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    Perhaps because of this reason, many of Parravicini’s prophecies refer to the contact with extraterrestrial beings, which he names "astronavigator" (astronavego), "the Blue Beings" from the planet "KI--EN-KI", which have already been in the earth thousands of years ago and will be back "in their enormous fish shape red ships":
    - The astronavigator from the planet KI--EN-KI which arrived in the earth in the hour of the creation, which contributed in the Egyptian construction, Greek and Roman, which helped in the wars of Europe and guided the lasts constructions, tries again to fortify the man in his mind and to avoid the atomic disaster. It is in mission! (year 1960)
    -The astral astronavigator which lived in the earth during the Caldean civilization brought then big fish shaped red ships and used them to take human beings to the planet KI--EN-KI. Today, he is bringing again his giant red ships to rescue from the three smokes to the earthly beings and to take them to the planet "KI--EN-KI". He will bring them back in the 2000! (year 1960)
    -The big firefish shaped starships from the "KI--EN-KI" will travel to the earth in a high mission for assistance. They will travel over their already familiar South Pole. They will dwell in the ices until the hour of the hour. Then they will be. (year 1960)

    Matthew 12:25-27 - King James Version (KJV)
    25 And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:
    26 And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?
    27 And if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your children cast them out? therefore they shall be your judges.

    Nostradamus: Century X, Quatrain 96

    Religion du nom des mers vaincra,
    Contre la secte fils Adaluncatif,
    Secte obstinee deploree craindra,
    Des deux blessex par Aleph & Aleph

    The Religion of the name of the seas will overcome,
    Against the sect of the son of Adaluncatif,
    The obstinate lamented sect will fear
    The two wounded by Aleph & Aleph.

    PACIFICAP=48+16=64=ISRAEL=PETER=PACIFICA P=P+ACIFICA P=32+32=LIFECELL de Pacifica OmniScience La Paz of the Pacific de A&A=A&A*=A&Z=Alpha&Omega of the Witnesses for the LogosTwin JCCJ


    "Aliph De Aliph"

    A Lunatic's House as a symbol for the deniers of the physical incarnation and existence and resurrection of the World Logos.
    A place of self delusion for the 'Lamentable Obstinate Sect' of the 'AntiChrist of the Artiste' d'NABS and the scripture codes misinterpreters and Logos truth polluters and cosmic law defilers

    The lunatic’s house - La maison du fada

    La maison du fada: that’s the local name for Le Corbusier’s famous – or infamous –unité d’habitation, or cité radieuse, in Marseille’s suburbs

    John 14:1-3
    1Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.

    2In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.
    3And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

    1.Revelation 1:8
    I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.

    2.Revelation 1:11
    Saying, I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: and, What thou seest, write in a book, and send it unto the seven churches which are in Asia; unto Ephesus, and unto Smyrna, and unto Pergamos, and unto Thyatira, and unto Sardis, and unto Philadelphia, and unto Laodicea.

    3.Revelation 21:6
    And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.

    4.Revelation 22:13
    I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

    [5:59:00 PM-Saturday, July 13th, 2013 +10UCT] Emeth 141: Yes and the December 21st, nexus opened the 5D and 2013 will 'evolve' this is the way I see it. The 'Aleph and Aleph' means of course 'Alpha and Alpha' as an 'Old Beginning and a New Beginning as the 'End or Omega of the Old'. And the whole world should know by now what the 'abominable sect' is, despite the 'apologizers' of multiculturalism and 'peaceful coexistence'.
    The 'reproducibility' of 'phenomenal outcomes' will become visible in time from 2013 onwards
    [5:59:46 PM] Sirius 17: yes
    [6:00:19 PM] Emeth 141: So the 'skeptics' percentage will diminish and become replaced by the 'attuners'. This is also called the 'Old Golden Age' renewal and such terms, often Nabs hijacked.
    Before science of the Rennaissance, the 'beliefs' accomodated more of this, as you can discern in the human histories
    [6:02:07 PM] Sirius 17: yes the Logos presence is what is behind it all, the counsel of 24 elders and the real throne of God
    [6:02:21 PM] Emeth 141: Ergo the fables of Lemuria and Atlantis etc as the intersection between higher and lower D was less rigid as it became with the rennaissance
    [6:02:32 PM] Sirius 17: true
    [6:03:30 PM] Emeth 141: Ergo what is required is a 'New Religion' say called Omni-Science and inclusive of the 'Spirit' as the scalar part of the electromagnetic fundamental interaction
    Nosey saw just this in his crystal balls:

    The Religion of the name of the seas will win out
    Against the sect of the son of Adaluncatif:
    The stubborn, lamented sect will be afraid
    Of the two wounded by A and A.

    [6:07:55 PM] Sirius 17: yeah i remember this quatrain
    [6:09:14 PM] Emeth 141: The Indians claim it applies to them of course and this is what is pervasive on the net.
    [6:10:01 PM] Emeth 141: The 'religion called after the seas' is PACIFIC or pace'=Peaceful in Spanish
    This becomes a supersymmetric anagram. Like the LiaFaiL as the 'Irish Stone of Destiny' fulfilling the scriptures regarding the Davidic Throne, then 'hijacked' by the European aristocrats.
    PaciFicaP is the anagram being 64=Peter=Israel=Zion
    [6:11:39 PM] Sirius 17: oh nice
    [6:11:42 PM] Emeth 141: So Cortes naming the Pacific is the thing Nosey 'saw'. Nothing to do with the Indian Ocean, except is is adjacent to ancient Lemuria or Mu lol
    [6:12:24 PM] Sirius 17: i am still sharing all this with JT; he left his oovoo open
    [6:12:40 PM] Emeth 141: But they are right in calling the 'obstinate sect' as being Islam as a Non-Sufi world religion
    [6:12:51 PM] Sirius 17: no doubt
    [6:13:09 PM] Emeth 141: So Nosey did address the 'rise and abuse of power of Islam'
    [6:14:32 PM] Sirius 17: sweety James is home and wants me to go to the jaccuzi with him so i am going to call it a night and i shared all of this with JT though as he may find it interesting
    [6:15:27 PM] Emeth 141: Oh good, I add this last part to his thread on spruz
    [6:15:41 PM] Sirius 17: sure

    Quatrain 96, Century X

    The religion of the name of the seas triumphs, Against the fanatics of the Khalif's adalat,

    The murderous creed of the false alefs, Between the Hindus and Christians will be caught. This prophecy need a little explication. In geography, one finds the Hindu Maha Sagar (the Indian Ocean in English). Hinduism is the only religion with a sea (an ocean, rather) named after it. The Moslem fanatics believe that the Shariat or Koranic law with its sexual licence is God-given or Khalif's adalat. The Koran itself opens with the letter alef (angel) in Arabic. Both Hindus and Christians have suffered at the hands of Moslems and seek revenge. Lebanon is a foretaste of things to come. The Nostradamian quatrain spells the doom of the murder-creed.

    If this interpretation should sound far-fetched, consider yet another prophetic quatrain :

    Quatrain 50, Century L

    From the peninsula where three seas meet, Comes the ruler to whom Thursday is holy, His wisdom and might all nations will greet, To oppose him in Asia will be folly.

    South India is the only peninsula in the entire globe where three seas meet a point and stretch away.
    The great Hindu leader who will wipe out our enemies will hence be a south Indian who offers worship on Thursdays. It is easy to see why Nostradamus specifically mentions Thursday as the holy day. It is only Hindus who consider Thursday sacred. Moslems pray on Friday; Jews bow before God on Saturday; Christians bawl hymns on Sunday at church.
    Nostradamus is making it clear here that the conqueror will be a Hindu from South India. He will bind Asia together under his rule. The Hindu leader, however, will not be a tyrant. He will be ruthless with the Moslem fanatics. But he will win over the communists by persuading them of the timeless varieties of Hinduism. Russia will become India's ally:

    Read more:

    The Amazing Prophecies of Benjamín Parravicini

    July 29, 2012 By davidjones


    Coming events cast their shadows forward.
    – Johann W. von Goethe

    This is the story of a most unassuming modern prophet – Benjamín Solari Parravicini (BSP) – who was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1898, and died in 1974 at the age of 76. He was a painter and sculptor, and came from a traditional and well-to-do family. He held various posts with the Buenos Aires Municipal Arts Department; nothing particularly memorable nor exceptional about his social and professional life. He was a quiet, discrete and kindly person. Leading a low-profile life, he would have remained almost totally unknown to the world were it not for the fact that he had the uncanny gift of being able to peer into the future.
    With time, Benjamín Solari Parravicini – ‘Pelón’ as his friends nicknamed him – has become widely known both inside and outside his native Argentina because of the “messages,” as he called them, he received from his “Guardian Angel” about coming events.
    Contrary to what some in Argentina and elsewhere would have us believe, true to his unassuming style BSP never said he had “mystic visions” nor that the future appeared to him as a burning bush of divine inspiration. Nothing of the sort: he would suddenly become inspired by a feeling, and his Guardian Angel would send him one of many “messages” that he felt compelled to draw in pencil or charcoal in the simplest of forms; mostly as just one continuous line producing an image often rather naïve, to which he would add his written “explanation.”
    In this way, BSP fashioned and shaped more than 700 prophetic “messages” that mostly relate to transcendental and dramatic events affecting the world of his time and after his time, many of which are centred on his native Argentina.
    Most of these messages were revealed to him in the 1940s and 1950s, but he continued to receive them until just before his death in the 1970s. As with most prophetic lore, both the images and the prose are, for the most part, enigmatic. That is until passing events make them become clearer – often crystal clear.
    [PLEASE NOTE: Images for this article (drawn by BSP) can be viewed in the downloadable version of this issue of New Dawn magazine.]

