Astronomy confirms The Bible

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    Confirms The Bible

    Why are the periods of Jupiter and Saturn in a 2:5 orbital ratio?

    Why are the periods of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in a 1:2:3 orbital ratio
    and Earth and Venus in an 8:5 orbital ratio and a 13:8 period ratio?

    Why are Mars and Jupiter locked into a 1:12 resonance, Saturn and Uranus
    in a 3:1 resonance, and a 2:3 resonance between Mercury’s rotational
    and orbital periods?

    In other words, why does Mercury have an 88-day year
    and a 59-day rotation period making its day in a 2:3 ratio with its year?

    Who told these planets to synchronize precisely with eachother?

    How could arbitrary haphazard chance account for this kind of order and design?

    This kind of design demands a Designer.
    The Titius-Bode Law, discovered in 1766,
    drew attention to the fact that the distances of the planets
    from the sun observe the following proportion.

    Write the numbers 0, 3, 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, 192,
    each of which, excepting the first,
    is double the number which precedes it.

    Add 4 to each of these, making the series 4, 7, 10, 16, 28, 52, 100, 196, 388.

    These numbers, with the exception of 28,
    are proportional to the distances from the sun of the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto while the number 28 corresponds with the distance
    of the largest asteroid, Ceres, in the the asteroid belt
    between Mars and Jupiter.

    The actual distances of the planets from the sun are:
    Mercury 3.9, Venus 7.2, Earth 10, Mars 15.2, Ceres 27.7,
    Jupiter 52, Saturn 95.4, Uranus 191.8 and Pluto 395.2
    astronomical units.

    (One astronomical unit equals the earth’s average distance
    from the sun).

    This law was discovered prior to Uranus (1781), Ceres (1801), Neptune (1846) and Pluto (1930) being discovered,
    and yet worked for three of the four.

    Neptune, the exception, is located almost exactly half-way
    between Uranus and Pluto, as though to fill in the half-octave position.

    What the Titius-Bode law essentially means is that planetary
    orbits become progressively greater by a ratio
    of approximately 2:1 (the ratio of the octave)
    with increasing distance from the sun.

    (Neptune follows a ratio of 1.5 rather than 2.
    It is 300.6 AU.)

    Check this amazing sequence in any encyclopedia.

    How could arbitrary haphazard chance account
    for this kind of order and design?

    Furthermore, the orbits of satellites around moons
    show the same mathematical spacing, as do the orbits
    of electrons around an atomic nucleus
    (in the Bohr model of the atom).

    Also, the average orbital radii of the four inner
    and four outer planets reflect each other on either side
    of the asteroid belt.

    For instance, if we multiply together the orbital radii of Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus, we get virtually the same value
    as multiplying the orbital radii of Mercury, Earth, Saturn,
    and Neptune
    (5.51 x 1034 km as compared with 5.56 x 1034 km).

    Another way of expressing the Titius-Bode Law is to list
    each planet's comparative distance from Mercury.

    If the distance doubles for each planet,
    our series should be Mercury 0, Venus 1, Earth 2, Mars 4, Ceres (asteroid belt) 8, Jupiter 16, Saturn 32, Uranus 64, and Pluto 128.

    The actual distances are Mercury 0, Venus 1.1, Earth 2, Mars 3.7, Ceres 7.8, Jupiter 15.7, Saturn 29.9, Uranus 61.4, and Pluto 127.7. (The unit of measurement is defined as half the distance
    from Mercury to Earth.)

    How could this happen by accident?

    Johannes Kepler (1571-1630), the German astronomer,
    discovered an amazing relationship between a planet's
    average distance from the sun and the time it takes to orbit
    the sun: the ratio of the square of a planet's period
    of revolution (T) to the cube of its average distance (r)
    from the sun is always the same constant number
    (T²/r³ = constant).

    For instance, if we measure T in earth years
    and r in astronomical units, we get:

    Venus: 0.61521²/0.7233³ = 1.0002

    Earth: 1.0000²/1.0000³ = 1.0000

    Mars: 1.88089²/1.5237³ = 1.0000

    Jupiter: 11.8623²/5.2028³ = 0.9991


    Orthodox science has no real explanation for this phenomenon.

    Another interesting phenomenon is planet SPIN RATE.

    Planets' SPIN RATE occur in pairs -- at least three times.

    If the chances of this happening are 1 in 100 per pair,
    then there is one chance in a million this would happen
    by chance (100 x 100 x 100).

    The three pairs of twin spins in our solar system are:

    1. Mars and Earth: 1,477 minutes (24.62 hours) to 1,436 (23.92 hours) (97.2% similar).
    2. Neptune and Uranus: 948 minutes to 970 minutes (96.5% similar) and
    3. . Saturn and Jupiter: 615 minutes to 590 minutes (96% similar). Even the TILTS of the two spin axes of Mars (23.44 degrees) and the Earth (23.59 degrees) are almost identical.

    Why are the sun and moon positioned precisely so that they appear the SAME DIAMETER from earth,
    making lunar eclipses possible?

    They are very different sizes and different distances away
    from earth in reality.

    In fact, the moon is 2160 miles in diameter
    (a radius of 1080 miles) and 216,000 miles from earth,
    one hundred and eight times its diameter
    (average distance between moon's surface
    and earth's surface is 108.3 lunar diameters).

    The sun is 864,900 miles in diameter (which is roughly 108 diameters of earth -- actually 109.1) and 93,465,000 miles away -- 432 times the moon's distance (216 x 2) or roughly 108 solar diameters (216/2) from the surface of the sun to the surface of the earth -- actually 107.5.

    Do you start to see an amazing pattern?

    How could these distances be mere coincidence?

    The moon's diameter is 2,160 miles across
    and its distance from earth is 216,000 miles.

    Is it mere coincidence that it also takes the sun
    2,160 years to regress one constellation
    (the earth loses 1/12 of its 360-degree circuit every 2,160 years).

    Also we arrive at 2,160 years if we add 49 laps around the sun
    for each of five planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) so that their start and finish points are the same (sidereal cycle).

    (Mercury 87.969 days + Venus 224.701 days + Mars 686.979 days + Jupiter 4332.554 days + Saturn 10,759.494 days = 16,091.697 days total divided by 365 = 44.086 years x 49 orbits = 2160.255.)

    Notice also that 216 x 4000 = 864,000 miles
    -- the diameter of the sun.

    The sun is 93,465,000 miles away
    -- 432 times the moon's distance (216 x 2).

    What is so special about 216?

