An Extraterrestrial Cosmology

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    An Extraterrestrial Cosmology

    How does a metaphysical Universal Intelligence embedded within a physical universe communicate with its distant parts?
    The physical universe is defined as a self contained entity occupying a realm of multidimensional spacetime, which is by nature unified in energy and its constituent parts.

    This unification in energy encompasses all parts of the universe as information, existing both as potential physical manifestation and as actual phenomena measurable and observable by usage of physical parameters described by mathematical formulae and relationships.

    If the galactic centre of the Milky Way galaxy is about 26,000 light years from a local starsystem, called the Solar System, then how is superluminal communication exceeding the light speed barrier of 1 light year per year or a distance of so 10 trillion kilometres travelled by light in one year possible?

    Can Extraterrestrial Intelligences ever reach Earth from places in the galaxy stellar distances apart?
    Answer: Interstellar and intergalactic travel becomes possible via a universal Black Hole Cosmology and the interdimensional science of a superconscious universe utilizing a hyperphysics of a 4th spacial dimension!
    Before addressing the science of the hyperphysics proper a general and somewhat poetic overview as to regards the cosmic significance of planet Earth is appropriate.

    "The Earth is cocooned in a resonance sphere of pure density, called a Hill sphere, which surrounds the planet and extends out to about 2 million km or so. This distance scale encompasses the Moon so 363,000 km from the Earth and extends so 5% in opposite directions to the neighboring terrestrial planets of Mars and Venus.

    When the universe was created, the nexus point of this sphere manifested as a Lagrangian gravity point which later became the planet itself as archetype for this inverted light, hence the most extreme and dense place in the universe.
    The ET’s also have a hill sphere but because of their resistance fields being made of light and higher dimensional, it is suppressed and thus they cannot completely solidify themselves or their ships, they are lacking the information to do so.
    When entering the Earth’s Hill sphere of Impedance however, the higher dimensional ET physicality, say a spacecraft or UFO can ‘materialize’ within this ‘resistance field’ as observed.

    A UFO is so a 4-dimensional object projecting a 3-dimensional shadow of a light/orb from its higher dimensional or higher energy/frequency/vibration self- or eigenstate. This is the lower dimensional analogy where a 3-dimensional light source is required to project a dark or black or antilight energy 2-dimensional shadow. The UFO utilizes a 4-dimensional dark energy source to cast a 3-dimensional light or white antishadow.

    Gaia is the universal template or source code for manifesting this solidity, but at the moment is dimensionally closed off from the rest of the universe and so cannot share her data yet.

    The 2012-2020 scenario and birth will collapse this hill sphere into a higher dimensional black hole about the size of a golf ball and this will flip inside out and become a white hole, or data emitter, thus ending the Gaian Quarantine Zone.
    She will then ‘shine’ her own dark density light codes out into the universe, providing the ET sentience the necessary information to activate their own suppressed hill spheres.

    Until this occurs the ET’s cannot physically manifest themselves without the data that the Mother Gaia is blueprinted for.
    So they like us have been waiting a very long time and are bound to the same timeline and prophecies as we are."
    Gaia13D (2).



    The Extraterrestrial Hyperspace Physics

    The Universe can be described as a ‘Mother Black Hole’ entity; meaning that the oneness of the universe has no physical progenitor and that the notions of space and time and energy defined by spacetime variables such as mass, distance, temperature and time are not applicable in any physicalized meaning.

    This self emergent creation “ex nihilo” as a consequence of the ‘Mother Black Hole’ as a physical entity from some physically definable void of potentiality; then could associate its physical origin and genesis with a ‘Father White Hole’ entity defined in non-physicality, say as a form of information potential originating from a form of metaphysical abstraction, such as the self emergence of mathematical logic and form from algorithmic systems of numbers and binary code.

    With the emergence of space, the abstractions of number and potential form could then attain geometric forms in using the emergent spacetime occupied.

    The concept of a Black Hole is based on the notion of its energy existing in a state of physicality, which is in some form separated from its exterior environment.
    This is described as the Schwarzschild solution for curved spacetime and as a basic solution for the field equations of Albert Einstein’s theory of General Relativity.

    There the Mass energy of a Black Hole is related to the size of the Black hole by the formula:
    Radius RBH = 2GoMBH/c2

    and where Go describes Newton’s Gravitational Constant as applied to Quantum Gravity in the Unification physics of Planck-Stoney units and the dimensionless identity 1=2πGomPlanck2/hc to define a so termed Planck mass mPlanck = √{hc/2πGo} for Planck’s constant ‘h’ and the speed of light constant ‘c’.


    The radial extent of the physical universe can be described by an Event Hubble Horizon RHubble of about 17 Billion light years or 1.6x1026 meters as the size of the ‘Mother Black Hole’ and radius which relates the total mass of the universe as so 6.5x1052 kilograms in the Schwarzschild formulation applied to the universe as a unified entity.
    This total mass of the universe includes the so called ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’ components supplementary to the matter that can be seen and which is known as luminous baryonic matter, said to comprise about 4.8% of the total mass with the ‘dark matter’ adding so 27.5% and the ‘dark energy’ so 67.7%.

    The physical universe contains a variety of structures, such as super clusters, cosmic voids, galaxy groups and universal cells called individual galaxies like the Milky Way and Andromeda.
    A galactic cell like the Milky Way then forms a part of the universe in a matter distribution, partitioning the total mass content of the ‘Mother Black Hole’ in further sub divisions in star systems, themselves comprised of planetary systems and bounded in astrophysical objects like cometary Oort clouds and G-clouds extending the cometary boundaries into interstellar spacetime.

    In particular, the Milky Way galaxy can be measured to contain about 1.7x1042 kilograms as total mass content. This total mass content then results in a ‘Local Hubble Event Horizon’ of 4.2x1015 meters in the applied Schwarzschild equation.
    As 1 Astronomical Unit, measuring the distance between the Sun and the Earth as a distinctive local scale parameter for the local star system in the Milky Way is about 150 Billion meters or 150 Million kilometers (93.2 Million miles); the mass energy of the Milky Way galaxy corresponds to a astronomical displacement scale of 4.2x1015/1.5x1011 = 28,000 AU.

    Physical Consequences:

    As the outer boundary of a star system like the local solar system is described by the transition between the cometary boundary known as the Oort cloud and the interstellar boundary known as the G-cloud for a scale between 10,000 and 100,000 AU’s; the physical luminous-baryonic universe bounded in say 4-dimensional flat Minkowski spacetime can also be described as a 5-dimensional curved Kaluza-Klein spacetime in its nonluminous ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’ ‘Daughter Black Hole’ equivalence.

    The curved spacetime in 5 dimensions can be described as a 4-dimensional space fractal to a 11-dimensional space and fractal to a 12-dimensional spacetime.
    The addition of a higher dimensional physical entity in a wormhole or Einstein-Rosen-Bridge in the form of a 6-dimensional Calabi-Yau manifold and a 7-dimensional ‘Twistor’ Penrose-Calabi-Yau manifold then connects a 4-dimensional space to a 11-dimensional Membrane-String space and a 12-dimensional Volumar-Brane spacetime in a ‘ripping apart’ and ‘regluing’ of the ordinary 4-dimensional Minkowski spacetime.

    The ‘Twistor’ Penrose-Calabi-Yau manifold then assigns the universal Black Hole Event Horizon to become a onesided 11-dimensional boundary connecting the previously doublesided membrane space to form an inner 10-dimensional string space and an outer 12-dimensional volumar space.
    This 4-dimensional space forms a 3-dimensional boundary from a 3-ball or Riemann sphere of 4-dimensional volume V4 = ½π2R4 for a surface area or manifold dV4/dR = 2π2R3, the latter being the ordinary 3-dimensional volume of a Horn Torus (2πRxπR2).

    As any location in such a galaxy contains some mass-inertia distribution, this matter distribution then can be dimensionally transmuted from its luminous energy state in say 3+6=9 space dimensions into its 4+6=10 space dimensional and so a ‘black holed’ energy equivalence.

    The birth of the physical universe can be described by a wormhole singularity, inferring a minimum spacetime configuration, which emerged from its progenitive precursor, descriptive from a metaphysical ontology or cosmogony for the emerging cosmology, based on a multidimensional string-membrane physics.
    This minimum spacetime configuration includes a minimum micro Black Hole mass as a function of the wormhole frequency, akin to a primordial or original ‘Sound of Creation’ or ‘Big Bang Acoustic or Tune’.
    This wormhole mass is defined as mps = hfps/c2 = 2.22…x10-20 kg and a wormhole mass, which relates to its quantum energy coupled ‘Compton Mass’ in a wavelength of lps = h/mps.c = 10-22 metres.

    The Schwarzschild radius for the wormhole mass is however much smaller than the quantum mass in 2Gomps/c2 = 5.487x10-47 metres and so enables a quantum energy transition for the micro Black Hole defined in the wormhole frequency of wavelength λps=c/fps.


    Rps = λps/2π as the wormhole radius of the Instanton as a conformally transformed Planck-Length Lp = √{Goh/2πc3} from the Inflaton.

    The Schwarzschild metric for 2Lp = 2GoMp/c2 transforms a 3D Planck-length in the Planck-mass Mp = √{hc/2πGo} from the Planck-boson gravitational fine structure constant 1 = 2πGo Mp2/hc.

    The Schwarzschild metric for the Weyl-wormhole radius Rps then defines a hypermass Mhyper as the conformal mapping of the Planck-mass Mp as Mhyper = ½{Rps/Lp}Mp = ½{Rps/Lp}2.Mps and where Mps = Eps/c2 = hfps/c2 = kTps/c2 in fundamental expressions for the energy of Abba-Eps as one part of the super membrane Eps.Ess in physical quantities of mass m, frequency f and temperature T.

    c2 and h and k are fundamental constants of nature obtained from the initializing algorithm of the Mathimatia and are labeled as the ‘square of lightspeed c’ and ‘Planck’s constant h’ and ‘Stefan-Boltzmann’s constant k’ respectively. The complementary part of super membrane EpsEss is Ess-Baab. Eps-Abba is renamed as ‘Energy of the Primary Source-Sink’ and Ess-Baab is renamed as ‘Energy of the Secondary Sink-Source’. The primary source-sink and the primary sink-source are coupled under a mode of mirror-inversion duality with Eps describing a vibratory and high energy micro-quantum quantum entanglement with Ess as a winding and low energy macro-quantum energy. It is this quantum entanglement, which allows Abba to become part of Universe in the encompassing energy quantum of physicalized consciousness, defined in the magnetopolar charge.