    Such is also the case with other prophetic literature as the quadrants of Nostradamus, the papal prophecies of St. Malachy of Armagh in Ireland, and of other more modern sages from Edgar Cayce to Jean Dixon.
    The interesting thing about BSP is that each message carries both a visual symbolic sketched drawing that speaks primarily to our emotions and intuition, whilst the written prose – normally set down by him afterwards when fully awake – speaks more to our intellect. No doubt, a good combination for today’s mindset where our worldview of reality is so heavily biased towards the intellectual. BSP gives us a more balanced appraisal of these messages both in their unconscious content – perhaps messages from the Collective Unconscious – and how he felt they could be intellectually “aligned” to make sense in today’s “real world.”
    Thus, with time his “psychographies” – as he called these images and texts – were found to predict many highly dramatic events of the modern world: the fall of Hitler and Mussolini after World War II, the rise of Castro in Cuba, satellite communications, the destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York City, artificial heart transplants, the atomic bomb…
    Many of BSP’s messages refer to Argentina for which in 1971 he envisioned miseries and mishaps at a national level; he saw a great falling down and went so far as to warn that Argentina would suffer its own bloody “French Revolution” that may sink it into severe turmoil unless Argentineans recognise and accept “The Grey Man” who will someday hopefully place Argentina back on the right track from which it has strayed so very far. If that does finally happen, then he envisions Argentina and South America in general as a “beacon for the whole world” after the coming catastrophes of artificial and natural origins envisioned by so many.
    Much has been written about what he meant by “The Grey Man” – el Hombre Gris. An unknown social or political reformer? A metaphor for the middle class? The common working man and woman? No one knows although in today’s decadent Argentina one thing is sure: this reforming political figure has definitely not shown up yet!

    The Collection of Psychographies

    The author of this article was lucky to have been a friend of Sigurd von Wurmb and his kindly wife, Ana María, who were long acquainted with BSP from his early years. After BSP’s death they received a good part of his psychographies, many of which von Wurmb catalogued and then published in four volumes released through the local Kier Publishing House in Buenos Aires. Regrettably, Sigurd von Wurmb passed away in January 2007, however he left a very good and sequential account of what BSP’s work was all about; a website dedicated to him (in Spanish) can be accessed at
    Today, Ms Bibiana Bryson, with whom the author is acquainted, continues that work and is also custodian to another sizeable portion of BSP’s psychographies. She manages an excellent and authoritative website ( on BSP in which she publishes information and research done on his work, as well as new interpretations based on major world events as they unfold.

    The Cross Symbol

    As to the source of his knowledge, BSP spoke of “superior beings” who made known to him their grave concern over the future of mankind. Notably, he spoke of José de Aragón, a monk-like figure he considered his Guardian Angel, who egged him on to draw and speak to future generations. He even told him to draw a symbol to inspire the “New Humanity” that, even now, is being born and will carry Man to superior levels of consciousness, a wholesome life, and harmonious alignment with constructive cosmic forces. He called that symbol “Cruz Orlada,” i.e., the “Trimmed Cross,” whose mystic symbolism Brother Aragón one night dictated to BSP as follows:
    “Very simply, dear son, because God is the Universe and the universe is circular, thus we have that God is a Circle; thus God is Universal. The cross inside the Circle which can be plain or “trimmed” with flames, symbol of the Sun, and also of God – i.e., the God-Christ – shall be Love, Faith, Light; it is carried the heart of union… Send it to our brother Sigurd (von Wurmb) who can spread it through his pen in the press here and abroad…. Tell him the time of the Trimmed Cross has come.”

    What Do the Psychographies Mean?

    On her website, Ms Bryson admonishes all to be cautious regarding alleged “meanings” and “interpretations” of BSP’s messages. She points out one such case making the rounds on the Internet that some say may refer to a catastrophic event about to take place during the up-coming London Olympic Games which we will refer to in this article.
    As Sigurd von Wurmb and Ms Bryson aptly point out, BSP did not go into any trance, and all interpretations of his drawings are the sole responsibility of the persons making them, and should not be ascribed to BSP himself. Von Wurmb said that BSP considered himself “a messenger, a channel of higher voices,” bent on warning man of impending perils and guiding him upwards. “BSP must not be forced into a circle of sensationalism, especially since there are serious and respected researchers into his life’s work. These researchers include Ana María von Wurmb, Pedro Romaniuk, and Ms Bryson herself amongst others.
    One of the most striking examples is a “psychography” that clearly references the World Trade Center attacks of 2001, both regarding the image and the text which says, “North America’s Light of Liberty shall lose its shine; its torch shall not illuminate as it did yesterday, and the monument shall be twice attacked.” This psychography is dated 1939, almost thirty years before the Twin Towers were even built.
    Others from the 1930s carry texts announcing the coming Atomic Age:
    “The atom shall come and reign supreme” (1938), and how that relates to the increasing chaos after World War II, “The atom shall dominate the world; the world shall be atomised and will be blinded. There will be storms caused by man’s excursions into the atmosphere, new illnesses, the sexes shall be perverted and confused; collective madness, total chaos. The world shall become dark” (1934).
    About today’s mixed-up world he further stated back then, “The man-woman shall be a reality and will have two phases, by bisexual birth and through ancestry…. Medical doctors will operate and successfully, but the man-woman shall not be until 1970” (1937).
    “All goodness shall disappear from the World. Robbery and crime shall take over. The purity of creatures shall be corrupted by evil example in denaturalised homes. Marriages shall wane; lovers shall be admired all the same. Men shall cease seduction; women shall seduce” (1934). An undated message believed to be from the thirties says, “666. BLIND WORLD. The world seduced by evil shall fall.”
    On a more political stance, “A power race between Yankees and Russians shall take place. They shall race for space and land. It might not seem so, but America will prevail” (1941).
    Another message dated 1938, that many interpret as referring to the fall of Paris to the Germans in June 1940, reads as follows: “The Heart of the World shall fall in 1940; and shall be German until 1944.”
    A more poignant one from 1938 – as the world watched a seemingly unstoppable Hitler and his ally Mussolini grow in power – reads: “Hitler – Mussolini. With the same ends; the same ending.” It shows a defeated Mussolini tied to Hitler’s back.
    Then, there’s one from 1937 that seems to refer to Cuba’s Fidel Castro: “Bearded Head; that will seem holy but shall not be so and will inflame the Antilles.”
    Regarding the decadence of the Catholic Church, he issued several warnings of bad things to come: “The Church shall err in its steps and its own leaders will falsify things” (late 1930s).
    Alluding to the Vatican Council II, BSP warned, “The papacy shall have new norms. What was evil until yesterday shall cease to be so. Mass shall be protestant, without specifically saying so. Protestants shall be Catholics, without saying so.”
    In a clear reference to the last popes of our times, notably John Paul II, BSP said, “The Pope shall leave the Vatican in his travels and reach America whilst mankind falls” (1938).
    Another message from 1938 with a different kind of theme reads, “The heart shall be artificial in 1966.” In part, this tallies very closely in time to South African surgeon Dr. Christian Barnard’s first successful heart transplant in history.

