch of Arachne, the Spiderwoman.
      These translations form a continuity to the dispensations given under the Mayan code of honour (In Lak'ech!).

      The 2009 timeline requires an extended polarisation between human factions, adhering to an agenda of increased separation; for the implementation of the timeline for the metamorphosis of the universe, centered on the planet of the humanoids, to proceed.
      Only after the nexus point of December 6th, 2011 has been reached, will the necessity of depersonalisation and the absence of debate and commentary with respect to these Mayan messages, become increasingly apparent.

      The reason for publishing certain facts on relatively obscure sites and forums then serves the purpose to allow cessation of opinionated analysis of probabilities regarding those facts and as witnessed in books, media channels, the internet and expert references.
      These messages of 2009 so shall serve for clarification for those readers, who can identify with the Eye of the Shaman and the Ear of the Witch.

      The major message is this.
      The Mayan Precessional Year of 5x13x144,000=9,360,000 kin or 'mean solar days' will be fulfilled on December 21st, 2012 AD, having begun on July 27th, 10,802 BC as a precessional midway point.
      This midway-point then mirrored another precessional median at about 23,616 BC and a greater cycle of humanity, which began about 36,429 BC with the advent of what is commonly understood to be 'Modern Man' or Homo Sapiens Sapies.
      This date is also specified in the prophetic scriptures of the Judeo-Christian worldview (Genesis, Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation) in a date beginning December 8th, 2004.
      This latter date and the Mayan nexus are also indicated in the timeline of the Great Pyramid.

      The human history so converges from the oldest timeline of the Sphinxian Pyramid as a midway precessional nexus to the Mayan calendar and the biblical reckonings.
      These messages so convey a particular information to give due notice of preparedness; as once this 'shift in spacetime' has been attained, a certain metaphysical reality will no longer be subject to belief or opinionated suppositions.
      This implies, that the 'unprepared in mind' will experience great difficulty to mentally process a particular 'new physical reality', revolving about the addition of a fourth spacial dimension to the present 4-dimensional Euclidean Minkowskian spacetime continuum.

      The 'preparation' for this new dispensation so engages and requires a familarisation of the perceived 'selfhood' or individuation in the present climate of 'beingness' within an imagined 5-dimensional environment, in which the present reality reduces to a cross-sectional part of a greater and encompassing reality.
      The true reality and as known by the adepts throughout the ages of humanity will then cease to be subject to ignorance, denial or ridicule; as this metaphysical reality will become understood to form a background for a c-invariant electromagnetomonopolic radiation matrix, no longer subject to the lightspeed barrier for inertial parameters.

      The production of electromagnetic radiation by inertia carriers will become supplemented by the production of wormhole- or sourcesink string-energy by a mass- or inertia-precursive agencies.

      In other words, considering this information within your own sense of relativity and your own frames of reference will allow you, should you so choose, to arrive at the appropriate (meaning unified or holistic or holographic) conclusions regarding thoses facts and a subsequent closure of opinionated ados and squabbling debates, based on various extrapolations upon those facts.
      This first dispensation will address the Pyramid of Khufu of the Gizean complex in Egypt.

      This subject matter is highly controversial, as it it well known in 'initiatory' circles located in 'high places', that the information encoded in the pyramid serves as a testimony and 'guideline' for the 'mental and physical' evolution for the terrestrial humanity in the collective and the individual sense.
      It is so considered necessary by the 'echelons,' to sequester the 'deeper unified' interpretations and analysis from public discernment.
      Having access to all and sundry information hitherto 'discovered' by the humanoid collective and without encumberances of fiscal restraints; the 'secretizers' use all means possible to disinform the populus via public media as to the importance of the pyramidal timelines and agendas.

      The pyramidal agenda necessarily relate the metaphysical realities to their physical manifestations and expressions.
      Therefore the analysis and research into the nature and purpose of the pyramid becomes very often 'emotionally charged' in a seeking of the harmony between the physical realism and its metaphysical or 'spiritual' derivative and progenitor.
      The 'sequesterers' so utilize this 'climate of intensity' to filter any relevant information made public, be it based on scientific deduction and measurement or extrapolated superpositions of historical sources, such as prophetic scriptures and mythologies.

      This becomes evident in the public acceptance of open legal slander with regards to labeling so called pyramidologists as pyramidiots.
      No other topic matter 'scares' the 'echeloners' more, than should members of the 'ignorant' populus 'discover' the final 'hidden secrets' of the pyramid; as the complete 'decipherment' still eludes even the 'most initiated' 'leaders' and members of the 'independents'.
      The many books and documents published on the Great Pyramid so are all 'incomplete' and contain extensive disinformation, no matter how 'authoritative' they are presented by adherent or skeptic alike.
      This dispensation so shall proceed in continual update and as it is appropriate.

      a) To represent a physical testimonial for a metaphysical reality.

      b) To relate the physical reality to the metaphysical reality within an experiential setting of linear timeflow.

      c) To allow initiation for all (selfchosen) Shamans and Witches at defined nexus points inscribed in the King's Chamber.

      d) To relate the 'passage of linear time' to all possible agendas or life-paths experienced on the planet of the humanoids, albeit connected to all other sentiences in the universe, stargated (or wormholed) however in the galactic sourcesink Hunab Ku, the centre of the Milky Way aka Perseus. This 'higher' and 'alien inclusive' agenda requires a connectivity between the King's Chamber, the Queen's Chamber and the Courtesan's Chamber within this particular pyramid.

      e) To relate all other prophecy and predictions as probability functions to a synthesis of physical manifestations within metaphysical realisations.

      f) To relate the empty sarcophagus in the King's Chamber to the vacant grave of the Shaman-Witch who became successfully initiated.

      The Great Pyramid of Giza, in 2005. Built c. 2560 B.C., it is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in the Giza Necropolis.

      Diagram of the interior structures of the great pyramid. The inner line indicates the pyramid's present profile, the outer line indicates the original profile. (wikipedia)

      This diagram from Smyth's Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid (1864) shows some of his measurements and chronological determinations made from them

      Facts and Estimations, as obtained from the archives of the nonlinear timeline.


      a) The Pyramid Inch of about 1.00106 standard British Inches (BI), can be used as basic unit for the Pyramid's physical construction and was envisaged and studied by Isaac Newton, amongst many other explorers and researchers. Newton proposed a measurement unit of just over 25 BI ~ 63.5 cm for the pyramid's construction.

      b) 25 such Pyramid Inches (1 PI=2.54269 cm) then give 1 Pyramid Cubit = 1 PC=25 PI = Mean Earth Polar Radius/10,000,000=0.6356725 metres and the PI-Unit itself becomes defined in the thickness of the 'Boss' (or Bread of Life or 'Manna from Heaven' symbol) extruding from the Granite Leaf, the entrance construction for the antechamber adjacent to the King's Chamber. The PC is supplementary to the Royal Cubit 1 RC=20.6066 PI=0.5239620 meters, which closely approximates the zodiacal degree in 12 signs as a Circular-Unit-Radius Perimeter/12=2π/12=π/6~0.5235988.