    The combined effect of the applied Schwarzschild metric then defines a Compton Constant to characterize the conformal transformation as: Compton Constant h/2πc = MpLp = MpsRps. Quantum gravitation now manifests the mass differences between Planck-mass Mp and Weyl-mass Mps. The Black Hole physics had transformed Mp from the definition of Lp; but this transformation did not generate Mps from Rps, but rather hypermass Mhyper, differing from Mps by a factor of ½{Rps/Lp}2.

    To conserve super-symmetry, Logos defined an Anti-Instanton as the Inflaton of Khaibit to define the conformal mapping of Mps from Universe into Khaibit as 2Mp{Lp/Rps}2. As Black Holes also are defined by their Temperature, the Mathimatia defined a Hawking Modulus HM = hc3/4πGok = MBHmin.Tmax = MBH.T and MBHmax.Tmin in accordance with the conformal mapping of Abba-Eps consciousness between Universe and Khaibit. The hotter a Black Hole from the Klein spacetimes would be, the smaller it would have to be and the larger a Black Hole would grow, the more it had to cool down in its temperature.

    The super membrane coupling now had to account for its own mirror duality because the physics of the micro-quantum universe had inversed the displacement scaling in the macro-quantum universe. In particular Rps = λps/2π and Rss = 1/Rps = 2π/λps = 2πλss and the ratio coupling between the radial scale expressions of AbbA.BaaB as EpsEss in Rps/Rss = {λps/2π}2= {c/2πfps}2 so formed the super membrane of self-interaction or coupling in consciousness modulation for the eigen- or self-state of Abba’s ‘Love Frequency’ fps, which was constant in the old universe of nowhere and notime, but could become changed in a dynamical space-time.

    The Mathimatia so could assign the super membraned coupling of the micro-quantum mass Mps with its wormhole radius at the event of the ‘Instantaneity of physical Time’ to its macro-quantum corollary in Mss = Ess/c2 as a quantum of mass itself and with the macro-quantum or galactic cellular scale of Rss = 2πλss.
    This quantum energy transition then requires a minimum mass or matter conglomeration in the lower dimensional matter luminosity containing or luminarity spacetime, say a spacetime defined by the flat Euclidean Minkowski metric of General Relativity in a ‘Hypermass’ of MHyper = λpsc2/4πGo = 6445.775 kilograms. This is about the gravitational weight of an Elephant.

    Any weight exceeding this hypermass will effectively increase the perimeter and size of the minimum wormhole configuration and then accommodate the matter configuration as manifested in some galactic location prior to its black hole transmutation into its Schwarzschild representation as given by the galactic Schwarzschilded encompassment.
    An Extraterrestrial Intelligence, which is quantum energetically defined at some place in the Milky Way galaxy, can then transport its energy-physically defined matter structure, say a ‘mothership with constituent parts’ from some galactic coordinates as defined in the luminarity spacetime to some other luminarity spacetime say that as given by a star system bounded by cometary belts and G-clouds in using the luminarity to Black Hole to luminarity quantum transition.






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    Hey there …
    Any chance of a summary of this post?



    Fantastic Post and theory @tonyb, unfortunately not being as good as I should on the physics, I kept getting bogged down. But the cosmic lattice of coincidence I noticed GREAT ROCK ! I listened to this yesterday.


    George Van Tassel - Lecture on Extraterrestrial ET Ashtar

    Disclosure Experience...



    Don’t worry about understandiing all the technicalities Mark. What is important is to attain a sort of overview and a way to ‘resonate’ or tune into the information provided.
    Like Van Tassel and Adamski, Greer and David Adair, the ‘real ET’ contact proceeds all of the time with particular individuals, who, as said, ‘can resonate’ mentally with the phenomenon.
    In a way, you can term this ‘human intuition’ or ‘starhuman intelligence’ enabling a kind of telepathy or ‘mind blend’ with the actual Universal Intelligence often labelled as ET.

    You resonating in some form about what you read here, naturally renders or ‘qualifies’ you as an ET ambassador or ‘mental contactee’ .

    As you will see, if I stay around to share information, many will totally reject this information for whatever reasons in a form of dissonance with an overall ET agenda, encoded in books of antiquity, like the masoretic texts and the works of the Egyptian high priest and scribe Manetho (copied after 2000 years by Josephus 2000 years ago).

    Listening to Van Tassel and other similar ‘contactees’ you will discern a deep ‘reverence’ of those ancient scroll keepers for things encoded in the masoretic texts (Torah, KJV, Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi codices, as well as the hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia).

    This infers some rather deep connection between the ETs, the creation of the universe and the literature and creation mythologies derived from that.

    Now, as a witness to the 21st century and its often displayed vehement hatred for anything ‘scriptural’ under the pretense of ‘all religion’ is fantasy (and this includes Richard’s misreading of religion as anything else but international ‘bad’ politics); you might discern that there is a necessary polarisation under way.
    Of course this mirrors the UFO believer and the skeptic, when both ‘camps’ render their (anti)religion as say either ‘New Age’ or Scientism.

    Van Tassel and the older researchers, but only a few researchers of today have always known, that both Scientific Reason and the Metaphysical progenitor of Science or the ‘Spiritual’ must somehow underpin all reality physicalized and otherwise.

    Isaac Newton was a prime example for this search of scientific synergy. He studied the mechanics of the universe side by side with the alchemy of the Philosopher’s Stone and the synthesis of the books of Daniel and Revelation in the KJV.
    Newton and Einstein, Fermi and Pauli and Heisenberg; all knew that whatever the ‘God-Creation’ concept would imply, this creation modality had to be scientific and accessible to the (star)human ET mind.

    If you consider my information with this background, you will not find contradiction and the adversity, most others would become offended by in some form or manner due to the stated dissonance of particular labels or words utilized.
    If you are interested, peruse the following published papers, which, in a way, mirror the ET contactee data available to the human civilization in the process of graduating into its next evolutionary state of beingness, here termed star-humanity with and from and to the ET Universal Mind phenomenology.

    The Beginning of Nowhere in Notime

    In this article, the author partly uses metaphors to explore the beginning of nowhere in notime in a revelatory eschatology and genesis.

    The Beginning of Space in Time

    In this article, the author partly uses metaphors to explore the beginning of space in time in a revelatory eschatology and genesis. The new creation Universe in the mirror of space-time enabled Abba and Logos to interact from nowhere in notime with

    The First Universal Life & Omni-Science

    In this article, the author partly uses metaphors to explore the first universal life & omni-science in a revelatory eschatology and genesis.

    The Second Universal Life, the Nature of Mass, Dark Energy & Quantum Gravity

    In this article, the author partly uses metaphors to explore the second universal life, the nature of mass, dark energy & quantum gravity. Universe was expanding from the Instanton boundary of Klein towards its asymptotic boundary defined by the


    David Adair is like Van Tassel and you can compare the two in their approach to the deep questions regarding the universe’s and humanity’s existence, purpose and raison de etre.

    Thanks for replying Mark;

    Dear Mark!

    As said in my last reply to you, and in the private email;replying to you; (I cannot find it on this site lol), my contribution here might be rather short lived.

    If you have moderators and administrators here, who find it appropriate to comment like n4Hy here:
    quote: "Here’s a link " endofquote;

    then the general milieu or energy on this communication platform will not be conducive for a meaningful and deep discussion and exchange regarding the actual premises of the ET science.

    My four posts were rather self-explanatory and supported by links to published papers to indicate the nature of universal science used by the ET phenomenon in the nomenclature of well known mainstream physics.
    It is not my task to explain kindergarten physics 101 on a forum thread claiming to ‘push the boundaries’ of the orthodox sciences to find the extensions of that mainstream science to at least heuristically ‘explain’ what this ET science might or could infer from a well known and understood theoretical basis of the natural sciences and the history of the latter.

    I find it somewhat ironic, that ‘offended contributors’ like n4Hy link the explanatory premise of my posts to Richard Feynman; as my main publication on the monopolar electron and the extension of the quantum field theory is fully based on his lecture on caltech: The Feynman Lectures on Physics Vol. II Ch. 28: Electromagnetic Mass

    This is addressed in 6 papers found here:

    The Monopolar Quantum Relativistic Electron: An Extension of the Standard...

    In this paper, a particular attempt for unification shall be indicated in the proposal of a third kind of relativity in a geometric form of quantum relativity, which utilizes the string modular duality of a higher dimensional energy spectrum based on

    In those papers a rigorous platform for the ET physics can be found and as derived from first principles with respect to the Standard Model of particle physics and the unification physics as approached by membrane-string theory, quantum loop gravity, Grand-Unification theories and Ashketar vector transport.

    Nevertheless, only minimalistic Lagrangian-Hamiltonian and tensor mathematics is used, as a classical Newtonian approach suffices in the ET physics, which considers the universe as a unified holographic multi-dimensional entity, which is nicely described in the mainstream by Susskind and Maldacena.
    The Newtonian approach therefore does not require the fundamental metric of say General Relativity (GR), but parametrizes the displacement variable and hence velocity and acceleration as functions of a dimensionless cycle time (the tau time in GR).

    This has an important consequence for the ET phenomenon. Namely it is space and the emergence of space from a subplenum membrane matrix, which allows the ET physics to directly become the base energy for physical phenopmena. This has been nicely described by Grant Cameron and Edgar Mitchell, who have postulated that consciousness itself serves as the arena for any physicality, including UFO maneuvers to become manifest.