    The 2012 London Olympics

    Then there are two psychographies which some claim point to the 2012 Olympics. The first has a series of images that not only relate to the Olympics but also bear similarities to a map of the main Olympic site in London when its image is superimposed upon it.
    This message set down in 1972 shows the 114.5-metre tall spiralling sculpture designed by Indian artist Anish Kapoor and called the “ArcelorMittal Orbit.” It lies in Olympic Park and according to the BBC is 22-metres higher than New York’s Statue of Liberty.
    There is also the 27-ton Olympic Bell that is much bigger than Big Ben’s as well as the Olympic Torch. Alarmingly, it shows a scythe, traditionally a Saturnian symbol of the Reaper of Death. The associated text in the message says, “Fire, Hunger, Plague, Death are rung by the bell nearing the world; but the world does not yet see or hear. The darkness of the dragon which seemed asleep, draws nigh. The terror of the bear that mocked love and brotherhood. The hour of the humble democrat who never was humble, and with him comes poverty, homelessness and, with them, all the explosions of dissolution. Darkness comes and, after that, Light from the South. And the Cross!”
    The dragon is widely used as a symbol of England and Wales. Might the bear refer to Russia and the Slavs? The hypocrisy of “democrats” is a global phenomenon nowadays.
    The other psychography that might point to the London Olympics was composed in 1938 and comes from Ms Bryson’s private archive. It seems to show a series of symbols and images of London, Britain and the Olympics, and carries an ominous message: “The Hour of Great Tribulation has Come!”
    It too seems to show Big Ben, a jagged outline of the Olympic Stadium, English flags (a cross) and even the one-eyed Olympic mascot.

    Still to Come?

    Below is a small sample of Benjamín Solari Parravicini’s other prophecies that have not come to pass yet, and if proven true will have unprecedented impact on Mankind…
    “The ugliness and deformity with which ‘extra-terrestrials’ are shown is human fantasy. That does not exist” (1972).
    “Obelisks on the moon shall one day speak and shall destroy the voice of man” (1972).
    “The seven-circular-step lunar crater shall reveal its secret to mankind” (late thirties).
    “Interplanetary vessels come to earth in PEACE” (1960).
    “Earthbound civilisation includes a lost civilisation that was far superior to the ones that followed it…” (1960).
    “The interplanetary amphibious vessels shall show us the existence of inhabitable Canals inside the Earth. They shall submerge in the South Pole only to reappear in the North Pole in a matter of seconds!!” (1960).
    “In view of the many visits from extra-terrestrial vessels, science will first deny, then doubt, and finally shall say ‘It is true!’ And our wisdom shall stay behind. They have been watching and contemplating us for centuries” (1940).
    “There shall appear flying high above in circles of light, bringing alien beings from other planets. Yes, they are the ones who came to populate Earth and it shall be well told. Yes! Those called angels in the Old Testament, or the voice of Jehovah, shall again appear and they shall be seen and Heard” (1938).


    Many predictions refer to BSP’s native Argentina and have so far proven grimly accurate:
    “RA. Argentine Republic must ready itself to suffer. They shall have some thugs that will reduce the country to a fascist-style communism. Death shall run through streets and roads” (1938). To many, the author included, a reflection of today’s Argentina under the corrupt Kirchner government and the increasing violence of all sorts that their erred policies have triggered throughout the country.
    “On its new Constitution, breaking with prior norms, a tall mountain of evil figures shall arise. All of them will cover their hidden agendas behind their make-believe masks” (1940). In 1994, Argentina sanctioned a new Constitution with dire results as it has given the corrupt political party system a veritable monopoly over political power.
    Since then, successive administrations have gone from bad to worse, starting with the corrupt Carlos Menem government (1994-1999), followed by the grossly failed Fernando De la Rúa government that dumped the country into an abyss of chaos (1999-2001), the ignorant interim administration of Eduardo Duhalde (2002-2003) and finally today’s grossly corrupt and perverse Néstor and Cristina Kirchner administrations (2003 to date).
    In more general terms, he foresaw that, “Argentina shall suffer on a small scale, what shall later hit the World. It shall set an example!” (1938).
    There is much truth to the first part of this message, as the unprecedented financial and social collapse Argentina went through in 2001/2004, triggered by its Sovereign Debt default, gave the global banking money masters a practical opportunity on how to macro-manage a full-fledged collapse and not only get away with it, but also make a huge profit out of it.
    Argentina was used as a sort of “leading case” and ten years later the banksters are now applying those lessons they learned from Argentina in countries like Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Italy and others.
    When times are troubled as they are today, we would do well to lend an ear to what the very few prophets still left are saying. Their messages might be hard to unravel but they hold warnings and guidelines that we would certainly do well to heed.
    It’s certainly worth listening to Benjamín Solari Parravicini as many of his hundreds of prophetic messages are yet to be fulfilled. Interestingly for those of us living in the Southern Hemisphere, an idea that runs through many of BSP’s messages is his belief that Salvation shall come from the South. In a similar tone wrote Chilean diplomat Miguel Serrano, in line with many Europeans and North Americans who, despairing at today’s materialistic world that is falling apart at the seams, have also looked Southwards for a true renewal.
    [PLEASE NOTE: Images for this article (drawn by BSP) can be viewed in the downloadable version of this issue of New Dawn magazine.]
    If you appreciated this article, please consider a digital subscription to New Dawn.

    ADRIAN SALBUCHI is a political analyst, author, speaker and radio talk-show host in Argentina. He has published several books on geopolitics and economics in Spanish, and recently published his first eBook in English: The Coming World Government: Tragedy & Hope? which can be ordered through his web site, or details can be requested by E-mail to Salbuchi is 58 years of age, married, with four adult children, and works as strategic consultant for domestic and international companies. He is also founder of the Second Republic Project in Argentina, which is expanding internationally (visit:
    The above article appeared in New Dawn No. 133 (July-August 2012).

    Sunday, October 7, 2012]


    THE BENJAMIN SOLARI PARRAVICINI's PROPHETIC MESSAGE (II)Texts from psychographies without available images

    by Tomás Latino - Grupo Sol

    The Russia learned construct astral ships. (year 1938)

    In the sight they will have the polemics. But the men who flew will keep quiet. Because they will know without to know and without to know they will not be able to make clear what in sight they have. (year 1967)

    The man gets ready to visit near planets. He is already owner of still non defined ships, even in project. Yes, he will arrive, but he will arrive without to do. He will see without to see, he will say without to say. He will return without to return . He will be and he will not, because still... it is not time. (year 1960)

    The men will arrive to the moon. They will be there without to be. They will see without to see. They will hear without to hear. He will be back without to be. Take care! (year 1940)

    Two sights in one same face will carry the human in the moon flight. They will know nothing by seeing and they will see nothing by knowing. They will tell about seas, about polar caps, about rolls and about sounds; words. But nothing. All in the Nothing in the everything, because they will be in the proof. (year 1968)

    The astronaut earth will suffer encounters of new waves. He will be scared and he could have unexplainable surprises. He reaches the record of what he expected. But the reality will not get to them. They will be without to be and they will be there without to be. The moon will say. (year 1967)

    To the moon. It arrives the maximum of the cold country and it will say that it brought. It arrives the maximum of America and it will say that it brought. They have a truth and that... both will silence that. (year 1967)

    In the end of the proof. The lunars (natural from the moon) wait without anxiety the "earth hooks" which already knew. The lunars will give example of moderation. Will there be no revelation because the lunar being will break the earth device and nothing will be. (year 1967)

    The blaze comes close, the astronaut will know about the punishment and about God. The astronaut didn’t find the Lord in the heavens and the heavens will fall over him to reveal to him the almighty. The astronaut woman will be reality and she will know about realities that she didn’t see in the earth but she will found them in the skies after the final proof. (year 1957)

    The terraqueous astronaut will find a being which without to be will be and even so he will receive a help from the being. The terraqueous astronaut will mistake paths and he will come back in the earth without the mission, but with a new mission. The cosmos will speak! After the great proof! (year 1967)

    The terraqueous navigator will suffer nervous and intestinal disorders after the space flight. The genetic will suffer alterations to fecundate. The gigantism will be one of them, the mind darkness will be another. (year 1960)

    Human cosmonauts who staid away above, will give the guide about "certain invisible hand", ruler of the astral universe. (year 1969)

    In the end of the proof. The terraqueous navigator will fly to the moon. He will carry easy arguments for observation, even so he will forget alb roosters for the lunar awakening. They will be asleep without any remedy and their sleep in times. (year 1967)

    The weak retina will not place the astronaut man in the exact measure and place. The woman will know and will see because she has perceived by intuition. It will be with the red photograph! (year 1967)

    The "human bullet" cosmonauts who made prowess without to remember God not even thinking upon the discovered wonders. Suddenly they, entranced, will cry out: God! (year 1969)


    The science has become a baby in the presence of the continuous UFO problems. The surprises box holds, day after day, new rabbit in store, and... what a "rabbit"! The science incapable of knowing denies it. The science grows up, even... it isn’t! (year 1969)

    Extraterrestrial beings watch the manned needles that the humans will send in sidereal voyage, and they will kidnap them and will frighten them. They, in their return... will keep silent!