      This Granite Leaf differs in thickness between 15.2 on the eastern edge and 16.2 PI on the western edge.
      The Boss is displaced similarly from the centre of the Granite Leaf's northern face 21.5 PI from the eastern edge and 19.5 PI from the western edge.

      c) The construction of the pyramid engages Limestone as water-derivatives and Granite as fire-derivatives.

      d) A forging in the fire so increases durability and utility as compared with a more porous liquid elementation in the sense of material 'hardness'.

      e) Only the King's Chamber Complex itself and the separating blockage or 'plug' between the Courtesan Complex and the common 'ascending passage' to the Queen's Chamber Complex and the King's Chamber Complex are made of Granite.

      f) There are 'Scored Lines' 481.7 PI away from the designed entrance to the pyramid and those markers can be defined as a measurement of Calibration with a designed Deviation of the PI unit itself.

      g) The geometrical construction of the pyramid incorporates precise relationships and proportions, such as the transcendental number π=3.142..~22/7 and the Golden Mean Phi Φ~1.618033...for a 'fixation' of the solar (tropical) year as 365.242 (mean solar) days.

      h) Measuring the Pyramid from its foundation socket-corners side S=9131.05 PI=25x(365.242)~232.174 meters, inscribes a slightly 'concave shortened' pyramid with a concavity matching the curvature radius of the earth.

      This concavity engages an increase of S'=S+0.35 PI=9131.4 PI=25x(365.256)~232.1832 meters as the length of a Sidereal Year of 365.256 'mean solar days'.
      There are 4 doubled corner segments, each summing as 8x35.763 PI=286.10 PI=Constant A=8xConstant C~7.275 meters to describe the 'shortening' of 4S by 7.275 meters to a sidelength of 230.355 meters.

      The Perimeter P=4S~4x9131.05 PI = 36,524.2 PI so indicates the Tropical Year of 365.24219 'mean solar days'.

      The error deviation of the constant B=365.242 PI from the Tropical Year measure so is (0.00019/365.24219=0.00000052) or 520 parts per billion and which becomes 16.41 seconds per year or about 4.8672 days per precessional cycle of so 25,627 years. The precessional year is here calculated as 5 Great Mayan cycles of 5x13x144,000 days=9,360,000 days=25,626.83 mean solar years (deviating from the Gregorian time count by about 0.02 years or so 7 days per precessional cycle). The 'conventional' measure presumes a side of 440 RC~230.54 meters.

      i) The height of the pyramid comprises 203 levels of masonry (with remnants of upper two) with an apex height H=5813.007 PI~147.807 meters (or a conventional estimate of 280 RC~146.71 meters) and including a 'missing topstone' with dimensions square perimeter 4s=2288.82 PI for side s=572.20 PI=2x286.10 PI=2x8x35.763 PI~14.549 meters and a height h=364.276 PI~9.262 meters. This 'missing height' so represent the length of a typical solar year shortened by Constant D=0.966=1-0.034 days or 'scriptural' encodements of an 'hour' within a 'day', being 1/24=0.041666....

      The apex of a 'missing capstone' is of height z=103.033 PI~2.6198 meters and of side length x=161.844 PI~4.1152 meters, should the capstone be a miniature scale of the entire pyramid in the ratio 1: √π/100 for z/H=x/S=√π/100.

      The 'shortened' pyramid on the floor level so becomes encoded in the dimensions of the 'missing' topstone as s=2A=572.20 PI.

      After 201 levels of blocks the height of the pyramid at its top surface is ~5478 PI~139.289 meters and 335 PI from the apex (265 RC~138.8 meters is the conventional estimate). This encodes the 'Ancient Month' of 30 day-years in various prophecies for a sidelength of 526.23 PI.

      The masonic remnants of the uppermost 2 levels are ~317 PI from the apex to give 18 day-years at a sidelength of 497.94 PI and as a subdivisor for the 'Ancient Year' of 30 Months and 360 Days and many other 'gematria' associations (say R=18=6x6x6=6+6+6=216=...). It also indicates, in conjoin with the 'Hour in a Day' in constant D the 'mean socket level' for the length differences of the four corner sockets, constructed to wither timeborne earthquakes, erosions and subduction events (18-1=17).

      j) The ratio of Height to Perimeter of the encasing pyramid is H/4S=1/2π~147.807/928.698~5813.007/365242 for 2πH= Great Circle encompassing the pyramid as a regular Platonic polyhedron in the form of an Octahedron. The perimeter of the pyramid's base 'squares' the circle.

      Using the Sidereal Year (relative to fixed stars), gives this height H'=4S'/2π=5813.230 PI~147.8124 meters.

      k) The 35th course of stones is twice the height (about 50 PI) of the preceding courses at 1162.6 PI~29.561 meters. This is 10 times the length of the antechamber, leading into the King's Chamber.

      About 2.3 million stones of differing weights between 2-30 tons each and some as heavy as 70 tons are used.

      l) The pyramid is constructed atop a 'mound', estimated to occupy about 23% of the total geometric volume of the pyramid. This 23% signifies a 'hidden' part of the pyramid in the 'doubling' of the base layers of the inverted pyramid (see Pyramid Quadratic below).

      m) The total volume occupied by all chambers and passages is estimated to be about 0.07% or about 1859 m3.

      n) The 'Guiding Light' of the Pole-Star is the 'naked eye' star closest to the celestial northpole.
      The present Pole-Star is Polaris aka Alpha Ursae Minoris in the constellation Ursa Minor (Little Bear aka Little Dipper's handle star), laying within 0.75 degrees of celestial true north. In 1997 Polaris begun to 'illuminate' the entrance of the Descending passage and in October 2004, Polaris 'shone' directly down the Descending Passage. Polaris has 'brightened' appreciably by 15% or a factor of 2.5 in a decade and since Ptolemy observed it about 100 AD.

      Alpha Draconis aka Tuban was the Pole-Star in the 27th century BC from 3942 BC (superceding Theta Booetis) until 1793 BC (preceded by Kappa Draconis).