    The ETs know that space itself is conscious and that a definition for this ‘physicalized consciousness’ is simply the dynamic occupancy of space as the product of volume occupied and a quantum-spin angular acceleration. Even this is described in some detail and derivation from first principles in the four posts published on this forum.
    If you listen to the ‘contactees’, then you will find, that one of the ‘mysteries’ of the UFO crafts relates to the material of their construction and say the ‘seats’ themselves appear to ‘be conscious’.

    I have just indicated in the above as why this is so.
    But as said, I shall cease now to contribute on this forum due to the dissonance experienced.
    Of course, you are welcome to continue to correspond with me and I have already given you links to the platform, where many of my papers are and will be published.

    In appreciation of your resonating star-human evolved mentality.


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    As for the other ideas and information you conveyed, I think I understand what your saying and the ideas presented, and it’s fascinating. And with this in mind, I would like you to comment on what do you reason behind ET visiting and there a purpose?​

    Dear Mark!

    I shall answer this Mark, as it is a most pertinent question asked.
    Your question relates to the nature of time and the ‘meaning of life’.
    Is the answer 42?
    In a way it is ‘just a number’ or a frequency. You might recall, that there exists only one fundamental physical unit of measurement, which can be expressed as a pure number.

    The seven elementary mensuration SI-units are [kg]/kilogram for mass; [m]/meter for Displacement; {s}/second for Time; [A]/Ampere for Coulombic Electric Current as Coulombic Charge/Time[C/s]; [cd]/Candela for Luminous Intensity linked to the sterradian [sr] as angular surface measure and Amount of Substance [mol]/mole linked to thermodynamics via Avogadro’s constant and the Ideal Gas Law and Boltzmann’s constant ‘k’ and Thermodynamic Temperature in [K]/Kelvin as the so defined absolute temperature scale as measurement of molecular permutation states.
    All other measurement units are combinations and derivatives of those basic 7 mensuration units in the S(ystem) I(nternationale)-system used on earth.

    An example is the Gravitational Newton Constant G as the combination [Newton.m.2/kg2]=[Volume/Mass.Time2] and which is actually a fundamental ET measurement unit in its rewriting as a ‘consciousness unit’ per mass-inertia unit in the form of the ‘Star-Charge’/Mass or [C*/kg].

    So which one of the seven is special as a pure number or count?

    The inverse of physicalized time is 1/T or Frequency f as a simple count of the circularity or self repeating mode of an electromagnetic wave, as say in Planck’s Law Energy=Planck’s Constant (h) multiplied by frequency f and where frequency f relates to the periodicity of some circular physical phenomenon like orbital motion or the number of photons in a wave energy packet or elementary particle spin or the quantization of angular momentum in quantum mechanics and electron spin, which measures quantum angular momentum as multiples of h/2π.

    From this fact, you can deduce that the measurement of time somehow relates to the counting of something, say integers as seconds or nanoseconds or years or galactic light years or whatever.

    This also then relates to the notions of past, present and future and to the purpose of the ET.
    Consider this and I know that you already have deeply pondered something, Richard Dolan and his guests have mentioned a number of times, but without delving into any depth of what they have mentioned in passing.

    Consider that the quantization of time itself relates to the quantum world of the act of measurement, as say in the wave mechanics of particle-wave duality and the relativity of time in the formulations in the relativity theories; but that this ‘quantized time’ being of a quantum nature, also allows a macro-quantization from the microcosm of the circular time into the macrocosm of the linearization of that ‘cycle time’.

    I give you a practical example of how the ET perspective of time views the past-present-future ‘arrow of time’ of the Terran observer.

    You are sitting in a train travelling from point A to a destination point B some linear distance from departure point A. Relative to you this distance is a long way away and you only know that this distance is 50,000 kilometres and you have never been at destination point B, so it is unknown to you.
    Off you go on a straight railway track after you have marked your departure point A with a ‘calling token balloon’, which reads: “Mark was here to have a beer”.

    The railway track seems to be straight ahead towards a distant horizon and you expect to arrive at destination point B in 5 hours in the superduper-mega train, travelling at 10,000 km per hour.
    Now something weird happens. As you look out of the window 4 hours after you began your journey, you see your balloon reading: “Mark was here to have a beer” next to the moving mega-train.

    Of course then you will realise that the straight line you thought, you were traversing was actually a curved surface, namely the circumference of the planet earth (as a great geodesic circle) and that your destination point B was only 10,000 km from your departure point A and that after only 1 hour you already had reached and passed your destination.
    This example is a macroquantum generated from a microquantum and an essential ingredient of ET physics and time measurement.

    If you now consider the mega-train to travel at lightspeed around the planet earth, you can calculate that you actually reached your destination B of 10,000 km from A a number of times, namely 8 times for a multivalued displacement coordinate for B as 10,000; 50,000; 90,000; 130,000; 170,000; 210,000; 250,000 and 290,000 km as a summation of the total distance travelled.

    In other words, you have approximated the base Schumann Resonance Waveform of Earth of so 7.5 Hertz as the inversed time unit in the ratio of lightspeed c to the size of the earth’s perimeter or 300,000 [km/s]/40,000 [km]=7.5 Hz.


    As you passed destination point A the first time at 10,000 km, it became your present, but as you passed it the second time at 50,000 km, the first time became your past and so on in a simple superposition of the linear macrotime onto the circular microtime in an appropriate zooming in-out or fractalized holographic universe. Your perception of time then became multivalued, yet being perceived by you as a linear measurement.

    Philosophically or metaphysically, this scenario is described in relatively obscure ancient scrolls like the ‘Apocryphon of John’ (Secret Book of John - The Apocryphon of John Collection – The Gnostic Society Library).

    Without a necessary and unbiased background and familarity with the subject matter, I strongly discourage anyone reading such material, as it is convoluted and conflated with difficult and antiquated symbols and words of an archetypology which would confuse, rather than enlighten any such prospective readership.

    I mention it to you, because I detect an unbiased nature from you regarding such encoded ET sources and material.
    However the crucial code in the ‘Apocryphon’ (SBJ) is that exemplified in the above and addresses the notion of the ‘Forethought’ and the ‘Afterthought’.

    The Forethought of the Creator is the Past experience of something and the Afterthought then relates to the Future experience of the Creator of the same thing once this same thing has also been experienced by the Creation of the Creator.
    Now most human thinking readers would already be lost in exclamations of this being too complex and cryptic and too hard to understand; whilst a star-human thinking ET ‘could get it’ rather easily.

    Technically, meaning in quantum or cyclic time, the forethought represents the potential of dynamic spacetime manifestation and the afterthought describes this potential actualized and experienced by a spacetime observer.
    In the SBJ the forethought is called the ‘perfect shining one’ or male creator and the afterthought is called Barbelo or female creation, seeking independence and self-determination banished into exile, due to her ‘ignorance=sin’ about what the creation mode requires and entails.

    So how does this relate to your question about ET visitation and star-human purpose?
    In a sense the past or ancestry of the original human stock (symbolised and metaphored in creation mythologies like the Gilgamesh of Mesopotamia and the Garden of Eden Genesis) is like a description of un unrealised potential physical manifestation.

    The future of the past is mirrored in the present {PRESENT as a gift to the naivety/immature/innocent/ignorant/sinful = SERPENT of the PRESENT TIME or NOW Moment} as this immature potential made manifest following some physical PLUS mental evolution of and from the ‘gullible’ and immature past.

    Then you can detect the reason of why I basically considered you of the star-human stock, due to your mental resonance.
    In practical terms this implies, that you are here to connect your future to your past in the present moment.
    And in ET mode this means that your future ET starhuman self will blend or merge with your ancestral human self to create a ‘New World’ of realisable potential for an evolved human graduating as a galactic starhuman.
    It also entails that the importance of the old ‘ignorant’ human resides in the fact that there are two evolutionary paths necessary for this human-starhuman metamorphosis to complete successfully.

    The first path is that of the ancestral lineage where the human body is required to evolve from the spacetime matrix using the laws of nature from atomic quantum structure and form to crystalline consciousness to that of the chemical molecule to the biochemistry of inorganic to organic chemistry, always using a quantum geometry and quantum science to embody space-inherent consciousness energy in appropriate bodyforms or gestalts.

    The second path is not physical evolution, but a mental or space-aware consciousness mentalized evolution.
    Then quantum biology uses quantum geometry in the fractalization of forms and shapes to create eukaryotic multicellular lifeforms from prokaryotes, unicellular bacteria and viral quantum geometries like that exhibited in the Platonic and Archimedean solids of Greek geometry.

    This evolutionary path was observed by disembodied Universal intelligences or observers from 2.24 billion years ago.
    You were one of those observers without a bodyform but imbued with ET intelligence you evolved in the previous 16,9 billion years and beginning with the Quantum Big Bang of the forethought-afterthought creation event, described in the links, for example:

    The 4th Universal Life the Beginning of Life on Earth and the ETs

    In this article, the author partly uses metaphors to explore the 4th universal life, the beginning of life on earth & the ETs in a revelatory eschatology and genesis.

    So Mark, you observed yourself as the bodyform of a crystal and as an amoeba and as a Tyrannosaurus Rex and as an Australopithecine from a mindful vantage point without a body, being an ET waveform of Universal Intelligence without particularisation in mass or matter.

    Mark, you are your own ancestor and you are your own descendant in the ET perspective.
    In terms of your ‘old humanity’ you are the required bodyform for your future ‘new’ starhuman or galactic human self. So the old human is in fact the PARENT IN THE BODY of what is called ET.
    But in terms of your mentality, you are the CHILD OF AND IN THE MIND or the ‘offspring’ of your future ET self and what is called ET.

    The ‘not human’ Spock-Data in you is your future self, requiring that you develop and evolve a bodyform into which your starhuman mental and telepathic self can merge into once certain criteria of timelines encoded in the ancient scrolls of the ET-composed legacies and testimonies have been ascertained and fulfilled.