    (year 1960)​

    Extraterrestrial women will arrive in the world to be inseminated and they will go back. Men will be kidnapped to inseminated and they won’t come back. (year 1960)

    Interplanetary navigators, messengers of God, angels yesterday, will arrive in the world in, every time, bigger amounts. They will show themselves in different ways with the intention to the unconscious man about the danger of the atom. Older and superior civilizations than the actual disappeared as victims of the same power. It will be known! (year 1959)

    The interplanetary navigators, invisible for the human eye, angels yesterday, messengers of God are, and they will arrive, every time more and more to avoid the explosion of the atomic. They will try to impose the brotherhood and the love for the neighbor and they even infiltrate among the disoriented youth the mystic meditation and the withdrawal from the evil. (year 1939)

    It will be brought up for discussion the problem of the UFO, and soon it will be said that the truth must be elucidated before the end of the ends. The scientist must move away the fatuous attitude that blind him. The young will do so and... he will see! (year 1968)

    The traditional families will roll and they will sink in criminal causes. The new rich will fall down in spectacular crimes, but they won’t be sunk. Gold saves. The humble will be evicted, despised, forgotten. They will be the cause of vexation.

    (year 1937)

    The theatre will be distheatre; it will be psychic, material, irreverent, dirty. The naked will be imposed, the sex aberration, homosex, lesbianism, drugged in crimes, the crowd will applaud corrupted without to know. (year 1939)

    The world will be denaturalized by the power of the domestic screen. All the bad influence will be rudely spread over every home and will be imposed by the advertiser commerce which aims to the crowd. The crowd will become dull dominated by the disguised orders as easy and better paradises, the crowd delighted will contemplate the stupidity and the immorality. It will come the day when the bulk crowd will be manipulated like a sheepfold. (year 1938)

    The atheism will be vogue and fashion. But, like in Russia, every being will be atheist, but in his bed , he will pray!. Mephisto on the world in the ’70. (year 1938)

    In the end of the time the atheism will impose on the man in his material triumph. Good will be moved away. The leisure will run with the man. The man will run with the crime. The crime will run with the lie and the lie will carry the war of the nations. Then, the atheist smoke will be plunged in the smoke of the dark darkness and it will roll down the ends of the... endless! (year 1960)

    The man always had his price, and he hid that price. In the new conscious, when the man will be arrived, he will proclaim his price, and he will be bought like shoes or shirts. (year 1939)

    Enigmatic religions and lodges, impossible of being, will appear with exotic theories. False holy men will speak about new heaven and new rules to save the soul. They will struggle for the inexistence of the good and the evil. (year 1940)

    You ponder while passing... It will be the theft a natural habit in the world and the swindle will be a natural habit. The assault to the neighbor will be a means of life and politic sustenance, and the politics assault and... even the death! (year 1937)

    A country’s unfolding. The world will suffer thefts and assaults from organized gangs coming from one country, and this will live on the millions collected with their crimes. (year 1938)

    The humanity will be embraced by the violence. Two brothers will not live together in a room. Not even two friends. Men will kill their wives. Women will kill their husbands and sons, and sons will kill their parents. (year 1937)

    Invisible war! Without the World War to be declared the world will live it without to see, and it will become accustomed to that war. Labyrinth of habits will blind the world until the big thunder. (year 1939)

    The mushroom clouds are near! Without to be formally declared, the world war virtually will be. The man will become accustomed to that and he will not mind, and unworried he will live it. Day will be arrived in which will be a reality because of being impossible to stop the tops and so, in a desperate interest for frightening, they will threaten and when not being believed... they will launch it! Total success of the mushroom cloud! (year 1940)

    Change of the world near the 2002. It arrives the atomic without a solution and it will finally explode. It is not truth the actual attitude of the nation when saying and speaking about peace. They trade with the organized war. They threaten with the blue mushroom believing that they will never come to blows, but the hard yellow will say... to hell! And muddled, he will go! After that, end of the ends. Beginning of the beginnings. Light. (year 1960)

    In the proof. Organs graft, without age discrimination it will never give results in exact success. Even a decade needs the way what later will not be the way because it will be "the artificial plastic", which they already have. (year 1967)

    The hydrocortisone will be on the table in the ’70. It will be used to look for the peace in the man. Even so it won’t be. (year 1967)

    The science, incapable of decode the continuous astral problems, does not confess this reality and denies it, and will deny what the studious and sensible scientist knows but he doesn’t mention because he considers himself insignificant. (year 1969)

    Scientist, you are looking for what you shouldn’t and you don’t study what you should. Pay attention! The motherhood you are trying to achieve by means of the artificial "ribosome" will not be, in spite of its apparent probability for being. The man will never birth from neither, a test tube, nor a culture tube, not even from a controlled refrigerator. Will never the elaborated and preserved gene produce what you expect. Superior men will never be born from your hands, since the being, in the supposed case that it were born, it would be a wretched "alive-dead" because it will lack soul. Remember and don’t forget: The soul only enters trough the mother! (year 1961)

    Little science: You insistently try to implant the immortality in the man. You really have already the bioingemedicine with the artificial plastic. You spend your time! It will never be possible. It is good that you make prosthesis in order to alleviate sufferings, good it is that you make artificial parts in order the patient to endure temporarily a sickness. Good it is that you apply supplements to cover offending handicaps thus encouraging a safe movement. Charity. But very worst you do when you think that you still can put the man inside another man thus making the of immortal existence. No little scientist. The everlasting being comes only from God. Who tried that will perish. The death cannot be killed. The man will always die! (year 1961)

    Gerontologist: Go deep into the study of the man in his races. Remember, Those were arrived from different planets descended to the earth in exploration and stayed here by order of colonizing suitable places for their stability. However, the man is at first sight an inadaptable being for the taken environment. Changes of temperature and atmosphere hurt and make him ill. He does not resist the microbial, he does not tolerate the natural feeding, and because of that he becomes old. Gerontologist: Study and help the races in their struggle. It will be one day, and it will be in the triumph of the whole race. The 2000 is near! (year 1961)

    Science: Do you carry the bacterium of the human detriment? What does your knowledge do? Comprehend and understand !: The bacterium will be launched from you in a terrible war. But, remember: It will finish with you first. For you to know... Unknown pests are close! (year 1961)

    After the three smokes the earth will be renewed with an unknown manure. There will be a new flora and a new fauna, and the man will be still without being and without knowledge. (year 1967)

    Arabia, Israel, Egypt. Quarrel in the ’70. (year 1961)

    Israel will have six days and rests in the seventh. (year 1951)

    Changing faces North America will take wrong headings. They will be in the middle of unbearable tests. They look, however they do not see. (year 1948)

    It closes the moment of the new gas. It comes the neurological gas. (year 1951)

    Trivial rosaries and rosaries will be said in the time of the repentance, the human being after the punishment, will prostrate. It will be vain! The hour will be for the just, and the just will pray for the forgiveness. God will send the love that He will be! (year 1960)

    Will arrive the sun to the darken world, when the sun has returned from the three days smoke. Then, will arrive the pure virtue in the expert and evolved youth. The seven virtues come back in triumph, it comes back the beauty of the faith and the felt intimacy of the hope. The charity has brought all of this. (year 1968)

    A white angel carrying the blonde spike of the everlasting peace will descend in the punished earth in the end of the ends, and he will say: Fortunate those who became poor of money. Fortunate those who all had and gave up having. Fortunate those who didn’t need to work and held it then to subsist. Fortunate those who were served and must serve because for him will be the future of the kingdom, because for him will be the price of the prices, because for him will be the right hand of the lord, and it will be in the blonde hour of the everlasting peace. (year 1960)

    Saturday, October 6, 2012


    by Tomás Latino - Grupo Sol

    On September 11th 2001 the mankind was hardly shocked by an unexpected event with terrifying characteristics. During an attack, the NEW YORK twin towers were hit by liner aircrafts, causing the buildings to fall down with thousands of victims as a consequence. Incredibly this reality had already been prophesized in 1939 by an Argentinean plastic artist in his premonitory drawings. It is necessary to make clear that in that year the towers have not been built.