      Alpha Draconis was closest to the celestial northpole in 2787 BC at under 2.5 arcminutes. For about 200 years Alpha Draconis remained within 1 degree of true north, becoming displaced by Kochab about 1900 BC.

      The Descending Passage is so oriented, that the celestial North-Pole can be seen in a restricted way.
      The Dragon-Star aka the Devil-Star aka Thuban aka Alpha Draconis would revolve about true celestial north, allowing for refraction, some 645 years before and after the time of closest approach to true north, according to Percival Lowell.
      Percival Lowell calculated the years as 3400 BC and 2140 BC about 1912 and Charles Smythe calculated those dates as 3440 BC and 2123 BC.


      The angle of declination of the Descending Passage (26.3028°) is subtracted from the elevation of the celestial northpole above the horizon (29.981°) to give an angular 'precessional window' of 3.678 degress for the periods (3437 BC-3325 BC) and (2253 BC-2139 BC) of approximately 114 years.

      The declination of the north star so engages 90-3.678=86.32 degrees as a minimum with a top-bottom variation of about 39 minutes maximum to 86.97 degrees.

      A 'reconstruction' or template-renovation of the pyramid can so be dated with those celestial north-pole alignments with the descending passage serving as a celestial observatory. Radio-Carbon dating on the pyramid resulted in a date variation from 2100 BC to 2800 BC and some much longer up to 12,000 years into the past.

      o) As the length of the 'Scored Lines' is so 481.7 PI and if added to the 'Thuban-Date' of 2140 BC; will give the entrance to the Great Pyramid as a dating of about 2622 BC - the archaeological period of pharaoh Khufu (name meaning 'God Protects Me'), whose proposed reign (2589 BC - 2566 BC) is associated with the Great Pyramid.

      Pharaoh Djoser is believed to have begun the building of pyramids (commissioning his Vizier Imhotep - 'The One Who Comes In With Peace') in his reign (2635 BC - 2610 BC) in the Old Kingdom's 3rd dynasty (2686 BC - 2613 BC). Djoser (name meaning 'Body of the Gods') was preceded by pharaoh Sanakth (2686 BC - 2667 BC) as the name of 'Strong Protection' to archeologically relate the timeline of the pyramid to its 'Rediscovery' by the Egyptian pharaohs in the 3rd dynasty.

      The 1st dynasty is conventionally dated to begin with pharaoh Menes about 3100 BC and the Unification of Lower and Upper Egypt under Narmer, (the hieroglyphic catfish) around 3150 BC to indicate the earlier precessional alignment of the Great Pyramid with the Egyptian archeological history and leading into its prehistory.

      This prehistory is indicated by the 3rd century BC Ptolemaic Egyptian priest-historian Manetho ('Truth of Thoth'), who asserted, that Egyptian civilisation had existed 36,525 years prior to the end of the 30th dynasty in 332 BC.

      The 'Aegyptiaca' of Manetho discusses the 'Hebrew Custom' to identify a 'Lunar Year' of 30 'Ancient Months' with a Year-Count applied to the Egyptian prehistory of: 'Gods, Demigods, Spirits of the Dead and Mortal Men'. Taking a 'Lunar Year' count of 36,000 then reduces to 3,000 'Ancient Years' each of 12 months counted in 30 'Ancient Days'; this 'custom' distorting the reckoning of the timekeepings and resulting in 'misinterpreted' biblical chronologies.

      p) Using the conventional archeological datings so indicates that the Great Pyramid existed already at the beginning of the 3rd dynasty and subsequently served as a template for the pyramid building activities of later pharaohs.


      Casing Stone

      a) Encasing the pyramid in 'Casing Stones' with a polished surface design (often finetuned to within 1/100th of an inch or 1/5th of a millimeter), will result in the transformation of the Great Pyramid into a Beacon of White Stone, casting a starlike reflection or shadow across the area of its construction, being oriented due north (to within 1/20th of a degree) on the longest landsurface meridian at a latitude of 30 degrees north (29.98085°).

      b) The pyramid has its face to base angle of alpha=α=51.8540 degrees and its edge-to-base angle of beta=β=41.99736 degrees.

      The midday shadow-angle between the northern face of the pyramid and the sun so increases towards the apex and disappears, the pyramid swallowing its own shadow when directly overhead at noon.
      The pyramid's westbound shadow at sunrise converges gradually towards the side of the pyramid and coincides with the side at the solstice time for a similar 'swallowing of the sun' as a 'winged disk'.

      c) The Diagonal of the (long) pyramid is D=S√2~12913.25 PI~328.344 meters for an Edge E=S√(4/π2 +½)~8687.854 PI defining sinβ=H/E=0.669096.

      d) The Midpoint of a side S and the Apex define ((½S)2+L2=E2) the slanted height L=H/sinα=7391.5513 by the face-angle cosγ=S/2E=0.52551 and the face-apex angle δ=180-2γ=180-2(58.2974)=63.4052 degrees.

      e) 2L/S=4/π.sinα~1.61899 and precisely Φ for sinα=4/(πΦ) =0.786905314..... for an
      'Idealised Casing Angle' =51.89724156 degrees (51º 53' 50").

      S/2L=L/(L+S/2)=2L/(2L+S)=1/Φfor the Golden Section: L(L+½S)=(½S):L

      The Pentagon is defined by a equilateral triangle ABC apex angle (at C) 36 degrees and face-angles 72 degrees for a midpoint P and sides divided in the ratio X(1-X) and where X=1/Φ is also the base AB.

      Therefore, sin(18º)=1/2Φ=sin(36º)/2sin(72º) from sin(36º)=2sin(18º).cos(18º)



      Because (n+1)3=n3+3n2+3n+1 and 1+2+3+...+(n-1)+n=½n(n+1) as Summation of Aritmetic Progression for the Natural Numbers:


      Therefore summing the cubes gives:

      Therefore, (n+1)3=n3+3n2+3n+1=(n+1)+½.3(n)(n+1)+3(Summation of Squares).

      And Summation {SigmaΣ} of Squares:

      Σn2 = [2(n+1)3-2(n+1)-3n(n+1)]/6=n(n+1)(2n+1)/6 = [2n3+3n2+n]/6

      Similarly, (n+1)4=n4+4n3+6n2+4n+1=(n+1).1+4(Summation of Cubes)+6(Summation of Squares)+2n(n+1)

      For Σn3 = [(n+1)4-n(n+1)(2n+1)-2n(n+1)-(n+1)]/4 = [n(n+1)/2]2

      There are so 210(211)(421)/6=3,109,085 'Idealised Stones', including the Capstone and 4x209+1=837 Cornerstones (with the capstone) for n=210 courses in the Great Pyramid.
      The total number of casing stones without the capstone so becomes:


      and 2.210.209=87,780 for n=210; and the cornerstones, inclusive the capstone, sum as
      Σ{Cn}=4(n-1)+1=4n-3 and as Cn}=4(n-1) without the capstone.