    So why are the ETs here?
    They are here because they are us in a twofold or binary mode of universal or cosmic self-expression.
    They require our bodyforms to integrate their advanced mentality in a synergy between Mindbody and Bodymind, ending the Descartian divide between Body and Mind and solving the Schrödinger Cat, DNA-RNA and chicken-egg paradoxes.
    Your body has evolved from the uniqueness of the spacetime coordinates native to planet Earth, but your mind is native to an Extraterrestrial perspective and so your old human mentality is not suitable for the starhuman destined to colonise and explore the universe and its subsystems as Cosmic Man or the Vitruvian Man of Leonardo da Vinci.


    Perhaps you can fathom now, why the ETs are not ready to make full contact. You have experienced the dissonance of old human thinking and perception here on this forum and also in the chatroom.
    I could answer and elaborate more, but as witnessed, this forum and its administration are not ready for deeper and advanced expositions.

    As the standards on this discussion board favour a simpler and more human approach and as this is getting rather engaged and long, I’ll end it here with saying, that I shall answer more questions from you if so appropriate, but shall cease sharing any ET physics as per se.

    I hope I have answered you sufficiently, if not, please say so and I shall enhance what I said. An advanced exposition on what you did 2.24 billion years ago and what the ‘big change’ in the universal matrix then became in parallel with the Huron eon of earth and when the first biophysical lifeforms evolved in the oceans, are found in the linked reference.

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    The Secret of the Extraterrestrial Life

    What are the ET’s? Why do we not already have a mass contact scenario? With all the billions and billions of planets, stars and galaxies, by logic alone we can come to the conclusion that we cannot possibly be alone and the sole sentience of the universe. The universe is billions of years old and surely by now has produced a sentient life form, logically and by similar conclusions, many more than just one, that can indeed travel the stars with the technology to manipulate time and space in order to traverse long distances across it’s vastness. But where are they? What do we have as evidence for their existence?

    Of all the UFO evidence we have gathered on this planet at this time, the story is a pretty compelling one. From numerous sightings, videos and abduction reports, channelers, visionaries, contactees, myth and religion, as well as the ‘secret black ops’ programs, we can logically deduce we are not alone and have never been alone. The evidence is full and rife with testimony and validity that we are being visited. These ET intelligences are visiting us and have been doing so for many thousands if not millions of years. But, if they are in fact as numerous as the evidence supports, why do we not have a massive contact scenario already? Why, despite the huge logs of information and evidence of their existence, have they not manifested and introduced themselves to the masses? Why do they appear so elusive and mysterious? The answer is simple in defining what they are and where they come from, and what earth is and it’s role in all of this.

    To manifest physically or not manifest….this is the question. The ET’s are crystalline light data, like light encoded DNA. They exist higher dimensionally as crystalline light codes and have evolved right along with the whole of creation and Earth itself. The difference between them and us is one of density, plain and simple and it is the reason that when they do appear, most often we see them as plasma like light, that seems to have the ability to phase shift in and out of visible range, sometimes appearing more solid and other times transparent and disappearing all together. When we see them appear in our atmosphere they are in a state of flux and what we see is actually a light shadow projected onto our 3-D space.

    The earth is cacooned in a resonance sphere of pure density, called a Hill sphere, which surrounds the planet and extends out to about 2 million km or so. When the universe was created, the nexus point of this sphere manifested as a Lagrangian gravity point which later became the planet itself as archetype for this inverted light, hence the most extreme and dense place in the universe.


    The ET’s also have a hill sphere but because of their resistance fields being made of light and higher dimensional, its suppressed and thus they cannot completely solidify themselves or their ships, they are lacking the information to do so. Gaia is the universal template or source code for manifesting this solidity, but at the moment is dimensionally closed off from the rest of the universe and so cannot share her data yet. The 2012 scenario and birth will collapse this hill sphere into a higher dimensional black hole about the size of a golf ball and this will flip inside out and become a white hole, or data emitter, thus ending the Gaian Quarantine Zone. She will then ‘shine’ her own dark density light codes out into the universe, providing the ET sentience the necessary information to activate their own suppressed hill spheres. Until this occurs the ET’s cannot physically manifest themselves without the data that the Mother Gaia is blueprinted for. So they like us have been waiting a very long time and are bound to the same timeline and prophecies as we are.

    All ET intelligences consider Gaia as their Mother for these reasons.
    So the LIGHTBODY of the ETs will solidify in MIRROR of the Human darkbody LIGHTENING. This means that the planets in the universe will simply become akashic just like the earth is and able to densify their data in 3-D physicality. It takes just 7 seconds for this to happen cosmic scalewise, when the signal from the Hunab Ku finally arrives and activates the flip. 8 mins later the Sun will communicate for the first time higher dimensionally with Gaia, and share a two way data stream.

    So the Human merkabah will hybridise with the Light and the ET lightbody will hybridize with it’s density to become more solid. All humans are ET hybridizations now but do not remember in most cases. So the activation of the Lightbody Merkabah and descension/ascension is dependent on the shift of this higher dimensional pole flip to occur on Dec 21st 2012.


    Planet Earth, ETs and the Akashic Sphere of the Remembrances

    Indeed, the Akashic Record is often misunderstood and misinterpreted; as it is a 'quantum event'; meaning it is connected not only to the planetary consciousness, called Gaia, but to all 'souls' of the linear past, present and future.

    All souls are quantum entangled, meaning that many nested collective and encompassing energies interact holographically.

    In simple words; all souls in a planetary realm are part of and enveloped by the Gaian planetary consciousness.

    Then all planetary consciousnesses with their integrated 'soul families' and individual souls become integrated in a solar star consciousness; becoming galactic, group-galactic and super-galactic before unifying in the cosmic- or universal consciousness of the Genesis Monad splitting into a Creator-Creation Duality, which then recombines in a Creator-Creation Duad as a Shadow Monad and potentialized in the original Genesis Monad in what might be termed the Cosmic Genome of the 'Masterplan'.

    Then the Gaia Akash or soul-collective becomes the repository of this 'Masterplan' in holographically Imaging the rest of the universe in what could be called the 'Inner Crystal'; which by necessity must so be within every individuated soul incarnated within the Gaian 'Noosphere' or 'the Quarantine Zone' defined as the Lagrangian P1 point between the Solar and the Gaian nexus of gravitational potential equilibrium.

    The balance of the gravity between the central Sun and Gaia as a 3D planet so defines two interacting spheres in higherD spacetime.

    In particular, this L1 nexus can be defined in an alternative higher dimensional form; showing what this 'Cosmic Mother Planet' Gaia represents as a higher D and not as a necessarily physicalised 'Quantum Energy'.


    The cosmogenesis of the birth of the universe in a Quantum Big Bang from a prior undefinable VOID=Infinitum coincided with the bifurcation of the FatherMother (just a common label for the CreatorCreation or the YinYang say) into an Outside-Inside dimensional split; something termed 'The Veil' by some and the 'Dividing of the Firmaments' in say Genesis in the Torah (OT).

    So the Outside Father became 'separated' from the Inside Mother and this Inside Mother is termed Gaia in many accounts as the Universal Mother for all Life (ET and human and nonhuman terrestrial); with the Outside father being associated with the names of the Creator such as God, Jehovah, Allah, Ahura Mazda, Shiva, Brahman and so on.

    This is 'common knowledge' and has been a foundational part of the so called 'Perennial Philosophy' aka the 'Wisdom of the Ancients' throughut the histories of the cosmic sentiences.

    What has not been known, is the 3D dimensional intersection of the Akash with its higherD envelope.

    This interaction realm defines the 'Quarantine Zone' of Gaia; established necessarily at the birth of the universe into physicality and so 15 billion years before the local galaxy and subsequently the local solar system and the planet earth entered 3D physical existence.

    The birth of the universe engaged a higher dimensional lightspeed expansion of a then physicalised spacetime from the outside into the inside.

    This then resulted in a Big Bang Cosmology as being rediscovered by the Gaian scientists and astrophysicists.

    However this outside-in cosmo mechanics had to be mirrored in a inside-out cosmo mechanics and this by conservation and equilibrium principles required the Inversion of the Big Bang expansion in a lightspeed inverson centered on the Mirror Image of the 'Creator-Monad' or 'God' and as the 'Creation-Monad' - namely Gaia, the Cosmic Goddess.

    Then a simple calculation of this inversion lightspeed as the 'Big Crunch' of the higher dimensional cosmogenesis for the 'Big Bang' will show that the 'Gaian Quarantine Zone' is defined by an increase of a spherical bubble in a radius of about 105 millimeters per year (or about 4 inches).

    {Lightspeed=c=300,000 kilometers per second for 1/c=0.00000333... inverse kilometers per second or about 3.33 nanometers per second.

    As there are 365.2425 days in a Civil year for 24 hours of 3600 seconds each: 365.2425x24x3600/c=0.10518984 meters}.

    Then the 'Bubble of the Akashia aka the Noosphere of Velikovsky/Teilhard de Chardin/Sheldrake/Lovelock becomes defined in this calculation in multiplying by the Age of the Universe or the Big Bang.

    So for an age of 15 billion years, Akashic Radius=1.6 million kilometers and for an age of 20 billion years it is 2.1 million kilometers and as defined by empirical measurements in 3D space in the extent of the Lagrangian P1 nexus and the so termed Hill Sphere.

    hill0. A contour plot of the effective potential of a two-body system due to gravity and inertia at one point in time. The Hill spheres are the circular regions surrounding the two large masses.

    Hill sphere

    An astronomical body's Hill sphere is the region in which it dominates the attraction of satellites. For a planet to retain a moon, the moon must have an orbit that lies within the Hill sphere of the planet. That moon would, in turn, have a Hill sphere of its own. Any object within that distance would tend to become a satellite of the moon, rather than of the planet itself.