    "The North-American freedom will loss its light, its torch will light no longer, as well as yesterday did it, and the monument will be hit for twice". (Benjamín Solari Parravicini. 1939)


    Benjamín Solari Parravicini was born in Buenos Aires city, on August 8, 1898. He was an internationally known plastic artist, simple and humble man he was a naturally gifted with a great psychic and esthetic sensitiveness, becoming later the director of the Buenos Aires City Municipal Fine Arts Museum.

    In the peace of his atelier, where he drew, he started to receive in an strange way, ideas which he sketched on paper and which he ascribed to the spontaneity of the artistic creation. But he met a great surprise when he confirmed that the sketched ideas were prophetic, since with the passing of time they came inexorably true...

    Thus, under the surprise of his family and friends, he began to accumulate a series of draws containing prophecies about the world future, and particularly about Argentina.

    Benjamin's family lived in a colonial large house that his mother had inherited in 1918.

    The mansion was a seven hectares piece of land in the Olivos area (North of Grand Buenos Aires) on the riverside and separated from the adjacent lands by wide grove surrounded gaps.
    When they were about to move house, they began to realize that rare things were taking place. The large house had, in the ground floor, twenty wide windows protected by colonial style grilles, and in the nights, noises were felt as if someone beat them with a stick. Immediately after that, one after the other, tens of stones hit the outer walls, some of tem blowing in through the windows. At the very beginning, the family frightened because of the situation, especially for not finding the origin of the blowing stones and because the numerous dogs of the house remained indifferent in the presence of the noises. They decided to report the fact to the police which could not do anything. As this went on night after night without the stones to hit no one in the house they ended up accustomed. In the following days it was joined to this the noise of what appeared to be a person trying to open the main door at about 02:00 am, and the snoring that were heard in one of the towers of the house. Although it seems strange, the family assumed these events as something funny that even caused friends meetings which that to be witnesses of the situation, which extended for 27 years, between 1918 and 1945.
    Benjamín, also known in the family circle as Pelón, was the protagonist of strange situations, for instance, "to guess" the location of lost things or persons. But it was in the decade of the ’30 when he started to show his extraordinary capability. One night of 1938 Benjamín waked up trembling, and perceiving a strong sea and seaweed scent inside his room, and at the same time he heard a delicate feminine voice. He started to write what the voice told to him: That she was separating from the life, that she saw beautiful images, and that "the seaweeds involved his hands like dead jewels". At last, the woman introduced herself and Pelón wrote a name, a place and a date: "Alfonsina Storni, Mar del Plata, October 1938". In that precise moment the wonderful poetess suicide going deep into the sea at about 450 kilometers far from the place where Benjamín was.
    But his most incredible facet had already became apparent since 1932. His hands, without any apparent control from him, drew and wrote things that with the passing of the years would have an unknown sense for him: He had begun to receive his first psychographies.
    His most active period was between 1936 and 1940, this faculty stayed with him for life. In one opportunity he was asked about the way he received the messages and he replayed that he heard a voice whispering him in his ear and revealing events that occurred many years later. One night, in 1936, while he was writing tales and poems in his room, as he was used to do, he saw with extreme surprise how a heavy bronze lamp lifted in the air and hit the wall. Benjamín took the twisted lamp and, heading towards Justino’s room, his brother, showed him the lamp, but Justino playing down the importance of the fact suggested Benjamín to go to sleep. Pelón went back in his room, but he already could not sleep. He felt a strong sensation in his hand and a deep necessity to take a pencil and to start to draw strange messages on the paper. At first he put aside these premonitions and threw away many of the draws, unfortunately, today are lost.
    In one of his draws he showed to Mussolini dead, hanging, head down, just as it was seen at Milan streets in 1945 next to his lover Clareta Petacci. We have to bear in mind that the draw was made in 1936, during the full apogee of the Italian leader, and nine years before his death. He anticipated in great detail the appearance of the atomic bomb many years before it was used.
    Deep catholic, at first he did not play these messages down and he even burned many of them.
    After the visit of a powerful heavenly entity, who with he held a deep and mystic contact, he had to take the decision. From that moment he could no longer stop.
    He produced more than 700 psychographies composed of one draw accompanied by a short message as an explanation, and most of them stood out because of their high accuracy, prophecies which cover absolutely the whole fields of the human activity: Politic events, social, cultural, spiritual, metaphysic, scientific, technological, and which were advanced by this notable clairvoyant, unfairly forgotten in his own country, and scarcely known in the rest of the world.
    Pedro Romaniuk (famous Argentinean researcher and founder director of the Cosmobiophysic Foundation Research Institute) has the privilege of possess about 400 original draws which received through Alejandro Erú, missing today. Both, Romaniuk and Erú disciples of the prophet.
    But one of the most enigmatic aspects in the life of "Pelón" is his contact with Extraterrestrial beings. According to trustworthy sources (even the well known Antonio Rivera, Spaniard researcher, referred to the subject in his books) had been abducted, carried inside a spacecraft, in heart of Buenos Aires city center, quite near the Buenos Aires Obelisk. The researcher, Robert Anderson, cites in his book "Mysterious appearances and disappearances", the interview given by the humanities professor in La Plata University and secretary of the Argentinean Parapsychology Institute Alejandro Erú to the newspaper "La Razón". Although the full name of the protagonist was not revealed by Erú, his initials, BSP, correspond to our prophet.
    "BSP assured to have been contacted by a blond hair guy - wrote Anderson - with a Nordic look, whose eyes were so light that appeared to be blind. The blond hair man talked to him with a guttural voice and in an incomprehensible language although his manners were friendly. The artist perceived only watching of the craft insides before to suffer a sort of faint.
    When regained consciousness, BSP saw that he was flying with three blonds blond hair men just like the first one. One of them, politely, questioned him in a language also incomprehensible, but BSP thought to have understood to the man, or, unless caught his ideas, by telepathic communication. BSP was suggested not to be afraid, that he would be back in the earth, just in the same place where he had been took. BSP swore that during the all flight he was in a sort of faintness, but perceiving the lands of Japan, France, and afterwards Chile. When he recovered from his particular trance he was right in the same place where he had meet the blond hair man".
    Perhaps because of this reason, many of Parravicini’s prophecies refer to the contact with extraterrestrial beings, which he names "astronavigator" (astronavego), "the Blue Beings" from the planet "KI--EN-KI", which have already been in the earth thousands of years ago and will be back "in their enormous fish shape red ships":
    - The astronavigator from the planet KI--EN-KI which arrived in the earth in the hour of the creation, which contributed in the Egyptian construction, Greek and Roman, which helped in the wars of Europe and guided the lasts constructions, tries again to fortify the man in his mind and to avoid the atomic disaster. It is in mission! (year 1960)
    -The astral astronavigator which lived in the earth during the Caldean civilization brought then big fish shaped red ships and used them to take human beings to the planet KI--EN-KI. Today, he is bringing again his giant red ships to rescue from the three smokes to the earthly beings and to take them to the planet "KI--EN-KI". He will bring them back in the 2000! (year 1960)
    -The big firefish shaped starships from the "KI--EN-KI" will travel to the earth in a high mission for assistance. They will travel over their already familiar South Pole. They will dwell in the ices until the hour of the hour. Then they will be. (year 1960)


    5 GOLD damned will be killed damned gold you will fall.
    GOLD BAD GOLD. (no date)


    The planets will tell the man about races not humanoid of static beauty and mind power Higer!(year 1972)

    The distorted ugly monstruousity of the extraterrestrials is a human fantasy. It does not exist!(year 1972)


    The obeliscs of the moon will speak someday, and they will destroy the voice of the human being. (year 1972)

    The moon crater of the seven circular stair will disclose its secret to the man. (no date)


    Interplanetary ships come to the earth in PAX. (year 1960)


    Interplanetary ships, invisible to the human eye, are coming right now to the earth. These beings, invisible to the human eye, have always coexisted in our planet, and they dwell in temples and convents because they are mystics and they tray to impose the faith. (year 1939)
    Viajan ya hacia la Tierra naves interplanetarias invisibles al ojo humano. Estos seres invisibles al ojo humano conviven en nuestro planeta desde siempre y moran en templos y conventos porque son místicos y tratan de imponer la fe. (año 1939)


    Last news announce the arrival of the invisibles in mass. (year 1939)


    The earthly civilization has an astray civilization. It was higher than the following. The man of that time was "adaptable" to the intense earth heat as well as to the hard cold of his origin. He was electromagnetic, he knew how to follow the high mathematics and astral sciences. This man still dwells the iced Pluto, since as it was said "he is adaptable". (year 1960)