      The encompassment for 210 levels gives the sequence of squares from 210 to the capstone as metaphysical cubes enveloping the physical pyramidal structure. Those metaphysical cubes become however metaphysical prisms for the capstone to be a miniature replica for the pyramid in toto.

      The 210 courses so have square bases, but a reduced height in the ratio H/S=2/π~0.63662 and for 210Y=H=2S/π for Y=27.681 PI~0.7038 meters.

      On level n=210 the base layer encompasses 44,100 prisms with 836 casing stones and for n=209, the second layer counts 43,681 such prisms with 832 casing stones.

      Level 10 comprises 100 prisms and 36 casing stones, followed by the counts {81,32} {64,28}; {49,24}; {36,20}; {25,16}; {16,12)} {9,8}, and {4,4} as the projected height of the pyramid for n=2 and with just 4 cornerstones, also being casing stones - followed by the capstone. There are 836 corner stones in total.

      The Casing Stones of the 'short pyramid' can now themselves become 'Encased' by the 'metaphysical' 'long pyramid'; the first level casing stones have dimensions of about 1.5:1.5:1.8, there are 232.174/1.5~153-155 pyramidal prisms in the encompassing metaphysical side.

      But the 'perfected' polishing of the pyramidal surface allows superposition of 'Idealised Perfect Cubes' onto this smooth surface 'without gaps'.

      Beginning at the 'Capstone' aka Pyramidion as n=1 in a Sum of Squares and proceeding to n=210 courses; constructs the squares in layers n2; each layer n defining a circumference of Casing Stones counted as
      Tn=4(n-2)+4 Cornerstones or as Tn=4(n-1)

      An idealised cubestone so has a sidelength 9131.05/210=43.481 PI or X=1.1056 meters and a volume of U=X2Y=0.8603 m3.

      The volume summed as the courses of squares becomes U(12+22+32+...+2092+2102)=U(210x211x421)/6 or about 2,674,836 m3and for 3,109,085 'idealised' construction stones.

      The geometric volume of the pyramid is calculated as:
      Volume=BaseAreaxHeight/3 ~2,655,807 m3, and it becomes the difference of the 'idealised' volume minus the 'polishing'.

      The Polishing-Function P(n) describes the difference in those volumes divided by the number of casing stones used. Using this function will greatly improve the accuracy of the individual size measurements for the pyramid.

      For U=S2H/n3 and V=S2H/3:

      P(n)={U(2n3+3n2+n)/6-S2H/3}/{U(2n2-2n+1)} = {(2n3+3n2+n)/6-n3/3}/{2n2-2n+1} and so


      This shows that for a single prismatic construction stone (n=1); the geometric volume of the 'chiseled' pyramid will be one third of the utilized material and where this value approaches its maximum at n=0.8904.

      The encasing so subtracts about 19,029 m3 or 22,119 U from the idealised construction of prisms at the 210 course level and where the number of casing stones is 87,780+1=87,781 and subtracting so 0.71% from the total and for P(210)~25.16%.

      Increasing the number of 'idealised' casing stones so will increase the number of courses and allow the physical construction of the 210 courses to use a variation and distribution of building blocks, accompanied by a decrease in the size of the blocks and a reduction in the 'polishing fraction'.
      The variation is about 0.0007% per level for n=219.

      The total volume for all the passages and chambers in the pyramid is about 1300 m3 and so:

      for n=218, one requires 218x219x437/6=3,477,209 prisms with 2x218x217=94,612 casing stones, of which 868 are corners and Y=26.665 PI~0.678 meters; X=41.886 PI~1.065 meters and U~0.7690 m3 for P(218)~25.153344%.

      For n=219, one requires 219x220x439/6=3,525,170 prisms with 2x219x218=95,484 casing stones, of which 872 are corners and Y=26.543 PI~0.675 meters; X=41.694 PI~ 1.060 meters and U~0.7587 m3 for P(219)~25.152642%.

      For n=220, one requires 220x221x441/6=3,573,570 prisms with 2x220x219=96,360 casing stones, of which 876 are corners and Y=26.423 PI~0.672 meters; X=41.505 PI~1.055 meters and U~0.7484 m3 for P(220)~25.151946%.

      At a projected 'perfect' 2702 level of 27x27x100=72,900 baselevel then; the number of noncorner casing stones is equal to the number of casing stones including the corners at the next 269-level; 145,260-1076=144,184 and excluding the capstone and for P(270)~25.123743% and P(269)~25.124204%.

      This function holds generally and at the 2192 level of 219x219=47,961 baselevel; the number of noncorner casing stones is 95,484-872=94,612 as the casing stones at the n=209 level inclusive the cornerstones.

      At the n=210 course of 2102=21x21x100=44,100 baselevel; the number of noncorner casing stones is 87,780-836=86,944=2x209x208 as the casing stones at the n=209 level inclusive the cornerstones.

      So for the n=5 course; the perfect square 25 is base to 5x6x11/6=55 prisms of 2x5x4=40 casing stones and of 4x4=16 corners plus the capstone.

      And for the n=4 level; the perfect square 16 is base to 4x5x9/6=30 prisms of 2x4x3=24 casing stones and of 4x3=12 corners plus the capstone.

      For the n=3 level; the perfect square 9 is base to 3x4x7/6=14 prisms of 2x3x2=12 casing stones and of 4x2=8 corners plus the capstone and for

      n=2, the perfect square 4 is the base for the capstone as 2x3x5/6=5 prisms of 2x2x1=4 casing stones as 4x1=4 corners for the pyramidion at n=1.


      The physical measurement of the Great Pyramid gives 'short' measurements for the Northern side ~230.255 meters; Southern side 230.453 meters; Eastern side 230.392 meters and Western side 230.359 meters - average 230.365 meters) and height 146.730 meters and for a face-base or casing angle of arctan(2H/S)=51.868 degrees (51º 52' 6").

      The 'long' measurements, using the sockets fastened to the pavement, are S=232.174 meters and H=147.807 meters for a casing angle of 51.854 degrees (51º 51' 14").