    It is interesting that one day is divided into 24 hours
    which are each 60 minutes and each minute is composed of 60 seconds.

    24 x 60 x 60 = 86,400 seconds in a day.

    Once again this is 216 x 400 = 86,400.

    Musically speaking, 432 hertz is the natural central C tuning frequency for the human voice, meaning an octave below
    is a lower C at 216 hertz.

    Why is the number 216 so special?

    Because 6 x 6 x 6 = 216.

    Since 108 is roughly the average distance between
    the sun and earth in terms of solar diameters,
    the average distance between the surfaces of the moon
    and earth in terms of lunar diameters,
    and the diameter of the sun in terms of earth diameters
    (actual figures: 107.5, 108.3, and 109.1 respectively),
    these remarkable coincidences make the moon appear
    to have the same size as the sun as seen from earth
    and the moon almost exactly covers the solar sphere
    during a total solar eclipse.

    The ORBITS of the PLANETS,
    the PRECESSION of the EQUINOX,
    and DISTANCE from EARTH have nothing
    whatsoever to do with each other.

    All four are independent phenomena,
    but all are designed around the number 2160
    (not to mention the 108, 432 and 864 multiples of 216 above).

    Isn't this evidence of a Creator?

    Even our selection of 49 laps wasn't arbitrary
    because 49 solar years almost exactly coincide
    with 606 lunar months with an error of only 32 hours.

    Sun and moon return almost to their original positions
    relative to each other.

    If 2,160 years is one twelfth of the precession,
    25,920 should be the entire precession of the equinox
    according to this theory.

    However, some astronomers say the complete cycle
    is just 25,791 years. T

    hese are the two extremes.

    H. Grattan Guinness, another astronomer,
    chose the mean average between two of the extremes
    of his day and came up with 25,846 years and 9 lunations.

    He did this because he noticed Psalm 90:10
    which says "The days of our years are threescore years and ten" or 70 years.

    In addition, the normal 40 weeks prior to birth in the womb
    make the total existence of man to be
    70 x 365.2425 = 25,566.975 + (40 x 7 =) 280 = 25,846.975 days.

    In other words, the length of a man's life is the same number
    of days as the length of time it takes for the solar system
    to wobble 360 degrees in years.

    Ezekiel 4:6 and Numbers 14:34 both teach that a day
    symbolizes a year.

    Is this just a bizarre coincidence?

    Or did God decide to build two unrelated inventions
    by the same blueprint?

    But why stop at two parallels?

    We breathe 18 times a minute on average
    and there are 60 minutes per hour and 24 hours per day.

    Therefore 18 x 60 x 24 = 25,920 times we breathe in one day,
    just as there are 25,920 years in the precession of the equinox.

    This figure (25,846.75) does not differ from either extreme
    by more than two lunations (i.e. 886 or 890).

    This is the length of time for the earth's wobbling axis
    to complete 360 degrees and return to its original angle.

    In this period the sun marches backward through twelve constellations at the rate of 20 minutes per year.

    It is interesting that each solar year is 5.2425 days longer
    than the Zodiacal year of 360.

    In the whole period of the Precession of the Equinox,
    this difference grows to 370 years.

    Therefore, God notified us cryptically at the Flood Noah in the ark to float for 370 days (Gen. 7:11 to 8:14),
    just as the solar year floats away from
    the Zodiacal year 370 years,
    each day for a year (Num. 14:34; Ez. 4:6).

    This is when that change occurred.

    The lunar month is 29.53059 days
    and the solar year is 365.2425 days.

    Therefore, reducing 25,846 years
    and 9 lunations to lunations we get 319,680 lunations
    (25,846 years/19-year cycles =1360.

    3; 1360.3 x 235 lunations per 19 solar years
    = 319,670.5 lunations;
    319,670.5 + 9 extra lunations = 319,680).

    If we divide 319,680 lunations by 12 constellations
    we get 26,640 lunations per sign
    IN ALL 360 DEGREES OF PRECESSION OF THE EQUINOX (319,680/12 = 26,640).

    We cannot account for this kind of order in nature by mere haphazard chance.

    It can't be just a coincidence.

    Furthermore, if we divide this by 30 degrees per sign
    we get 888 lunations per degree. I

    n other words, 360 x 888 = 319,680.

    It is also the numerical value of Jesus in Greek: Iesous.

    Furthermore, if we divide 26,640 lunar years by 4 seasons,
    we get 6660 years.

    All of the numbers used in the Bible have an astronomical significance. General Vallancey says,
    "The Sarus, (in Hebrew S=300, + a= 70 + r=200 + v=6 + s=90 = 666) according to Berosus, consisted of 6660 days....
    Suidas, an author contemporary with Syncellus,
    says the Sarus was a period of lunar months
    amounting to 18 years and a half, or 222 moons
    (222 x 30 = 6660).

    Pliny mentions a period of 223 lunar months,
    which Dr. Halley thinks is a false reading,
    and proposes the amendment
    by reading 18 years and 6 intercalary months,
    which agrees with Suidas."

    We can trace the origin of the number 666 from astrology.

    The Zodiac is a narrow band about 18 degrees
    in width making a complete circuit of the sky
    around the earth.

    This was symbolized in pagan art by a serpent
    with his tail in his mouth forming a circle.

    This represented eternal life.

    Astrology taught that the fate of mankind
    was always decided by the position of the stars.

    Now the chief gods of the Zodiac were the 7 fate-controlling planets who serpentined their way through
    the 36 rooms of the Zodiac.

    The 7 planets travel through the narrow band
    of the zodiac at varying speeds
    -- representing the seven-headed serpent (Rev. 12:3).

    The Zodiac band itself was divided into 12 houses,
    one for each month of the year,
    and each house was divided into three rooms,
    making 36 rooms in all,
    one for each 10 degrees of the Zodiac circle.

    This is the origin of our present method of time-keeping.

    For instance, the dial of a clock is derived
    from the 12 houses of the Zodiac.

    Thus the Zodiac was a Heavenly Clock
    with which today we measure time.

    Our ruler has 12 inches to a foot.

    These systems of measuring both time and length
    were based upon the 12 houses of the Zodiac.

    We have 12 units to a dozen.

    The original Roulette wheels have a 360 degree circle
    with 36 divisions of 10 degrees each,
    with a blank or zero division
    to represent the 5 days beyond the 360 days in a year.

    There are 36 numbered cards in a 52 card deck.

    One card each represents the 52 weeks with 12 face cards, four Kings, four Queens, and four Jacks, and four suits
    that represent the four seasons.