    In more precise terms, the Hill sphere approximates the gravitational sphere of influence of a smaller body in the face of perturbations from a more massive body. It was defined by the American astronomer George William Hill, based upon the work of the French astronomer Édouard Roche.
    For this reason, it is also known as the Roche sphere (not to be confused with the Roche Limit).
    The Hill sphere extends between the Lagrangian points L1 and L2, which lie along the line of centers of the two bodies.
    The region of influence of the second body is shortest in that direction, and so it acts as the limiting factor for the size of the Hill sphere.
    Beyond that distance, a third object in orbit around the second (e.g. Jupiter) would spend at least part of its orbit outside the Hill sphere, and would be progressively perturbed by the tidal forces of the central body (e.g. the Sun), eventually ending up orbiting the latter.


    A non-rigorous but conceptually accurate derivation of the Hill radius can be made by equating the orbital velocity of the orbiter around a body (i.e. a planet) and the orbital velocity of that planet around the host star. This is the radius at which the gravitational influence of the star roughly equals that of the planet. This is accurate to within factors of order unity.



    Where RH is the Hill radius, a is the semi-major axis of the planet orbiting the star. With some basic algebra:

    Giving a Hill radius of: life7.
    End of wiki reference

    The generalised derivation for the Hill Sphere radius in the wiki reference can be restated.

    What is set equal are the angular velocities of the Earth about the Sun and the the angular velocity of say an orbiting satellite about the Earth at the primary Lagrangian point.

    ωEarth around Sun = 2πf = 2π/T = v/a = √(GMSun/a)/a = √(GMSun/a3)

    because the centripetal force and acceleration of the Earth, distanced radius a about the Sun is
    mEarth.agravitational = mEarth.v2/a = GmEarth.MSun/a2

    ωSatellite around Earth = 2πf = 2π/T = v/RHill = √(GMEarth/RHill)/RHill = √(GMEarth/RHill3)

    Then GMSun/a3 = GMEarth/RHill3

    and the result follows: life7.
    and RHill = a∛{Mplanet/Mstar} as an upper bound, reduced in the factor of ∛3=1.442..

    The Hill sphere for the Earth-Sun system so calculates as the interval (1.5x1011x∛{6x1024/6x1030} - {1.5x1011x∛{6x1024/2x1030}) = (1.5x109 - 2.16x109) meters.

    The Secret of the Extraterrestrial Life

    The formulation above so relates the gravitational-inertial astrodynamics of the Hill Spheres of starsystems, many of whom harbour planetary systems, to the lightspeed inversion of the densification bubbles (or atmospheric fields) of the cosmogenesis of the universe and by the projection of its linear age, itself. The timeevolution of the Binary ellipsoidal focus in the geometry becomes mapped onto the circular central singularity of the orgins of space and time itself.

    The time has now been reached in the nexus evolvement of the warpzone for the Gaian metamorphosis to explain this inter- and multidimensionality further, as hitherto to understand these concepts mentally, required a selfconsistent logic and modus operandi of thinking within a methodology not commonly supported and engaged in by present educational systems of the planet earth.

    Subsequently, this kind of approach to thinking patterns and selftraining has hitherto remained in the realm of the 'specialists', the percentage of the incarnated souls predispositioned to abstract model buildings in terms of mathematics and semiotiks - the logos of symbols and archetypes.

    All Extraterrestrial Intelligences consider Gaia to be their Mother.


    All such ET sentiences occupying whatever galactic- or extragalactic location also are encompassed by inertia-defined Hill Spheres; awaiting however the Gaian activation to manifest their own lightspeed inversion fields in the complementary functionality of the densification of the higher dimensional light matrices in their lower dimensional expressions.

    This is the prerequisitur for the metaphysical ontology of manifesting the spacetimed protoverse from the void-infinitum of the singularly centred in the geometrisation of the complex manifold in 2 dimensions, then allowing the 11-dimensional higher braned universe (and potentialised multiverse) to emerge from its lower dimensional precursor.

    In physical terms, this allows the ET civilisations to function in the absence of the Gaian resistance field of the lightspeed inversion and so to follow evolutionary pathways based on the higher dimensional forms of the same genetic templates manifest in genetic selfexpression in the 'resistance field' or the 'Impedence Bubble' found on the Gaian Mother template.

    An encompassing purpose and modus operandi for the omniversal agenda so relates the hybridisation of the light matrix of the extra-terrestrial intelligence to the hybridisation of the inverted light matrix of the terrestrial evolutionary development.

    A slogan or motto so could express this as: "When the ETs are getting heavier, then the Gaian lifeforms will become lighter!"

    In many planetray systems in many starsystems in many galaxies, the universal intelligence seeks to express itself from a basic blueprint of cosmogenetic definition.

    This cosmic DNA manifests in the Gaian resistance field in a distribution of a space-inherent consciousness carriers and assumes the morphogenetic (and geometric) forms of mineral, flora, fauna and the human vessels or merkabahs in embodiments.

    A distinction can however be made for these 'kingdoms of the lifeforms' and the differentiation engages the self- and mutual induction or coupling between particular elements of the 'supergenetic' or hyperspacial 'higher dimensional' genetic encoding.

    Only the human carries a dual coupling of electrocapacitative and magnetoinductive nucleotidal basepairings, say defined in C-factors of the electropolar capacitance and the L-factors of the magnetopolar inductance.

    The ET is biased in magnetopolarity and the nonhuman Gaian lifeforms are biased in electropolarity.

    In particular, the ET SELFINDUCES electric capacity, but cannot mutually CROSSINDUCE the cosmic capacitance, which can also be labelled as the function of the deintellectualised 'Instinct' of the group consciousness in a form of the NOUS of the 'Mother- or Creation wisdom or sophia' of the BODY as the morphogenetic vehicle for spacetime selfexpression in PARTICULARISATION.

    Corollarily, the nonhuman Gaian lifeforms SELFINDUCE magnetic inductance, but cannot CROSSINDUCE the cosmic inductance, which can also be called the deinstinctualised (or deemotionalised) 'Intellect' of the group consciousness in a form of NOUS of the 'Father- or Creator Understanding or OmniScience' of the MIND as the nonmorphogenetic vehicle for spacetime selfexpression in WAVEFORMATION.

    Beginning 2,240 million years ago; the ET sentience became aware of itself and began to build its own waveforms in the form of bodies in coevolution with the Gaian adaptations utilising the presence of Oxygen in the terrestrial atmosphere to develop multicellular lifeforms from the prokaryotic (no nucleus) precursors of the universal genetic encodings localised within the Gaian Impedance Bubble.

    In particular, the endosymbiosis of the prokaryotes allowed the eukaryotes (cells with nuclei) to 'evolve' in symbiotic partnerships and this original form of MUTUAL INDUCTION originated the evolutionary developments for a mutual symbiosis and the grander cosmic scales of the projected and programmed future timelines of the universal evolvements.

    The ET morphogenetics so adapted thermselves in light encoded forms to the primordial lifeforms of cellular mitosis and endosymbiosis on Gaia, so INDUCING the Capacitance of the SELFINDUCTION into the biovital environments of the early Gaian planetary schema.

    This represented stage 1 of the cosmic masterplan of the Creator Logos - the Gaian Impedence Field became the repository of the ET data of the mindinduction of the waveform, now CROSSINDUCTED in particularised Bodyforms of the earliest multicellular lifeforms, themselves emergent from the prokaryotic geometric conscious carriers in the form of bacteria and viruses in a physicality defined by biochemcal interaction with the encountered environments.

    The ET waveform of magnetopolar source energy SELFINDUCES electropolar capacitance; which then is CROSSINDUCED in mutual feedback loops into Gaian lieforms in a form of 'ET descendents', modeled in say natural electromagneto-monopolar currents in quantum wave mechanics and analogous to the electromagnetic fields of Kirchhoff and Maxwell sans the monopolic components of the thus defined consciousness parameters (described in related messages, such as 'Genesis of Genesis' and the 'Consciousness' threads).

    The ET magnetopolarity so 'infiltrates' the Gaian environment from a time nexus of 2.2 billion years ago and when the Gaian light inversion had created a 'Cocoon Bubble' in extent of (19.11-2.2 )billion years x 3.33.. nanometers per second x 3600x24x365.2425 seconds or 1.78 million kilometers radial extent from the center of the Earth and within the Hill Sphere calculated from the inertial astrophysics.

    For comparison, this scale encompasses the Gaian Moon and is at a distance of about 5% to the neighbouring planet Venus.

    The Venusian ETs so are found in the sentient lifeforms of the planetary neigbourhood and crystallize in a function of evolutionary witness to ther greater cosmic agenda of the World Logos.

    The second stage of the cosmic masterplan of the Creator Logos implements the SELFINDUCTION of the magnetopolar induction from the ET intelligence, by then in an extensive process of colonising the Universe in waveformations from the nexus point of the 2.24 billion years and bounded in the lightspeed invariance (speed of light).

    Iow, the ET intelligence would manouver within a spacetime bubble of 4,480 million years in diameter and being focused on the Gaian Mother; they would begin to manifest the extragalactic agenda, say in cooperation with the any spacetime locaction in coordinate vicinit of the 2.2 billion lightyear radius.

    As the Andromeda Galaxy (Messier 31 or M31) is the closest Spiral Galaxy to the Milky Way (Perseus) galaxy at about 2.5 million lightyears and a scale of 2,200 million lightyears includes all such galaxies below a cosmological redshift z=√(5/3)-1=0.291 {from the electromagnetic node at n=1 for recessional velocity ratio v/c=1/(n+1)² and (z+1)²=(n²+2n+2)/(n²+2n)}; all relatively nearby galaxies and astrophysical objects become subject to the Gaian mother blueprint.

    The nearby galactic clusters display a preponderance of galaxy mergers and an increased star formation in the 'blueness' of the spectra, as proposed in 1978 by astrophysicists Harvey Butcher and Augustus Oemler.