      Adding the shadow-gnomon (of height G=0.22956 meters or 9.0283 PI) to this height will give the idealised relationship:α=arcsin{4/(πΦ)}=51º 53' 50.07".

      The Great Pyramid as an Octahedron represents 'The Seal of Solomon' or David's Star geometrically and symbolically. The shadowed DARK and hidden half so is allowed to intersect the visible LIGHT half at its base course N.


      Star of David=Seal Of Solomon=Vesica Piscis=Octahedron


      A Moroccan local stamp, created in March 1896 by Josue Benchimol, from Tetuan to Chaouen (70 km). There are two major symbols on this stamp, the six-points star and the moon crescent with a star, symbolising many religions. Another local post was created in 1895 by Aaron Cohen from Tanger to Arcila (50 km), with a Magen David. (by zeevveez)

      From Wikipedia entry “Fire (classical element)” uploaded by Bryan Derksen

      In alchemy the triangle that points up is the symbol of fire while the triangle that points down is the symbol of water. As the elemental Fire is 'nourished' by the elemental Air and the elemental Earth is nourished by the elemental Water as zodiacal opposites; all four elements are incorporated in this symbolism.

      From Wikipedia entry “water (classical element)” uploaded by Bryan Derksen

      Fire and water are opposites. In the hexagram they interpenetrate and together they represent the unity of the opposites as in the yin-yang semiotiks - the fiery water with the airborne earth - that’s why hexagrams were drawn on the signs above shops that sold brandy until about hundred years ago.

      Made from micrographic Hebrew letters of verses from The Song of Songs by Baruch Ben Shmariahu (Shir_Brest_1794).Micrography is a unique Jewish art which has been developed in Tiberias in the 9th century C.E (Copyright: “zhsky” from Flickr)

      The Seal of Solomon, the New IS-RA-EL and the Pyramidal Timeline



      The vesica piscis is a shape, which is the intersection of two circles with the same radius, intersecting in such a way that the center of each circle lies on the circumference of the other. The name literally means the bladder of the fish in Latin.
      The shape is also called "mandorla" in Italian.

      It has been the subject of mystical speculation at several periods of history, perhaps first among the Pythagoreans. The mathematical ratio of its width (measured to the endpoints of the "body", not including the "tail") to its height was reportedly believed by them to be 265:153 (namely 1.73203...). The geometric ratio of these dimensions is actually the squarere root of 3, or 1.73205... (since if straight lines are drawn connecting the centers of the two circles with each other, with the two points where the circles intersect, two equilateral triangles join along an edge).
      The ratio 265:153 is an approximation to the square root of 3, with the property that no better approximation can be obtained with smaller whole numbers. The number 153 appears in the Gospel of John (21:11) as the number of fish Jesus caused to be caught in a miraculous catch of fish. (Wikipedia)

      Because the two centres are a distance R=Radius apart, the midpoint and geometric center of the vesica piscis becomes a cross centered on ½R=Rcos(60º)=½R horizontally and ½H=Rsin(60º)=½R√3 vertically.
      The axis-cross ratio 2H/R=R√3/R=√3=1.7320508...~265/153=1.7320261...
      and for an error of (100-99.9986)%=0.0014%.
      The general method relates the Archimedean extraction of roots by (integer)Diophantine equations:

      X2=3Y2+1 for √(X2/Y2)=X/Y=√(3+1/Y2) and here for X=5,19,71,265,989,3691,...and Y=3,11,41,153,571,2131,... for increasingly precise approximations for √3.
      There are 265 Days of Gestation in a typical human pregnancy, reflecting three quarters of a solar tropical year and as 9 Lunations or Synodic Months, each of 29.53059 mean solar days to an error of (100-99.708)%=0.292%.

      Subtracting 153 Fish-Days from the 'Gestational Cocoon' of 265 Mayan Kin-Days so indicates a daycount for a particular year, which encompasses 366 days from a 'Desolation-Resurrection' Day to its anniversary. 265-153=265-150-3=115-3 and where the 150 Days are encoded as '5 months of Scorpions' and as 110 Days of 'rising waters' following 40 Days and Nights of Deluge in the metaphor of Noah's Flood.
      Here the dimensions of Noah's Ark -{Genesis.6.15}- are L:B:H=300:50:30=6:1:0.6~6Φ:Φ:1 and again approximating √3 as 5/3 and describing the Merkabah of the 'Cosmic Man' Vitruvius of Leonardo de Vinci.

      Fundamentally, the 153 day count relates to 100+53=100+49+4 and where 7.5 weeks (7=3+4=2x3.5) describe a 'weekly cycle' superimposed onto other such cycles, like the 30 day 'ancient month' and the 360 day 'ancient year'. The days from January 1st to May 31st are 151 in a non-leap year and 152 in a leap year and the number of days from August 1st to December 31st in any Gregorian count is 153. The midpoint 'Mirror-Day' in such a typical year of 365=2x182+1 days so becomes Day #183 as July 2nd with 182 days preceding and 182 days following.

      This particular Kinship was Sunday, April 1st, 31 AD and the anniversary was April 1st, 32 AD as the 'Days of the Cosmic Fool' of the Orb of the Ouroboros aka Ophiuchus, the Tamer of the Serpent - the Plumed Serpent of the Maya or the Quetzacoatl of the Aztecs or the Egyptian Horus aka the Cosmic Christ aka the 12th Imam Muhammad Al-Mahdi aka Emmanuel Melchizedek aka Hermes Trismegistos aka 'The Great White Brother' aka Krishna Purusha aka aka aka..
      Linked to the decipherment of divers encodements (which are more detailed in the linked references); a weekly cycle of 7 days is halved into three days and three nights and a mirror day, where the day becomes a night and the night becomes a day.

      There are seven weeks added to this halfweek, beginning on April 1st, 31 AD to signify 56 days between the 'appearance of a dried earth' and the Noahic Covenant of the Rainbow.
      These are the image days from the 'Day of the Embalming' on Wednesday, March 28th, 31 AD to the 'Day of the Pentecost' on Sunday, May 20th, 31 AD, occuring 10 Days after the 'Day of the Disappearance' or 40 Days of 'Communion'.
      There are thus 153 Fish-Days between the 'Day of the Leaving' on Thursday, May 10th, 31 AD and the 'Day of the Fulfilment and the Mirroring of Time' on Wednesday, October 10th, 31 AD and its halfweekprojection from Sunday, May 13th, 31 AD to Saturday, October 13th, 31 AD.