    Why do fortune-tellers use a deck of cards to predict the future?

    Because the deck of cards is derived from Astrology.

    Burn them!

    Our present townships are composed of 36 square miles because, as several writers point out,
    the ancients divided the earth according to the divisions
    in the sky.

    Just as truly as our 12-inch ruler was once a symbol
    of the 12-house Zodiac, so is our 36-inch yardstick
    based upon the 36 rooms into which the heavenly houses
    were divided.

    Furthermore, the remainder of the sky outside the Zodiac
    band was also divided into 36 constellations,
    15 on the south side and 21 on the north side.

    A god of each constellation was appointed to rule
    over one of the 36 rooms of the Zodiac.

    Every star in the sky was considered as a god
    and the abode of departed spirits
    and was included in a constellation,
    over whom was appointed a god
    who ruled over a Zodiac room.

    Each Zodiac house-god rules over a month of the year,
    and the 7 planetary house gods regulated,
    according to Astrology, the affairs of mankind
    by their relative positions in the various rooms
    of the Zodiac.

    Over them all ruled the Sun-god (the All-Seeing Eye)
    who was considered the central fire
    from which each had sprung.

    Pagans believed that all other gods were but emanations
    of the Sun-god.

    Now 1, 6, 12, 36, 111, and 666 were
    the most sacred numbers in Astrology.

    Priests of Sun worship used the numbers mathematically
    by the way the stars travel across the sky
    to predict future events.

    They invented magic charts to perform this most popular
    form of divination.

    Like the Roulette Wheel, the charts were divided into 36 numbered divisions.

    There were six columns in all directions
    with the numbers 1 to 36 placed inside the entire chart.

    Any direction you add the columns, they add to 111.

    There are six squares in each column and 6 x 111 = 666.

    If you add all the numbers from 1 to 36 they will add up
    to 666.

    So you see, the number 36 was a sacred number
    that identified with the 36 room-gods of the Zodiac,
    and the number 666 was a summary number of the Sun-god, because it was his sacred number as the ruler of the Zodiac.

    Is it just coincidence that the earth's axis
    is tilted 23.4 degrees from vertical which is 66.6 degrees
    from hortizontal?

    In Genesis 37:9-10 we read that Joseph dreamed a dream in which his father Jacob
    was symbolized by the sun and his mother Leah (Rachel was dead -- 35:19)
    was symbolized by the moon.
    This symbolism can be explained as a reference to the woman's MENSTRUAL CYCLE.
    The moon was originally created with a precise 28-day sidereal orbit around the earth.
    The time it takes the moon to orbit 360 degrees around the earth today
    is about 27 and 1/3 days (sidereal month).
    In other words, the time it takes the moon to realign with the same star.

    In the same way, the Bible reveals that the synodical month used to be exactly 30 days long
    (cp. Gen.7:11,24 & 8:3-4; cp. Rev.11:2 & 13:5).

    In the time of Moses, the month was 30 days long since Numbers 20:29 and Deuteronomy 34:8
    and 21:13 mention mourning "a full month" for the dead and this is defined as 30 days.

    This was the time it took the moon to realign with the sun.

    Today this month is 29 and 1/2 days.

    Since the woman's MENSTRUAL CYCLE averages 28 days, any man who knew anything about astronomy
    prior to Hezekiah's time (when the earth changed its orbit -- Isa.38:8; 2 Ki.20:10),
    could have practiced the rhythm method of birth control simply by looking up at the moon
    and aligning it with the same star every 28 days.

    Thus he could avoid days 11 through 16 quite easily and not get his wife pregnant.

    But today this is no longer the case. The moon is slightly out of synchronization with most women now.

    Perhaps in the future God will re--create that lost, romantic world in which the moon
    was not only a clock and a light, but also a BIRTH CONTROL DEVICE.

    That is why it is visible at night,
    because that is when most sexual intercourse takes place.


    When the moon is full, on the fourteenth day of the month, it seems to typify OVULATION.

    But the sun, just like the man, is always bright or ready to FERTILIZE the egg.

    Men are like the sun and women are like the moon. Women have mood swings every 28-day cycle.

    Men want to have sex much more than women do,

    Yes, "female sexual desire tends to be somewhat cyclical correlated with the menstrual calendar

    whereas males are acyclical" (What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew About Women, Dobson, p.114)

    . Yes, the man is the direct image of God (Gen.1:26).

    But the woman is the reflected image of God through man (1 Cor.11:7).

    Just as a woman loves a man after a man first loves that woman,

    so also it is with the church and Christ. The church assembly is the bride of Christ.

    "We love him, because he first loved us" (1 John 4:19).

    We, as the church or woman, are reflected light back at the "Sun of righteousness" (Mal.4:2).

    He first shined on us and then we shined back.

    That is why the husband must first love his wife (Eph.5:25,28).

    The man must initiate, just as Christ does with the church assembly.

    The moon generates no light on its own.

    It is almost impossible for a woman to give love to the man first.
    The main object of astronomers has been to somehow harmonize the solar day (24h)
    with the lunar month (29d 12h 44m 3s) (29.53058818) with the solar year (365d 5h 48m 49s) (365.24219879)
    with no remainder.

    These three fundamental measures of time are incommensurate with each other.

    Therefore mankind has chosen to use artificial days, months and years.

    How many days make a month? How many months make a year?

    How many days make a year?

    The answers involve fractions.

    Meton's cycle of 19 years harmonizes the solar year (19 solar years) with the lunar month (235 lunar months)
    with a remainder of about 2 hours and 3 minutes by which the solar year finishes earlier than the lunar.
    (Solar years: 19 x 365.2421988 = 6,939.6018 days. Lunations 235 x 29.5305882 = 6,939.6882).

    M. de Cheseaux's cycle of 315 years harmonizes the solar and lunar years within 3 hours and 24 minutes.

    The Metonic 19-year cycle gets rid of most of it's remainder in a larger Biblical cycle of 2,300 years.

    Cheseaux's cycle, 315 years, is one quarter of a larger Biblical cycle of 1,260 years (Dan. 8:12; 12:7; Rev. 12:6,14)
    which is ten times more accurate than Meton's cycle.

    After 1260 years the sun and moon return, within less than half a degree,
    to the same point of the ecliptic precisely, and that within an hour of each other.

    If we subtract 1260 from 2300 we get 1040 which is the long-awaited solar-lunar cycle
    that harmonizes all three measurements: the year, month and day "with an almost imperceptible error"
    (Error is .11 of a day.)(Parker's Celestial Cycles, p.22).