    The amphibious interplanetary ship will prove the existence of habitable channels inside the earth. It will submerge in the South Pole and will reappear in the North Pole. Just soon afterwards! (year 1960)
    La nave anfibia interplanetaria enseñará la existencia de canales habitables en el interior de la Tierra. Ella se sumergirá en el Polo Sur y aparecerá en el Polo Norte, ¡solo en instantes! (año 1960)


    Extraterrestrial laboratory satellite, where works for the humanity are in progress. There are being developed harmful cultures from the earth in order to find the way to exterminate them. There, it is searched for the way to finish off the diseases that ravage. To attain the cleanliness from the toxins that inhabit our atmosphere and the waters. There is produced different kinds of artificial blood and different ways of aids to help after... the final chaos! (year 1940)


    Giant vegetables will arrive in the earth before the great hunger. (year 1940)


    In the presence of the constant visits of the extraterrestrial navigators the, science will deny, after that it will doubt, and at last it will say... true it is!. And our wisdom has fallen behind. They have been looking at and looking after us for centuries! (year 1940)


    "The atom will arrive, and it will reign". (year 1938)


    "The atom will go so far as to tyrannize the world, the world will be atomized and will go blind. It will fall storms caused by the incursions of the man in the atmosphere, new diseases, sex changes, collective madness, general absurdity. The world will go dark". (year 1934)
    "El átomo llegará a dominar el mundo, el mundo será atomizado y quedará ciego. Caerán tormentas ocasionadas por las incursiones del hombre en la atmósfera, nuevas enfermedades, trastoque de sexos, locura colectiva, dislate total. El mundo oscurecerá." (año 1934)


    "Power duel between Yankees and Russians. Duel for space and terrain conquest. Although it doesn’t seem, America will ascend the throne". (year 1941)


    "The man-woman will be in two stages. One because bisex birth, the other stage will be ancestral. The evil will be the man’s vice. He will take the sex in search and will finish in a false man-woman. Medics will operate, and they will do the right thing, but, the man-woman will not be understood until the '70." (year 1937)


    "The woman-man will be a reality, and she will be in two stages, because bisex birth and from ancestor. It will be the begin in them, even so, the true will shine. Medics will operate, and they will do right thing, but the woman-man will not be understood until the '70." (year 1937)


    "The goodness will disappear from the world. The theft and the crime will seize with the environment. The creatures chastity will be corrupted by the bad example of the denaturalized homes. The weddings will go reduced, even so the lovers will be admired. The man will always let himself be seduced. They (women), will be the seductive." (year 1934)


    "The tomorrow’s man will emerge from laboratory spermatic cultures. The woman will look for the son by selecting the semen offered by the medic. Preference will be given to the athletic men ( in reserve), and to the intellectuals. The vulgus man will not be borne in mind, and he will be left to disappear. The year 2000, after the cataclysm, will know this new rule, and the man-animal has fell asleep forever and the procreation will give rise to the human being without the original sin." (year 1938)

    "The Church will mistake its own steps and its own leaders will distort it." (no date)

    "The papacy will have new rules. What was bad yesterday will be no longer. It will be protestant in it self, without to be. The protestants will be Catholics without to be. The Pope will go on journeys far from the Vatican, and will arrive to America, meanwhile the humanity will fall down." (year 1938)


    "With a dead Pope will start the Church concordat." (year 1939)

    "Rome in misfortune, the ducal city falls in desasters. Hermetism in the town of Naples. Confusion in Vatican. The Church will sink, the Pope will go out, he will become popular but late will be. The reforms will frighten the Catholics. The young priests will face the transitory elite which control the power. New Church. New ways. Secret meetings in fight. The future will be the return to the catacombs." (year 1938)

    "CRHIST. MARA. TIME. YES. NO. The Church will be divided in two groups, those who wait for Christ, and those who do not." (no date)


    "Faith. The world will go looking for, without to see, and seeing, it will not see, it will fall down and will stand up with the Virgin." (year 1939)

    "The Heart of the world will fall down, year 40. It will fall down and will be German the 44." (year 1938)

    "Hitler - Mussolini. With the same aim the same end." (year 1938)

    "The atomic era is near. Russia already plays with it without knowing. After the wars will arrive and will make war, and the war of the wars. Fire of fires will be!" (year 1937)

    "Races which hate each other will join together. The earth will go in war. India, China, Japan, Russia. Africa will give the world an example. America will be witness, help, palliative and light, North America will be despised, even so, the world in the moment of the afflictions will cry out for it - but it had suffered and will be no longer." (year 1937)

    "The beginning of the end will be soon arrived! The man will annihilate his own being, the biology will exclaim that it has discovered how to create life without the necessity of the masculine being, but with the use of glycerin took out of the cells. He will start to make beings without future, but with lives of unknown ways. Will be arrived, in that time, the atomic explosions, and they will cause the destruction of every being , the radiation will kill, and will cause to birth monsters from every mother, whether animal or vegetable, the mineral will disintegrate. Since the 66 the man will be born with his bones crystallized because of the presence of the strontium, and the strontium will cause in his life his disaster, will annihilate his brain, will change his genetic sperm, will kill his red corpuscle, will increase the cancerology up to the extreme level that will be a general cancer. The nucleonic power will dominate, and the yellows with the Russians will question power profits in that sense. The 666 will be already arrived with its hands full of nuclear power of mysterious and paralyzing beams. With new microbes from electronic centrifugal in artificial comets with the..." (year 1936)

    "¡Llegará ya el principio del fin!. El hombre anulará su ser, la biología gritará que ha descubierto el hacer vidas sin el ser masculino y de esta manera con el uso de la glicerina sacada de las células, Él comenzará a fabricar seres sin heredad, más sí con vida de maneras desconocidas. Llegarán en ese tiempo las explosiones atómicas y harán la destrucción de cada ser, la radiación matará y hará nacer de madres monstruos de todas clases animal y vegetal, el mineral se disgregará. Desde el 66 el hombre nacerá con los huesos cristalizados por el estroncio, y el estroncio hará en su vida su desastre, les anulará el cerebro, les alterará el gene espermal, les matará el glóbulo rojo, aumentará la cancerología al extremo que el cáncer será general. La fuerza nucleónica dominará y los amarillos con los rusos cuestionarán lucros de poder en tal sentido. El 666 llegará ya con las manos llenas de fuerzas nucleares de rayos misteriosos invisibles y paralizadores. De microbios nuevos de centrífugos electrónicos de cometas artificiales con la..." (año 1936)

    "Blennorrhagia, diseases will return in the 66 and will play havoc." (no date)

    "666. BLIND WORLD. The world seduced by the evil, will fall down." (no date)

    "Head of beard, which will appear to be saintly, but it won’t be and will spark off the Antilles."(year 1937)

    Cuba, ideal of tourists, will be the center of misfortune, will be the bear and the bear over its head, will stay for five times, later a series of surprises will take it by surprise. Will there be blood, blood and fire, fire and death, and after that. Nothing! (year 1936)

    "66. Deaf and dumb the world will be in the 66, then in Latin America will rise up the chaos which after that will extend to the world, which did not listen. In fights the humanity will plunge." (year 1935)

    "Circles of lights will appear flying high, bringing alien beings from other planets. Yes, they were who came to settle the earth, it will be said, and it will be well said. Yes, who were called angels in old testament, or... Jahveh voice, they will be, and they will be seen again, and they will be seen, and they will be heard." (year 1938)

    "The seas will be invaded by beings from other worlds, which will arrive in their amphibious ships. They will take seaweeds from the earth to Ganymede and Europe, its twin, there, they are necessary as food. There are no great seas there. They will arrive." (year 1938)

    "The Darwin theory, will be no longer, because it will be known that the man descended from the planets." (no date)





    Most of the psychographies made by Bnejamín Solari Parravicini referred expressly to Latin America, but particularly to Argentina, which he saw as a land of promises for the future events, an the bordering countries, not before passing through hard proofs.
    Due to the actual extremely grave events that Argentina is living through, we think that it is very important to pay attention to some of such prophecies.