      This is a timeline encoded in the Pyramid, as well as being specified in the allegory of the Flood and the scriptural gematria.
      The pyramidal encoding indicates, that a 'mental image flood' will end in a 'New Rainbow Covenant' on April 1st, 2012 AD to begin a 'Gaian Pregnancy' and a 'Gaian Rebirth' manifesting on December 21st, 2012 AD. This shall be further elucidated as the linear timeline progresses towards its Mayan fulfilment.

      The political entity of the state of Israel will cease to exist after this 'New Covenant' becomes implemented. The 'Chosen and Holy People of God' will be understood to relate to the Jewish culture as a geographical archetype and as a 'forerunner' for its unigraphical archetype of the humanoid species overall. This unigraphical mapping relates the humanoid genus as a particular cosmic 'citizenship' or 'inheritor' of certain 'Abrahamic Promises' regarding a 'Seeding from the Stars'.

      Serving as an archetype for the 'starseeded' human species; the Israelitic identification with a certain geographical location and certain monumental symbols shall become DIFFUSED into a planetary identification for the global populus. This shall eventuate, in the reidentification of the 'Tribes of Jacob-Israel' as the dividing of the the cyclic year into 12 months or 12 starsigns or a similar partitioning of a Unity into separated sharded holograms.

      The relabeling shall render every global 'inheritor' as a 'SonDaughter of Israel' according to herhis starsign as hisher 'birthday' or 'deathday'. The political Israel shall so become a global Israel, with all 'Jews' assimilated and dispersed around the global communities as 'New Israelites' and according to their chosen physical abodes of residence. Then the present day Jewish peoples residing in present day political Israel and all who choose to reside at that particular geographical locale, will be known as Palestinian Israelites.

      What is known as the political Nation-State Israel. will become dismantled or ZIONISED to encompass the worldwide New IS-RA-EL = RA-IS-EL and as the symbolic fulfilment of the physical manifestation of the hitherto metaphysical 'Source-God-Sink' Ra Ren YahWehY Ren Hallah Ren EL and embodied as the BODY of ISRAEL aka Noah's Ark aka the Merkabah aka the Body of Christ aka THE TEMPLE of the RESURRECTION aka the NEW JERUSALEM aka the Dagonomy of the HeShe=SheHe of the alchemical 'wedding' between the 'spirit' and the 'flesh' aka the RadiationMass of the 'Lake of Fire and Brimstone' as a 'Vessel of Deliverance'.

      The true nature of the 'Temple of Jerusalem' and of the NATION ZION shall become universally realised and it will be understood, that the Old Jerusalem and the Old Israel as geographical locations served as unigraphical archetypes for a New Jerusalem and a New Israel.

      The nation Israel shall be the first such political entity, which shall relinquish its 'sense of separation' from its 'neighbours' and assume its International Selfhood as a DaughterSon of EL; the Pharaohnic symbol of the Sceptre and the Flail, the Royal lineage from the stars, allowing nonterrestrial lineages to aspire to Israelite Genealogical Integration.

      For a period of time, the geographical region upon earth now occupied by the nation Israel and surrounding regions, shall be known as PALESTINA; the Old Origin of the P(a)lace of Solomon's Temple and the Birthing Place of the eonold Construction of 'The archetypical Body for the metaphysical God EL'.

      There shall also be a new geographical origin for the locale for this Old Israel to mirror the Above in the Below and the North in the South.
      The IS-RA-EL of the North shall be known througout the galaxies as the AUS-TRA-LIA of the South. This nomenclature shall reflect certain metaphysical occurrences of the beginning of the cycle of the 'starseeded humanity' in the Southern Lands of Lemuria and the Northern Lands of Atlantia and thereby allow the communication between the 'watchers and gardeners of the seeds' and the 'fruitful seeds' to proceed intergalactically within a new realisation of a shared spacetime environment within the lightmatrix of EL-LE and LE-EL.

      The Old Temple of Jerusalem was destroyed by Titus Flavius Vespasius on August 4th, 70 AD, precisely 42 years after the 'Day of the Blessing' of the 'Plumed Serpent' in the river Jordan on August 4th, 28 AD. These 42 years so describe a period of the 'Blessed Curse', which is encoded as the 'Winepress of God's Wrath, trodden Without the Holy City' and assuming the number count of 1,600 Days between August 4th, 2008 AD and December 21st, 2012 AD.

      Those 1600 Days form the 'furlong-measurement' in comparison to the 'furlong-measurement' of the 'Within the Holy City', given as 12,000 Days.
      The ratio 19,200/144,000=1,600/12,000=16/120=2/15=1/7.5 describes the LIGHT-ENCOMPASSMENT for the planet earth in a Schumann-Frequency of 7.5 Hertz. Light 'travels around the earth's perimeter 7.5 times per second.

      12,000 Days are 32 years and 312 days and 1,600 days are 4 years and 139 days for a total of 37 years and 86 days, 10 months and about 8 days.
      December 21st, 2012 AD - 13,600 Days = September 27th, 1975 AD and April 1st, 32 AD - 13,600 Days = January 6th, 6 BC (as the Julian Christmas Day or the Day of the Magi in the Gregorian Calendar and as the general Yuletide Season or 12 Days of Christmas).

      The 8 weeks or 49+7 Days of the Rainbow Covenant from September 27th, 1975 give the 'Day of Ophis' - the 'Day of the Plumed Serpent Ophiuchus' as the Cusp between the Israelitic Tribal Sons of Sagittarius-Issachar and Scorpio-Asher on November 23rd, 1975. This begins 3 weeks of tribulation as 21 'Days of Gabriel' to 'complete' the '7 Days of Ezekiel's Confusion' and the '4-Weeks of Lent'.

      56 Days from 'King's Day' January 6th, 6 BC gives March 3rd, 6 BC and its extension by 21 Days gives the Spring Equinox of the Julian Calendar in 6 BC as the 'Birthday of the Serpent-Tamer' to March 24th, 6 BC that is the spring equinox dated at March 23rd, 6BC (back calibrated to March 21st, 6BC Gregorian).

      The detailed partitioning of the 'End Times' from December 8th 2004 to December 21st, 2012 engages a particular 2-year period and the larger cycles of the sun and the moon.
      The METONIC Cycle encompasses a 19-year cycle of 235 Lunations, equal to 19 tropical years to within 2 hours.
      The Metonic cycle forms the basis for Greek and Jewish calendars, as it repeats the phases of the moon on the same days of a year.