    In fact, this "Daniel Cycle" reaches an error of one day in 15,056 years
    (1040 tropical years = 379851.8867520 days; 12863 synodic months = 379851.9560166 days).

    No other cycle shorter than 1040 years so nearly approaches being a year-month-day cycle e
    xcept only the cycle of 706 years whose greatest error is .10 of a day.

    (The number 706 is the sum 391 (Rev. 9:15) and 315 (one quarter of 1260)).

    In 1906, Dr. W. Bell Dawson discovered that the average of 2300 and 1260 lunar years,
    or 1780 lunar years, was almost exactly equal to 1727 solar years, giving a cycle of even higher accuracy
    than the 1040 "Daniel Cycle."

    The 1780 Dawson Cycle has an error of one day in 19,960 years, or between eight and nine minutes in a century (1727 tropical years = 630773.2773276 days; 21360 synodic months = 630773.3639520 days). Notice that 2300 lunar years = 2,231.517159 solar years and 1260 lunar years =1,222.483313 solar years.

    The average is 1780 lunar years which = 1,727.000236 solar years.

    This has an inaccuracy of only two hours in 1,727 years.

    Therefore, the Author of the Bible knew the answer long before astronomers discovered it.

    Thus 1260 is a MULTIPLE of 315, 1040 is the DIFFERENCE of 2300 - 1260,
    and 1780 is the MEAN AVERAGE of 1260 and 2300.

    All derived from the pages of Daniel.

    It is noteworthy that 12 x 12 x 12 = 1728 which is the number after 1727.

    New Jerusalem is 12000 furlongs cubed. Just as there are seven vibration frequencies for the musical notes,
    but the scale is incomplete without the eighth, so the eighth is the first in the next series,
    so that the "octave" really proceeds by sevens, not eights, and the Jubilee by forty-nines, not fifties.

    Thus 1727 is the cycle but 1728 is an important beginning of the next cycle.

    Even more amazing is the fact that if 2520 lunar and 2520 solar years begin together, the former will run out 75 years before the latter, an astronomical fact unknown to astronomical science in Daniel's day and yet it is mentioned
    (Dan. 12:11-13). Notice that there are 75 years difference between 1260 (the second half of 2520) and 1335 days
    . (Because of the fact that 2520 Prophetic Years of 360 days are 35 years less than solar,
    some Bible students believe 1290 is a mistranslation, and should instead read 1295.)

    . It is noteworthy that the number 2520 has as its factors three numbers used universally by the ancients
    to measure time: 7, the number of days in the week. 30, the number of days in the month, and 12,
    the number of months in the year.

    Furthermore 2520 is a number that harmonizes lunar months and days.

    2520 lunar years is 893,004.72 days which is a nearly perfect cycle harmonizing the 29.5305 month
    with the day because on dividing 893,004 by 12 and then 7, the result is 10,631 days for 30 lunar years,
    giving the length of the lunar year a value of 354 11/30 which is 354.3666667

    (The lunar year of 12 months is actually 354.3670582 days).

    Each year of 354 days can therefore be divided into months of 29 and 30 days alternately;
    and in the cycle of 30 lunar years, 11 intercalary days are required.

    The number 2520 is divisible by every number from 1 to 10.

    Another number mentioned in the Bible is 391 years (Rev. 9:15).

    This is the most accurate soli-lunar cycle under 1000. In fact, the Biblical periods of 391, 486, 1260, 2300, and 2520 years are all soli-lunar cycles with an error of less than a day. Furthermore, the number 391 is the most accurate eclipse cycle (embracing a whole number of years) in existence.

    In fact, it is the only solar year, lunar year, eclipse year cycle in existence.

    For instance, 391 solar years = 403 lunar years = 412 eclipse years.

    The eclipse year is simply the time occupied by the sun in passing from one of the nodes of the moon's orbit
    to the same node again.

    How appropriate that an "eclipse cycle" should be used to describe the duration of Islam that darkens the sun
    (Rev. 9:2-3).

    The new moons and eclipses
    -- in every year there are, at least, two solar eclipses
    -- must occur on the same days of the year every 391 years.

    It is interesting to note that 2691 solar years, which is to the nearest year 1260 synodic revolutions of Mars,
    is a soli-lunar cycle, the sum of the two Biblcial cycles 2300 and 391.

    It is also interesting that the most accurate anomalistic cycle (the time it takes for the moon
    to return to the corresponding point on its elliptical orbit), viz. 1336, is the difference between 1727 and 391.
    (see Soli-Lunar Cycles In Greek Research and Jewish Revelation by Walter S. Ridgway, UBC, 1946).

    A curious discovery is that the Centigrade and Farenheit Scales of Temperature are so related to eachother
    that 1260 degrees Centigrade is equivalent to 2300 degrees Farenheit.

    That is, Temperature Centigrade (Celsius) = (5/9) X (Temperature Farenheit - 32). Can such an unlikely rerlationship be mere coincidence? Farenheit's Scale has water freezing at 32 degrees and boiling at 212 degrees at sea level.

    The Celsius (Centigrade) Scale has water freezing at 0 degrees and boiling at 100 degrees at sea level. Both use Mercury.

    Based on measurements of ancient buildings, archaeologists have concluded that an ancient so-called Greek Olympic
    foot of 12.60 inches was used by Assyria, Persia, Arabia and India. In fact, the base of the Great Pyramid in Egypt,
    built about 4,600 years ago, measures exactly 720 feet using this Greek Olympic foot.
    In the text Cyrus 128,
    a double-handbreadth is referred to as one-third cubit.

    The ancient Assyrian cubit then was six hand-breadths of 4.2 inches each in length.

    A total of 25.20 inches or six handbreadths.

    This ancient Mesopotamian cubit of 25.20 inches is a double-foot (2 x 12.60).

    These linear measures must have been revealed by God to Adam since they are also astronomical cycles
    and historical periods as well as linear measures. Lest anyone misunderstand,
    there is also a 16.85-inch "cubit of a man" (Deut. 3:11) which was two spans (Ez.43:13,17).

    In other words, the border of the altar was a "span" (v.13) or "half a cubit" (v.17).

    Also, the Ark of the Covenant was 2.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 cubits (Ex. 25:10) or 5 x 3 x 3 spans (Jos. Ant. iii vi. 5 135)
    (see Ancient Metrology by Donald Lenzen, 1989).

    The earth's diameter is 7920 miles and a "furlong" is 660 feet or 7920 inches. Furthermore, the dimensions of New Jerusalem are 12000 furlongs per side or 12000 x 660 feet which equals 7,920,000 feet. Just coincidence?