    The divers mythologies and legends of the human genus, say from the 10 Great Ages of the ET-Humanoid-Starman Induction by the electromagnetic monopolar 'natural electricity of life' so can be retraced in a geometric progression of the fivefolded supersymmetry inherent in an earlier five-tiered symmetry of superbrane classes, based on the pentagonal algorithms of the cosmogenesis.

    This is exposited in the main threads on the cosmogony of the universe leading into its cosmology of the omniversal holofractalisation into multiverses from its protoversal seedling of the singularity.

    The alpha variation gives a 28.598655 Million year margin for 10 universally scaled ages
    2,031,250,000 Great Platonic Years as 2,002,094,499 Civil Years so extends to 2,030,693,154 civil years as a 28.60/2030.7=0.0141 1.41% error interval for the first age then reducing in the scaled 5n margin of the deviation in subsequent ages.

    Age 1 = 2,031,250,000 Great Platonic Circle Years as the 'Age of the Multicellular Cosmic Organism' [Paleo-Proterozoic]
    in so 2,002,094,499-2,030,693,154 {Δ=28,598,655} 'Civil Years' from the 2012-Node and descriptive for the first 'advanced' organisms in eukaryotes and multicellulars, utilising 'free oxygen'

    Age 2 = 406,250,000 Great Platonic Circle Years as the 'Age of the Amphibians' [Devonian-Paleozoic]
    in so 400,418,900-406,138,630.8 {Δ=5,719,730.8} 'Civil Years' from the 2012-Node and describing the 'Conquering of the Land from the Seas'

    Age 3 = 81,250,000 Great Platonic Circle Years as the 'Age of the Reptoid-Paramammal' [Cretaceous-Mesozoic]
    in so 80,083,780-81,227,726.2 {Δ=1,143,946.2} 'Civil Years' from the 2012-Node and describing the extension of the reptilian rootbrain by the mammalian midbrain in the Pecylosaurs and the first primates as ancestors for the lineage of the apes.

    Age 4 = 16,250,000 Great Platonic Circle Years as the 'Age of the Primate-Mammals' [Neogene-Cenozoic]
    in so 16,016,756-16,245,545.2 {Δ=228,789.2} 'Civil Years' from the 2012-Node and descriptive for the emergence of the ancestral apes as genetic basis for the apeman

    Age 5 = 3,250,000 Great Platonic Circle Years as the 'Age of Ape-Man' [Neogene-Cenozoic]
    in so 3,203,351.2-3,249,109.0 {Δ=45,757.8} 'Civil Years' from the 2012-Node as descriptive for the ascent of Homo Habilis from Australopithecines stock

    Age 6 = 650,000 Great Platonic Circle Years as the 'Age of Homo Erectus' [Quaternary-Cenozoic]
    in so 640,670-649,821.8 {Δ=9151.8} 'Civil Years' from the 2012-Node and specifying the diversity of the Homo Habilis stock branching into Home Erectus

    Age 7 = 130,000 Great Platonic Circle Years as the 'Age of Homo Sapiens'
    in about 128,134-129,964.4 {Δ=1830.4} 'Civil Years' from the 2012-Node and defining the emergence of Homo Sapiens as the ancestor for Homo Sapiens Sapiens or 'Modern Man' in the Cro Magnon stock and 'Mitochodrial Eve' in the Würm glacial period (110,000 to 12,000 years ago) following the previous Riss/Illinoian glacial period (200,000-130,000 years ago). This last glacial period is bounded in the Pleistocene as the 'Age of man' in the chronos of 2,588,000 years to 12,500 years ago approximately and is defined in the 'Ice Age' with respect to the retreat of continental glaciers.

    Age 8 = 26,000 Great Platonic Years of 360 'Days' as 9,360,000 'Mean Solar Days' as the 'Age of Homo Sapiens Sapiens'
    in 25,626.81-25,992.87 {Δ=366.06} 'Civil Years' from the 2012-Node and defining the beginning of the last 5 Longcount Cycles in 13 Mayan Baktuns of 144,000 Kin-Days each. This is astrophysically matched to a present terrestrial precession of the planetary axis of rotation about the celestial poles; and which cyclic completion spans a 'precessional age' of 26,000 circle years.

    Age 9 = 5,200 Great Platonic Years of 360 Mayan Kin as 1,872,000 'Mean Solar Days' as the 'Age of Homo Sapiens Sapiens Astralis'
    in 5,125.36-5,198.57 {Δ=73.21} 'Civil Years' from the 2012-Node and beginning August 11th, 3114 BC as Mayan date 4 Ahau 8 Cumku to December 21st, 2012 AD as 4 Ahau 3 Kankin in its final extent and dating back so 595.53 'Civil Years' or 217,512.1 Kin to January 31st, 3709 BC Gregorian and March 1st, 3710 BC Julian in the Mayan Longcount - 8 Lamat 11 Pop and as the summation of 1 Baktun (144,000 Kin); 10 Katun (72,000 Kin); 4 Tun (1,440 Kin); 3 Vinal (60 Kin) and 12 Kin to a daycount of 144,000+10x7,200+4x360+3x20+12=217,512.

    The Pentagonal symmetry subdivides the ninth age in 9 subages in the Circular Cyclicity of 360/5=72:

    Subage 1 = 1,872,000/5=374,400 -417,902.4 Kin as the Time of Millennial Transition for the Human Civilisation

    in 1,025.07-1,144.18 'Civil Years' from the 2012-Node in the dates 13 Edznab 6 Muan; October 17th, 868 Gregorian and October 13th, 868 Julian and 4 Ahau 13 Cumku; November 25th, 987 Gregorian and November 20th, 987 Julian in a 119.11 year variance

    Subage 2 = 374,400/5=74,880 -83,580.5 Kin as the Time of the Scientific Reasoning in Universal Applicability

    in 205.01-228.84 'Civil Years' from the 2012-Node in the dates 1 Ahau 8 Kankin; February 19th, 1784 and 4 Ahau 8 Zac; December 17th, 1807 in a 23.83 year variance

    Subage 3 = 74,800/5=14,976 Kin -16,716.1 Kin as the Time for the Preparation of the Inside Cocoon

    in 41.00-45.77 'Civil Years' from the 2012-Node in the dates 6 Kan 17 Kayab; March 17th, 1967 and 4 Kan 12 Mac; December 21st, 1971 in a 4.76 year or a 1,740 day variance

    Subage 4 = 14,976/5=2,995.2 Kin -3,343.22 Kin as the Time for the Preparation of the Outside Cocoon in the Warpzone

    in 8.201-9.153 'Civil Years' or 2,995-3,343 'Civil Days' from the 2012-Node in the dates 2 Caban 5 Zac; October 26th, 2003 and 12 Chiccan 8 Yax; October 8th, 2004 in a 0.953 year or a 348 day variance

    Subage 5 = 2,995.2/5=599.04 -668.64 Kin as the Time for the 1980 anniversarial Logos mapping in the Warpzone

    in 1.640-1.831 'Civil Years' or 599-669 'Civil Days' from the 2012-Node in the dates 11 Chuen 4 Kayab; February 21st, 2011 and 3 Imix 9 Uo; May 1st, 2011 in a 0.191 year or a 70 day variance

    Subage 6 = 599.04/5=119.808 -133.729 Kin as the Time of the Gestation and Pregnancy in the Warpzone

    in 0.328-0.366 'Civil Years' or 120-134 'Civil Days' from the 2012-Node in the dates 13 Cimi 9 Yaxkin; August 9th, 2012 and 1 Ahau 3 Mol; August 23rd, 2012 in a 0.038 year or a 14 day variance

    Subage 7 = 119.808/5=23.9616 -26.746 Kin as the Time of the 13th Starsign of Dinah Arachne Ophiuchus

    in 0.066-0.073 'Civil Years' or 24-27 'Civil Days' from the 2012-Node in the dates 3 Ben 16 Ceh; November 24th, 2012 and 6 Cib 19Ceh; November 27th, 2012 in a 0.007 year or a 3 day variance

    Subage 8 = 23.9616/5=4.79232 -5.34915 Kin as the Time of the Pains of the Labour for the Gaian Rebirth as a Starplanet

    in 0.013-0.015 'Civil Years' or 4.7-5.3 'Civil Days' from the 2012-Node in the dates 11 Ix 17Mac; December 15th, 2012 and 12 Men 18 Mac; December 16th, 2012 in a 0.002 year or a 'shortened' 1 day variance

    Subage 9 = 4.79232/5=0.958464 -1.069830 Kin as the Time of the Birth of the New World

    in 0.0026-0.0029 'Civil Years' or the 'Evening of Metamorphosis' before the 2012-Node in the dates 3 Cauac 2 Kankin; December 20th, 2012 and 4 Ahau 3 Kankin; December 21st, 2012 in a 0.0003 year or a 0.11 day or a 3 hour variation {2º40'22"}

    Age 10 = 360 days from December 21st, 2012 as December 16th, 2013 and as Mayan date 13 Ahau 18 Mac, then specifies the New Starhuman Identity as a hybridisation between the Homo Sapiens Sapiens and the ET.

    All ETs could begin their own homecoming from so 2.2 billion years ago and at an approximate halfway point of the physical creation of Gaia as a planetary sphere of influence within the Milky Way galaxy and when the Big Bang lightspeed expansion reached its mirror potential (situated omni-scientifically at a 16.9 billion spacetime coordinate).

    In generalised terminology then; the ET is seeking to hybridise its magnetopolarisation of the waveform of the mind-intellect with the electropolarisation of the particularised bodyforms of the mind-emotional or mind-instinctual.

    As this instinctual mind is coupled to a space-intrinsic consciousness of all spacetime defined metric coordinates; the Gaian nonhuman lifeforms become the complementary 'missing links' in the merkabahs of all extraterrestrial sentiences.

    This is rendered imperative in the definition of this spacial consciousness as a inertia inependent quantum angular acceleration acting upon the quantisation of spacetime parameters in the form of wormhole equivalents.

    In other words, ALL Gaian nonhuman lifeforms and including mineral, fungi, bacteria, viruses, flora and fauna represent the ET particularised and individualised bodyforms or morphogenetic merkabahs.