    "RA. Argentina must right now prepare to suffer. It will have a group of bossy boots that will reduce it to a communism of fascist order. The death will run through its paths and streets."(year 1938)
    "Buenos Aires listen. Argentineans, Sense! Military men will govern." (year 1939)

    "Over the new Argentine constitution, broken all the preceding rules, will rise the most high mountain of evil figures. All of them will have to hide their hidden purposes behind feigned masks." (year 1940)

    "Argentina will arrive to the great proof! Argentina will see what it didn’t see... It will be!" (year 1972)

    "Argentina will have its own 'French revolution', in triumph, it could there be blood in the streets if didn’t see the instant of the 'gray man'." (year 1971)


    "The 'Middle Class' will rescue Argentina. Its triumph will in... the world!" (year 1971)

    "In South America Argentina will fight for its freedom, for the freedom of the freedoms, the freedom of God. PAX." (year 1940)

    "Argentina will show, after the proof, the new man, and the new man... will instruct!" (year 1972)

    "Argentina will have its fourth position and... it will be of the world!" (year 1972)

    "Moment arrives to the squares of Buenos Aires in that..." (year 1937)

    "Argentina will suffer the storm in small, which later will ravage the world. Will be an example!"(year 1938)

    "The man in Argentina, already begins the begin of the beginning. He will understand what never understood because of being always in abundance! Will be again!" (year 1938)

    "Spiritual purity in Argentina, even so it won’t be useful in the new war." (year 1939)

    "The Americas will bleed. Europe will bleed after that. Each idea will see a sun of light. America will see the truth. Argentina will be light." (year 1940)

    "Maranhata. The virgin will arrive in Argentina in the chaos." (year 1939)

    Texts from psychographies without available images.

    Shortly before his death, in 1974, BSP handed down to one of his collaborators and friends, Norberto Pakula, his lasts psychographies, most of them corresponding to 1972, aimed to the future generations, some of which were shown in this work. The psychographies were published in 1988 in the book "The prophetic testament of Benjamín Solari Parravicini" where from we extracted the next text belonging to the author, and which could serve as a corollary of this work:

    The word "psychographie" had in Parravicini’s mouth the value of a true profession of faith. It was the decided, brave, bold, as well as peaceful recognition to the existence, beyond the little personalities and human capabilities, of conscious intelligences, alive, organized and which can leave out in fact, in their existence level, the somatic body that characterizes us in our dimension of human relations.

    I will avoid every religious and philosophic discussion, or every abstract speculation. I will choose simply the objective quality, documented in graphisms (some of them are more than half a century old, which are in my hands ) about certain integrated willing which were determined to transmit to us by means of an exceptional artist sensitivity, an extraordinary and unique message, aimed to a certain extent to every one of us.

    Message which continuity and main idea, throughout the decades show, with no doubts, that we are witnesses of an activity planed by expressions of life provided with mind qualities, synthesis capabilities, and above all, with a determined willpower. Beings firmly decided to be heard in a world lacking vision, guidance and virtues as in the individual level as in the collective one. Since, despites the presumed progresses verified principally in the field of the technical fulfillments, we are in a condition of spiritual orphanage. The primitive attitudes, the offences, the violence and the disdain for the fellow beings life with non stop increases, as well as the aggression and the imposition by force in the collective relationships in ways more and more uncontrollable, proves that the humanity has lost its bearings and it needs to find again the moral life sources. Such governing idea takes shape insistently throughout the whole draws collection.

    Besides that, the word "psychographie" constitutes a complete demonstration of humility from Benjamín Solari Parravicini, positioning him currently to sidereal distances from so many artists and other which are not, magnified in their own insignificance. It recognizes as a maximum virtue the fact of being docile and docile instrument of spiritual entities that just want the good for the humanity, with the clear conscious of their own position.

    But, if the word "psychographie" has already an exceptional sense because of the mentioned reasons, even more important is the meaning "premonitory". Now, it is not a question of a well meant message, but it is about predictions, which are warnings and instructions at the same time. The unknown which have guided the artist’s hands, prove that they have a vision which exceeds from every viewpoint the normal possibilities of the human forecast. Many of the predictions expressed much earlier than these here offered, came true since then. Other are in process of coming true, and other are about to come true. From the human mistakes, documented in several guesses and foresights, as well in the individual aspect, as in what refers to the nations destination, up to the final consequences signed by the collective madness, the invisible but wise mentors which stamped their anguish cry in the presence of the human misconduct, they want now give us their alert voice perceiving what seems to be an unavoidable sign in the collective order, but where the individual can find the salvation by means of a behavior full of love and virtues.
    In this way, the magnificent message whose bearer was Benjamín Solari Parravicini is addressed to every one of us under the obligation to help in its diffusion. There are still individual responsibilities which we have to assume on pain of suffering the consequences of our negligence. So, this is a personal call that we shouldn’t ignore, in the benefit of our own good.

    It is said about certain beings, who science men call "gifted", which have special talent to get in touch with superior entities, Benjamín Solari Parravicini was one of them, showing it without fear.
    So, we have here a truly exceptional reality: That of a man who stated with draws that show the gift of an artist, the guidance of beings who belong to another existence level, and whose presence had become familiar with the gifted intimacy, giving evidence that furthermore the human meanness there are residing entities in more subtle existence levels, driven by their higher evolution they try to orient, help and hold us with exemplary serenity and equilibrium, and to remind us once and again that only the way of the most strict virtues, of a warm heart, so well exemplified up to the sacrifice for the Master of the masters, the humble Rabbi from Galilee, can guide us to a good port.
    So, let’s look carefully and with appreciation at these graphics (graphisms). Let’s try to sip its essence with our all feeling. Let’s read his prophecies with a wide mind and open heart. Perhaps it will be then open a new panorama, and a new life full of sense.

    Although many of his prophecies are of politic order (Because of room reasons we have omitted many other prophecies of natural order as catastrophes, earthquakes, seaquakes, polar caps thawing, volcano eruptions, change of the earth rotation axis, floods, etc.), his vision of the Third millennium is encouraging, after the "Great Purification" that the humanity will start to suffer since the beginning of the Century XXI. The thirds millennium is about to arrive - he wrote in 1972 - with it, the reborn of the True that was.
    It would be necessary certainly a lot of articles like this to cover in its real dimension the complete work of Benjamín Solari Parravicini, but we think that all stated here, it will be enough for those which in their free will can take their own conclusions. "Who has ears, ear. Who has eyes, see...".

    by:Tomás Latino
    Group Sol
    Reseach and spreading programs: "El Tiempo del Sol"
    Santa Fe, Argentina - January 2002.

    Bibliographic references:
    Cono Sur "Faro de luz" en el mundo. - Pedro Romaniuk - Colección de Ciencia Extraterrestre
    El Testamento profético de Benjamín Solari Parravicini - Norberto Pakula
    "Conocimiento de la Nueva Era" 1969 (Magazine)
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    'Earth 2.0' found in Nasa Kepler telescope haul

    By Paul Rincon Science editor, BBC News website---July 23rd, 2015

    Science & Environment

    The orbital period of Kepler 452b is very similar to that of Earth​

    A haul of planets from Nasa's Kepler telescope includes a world sharing many characteristics with Earth.
    Kepler-452b orbits at a very similar distance from its star, though its radius is 60% larger.
    Mission scientists said they believed it was the most Earth-like planet yet.
    Such worlds are of interest to astronomers because they might be small and cool enough to host liquid water on their surface - and might therefore be hospitable to life.
    Nasa's science chief John Grunsfeld called the new world the "closest so far" to Earth.

    And John Jenkins, Kepler data analysis lead at Nasa's Ames Research Center in California, added: "It's a real privilege to deliver this news to you today. There's a new kid on the block that's just moved in next door."
    The new world joins other exoplanets such as Kepler-186f that are similar in many ways to Earth.
    Determining which is most Earth-like depends on the properties one considers. Kepler-186f, announced in 2014, is smaller than the new planet, but orbits a red dwarf star that is significantly cooler than our own.
    Kepler-452b, however, orbits a parent star which belongs to the same class as the Sun: it is just 4% more massive and 10% brighter. Kepler-452b takes 385 days to complete a full circuit of this star, so its orbital period is 5% longer than Earth's.
    The mass of Kepler-452b cannot be measured yet, so astronomers have to rely on models to estimate a range of possible masses, with the most likely being five times that of Earth. If it is rocky, the world would likely still have active volcanism and its gravity would be roughly twice that on our own planet.
    The new world is included in a haul of 500 new possible planets sighted by the Kepler space telescope around distant stars.
    Twelve of the new candidates are less than twice Earth's diameter, orbiting in the so-called habitable zone around their star.
    This zone refers to a range of distances at which the energy radiated by the star would permit water to exist as a liquid on the planet's surface if certain other conditions are also met.
    Of these 500 candidates, Kepler-452b is the first to be confirmed as a planet.
    Dr Suzanne Aigrain, from the University of Oxford, who was not involved with the study, told BBC News: "I do believe the properties described for Kepler-452b are the most Earth-like I've come across for a confirmed planet to date.
    "What seems even more significant to me is the number of planets in the habitable zone of their host stars with radii below two Earth radii; 12 is quite a few compared to the pre-existing Kepler planet catalogue.
    "It bodes well for their attempts to provide a more robust measure of the incidence of Earth-like planets, which is the top-level goal of the Kepler mission."