    Even more interesting, the 400 years of Israel in Egypt (Gen. 15:13) were measured by Egyptian years (365 days)
    and 400 Egyptian years (365 x 400 =146000) are 1260 synodic periods of MERCURY (115.877 days x 1260 = 146005).

    Also, the time that elapsed between February 26th, 747 B.C. -- the starting point of Babylon
    -- and the Autumn of 444 B.C. when Nehemiah came back from Babylon to Jerusalem,
    is exactly 1260 equinocial years of MERCURY (87.968 days x 1260 =110839.68; 303.5 x 365.24 = 110850.34).

    From Babylon's beginning in 747 the end of World War Two in 1945 A.D. is 1260 synodic revolutions of MARS.

    From Babylon's beginning to the crucifixion of Christ in 30 A.D. is 1260 sidereal revolutions of VENUS.

    From Babylon's beginning in 747 B.C. to the fall of pagan Rome in 476 A.D. is 1260 LUNAR years.

    Then to the Treaty of Karlowitz (ending Moslem aggression in Europe) in 1699 is another 1260 LUNAR years.

    A "Synodic Year" means the return of the planet to the same position relative to the sun and the earth.

    Ptolemy's Canon is astronomical as well as historical, and he incorporates the positions of planets
    so that when we count Bible numbers of revolutions of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Earth and Moon,
    we terminate in significant events.

    Also 69.5 weeks, when the "sacrifice and the oblation ... cease"(Dan. 9:25-27),
    of the synodic revolutions of VENUS(485 synodic revolutions x 583.92 days = 283201.2)
    equal 1260 equinoctal periods of VENUS (224.695 days x 1260 = 283115.7).

    Furthermore, 1,260 lunar years (354 x 1260 = 446040) are 1,223 solar years (365.25 x 1223 = 446700.75),
    while 2,300 solar years (365.25 x 2300 = 840075) are 1,223 equinocial periods of MARS (686.929 days x 1223 = 840114).

    Also 1,260 equinoctal periods of MARS (1260 x 686.929 = 865530.5) are 2,370 solar years (2370 x 365.25 = 865642.5)
    while 2,370 lunar years (354 x 2,370 = 838,980) are 2,300 solar years (2300 x 365.25 = 840,075).

    Could all this be just coincidence?

    Also 1,223 synodic periods of JUPITER (398.884 x 1,223 = 487835) are 1335 solar years (365.25 x 1335 = 487608).

    Since 2520 years are 84 prophetic months of 30 days each, 210 periods of JUPITER at 12 years each are 83 months because the period of JUPITER is 52 days shorter than 12 years.

    Just as Jupiter loses one prophetic month in 2520 solar years, SATURN gains one prophetic month
    in 2520 lunar years.

    The difference between 30 lunar years (29.107), and the sidereal period of SATURN (29.458),
    accumulates in 2,520 lunar years, to one complete revolution.

    The synodic lunar month is 29.5 days while the sidereal period of SATURN is 29.458 years.

    If we draw a circle representing the earth -- which has a mean radius (in round numbers) of 3960 miles
    -- and then draw a square around it, the square will have a perimeter equivalent to 31,680 miles.

    If we then draw a second circle with a circumference equal to the perimeter of the square,
    its radius will be 5040 miles (using 22/7 as a good approximation to pi)

    -- or 1080 miles more than the smaller circle.

    Just as 3960 miles is the radius of the earth, 1080 miles is the radius of the moon.

    In other words, the relative dimensions of the earth and moon square the circle.

    The same exact numbers and proportions given in feet rather than miles are found at Stonehenge
    (see Michel, 1995, 2001).

    The outer (sarsen) circle has a mean radius of 50.4 feet and a circumference of 316.8 feet.

    This is equal to the perimeter of a square drawn around the smaller (bluestone) circle,
    which has a radius of 39.6 feet This radius is also equal to the diameter of the circle
    defined by the inner U-shaped structure.

    All of these measurements prove that the English foot and mile are at least as ancient as Stonehenge and,
    like many other ancient systems of measures, are closely related to the dimensions of sun, earth and moon.

    But the solar system is much more than a precise, synchronized clock.

    The Arab astronomer Albumazar said that "many attributed to them (signs of the Zodiac)
    a divine and prophetic virtue." Cicero said that

    "The signs are measured out, so that in so many descriptions divine wisdom might appear."

    In Genesis 15:6 God said to Abraham, "Look toward heaven and recount the story of the star names in order.

    They will tell you about one person who will descend from you." (author's paraphrase)
    Star names "preached the gospel unto Abraham" (Gal. 3:8).

    The "HEAVENS DECLARE the glory of God ... day unto day UTTERETH SPEECH,
    and night unto night SHOWETH KNOWLEDGE" (Ps.19:1-2).

    How? By means of the stars, or constellations, which were all named by God (Ps.147:4).

    Yes, "By his Spirit he hath garnished the heavens;
    his hand hath FORMED the crooked serpent (Drago)" (Job 26:13).

    God made the zodiac (Job 9:9). The twelve "signs" go back to the foundation of the world
    when God made them appear (Gen.1:14) and Josephus tells us that righteous Seth invented astronomy (Ant.1:2:3).

    Yes, "their SOUND went into all the earth" (Rom.10:18). Paul quoted from Aratus's poem Phaenomina
    written on the constellations about 270 B.C. (Acts 17:27-28).

    Ancient Egyptian zodiacs such as the one in the Tombs of the Kings at Karnak have the image of a sphinx
    (woman's head with lion's body whose name means "bind together" from Greek sphiggo)
    between Leo and Virgo showing where the circle begins and ends.

    In the zodiac of Denderah (2000 B.C.), a picture of the sphinx is also placed between Virgo and Leo.