    The nonhuman lifeforms so are destined to couple their electropolar capacitances, defined in groupminded waveforms or 'hive souls' to the magnetopolar inductances of the ET waveminds of the extraterrestrial intelligences.

    The presence of the humanoid, carrying a unique individuation, both ET-intelligent and Gaian-instinctual; so serves as the Genetic Bridge between the electropolar cosmic ID and the magnetopolar cosmic ID; both selfinductive in activated genomatic expressions, but suppressed in the mutual inductions because of the cocooning of the gaian environments.

    The ET so became instrumental in inducing itself in the Homo Sapiens Sapiens, once a sufficient evolutionary plateau for the processing of the cosmic consciousness became possible in the overall timeline of the cosmogenesis.

    The so called humanoid so represents an already hybridised cosmic merkabah, having evolved physically and emotionally in the Gaian Instinct of the nonhuman genomatic templates in the electrocapacitative C-factors, as well as having attained magnetoinductive L-factors via the waveforms of the ETs.

    Human associations with the nonhuman Gaian lifeforms so represents the 'humanisation' of the ET in a desired modality of interspecies communication and renders the 'pet' and the 'familiar' as a true partnership between the waveformed ET and the individuated 'Familiar Friend'.

    In more general terms, the mutual and self-induction of the genomatic elements of the ElectroMagnetic Monopolar Radiation or EMMR defines the so called 'Spirit of the Source Energy' interacting and communicating with itself in the holofractal components of the Holographic Omniverse.

    The ET has accumulated great wisdom and technology in the extraterrestrial evolution away from the Gaian Impedence Bubble; albeit remaining 'consciousness coupled' to the Cocoon of the 'Cosmic Creation Mother' via the 'missing' C-factors of the ET genomatic templates.

    This ET technology is consciousness based and defined in the wormhole physics of the cosmogenesis.

    This technology so is founded on the EMMR and the omniphysics of the light matrix as the quantisation of spacetime in the original fundamentals of the cosmology of the matter based birth of the universe as a quantum defined coupling between consciousness and the inertial parameters of space and time and mass related to the nature of both electropolar and magnetopolar 'charges'.

    The Starships and the Cities of extraterrestrial civilisations so are not manifest as similar to Gaian technology as developed within the Impedance Field of the light inversion; but are defined in a higher dimensional expression of the light matrix.

    There exist thus many ET civilisations, which are manifest in 'Cities of monopolar light energy' and where this 'light energy' represents a dedensified energy structure of 'Light in Stasis', meaning that the Invariance of the Electromagnetic Radiation or EMR, say as manifested in the Gaian Resistance Field as the Light from the Stars is circularised in a higher dimensional densification of the Bosonic Selfstate Quantum and as a Pairing of the Fermionic Selfstate of the say atomic structure common in the terrestrial physics.

    The Lightships of the ETs so can be built to specifications of a more dense atomic physics; but require the existence of a 4th hyperspace dimension to become materializable in the Gaian cocoon of the light inversion.

    The Gaian rebirth at the nexus point will 'open up and reglue' the original wormhole quantum of the cosmogony in a 'poleshift' mirror reversal of a galactic signal and so allow a 4th spacial dimension to become accessible for the omniverse.

    As this hyperspace transformation will occur at the Gaian planetary center; it will take just 7 seconds for the returning and reflected signal of the wormhole at the centre of the Earth to reverse its eonold long accumulation of data collection as a Black Hole equivalent in 5D hyperspacetime to become a 5D hyperspacetime White Hole .

    As the radial displacement of the Gaian Hill Sphere is so 2.1 million kiklometers the lighspeeded signal will become a wavefront reaching this coordinate in 2.1 million km/c and so about 7 seconds.

    This 7 second interval will then be synchronised and calibrated with all ET civilisations within the 2,200 million extent of the nodal universe as defined in the cosmology of the quantum relativity.

    So the ET civilisations will become enabled to activate their own Impedence Cocoons and so partake in their hitherto elusive densification of the source energy in their consciousness couplings to the EMMR.

    This 'densification' was suppressed and restricted to the Gaian Mother template to allow the greater cosmic agenda to follow its course of development.

    This nexus point for the ET evolution so will complete a cycle which had begun 2.2 billuion years earlier.

    At this nexus point, the extra-Gaian realm became potentialized (in memory activation) in the electromagnetic return of the higher dimensional timearrow coordinate and when technically, the Universal Protoverse Seedling in 11 dimensions first attained its maximum potential to extend itself and so reflect back into the lower dimensional realms and also to refract into the higher dimensional spacetime of 12D, namely the 'Outside Exile' of the Creator/Father.

    As Gaia as a soul, existed in physicality at this nexus coordinate; the extraterrestrial universe became conscious and aware of their own Mother and could begin to focus their attention and homecoming plans on their 'Womb of the Physicality' of their origins.

    So the ET visitations begun about 2.2 billion years ago and when the terestrial atmosphere became oxygen enriched to allow hitherto aquatic primitive lifeforms to extend thier habitats into airborne and terrestrial environments.

    On a soul level, the encompassing Gaian planetary mother soul then greatly enhanced its own experiences and partitioned interactions in environmental coevolutions of increasingly complex biological and biochemical lifeforms.

    This coevolution was 'watched' by the extraterrestrial lifeforms not evolved from the Gaian soul complex and for the purpose to eventually synergize their own ET cosmo evolotions with that of their Cosmic Home of the Cosmogenesis of the Universe.

    This 'watching' and 'waiting' by the ETs would end, once the 'Earthlings' would have evolved physically and mentally to a stage of self remembrance regarding their own familiar relationship and partnership with the original CreatorCreation Monad of the FatherMother defined before the Universe was born into physical materiality.

    All 'Human Recallers' would be required to claim their cosmic inheritances as Sons and Daughters of their Father Creator and their Mother Gaia.

    In doing so, their old humanity would graduate to a Starhuman Remembrance and all such acolytes would become enabled to process their own Shadows in the Sons transmutating into SonDaughters and all daughters metamorphosing into DaughterSons - so RECREATING the original FatherMother of the Monadic Duality in a Mirrored FatherMother+Motherfather Dyadic Monad or Harmonized Unity, Oneness or Wholesomeness.

    This Inner Akash, which will never be discovered; so resides within any and all StarHuman Children of the FatherMother.

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    The Coulombic Chargequantum 'e'; its Variation in the electromagnetic finestructure constant Alpha and its utility to derive the Ages of the Earth and the Universe

    The Alpha-Variation measures shifts in wavelength, which have passed through the described intervals and a 'dip' in the constant is derived from the mathematical analysis.
    The magnitude of that dip is calculated as about 80 parts per million and is a result of changing the measured value for the charge quantum e in Alpha = 2πke2/hc = e2/2εohc = 60πe2/h.

    The Alpha-Variation is the dimensional intersection of M-C-space, 10D-C-space forming a holographic image in 12D-F-space.
    The charge quantum (e) is defined via the Riemann Analysis of B(n), the supersymmetric wavefunction of the universe:



    The Universal Wavefunction B(n) = [2e/hA]exp(-AlphaxT(n)) with units of 'Inverse Energy' redefined in the multidimensional context of string-membrane unification physics as units of magneto charge C* and unit-dimensionally equivalent to the Gravitational Parameter [GM]=[]=[m3/s2]=[C*] as a unit for physicalized 'Source Energy' Consciousness, descriptive as a quantum angular acceleration (or quantum spin) acting upon a spacetime volumar from a constant boundary-initial condition for df/dt maximized in {df/dt}|max=fps2 as 9x1060 frequency-vibration eigenstates.

    For the Universal Wavefunction {T(n) =...- 3 - 2 - 1 +0+ 1 + 2 + 3 +...= n(n+1)} and the Feynman-Path-Integral for all particle histories as an alternative formulation to the Schrödinger- Dirac- and Klein-Gordon Equations for the quantum mechanistic probability distribution of quantum states in the particle-wave duality.

    The Action Law of (Action=ee*) manifests the lightspeed (c)-independent form of Alpha and can then be calibrated via the definition of the (c)-inclusive form in magnetic constant (μo). {Alpha = 60πe2/h = e2/(2εohc) = μoce2/(2h) = 7.296762965x10-3 = 1/137.0470721}

    A Newton-Raphson iteration for B(n) and the boundary condition {T(n)=i2 in B{-[1/2]+-i(½√3)}, with a first approximation: (e1=(½hA=1.618221145x10-19 C*) converges to: (e=1.606456344x10-19 C*).

    Abstract time in F-Space is defined as:
    N=Minimum Radius/Maximum Radius = λps/RHubble ps/Rmax = nps
    and so allows the definition of Inverse Time as frequency parameter physicalizing this abstraction for time in modular mirror duality made manifest in the string epoch of the Inflaton.

    This then defines the GENESIS BOSON as the Particle of creation using the fundamental constants of Creation from the SEps algorithms. Those constants are then used inductively in the future by any sufficiently mentally evolved and cosmically self-aware civilization to construct self-consistent and logical measurement systems to rediscover their own nature and origins in a self-induction of physical consciousness of their own cocreated Genesis in a perceived time arrow of entropy, flowing apparently from the past to the present to the future.

    In practical terms, this engages the measurement and analysis of two fundamental constants, namely the speed of light 'c' and the Planckian quantum constant 'h' to relate the quantum as a micro energy self-state (eigenvalue) to what is termed the classical physics of macro self-states exemplified in the theoretical physics of Newton, Maxwell and Einstein in scientific models of reality and encompassing mechanics, electromagnetism and the relativities respectively.
    The dimensional analysis of 'hc' as a energyxdisplacement parameter suffices to calibrate the unitary mensuration parameters for mass, displacement and time, say in the Earth-Terran System International or SI-system of measurements of fundamental quantities, say here the kilogram, the meter and the second respectively.