      The SAROS Cycle relates the occurrrence of Lunar and Solar Eclipses in almost identically repeated intervals of just over 18 years.
      223 Lunations or 6585.32 days differ by 0.46 days from 19 Eclipse years (of just 346.62003 mean solar days) of 6585.78 days and assign a position of the Sun, the Moon and the Moon's Dragon-Nodes which is the same relative to each other for a Saros period.
      This Saros cycle was known to the ancient civilisations, including the Babylonians and the Maya.

      The difference between the Metonic- and the Saros Cycle so are 235-223=12 Lunations or 354.3671 mean solar days and differing from the Tropical year by 10.875 mean solar days.

      A BLUE MOON is defined as Two Full Moons occuring in a given (common Gregorian) month and a BLACK MOON serves as the New Moon corollary. As there are approximately 40 such corollaries in a century; there are about 40 Blue Moons and 40 Black Moons per century or the separation between any particular Double-Moon is between 2.5 and 3 years.

      In the 'End Times' and for Universal Greenwich Time (UMT), the BLUE MOONS are:
      July 2&31 2004 AD; June 1&30 2007 AD; December 2&31 2009 AD and August 2&31 2012 AD.
      The BLACK MOONS for the 'End Times' are: December 1&31 2005 AD; August 1&30 2008 AD and July 1&30 2011 AD.
      A Solar Eclipse requires a conjunction between the Sun and the Moon and so can only occur at the New Moon.
      A Lunar Eclipse requires Sun and Moon in opposition with the earth in between and so can only happen at Full Moon.
      'Within two full years will I bring again into this place all the vessels of the Lord's house, that Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon took away from this place, and carried them to Babylon.....Even so will I break the yoke of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon from the neck of all nations within the space of two full years."-{Jeremiah.28.3,11}.
      "And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the Lord."-{Isaiah.66.23}.

      The vessels of the Lord are physical images of metaphysical objects and king Nebuchadnezzar is the archetype of the physical controllers. The 'flesh' is in inferior supraidentity of the superior metaphysical identity and the inferior will become subject to the superior in a supramentalisation of the below metamorphosing into the above. (See Moses' Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistos and the 'Above as Below' axioms for further alchemical elucidiation at this point in time. Another reference regarding supermentality is Aurobindoean metaphysics).

      On December 21st, 2010 AD, a Tuesday Full Moon begins a 2-year period to December 21st, 2012.
      The (northern) winter solstice synchronises with a Total Lunar Eclipse.
      Other Total Lunar Eclipses for this 2-year period occur on Full Moon, Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 and on Full Moon, Saturday, December 10th, 2011.
      There is a Total Solar Eclipse for New Moon, Tuesday, November 13th, 2012; an Annular Solar Eclipse on New Moon, Sunday, May, 20th, 2012 and there are Partial Solar Eclipses on the New Moons of Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 and Wednesday, June 1st, 2011, as well as on Friday, July 1st, 2011 (just one month apart) and for Monday, November 28th, 2011.
      There are partial Lunar Eclipses on the Full Moons of Monday, June 4th, 2012 and Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 (penumbral).
      The Second 8-year Venus Transit of Wednesday, June 6th, 2012 completes the First Venus Transit of Monday, June 7th, 2004.

      Following the December 21st, 2010 Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse, the next New Moon will occur on Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 AD.
      July 1st, 2011 AD will introduce the FIRST BLACK MOON into the final 2-year period and define the FIRST SABBATH on Saturday, July 2nd, 2011 AD and the SECOND SABBATH on the SECOND BLACK MOON on Saturday, July 30th, 2011 AD.

      Within the two sabbaths and the two Black Moons, is located Sunday, July 10th, 2011 AD as the mirror image of the 'Gestation Day' of Sunday, April 1st, 2012 AD.
      Counting 265 Days from July 10th, 2011 gives April 1st, 2012 and counting 265 Days from April 1st, 2012 gives December 21st, 2012.
      The day count from New Moon on Friday, July 1st, 2011 AD to New Moon on Thursday, December 13th, 2012 AD are 19 Lunations or synodic months and there are 9 New Moons from Saturday, April 21st, 2012 AD to Thursday, December 13th, 2012 AD and there are 9 New Moons between Saturday, July 30th, 2011 AD and Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011 AD.
      There are so 10 encompassing New Moons from Saturday, April 21st, 2012 AD to Friday, January 11th, 2013 AD and 9 Lunations mirrored in Friday, July 1st, 2011 AD as the imaged beginning of the 'Shadowed Pregnancy' and 'Birth'.
      The period from July 10th, 2011 AD to December 21st, 2012 so encompasses 2x265=530 Days to which is added a 'halfweek of confusion' or 3.5 days to Chrismas Day, 2012 and 21 days until the January 2013 New Moon.
      This scenario becomes imaged in the two Black Moons of July, 2011 with the 4-weeks from December 13th, 2012 to January 11th, 2013 'reflecting' in its 'shadow' of the two Black Moons from July 1st, 2011 to July 30th, 2011.

      There are 40+110=150 Days of the 'Deluge' followed by 74 days from the 'Peak of Mount Ararat', followed by 40+7+7+36=90 days until the 56 days for the 'Rainbow Covenant' for a total of 370 days.
      The symmetry then becomes-{Genesis.7.11-}:
      The subsiding of the deluge so spans the daycount from the 'Peak of Mount Ararat' to Noah's sending of the Raven and the Dove 74+40=114 days afterwards and is followed by 14+36+56=106 days or 15 weeks plus one day. As 370=105+265=153+56+56+105=150+(3.5+3.5)+49+108+56
      150 days of the raising are also '5 months of scorpions' {Revelation.9.5-10} and the difference between the 'Gestation' Image within the Rainbow Covenant beginning April, 1st, 2012 and the 'Days of the Flood' are 265-150=115=370-the 86 days

      The Octahedron as a Nonintersecting Double-Pyramid




      The physical Great Pyramid is metaphysically SHADOWED in the encompassing circle defined by its height H, being the radius R for that circle and circumscribing a Square of side S=½πH.
      The Great Pyramid so is a Double-Pyramid of upwards-pointing Light and downwards-pointing Darkness; and as symbolised by the geoemetry of the Vesica Piscis and Solomon's Seal. As such the regular Platonic Octahedron becomes displaced in intersection about the platform of the 220th layer, upon which the physical pyramid is constructed.

      2x219x218+1=95,485 Casing Stones for 219 levels so become supplemented by 47,961 'Shadowed' and nonpolished Casing Stones from the inverted and reflected pyramid. This then gives 143,446 Casing Stones for the 5-faced pyramid. The number of casing stones at n=219 for that layer are 4x218=872 with 872xP(219)~219.33.. So each of the casing stones is 'polished' to 75%.