    The original meaning of the zodiac was:

    1. VIRGO -- Promised seed of the woman (SUN in her belly). A virgin (Isa. 7:14; Rev. 12:1-5) holding a branch (Jer. 23:5-6) and an ear of grain. Star names include: "A Branch" (Arabic Al Zimach) in her left hand. "Gloriously Beautiful" (Zavijaveh) in Virgo's head (Is. 4:2). "Who Shall Come Down" (Al Murredin) is in her right arm (Ps. 72:8).
    (A) Coma. Woman with a child on her lap - Name "Coma" means "Desire Of All Nations" (Hag. 2:7)
    Albumazer, an Arabic astronomer of the 8th century, said that the Persians, Chaldeans and Egyptians said this was a young woman (Persian -- virgin) on a throne nourishing an infant boy, having a Hebrew name Ihesu which in Greek is called Christos. Shakespeare referred to this as "the good boy in Virgo's lap" (Titus Andronicus Act 4 Sc. 5).
    Original Egyptian name Shes-nu -- the desired son. Renamed by the Egyptians as Coma Berenice -- The hair or wig of Berenice.
    (B) Centaur. Half man - half horse. Said to indicate the two natures of Christ. Hebrew name is Beza or Al Beze (Arabic) -- the despised (Is. 53:3). The star called "Heretofore and Hereafter" (Toliman) is in the horse's fore-foot (Rev. 1:8) over a cross.
    (C) Bootes. A man with a spear and sickle (Rev. 14:15-16). Name is The Coming One (Ps. 96:13). The star called "He Cometh" (Arcturus) is in his left leg (Job 9:9). "The Pierced" (Nekkar) in his head (Zech. 12:10). "Who Bruises" (Merga) in his sickle (Gen. 3:15). "Who Separates" (Muphride) in his left leg. He is our Shepherd and Harvester.
    2. LIBRA -- Latin -- Libra (scales). A pair of scales (Heb. Mozanaim). Arabic - Al Zubena (purchase or redemption or buy back). Divine justice requires death for sin (Dan. 5:27; Ps. 62:9).The star called "The Price Which Is Deficient" (Zuben al Genubi) is in the lower tray on the ecliptic (Ps. 62:9) and the star called "The Price Which Covers" (Zuben al Chemali) is in the upper tray inside the ecliptic. Man's righteousness can't cover his sins (Ps. 99:7). God's sacrifice (the SUN) covers man's sin in the lower tray (Rev. 5:9). "The Price of the Conflict" (Zuben al Akrab) is a third star.
    (A) Crux - the cross to endure (Dan. 9:26). Tau -- "It is finished."
    (B) Lupus or Victima (victim slain; he killed himself voluntarily -- John 10:15-18; Heb. 9:11-26)
    (C) Corona - A crown purchased (Heb. 2:9). "The Shining" (Al Phecca) is a star.
    3. SCORPIO -- A Scorpion. Death sting bruises heel as he bruises head (Gen. 3:15; 49:17; Ps. 91:13). The star called "The Wounding" (Antares) is Scorpio's red heart. "The Perverse" (Leseth) is in Scorpio's tail. The scorpion is stinging the heel of Ophiuchus (SUN wound), who is treading on the scorpion (Gen. 3:15).
    (A) Ophiuchus The "strong man" Ophiuchus (serpent-holder) wrestles with the serpent (Ps. 91:13). "The Head of Him Who Holds" (Ras al Hagus) is in the head. "Treading Under Foot" (Triophas) -- location unknown. "Bruised" (Saiph) in the foot. "The Wounding" (Carnebus) and "Contending" (Megeros) both unknown locations.
    (B) Serpens, who is reaching for the crown. "Encompassing" (Unuk) is in the serpent's neck. "The Serpent Enfolding" (Cheleb) is in the serpent's jaw.
    (C) Hercules - (a.k.a. Samson) the mighty vanquisher. Foot is placed on the coiled dragon's neck. The star called "The Head of Him Who Bruises" (Ras al Gethi) is in his head. "The Branch, Kneeling" (Kornephorus) in his right armpit. "The Wounding" (Marsic) is in his right elbow. "The Sin Offering" (Ma'asyn) is in his upper left arm. "Punishing" (Caiam) is in lower right arm.
    4. SAGITTARIUS -- Dual-natured Archer. Same meaning in several languages (Rev. 6:2). Star called "The Gracious One" (Naim) (Ps. 45:2) in the bow. "The Dart" (al Shaula) in the bow is aimed directly at the heart of Scorpio. "Who Cometh Forth" (al Warida) in the bow. Dual-natured Christ conquers death (Rev. 19:11; Ps. 91:13) indicated by glowing SUNNY face.
    (A) Lyra - The harp. The name indicates the praise of God. Brightest star is called "He Shall Be Exalted" (Vega) in lower left. (Ps. 21:13) "An Eagle" (Shelyuk) in center left.
    (B) Ara - the Altar. The burning fire prepared for His enemies (Ps. 21:9) .
    (C) Draco - The Dragon. The name comes from the Greek meaning Trodden on (Ps. 91:13). The brightest star is "The Subtle" (Thuban). "The Head of the Subtle" (Rastaban) in the head. "The Long Serpent" (Ethanim) in the head. "The Fraudulent" (El Atik) location unknown. This dragon is cast down (Rev. 12:9).
    5. CAPRICORNUS -- The Fish Goat -- Ancient pictures are half goat, half fish; i.e. the sacrifice (burnt by SUN fire) and those who it is sacrificed for (Christians use of the fish as a symbol). The dying goat allows the fish to live (Lev. 10:16-17; 16:15-16; Isa. 53). The sacrifice of Jesus allows the resurrection of multitudes. "The Goat" (al Gedi) is in the horn. "The Sacrifice Cometh" (Deneb al Gedi) is in the fish tail.
    (A) Sagitta - The Arrow that pierces (Ps. 38:2,10; Job 6:4).
    (B) Aquila - Eagle. This has been wounded by the arrow. "The Wounding" (Al Tair) is in the eagle's neck. "The Bright" (AlShain) is in the throat. "Torn" (Tarared) in the back. "The Piercing" (Al Cair) in the lower wing. "Wounded in the Heel" (Al Okal) in the tail.
    (C) Delphinus - The Dolphin. The one who rises (Ps. 42:7).
    6. AQUARIUS -- The Water Bearer. Living waters of the Holy Spirit (SUN in bucket) poured out upon Israel (Isa. 44:2-6; Gen. 49:3-4; Nu. 24:7). "Record of Pouring Forth" (Sa'ad al Melik) in right shoulder. "The Pourer Out" (Sa'ad al Sund) in left shoulder. "Who Goes and Returns" (Scheat) in lower right leg. "An Urn" (Meon) in the bucket.
    (A) Piscis Australis = The Southern Fish. The star is named "The Mouth of the Fish" (Fom al Haut) and located in its eye.
    (B) Pegasus = The Winged Horse or "Chief Horse." A star named "Returning From Afar" (Markab) is on the horse's neck. "Who Goes and Returns" (Scheat) in upper leg. "Who Carries" (Al Genib) at tip of wing. "The Branch" (Enif) in the nostril. "Who Causes to Overflow" (Matar) in leg. "The Waters" (Homan) in neck. "Surely I come quickly" -- Rev. 22:20
    (C) Cygnus = The Swan. Brightest star is "The Judge" (Deneb) in the belly.
    7. PISCES -- The Bound Fish. Star names indicate "the fish (multitudes) of those who will follow"- i.e. The Church (Ps. 115:14). Israelites multiply like fish but still bound to sin (Luke 5:4-10; John 21:11). Supported and led by the Lamb, God's people still in bondage to sin but SUN-sacrifice burns the bands. Stars named "The United" (Okda) and "The Upheld" (Al Samaca) are at unknown locations in Pisces.
    (A)The Band - (that unites the two fish) (Hos. 11:4)
    (B) Andromeda - The Chained Woman (who will be delivered -- Isa. 51:21-52:1-3).The Bride is exposed on earth (Isa. 54:11-14). One star is named "The Broken Down" (Al Phiratz) in her head. "The Weak" (Mirach) in her body. "Struck Down" (Al Maach) in her left foot. "The Afflicted" (Adhil) has an unknown location.
    (C) Cepheus - The Crowned King. "Coming Quickly" (Al Deramin) in his right shoulder. "The Redeemer" (Al Phirk) in his girdle. "Who Bruises" (Al Rai) in his left knee.