    Scientists said that Kepler 452b might be entering a runaway greenhouse phase​

    While similar in size and brightness to the Sun, Kepler-452b's host star is 1.5 billion years older than ours. Scientists working on the mission therefore believe it could point to a possible future for the Earth.
    "If Kepler-452b is indeed a rocky planet, its location vis-a-vis its star could mean that it is just entering a runaway greenhouse phase of its climate history," explained Dr Doug Caldwell, a Seti Institute scientist working on the Kepler mission.
    "The increasing energy from its aging sun might be heating the surface and evaporating any oceans. The water vapour would be lost from the planet forever."
    "Kepler-452b could be experiencing now what the Earth will undergo more than a billion years from now, as the Sun ages and grows brighter."
    Dr Don Pollacco, from Warwick University, UK, who was not involved with the latest analysis, told the BBC: "Kepler data allows you to estimate the relative size of a planet to its host star, so if you know the size of the host, hey presto, you know the size of the planet.
    "However, to go further - i.e. is it rocky? - involves measuring the mass of the planets and this is much more difficult to do as the stars are too far away for these measurements (which are incredibly difficult) to make.
    "So in reality they have no idea what this planet is made of: It could be rock but it could be a small gassy ball or something more exotic maybe."
    Dr Chris Watson, from Queen's University Belfast, UK, commented: "Other Kepler habitable zone planets may well be more Earth-like in this respect. For example, Kepler-186f is approximately 1.17 Earth radii, and Kepler-438b is approximately 1.12 Earth radii.
    "In fact, at 1.6 Earth radii, this would place Kepler-452b in a category of planet called a 'Super-Earth' - our Solar System does not actually have any planet of this type within it! Super-Earths are hugely interesting for this reason, but one might then say, well, is it really 'Earth-like' given all this?"
    He added: "When we look at the type of star Kepler-452b orbits, then it seems to be a star not too dissimilar to our Sun... The other Kepler habitable zone planets that have been discovered so far tend to be orbiting M-dwarfs - stars far cooler than our Sun, and therefore the planets need to orbit much closer to receive the same levels of heating.
    "So it may be a potentially rocky super-Earth in an Earth-like orbit (in terms of host star and orbital distance). It's this combination of the host star and orbit that set it apart in my opinion."

    [6:04:24 AM-Friday, July 24th, 2015/+10UCT] Sirius 17: interesting stuff here lol
    [6:04:34 AM] Sirius 17: nabs but relevant
    [6:04:41 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah:
    [6:04:41 AM] Sirius 17: parallels things; oh nice, yes i vaguly saw something about this discovery on cnn as i was sifting the news the other day. Yes something about a super earth hehe

    [6:08:36 AM] Sirius 17:

    For a number of years now, Vatican astronomers have been at the forefront of scientific speculation about the discovery of extraterrestrial life. Astronomers such as Guy Consolmagno (a Jesuit like Pope Francis) have been preparing the way with bold statements about baptizing extraterrestrials and its compatibility with Catholic theology. Consolmagno has been working closely with the U.S. scientific establishment such as NASA and the Library of Congress where he discussed baptism of extraterrestrial life. On Oct 27, 2014, Pope Francis released a statement where he referred to “beings of the universe” (extraterrestrials) as a major part of God’s evolutionary plan. If it was disclosed that extraterrestrials, rather than an all-powerful God, were the creators of humanity through advanced genetics, the Pope could now simply claim that this is part of God’s plan and not a major concern for the religious community.

    [6:08:36 AM] Sirius 17: lol, they want to baptize ET. I think they will be surprised and find it is the other way around and that ET will baptize them
    [6:10:49 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah:
    [6:11:46 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Indeed
    [6:12:16 AM] Sirius 17: what do you make of this Atkins guys predictions?

    [6:12:26 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Some time relevant observations as I can discern, but still nabs, as it is a human mind derivative and superposition and not Logos authorized.
    As is this Tim Good 'ambassador', who is really nabsey as is this Michael Salla guy. Most of exopolitics is blatant disinformation, which might even include mind manipulation. They mean well and don't know that they are tools for the ptb, they are trying to 'expose'.
    [6:15:34 AM] Sirius 17: yes this nabs shi20 is pervasive
    [6:16:21 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: This webremont type is rather looney as are many others from that spectre including Paola Harris as one of their 'agents', as is this Moulton-Howe chick
    [6:17:20 AM] Sirius 17: yes he is a disinformation artist extraordinare and probably paid by the establishment to mislead people
    [6:17:44 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: The nabsers simply cant differentiate the wheat from the chaff in this web data war
    [6:17:51 AM] Sirius 17: nope

    [6:18:57 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: On first look this Atkins guy has discerned a few good points but there will be no armageddon at the September equinox. The timezone engages the final 3½ years from July 2015 as we know and of course many nabsers will feel the energy shifts. Many nabsers relate this timeline to the Hebrew festivals and this is generally true but not as focused as they make out. Yes the blood moon tetrad is potent, but this because of the 70 years of politico Israel and yes the Shemitah and Jubilee ideas relate to that because of those cycles. Here Atkins is on the ball, with the stockmarket crashes and the 7-year cycles and the papal visit etc. The ptb is well aware of the 'energy shifts' and again Atkins is valid in his general impressions, but his details then often go 'looney tunes', as are some of the topics he addresses.

    [6:19:02 AM] Sirius 17:
    [6:19:06 AM] Sirius 17: In this last show he expands on the areas covered in the May interview while also venturing into new areas such as discussing CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC), part of the agenda of which, he has concluded, is to stop the aforementioned intergalactic wave from reaching Earth. He states that he does not believe that this attempt will succeed.

    [6:19:23 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Yes the evil CERN and particle accelerators lol
    [6:19:25 AM] Sirius 17: it is stuff like this that is absurdly ridiculious
    [6:19:54 AM] Shiloh Za-Rah: Anyone buying into this crapola you can ignore straight away as having sound information on that subject matter
    [6:20:49 AM] Sirius 17:

    (i) The CHANI Project - The Fuse Year and the Sonic Boom

    The CHANI Project (CHANI standing for Channelled Holographic Access Network Interface) revolved around a series of predictions that were provided by an Entity between 1994 and 1999, details on which can be found in Laron's May 2014 article covering the project, portions of which I'll refer to below.

    Specific to Simon's predictions, the Entity spoke of a cosmic sonic boom which would impact Earth in the Fuse Year, a year where the Entity's timeline collides with our own timeline whereby, for a short period of time, we would share the same location or time space, before then separating from that merge. The Entity expressed a concern that the sonic boom would cause major earth changes.
    At this time, the Entity said there would be an opportunity for those of us who consciously experience the fuse to jump to the timeline of the Entity where a parallel Earth resides.
    Acolyte, the pseudonym of the person who covertly released this information into the public domain, spoke of a section of the population that would start to experience some unusual things namely,
    'First, a subtle change in how they experience time;
    Secondly, an awareness of a duality in their perception of time and space.
    Thirdly a sudden rush or speeding up of time and
    Lastly a sense of detachment from time when the timelines separate.'

    [6:20:51 AM] Sirius 17: lol, hilarious

    [6:21.43] Shiloh Za-Rah: Yes, see how the real higher D reality intersects the lower D? The parallel earth potential of astrophysics becomes nabs-attuned with all sorts of fantasy attributes and ideas.
    The nabsers fail to add one to one, not seeing much synergy in the novel Pluto visit as a 'symbol of transformation, death and cosmic legacies' and the 'Cuba-US-Iran' ''agreements" political and the global civil unrest and the perpetual bankster war machinery. They cant see that the 'Red starships' and comets as 'heralds of destruction' are common 'fulfilments' of prophecies and predictions from Mother Shipton to Nostradamus to the modern day (mainly) charlatans. They then call the biblical archetype and symbol of 'wormwood' Nibiru and planet X and remain uninformed about extensive scientific debates about binary starsystems of a potential 'second sun' called Nemesis and a trans-Plutonian Tyche planet and so on.
    This is why I decoded the Ki-En-Ki of Paravincini and his 'seen' context of the 'Red Starships' for what information he obtained from his 'guiding angel'.



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