      There are so 115 Casing Stones missing to complete the 144,000 (Mayan) Kin-Day number of the propheticalle encoded count of 12x12,000=144,000.
      115=5x23 and including the 'missing capstone' for 'four gates' or corners of the 'New Temple' (say the New Jerusalem' as a 'Heavenly City' or a 'Light-Space-Ship' gives 4x(28+1)=4x29=4x(30-1)=116.
      This doubles the 8 weeks of the timeline chronologies as 2x(49+2x(3.5))=112=265-153 and assigns each cardinal direction or 'Jerusalem Gate-Corner' of North-East-West-South an 'Entrance' 'guarded' by the decomposition of the 'missing capstone' as the Unity 1=29-28.

      The 'shadowing' of the LIGHT-Pyramid in its DARK-Pyramid in the Octahedron then intersects the Pavement in the fraction of n as given in the Pyramid Quadratic.

      004_el11-jpg. caduce10-jpg. caduce10-png.
      Using the Pavement of the pyramid as the course for n=220; the number of 220x220=48,400 Base-Shadow Stones are added to the 219-course Casing Stones and gives 95,485+48,400=143,885 Casing Stones.

      The shadowed layer of 47,961 stones and with dimensions U~0.7587 m3 represents a submerged volume of 36,388 m3 and which maps the base of the ''hidden mound' inside the upright pyramid as 36,388/2,655,807~1.37% and here ignoring the polishing.
      To reconstruct the entire mound as a truncated pyramid within the visible structure, a 'doubling' of courses from n=219 to n=x is required.

      For n=201 and U=0.7587 m3, the summation of layers gives: 3,525,170-2,686,700=838,470 prisms with 95,484-79,600=15,884 casing stones and for polishing reductions P(219)=0.251526417 and P(200)=0.25167188. This reduces the casing stone count of 15,884 to 11,887.6 and results in a truncation volume of U(838,470-3,996.4) ~ 633,115 m3 or 633,115/2,655,807~23.84% of the pyramidal total geometric volume.

      The metaphysical consistency for the overall construction of the pyramid so encompasses the inconsistency of the physical construction of the inner pyramid and becomes mirrored in the nonuniformity of blocks used and the 'falling away'of the topmost levels, including a 'missing capstone' and a gnomon (indicator of the shadow) supplementing the pyramidion as the 'transducer' to the sky.

      The 'doubling' of the block size at the 35th course and at the level of the King's Chamber signifies the overall 'doubling' of the pyramid into the shape of a Platonic Octahedron.
      One so constructs the physical pyramid upon partially SHADOWED Casing Stones given by a base N2.
      The base n=219 so defines (220-1)2=48,400-440+1=47,961=2192 Partially SHADOWED Base Casing Stones; which are added to the casing stones for the 219th course as the fraction (between 219 and 220) for the PYRAMID QUADRATIC:

      (n+1)2+2n(n-1)+1=144,000 = Base-Casing+Face-Casing+Capstone.

      The PHYSICAL CASING for the 5-faced Great Pyramid so becomes SHADOWED or inverted in the 'Great Shadow Pyramid' for N=n+n*=219+n*.

      The Pyramid Quadratic so is:

      3N2+2=3(219+n*)2+2=143,885+3(n*)2+1314n* = 144,000 or 3(n*)2+1314n*-115=0

      for a function f(N)=3N2-143,998.

      The root n*=√(1,727,976)-1314)/6=0.087501545... so describes a SHADOWED BASECASING for

      The Pyramid Quadratic so becomes a LIMIT of differentiation for epsilon ε=N-n=n* for the function
      [f(n+n*)-f(n)]/n*=115/n*=1314.262508...and with the base casing increased by [440n*+(n*)2]=38.50833632.. and the face casing increased by [874n*+2(n*)2]=76.49166337.. for the total of [1314n*+3(n*)2]=115.


      The SHADOW Basecasing so is comprised of 144,000 casing stones, representing the PHYSICAL five-faced encapsulation of the Great Pyramid and which is IMAGED in the metaphysical Capstone of Unity at the opposite pyramidion of the inscribed Octahedron.

      For Y=26.543 PI~0.6749 meters; X=41.694 PI~1.060 meters; U=0.7587 m3; the Volume of the 219 courses and for 438x218=95,484 casing stones, then becomes U(219x220x439/6)=0.7587(3,525,170)~2,674,546.479 m3; differing by 18,739.414 m3 from the geometric volume of 2,655,807.065 m3 as 18,739.414/2,674,546.479 or as 0.701% of the total.

      95,485U~72,444.47 m3 ~ [3.866]18,739.414 and a 'polishing fraction' increased to 1/[3.866]~25.87%.

      Using bigger blocks relates to a decrease in levels and a decrease of the 'polishing' volume to be subtracted from the square construction count.

      For n=210, Y=27.681 PI~0.7038 meters; X=43.4812 PI~1.1056 meters; U=X2Y~0.86029 m3 for a volume of 2,674,714.735 m3and with 18,907.67/2,674,714.735~0.707%.

      87,781U~75,517.12 m3 ~ [3.994]18,907.67, meaning that the 'polishing' fraction of the casing stones is about 1/[3.994]~25.04%.

      For n=200, Y=29.065 PI~0.739 meters; X=45.655 PI~1.1609 meters; U~0.9959 m3 for a volume of 2,675,684.53 m3 and 19,877.465/2,675,684.53~0.743%.

      79,601U~79,274.64 m3 ~ [3.988]19,877.465 and for a 'polishing fraction' of 1/[3.988]~25.08%.

      For n=100, Y=58.130 PI~1.478 meters; X=91.3105 PI~2.3217 meters; U~7.967 m3 for a volume of 2,695,634.45 m3 and 39,827.385/2,695,634.45~1.477%.

      19,801U~157,754.57 m3 ~ [3.961]39,827.385 and a 'polishing fraction' of so 1/[3.961]~25.25%.

      For n=220, Y=26.423 PI~0.672 meters; X=41.505 PI~1.0553 meters; U~0.7484 m3 for a volume of 2,674,573.13 m3, with 18,766.063/2,674,573.13~0.702%.

      96,361U~72,116.57 m3 ~ [3.843]18,766.063 and a 'polishing fraction' of so 1/[3.843]~26.02%.

      The 'polishing fraction' P(n) so increases from its minimum value in between the physical construction level at n=210 and its metaphysical projection at n=219.

      These messages are correlated with the other threads and messages as shared by the Council of Thuban and its associated 'Mystery of the Sphinx' and particular calendars accessible at linked and other sources.

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