    8. ARIES -- The Ram or Lamb (John 1:29). The ram or lamb atones for our sins (John 1:29; Rev. 5:12). Star names are "The Wounded" (El Natik) in his forehead, "The Bruised" (El Sheratan) in left horn, and "The Bound" (Mesartim) in left horn and the SUN wound in the lamb's side.
    (A) Cassiopeia - The Beautiful Enthroned Woman. The captive woman now delivered. (Is. 54:1-8, 62:3-5; Rev. 19:7). Star names are "The Freed" (Schedir) in her left breast and "The Branch" (of victory) (Caph) in the top of the chair on the Arctic Circle. She is the Lamb's wife.
    (B) Cetus - the sea monster. Satan bound (Rev. 20:1-3; Job 41:1-10). "The Bound Enemy" (Menkar) in upper jaw. "Thrust Down" (Deneb Kaitos) in the tail. "Rebel" (Mira) in the neck.
    (C) Perseus - The Breaker. Hebrew Peretz. Greek Perses (Micah 2:13). Winged feet mean coming swiftly. Star names are "Who Helps" (Mirfak) in his waist. "Who Carries Away" (Al Genib) in his right shoulder. "Who Breaks" (Athik) in his left foot. "Rolling Round" (Al Gol) in Medusa's forehead (or Hebrew Rosh Satan meaning Head of the Adversary).
    9. TAURUS -- The Bull -- The Pleiades - The congregation of the judge. Angry Judge returns to punish his enemies (Deut. 33:17; Ps. 44:5; Nu. 23:22; Isa. 26:21). Star names are "The Leader" (Al Debaran) in the bull's eye and "Wounded" (El Nath) in the tip of the left horn and "The Congregation of the Judge" (Pleiades) in the neck of Taurus (Jude 14-15). "The Congregated" (Hyades) in the face of Taurus and "The Center" (Al Cyone) in Pleiades (center of Universe)
    (A) Orion - The coming Prince. Hebrew Orion means light. (Isa.40:5; 60:1-2; Amos 5:8). He holds a SUN-torch and the head of "the roaring lion" (1 Pet. 5:8). Star names are "The coming of the Branch" (Betelgeuz) in the right shoulder (Mal 3:2). "The Foot that Crushes" (Rigol) in the left foot. "Swiftly Destroying" (Bellatrix) in the left shoulder. "The Wounded One" (El Nitak) in the belt. "Bruised" (Saiph) in his right leg. (Gen. 3:15). "Dividing" (Mintaka) in the belt (Lev. 8:2; Ps. 1:3).
    (B) Eridanus - The River of the Judge. Star names are "The afterpart of the River" (Achernar) at its mouth. "Bent Down" (Cursa) at its source (Hab. 3:5) "Flowing" (Zourac) at the second bend. It is a river of fire (Dan. 7:10; Ps. 97:3-5; Isa. 30:27-33 ; Isa. 66:15-16; Nahum 1:8).
    (C) Auriga - The Good Shepherd (Isa. 40:10-11; John 10:11; Ez. 34:22). Star names are "A She-goat" (Capella) inside the goat. "Band of the Goats" (Menkilinon) in his right arm. "A Flock of Goats" (Maaz) unknown location. "Wounded" (El Nath) in his right foot. "Kids" (Gedi) in the kids. He rides a "Chariot of Fire" with a SUN-wheel.
    10. GEMINI -- The Twins -- The two natures of Christ -- suffering Servant and conquering King -- two appearances and his eventual victory. His words are like fire (SUN). "Ruler or Judge" (Castor) in right head. "Who Comes to Suffer" (Pollux) in left head. "Afflicted" (Al Hena) in left foot of Pollux. "Set" (Waset) in the middle of the two twins. "Treading under Foot" (Mebsuta) in Castor's knee. "The Palm Branch" (Al Giauza) of unknown location.
    (A) Lepus - The Hare or anciently the snake (the enemy); trodden under Orion's foot. Star name is "The Enemy of Him that Cometh" (Arnebo) in shoulder (Mal. 4; Ps. 60:12; Isa. 63:3-4; Dan. 8:23-25)
    (B) Canis Major (The Dog) or Sirius (The Prince comes in great glory). Sirius is the brightest of all stars. (Is. 9:6). Star names are "The Prince" (Sirius) in the dog's nose. "The Ruler" (Mirzam) in the left front foot. "The Bright" (Wesen) in the body. "The Glorious" (Adhara) in right hind leg. "Who Shall Come" (Aschere) of unknown location. "The Prince of the Right Hand" (Al Jemeniya) of unknown location.
    (C) Canis Minor - The Second Dog. Star names are "Redeemer" (Procyon) in the body. "The Burdened" (Al Gomeisa)in the neck. "The Prince of the Left Hand" (Al Shemeliya) of unknown location.
    11. CANCER -- The Crab means "To hold or encircle" -- (Khan - inn + Cer - encircle = Cattlefold or House) -- God's people (SUN light of the world) sheltered during His wrath (Gen. 49:10-11; Jer. 23:3). "A Multitude; offspring" (Praesepe) in center of Cancer. "Holding" (Tegmine) in the tail. "The Sheltering; Hiding Place" (Acubene) in lower large claw. "Assembled Thousands" (Ma'alaph) and "The Kids or Lambs" (Al Himarein) are of unknown location. "The Northern Ass" (Asellus Boreas) and "Southern Ass" (Asellus Australis) (Gen. 49:11) are north and south of Praesepe.
    (A) Ursa Minor - The Little Bear. No bears found in any ancient Zodiacs. Confusion may be from Hebrew Dohver Sheepfold, Dovh Bear. This is the "Little Flock" of 24 stars. Star names include "The Turned" or "Ridden On"(Al Ruccaba -- pole star) in the "bear's tail" also known as "The Stronghold of the Saved (Arctos). "Awaiting Him Who Comes" (Kochab) in central back. "The Redeemed Assembly" (Al Pherkadain) and "The Kid" (Al Gedi) and "The Assembled" (Al Kaid) of unknown location.
    (B) Ursa Major - The Great Bear. "Sheepfold and the Sheep" Star names include "The Assembled Together" (Al Naish); "A Flock" (Dubhe) in the back or "Rest and Security" (Dohveh) (Deut. 33:25). "Purchase" (Merach) below it. "Guarded" (Phaeda) (Ps. 147:4) in the rear. "A She-goat" (Alioth) in tail. "Small" or "Separate" (Mizar) in tail. "The Lamb" (Al Cor) in tail. "The Daughters of the Assembly" (Benet Naish) at the end of the tail. "Protected" or "Covered" (El Kaphrah) and "Company of Travellers" (Helike) (Ez. 34:12-16).
    (C) Argo - The Ship. Became part of Greek Argonaut story. Meaning is the "Return of the travellers". "As in the days of Noah ..." implies an Ark to preserve mankind in the end time. Star names include "The Possession of Him Who Comes" (Canopus) in third oar, "The Multitude" (Sephina), "The Possession" ((Tureis), "The Released Who Travel" (Asmidiska), "The Desired" (Soheil) and "The Branch" (Subilon) all of unknown location (Jer. 30:10-11; Isa. 60:4-9).
    12. LEO -- The Lion -- "The Lion of the tribe of Judah" returns to destroy "that old serpent" (Gen. 49:8-9; Rev. 5:5). Star names include "Treading Under Foot" (Regulus) in the lion's heart. "The Judge Who Cometh" (Denebola) in the tail. "The Exaltation" (Giebha) in the mane. "Shining Forth" (Zosma) rear back. "The Joining" (Sarcam) referring to the end of the Zodiac Circle joined to the beginning; "The Lion Punishing" (Minchir al Asad) (Gen. 49:8-9; Num. 24:8-9); "The Judge Comes and Seizes" (Deneb Aleced); "The Enemy Put Down" (Al Dafera) all of unknown location.
    (A) Hydra - The Serpent. Hydra means "He is abhorred". Star names include "Separated, Put Away" (Al Phard) in heart, "The Abhorred" (Al Drian), and "Piercing the Deceiver" (Minchar al Sugia)
    (B) Crater - The Cup. The pouring out of cup of wrath on the wicked (Ps. 75:8; 11:6; Rev. 14:10; 16:19). It is the fire of the SUN.
    (C) Corvus - The Raven. Birds of prey devouring the Serpent. Star names are "Cursed" (Al Chibar) in the eye (Pr. 30:17). "The Raven" (Al Goreb) in right wing and "The Raven Tearing to Pieces" (Minchar al Gorab)(Rev. 19:17-18; Jer. 25:30-33).

    The six fall-winter constellations stand on Mount Ebal because they illustrate those months with less vitamin D3 from the sun
    and when no crops can grow from the earth. Cold rather than warm; rain and snow rather than sun.

    All ancient calendars were based on a 360-day year. The Chaldean, Assyrian, Egyptian, Hebrew, Persian, Greek, Phoenician, Carthaginian, Hindu, Chinese Mayan, Etruscan, Teuton, and others.

    They all changed around 701 B.C. at the time of Hezekiah's sundial moving back.

    We believe that originally Earth had a 360-day year, and Mars had a 720-day year.

    These two planets had 2:1 resonant orbits (reinforced vibration at same frequency).

    That is not an unusual phenomenon.

    For instance Saturn is in a 2:5 orbital resonance with Jupiter. Neptune and Pluto are in 3:2 orbital resonance.

    Previous to 701 B.C., Mars was likely in 6:1 resonance with Jupiter and 2:1 resonance with earth.

    Every 108 years the paths of Mars and Earth would cross with a net result that at perihelion
    (March 20-21) the earth would gain energy and Mars would lose energy;
    while at aphelion (Oct. 25) the earth would lose energy and Mars would gain energy.

    Notice the 108-year cyclic nature of just some of the Bible catastrophes:
    1404 B.C. (Joshua's Long Day), 1080 B.C.(Samuel's Catastrophe), 972 B.C. (David's Catastrophe),
    864 B.C. (Elijah's Catastrophe), 756 B.C. (Joel-Amos Catastrophe).

    The fly-by of 701 B.C. resulted in Mars losing 33 days bringing it to its present orbit of 687 days
    while earth gained over five days resulting in our present 365.24-day orbit
    (either from expanding orbit or increased spin rate).

    Joshua's long day (Joshua 10:12-13) in 1404 B.C. resulted in about a 5-degree pole shift
    which would have been sufficient to cause the sun and moon to apparently remained stationary.

    Earth and Mars just "happen" to have tilts of 23.5 and 24 degrees respectively.

    Earth and Mars "happen" to have almost identical spin rates. Hezekiah in 701 B.C.
    solved the problem of a new orbit by adding a month seven times every 19 years.

    Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels was written 151 years before astronomers
    discovered the two moons of Mars and yet this book mentions the two moons of Mars with uncanny accuracy.

    How is this possible? Some scholars believe Jonathan Swift used ancient manuscripts
    as source material for his writings.

    Such manuscripts were written by people who lived prior to 701 B.C. when Mars flew much closer to earth.

    This would also account for the universal terror and worship of the war-god Mars in ancient legends

    as it became 50 times the size of the moon in the sky.

    (see The Long Day of Joshua and Six Other Catastrophes by Patten, Hatch and Steinhauer for more)

    This explains why sites like Stonehenge have ceased to perform their original function.

    The alignment of the stones no longer point to the mid-winter and mid-summer sunrises.

    They did before 1500 B.C.(Exodus was 1447 B.C.) The earth's axis and speed of rotation

    have changed sufficiently to make them useless.

    For more info, on this
    and, to purchase a book,


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