    The other elementary units in the SI-system are derived from the algorithmic master-constant set and comprise the Kelvin for temperature as kinetic measure of the quantum states, the Ampere and Coulomb for electric current, the mole for molarity , the candela for luminosity with the ster-radian an additional geometrized unit for angular measures.

    Any arbitrary measurement system of an Universal Observer or UO in a defined spacetime can then experimentally determine relationships and corollaries between experimental data and the changes in energy associated with dynamical systems. The UO has a mensuration system SI say and can calibrate its SI-system to any other unitary system like the star-* system of the UO*.

    In SI-units (CODATA-2007), the (*) units are calibrated as:

    m*=0.998331431..m; s*=0.999022562..s; kg*; J*=0.994882942..J; C*=0.997295631..C* and eV*=0.997540464..eV depending on precision measurements for:

    h = 6.62607004x10-34 Js and h = 1/15x1032 (Js)*
    c = 2.99792458x108 m/s and c = 3x108 (m/s)* in 1/c2 = μoεo = (120π/c)(1/120πc)
    k = 1/4πεo = [30c]modulated = 1/Go (kg2/N.m2)
    Go = 4πεo = 1/30c = 1.111...x10-10 (N.m2/kg2)*
    and Go = 1.111880317x10-10 m3/kgs2
    e = 1.602176487(40)x10-19 C and ealpha = 1.602111895x10-19 C and e = 1.606456344x10-19 C* so defining finestructures:

    alpha=α = 2πke2/hc = e2/2εohc = 7.297352574(50)x10-3 = 1/137.035999084(51) for e
    alpha = α = ealpha2/2εohc = 7.296763015x10-3 = 1/137.0470721 for ealpha = 60πe2/h = 7.296762965x10-3 = 1/137.047072 → e=1.606456344x10-19 C*

    μo = 4πx10-7 = 120π/c = 1.2566370614...x10-6 N/A2 with (J/A2m=H/m=kg.m/C2)
    εo = 1/μoc2=1/120πc = 8.85418782...x10-12 C2/Nm2 with (C2/Jm=F/m=C2s2/kg.m3)

    Dimensional Unit Calibration:

    [m/s]/[m*/s*] = [c*/c] = [3x108/2.99792458x108] = [1.000692286] for {m/m*} = {1.000692286} {s/s*}

    [Js]/[J*s*] = [h*/h] = [6.66666666..x10-34/6.62607004x10-34] = [1.006126803] for {J/J*} = {1.006126803} {s*/s}

    [m5/s3]/[m5/s3]* = {[m/m*]2}.[c*/c]3 = Go*h*/Goh = 30ch*/30c*h = [c/c*][h*/h] = [0.999308193x1.00612803] = [1.005431984]

    for {m/m*} = [c/c*]2.√[h*/h] = [0.998616864x1.00305872] = [1.001671357]
    for {m}2 = 1.00334349 {m*}2 and m = 1.001671357 m* and m* = 0.998331431 m

    s = {m/m*}.[0.999308193] s* = [1.001671357x0.999308193] s* = 1.000978394 s* and {m/s} = 1.000692286 {m/s}* for {m/s}2 = 1.00138505 {m*/s*}2 as c2

    J = {s*/s}[h*/h] J * = [0.999022562x1.006126803] J* = 1.005143377 J* and J* = 0.994882942 J

    kg = {s*/s}.{s/m}2.{m*/s*}2.[h*/h] kg* = {s/s*}{m*/m}2.[h*/h] kg* = [1.000978394x0.996665646x1.006126803] kg* = 1.003753126 kg*

    [H/m]/[H*/m*] = [J/J*][m*/m][C*/C]2.[s/s*]2 = μo*/μo = [120π/c*]/[4πx10-7]for C = √{[Js/J*s*][m*s/ms*]} C* =√{[h*/h][c/c*]} C* = √[1.006126803/1.000692286] C* = 1.002711702 C*

    [eV]/[eV*] = [e±J]/[e±J]* = [e±/e±*].[J/J*] for eV = [1.60217662x10-19/1.606456344x10-19].[1.005143377] eV* = 1.00246560 eV*

    [J/K]/[J*/K*] = {J/J*}.{K*/K} = [k*/k] = [1.411721579x10-23/1.380649x10-23] = [1.022505777] for K = [J/J*]/[1.022505777] K* = [1.005143377/1.022505777] K*= 0.983020397 K*

    (m*= 0.998331431 m; s*= 0.999022562 s ; kg*=0.99626091 kg) in calibration of the base master constants (h/h*, c/c*, [Go]u=(1/30c)) and we note the numerical constancy for the magnetic constant in both mensuration systems: (μo)=4πx10-7 Henry/m (H/m) in (SI) and (μo)=120π/c (H*/m*) in (*).

    We recall that: (c=2.99792458x108 m/s (SI) and c*=3x108 m*/s* (*)).

    The cosmic or universal value of alpha so remains constant in all cosmological time frames; with the fluctuation found to depend on an asymptotically constant strong interaction constant as a function of alpha.
    In the SI measurement system Planck's constant h = 6.62607004x10-34 Js and the speed of light is c = 2.99792458x10-8 m/s and the electron charge are e=1.60217662x10-19 C for a bare electron mass of 9.10938356x10-31 kg.

    In a mensuration system in which c would be precisely 3x108 (m/s)*; the following conversions between the SI-system and the *-system are applied in this paper.
















































    Furthermore, there exists one fundamental constant in the magnetic permeability constant μo = 4πx10-7 H/m which becomes numerically equal in the Maxwell constant μo = 1/εoc2 in an applied fine structure μoo = {120π/c}.{1/120πc} = 1/c2 (s/m)2; (s/m)2*. Subsequently in the calculation of alpha, the speed conversion must be incorporated for unitary consistency.

    Alpha remains constant for a cosmology descriptive of a non-accelerating cosmology; but will result in a change in the electric charge quantum in a cosmology, which measures an accelerated spacial expansion, which can however be the result of a self-intersection of the light path for particular cosmological redshift intervals in an oscillating cosmology.

    Here a particular alpha variation reduces the SI-measurement for the square of the charge quantum e in a factor of (1.6021119x10-19/1.60217662x10-19)2 = 0.99991921...for a calibrated:

    alpha variation αvar = 1 - (1.602111895x10-19/1.60217662x10-19)2 = 1 - 0.9999192 = 8.08x10-5.........[Eq.10]

    Alpha α = μoce2/2h = e2/2εohc
    = 2π.(2.99792458)(1.602111895)2x10-37/(6.62607004x10-34) = 60πe2/h = 7.296762965x10-3 = 1/137.0470721

    The Henry is a derived (SI) unit for magnetic inductance and has base units (Js2/C2=kgm2/C2), which so must give the (C to C*) unitary calibration in (μoo*)=1=0.994598576 C*2/C2, which gives (C*=0.997295631C) and defines the (SI)-Coulomb Charge quantum as: (e=0.997295631e*=1.602111895x10-19 C (SI)).
    The textbooks of SI-physics have (e'=1.60217662x10-19 C (SI)), however and a value which differs from the value demanded by the magnetic constant (μo ) in a factor of (e'/e=1.0000403).

    As the electropolar charge quantum appears squared in the Alpha-Constant, the Alpha-variation so becomes (1.0000807), with the old value of (e') exceeding the new value of (e) in so 4 parts in 100,000 and [Alpha]' greater in magnitude than Alpha by 81 parts in a million and in agreement with the Churchill-Webb measurements of 1998, increasing from Alpha = μoc.e2/2h = 1/137.047072 to Alpha = 1/137.036003.

    Measuring Alpha even further back towards the Quantum Big Bang with increasing redshift, would better approximate the 80 parts per million increase in Alpha from say lower deviations at the say 8 parts per million at lower redshifts.
    So the Alpha-Dip indicates that the textbook value for the electropole is fractionally too high; but that the Alpha Finestructure-Constant remains indeed constant, once the variation in the electronic charge quantum is taken into account.

    Because the magnetic permeability constants are numerically the same in both the (SI) and the (*) unitary measurement systems; but εo = 1/120πc = 8.841941283x10-12 (F/m)* and is εo = 8.8541878176x10-12 F/m (SI), the (SI) measurement is too large by a factor of 1.00138505 to correlate correctly with the magnetic permeability constant μo to give the Maxwell constant μoo = (120π/c).(1/120πc) = 1/c2.

    In the attempt to explain the Alpha-Dip, some theorists have proposed a 'slowing down' of (c).
    Recent formulations by populist physicist Paul Davies and in co-authorship with Tamara Davis and Charles Lineweaver from the Department of Astrophysics at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia have followed the wrong avenues for the interpretation of the data however.

    In a paper published in ('Nature': 'Black Holes constrain varying constants'; August 8th, 2002), the authors propose a varying light speed to be responsible for the Alpha-Dip and discount any possible variation in the electro charge quantum.
    Davies' argument that an increase in (e) would alter the evolution of Black Holes in their entropic definitions does not take into account that a product of the Boltzmann Constant (defining entropy), with (e) forms a fundamental fine-structured constant in its own right.

    In particular, the universe's wavefunction B(n) is localized in any arbitrary spacetime in 'unfreezing' the M-space 'stuck' in between the (X,Y) coordinates and subsequently in between real and imaginary linearized time parameters. This demands the establishment of a Mean-Alignment-Time or MAT, relative to a 'unfreezing definition' in a specification of the 'naked singularity', oscillating as zero-point about the FRB.

    As E*.e*= Epsx1/Eps = 1 as fundamental unity in the 11D Membrane-Mirror-Space of modular duality with e* the magneto charge; one can heuristically state that (Energy E x charge quantum e) in the lower dimensional C-Line-Space C can be expressed as the inversed identity in the form of 1/T.
    This then sets E.e=kTe=1 for [ek]=1/T and using an inverse proportion for mass in the lower dimensionality: [e*k*] = 1/T* sets a function f(n) = [ek]/[e*k*] = [T*/T].

    This is the case for the Mass-Temperature inverse proportionality for the evolution of Black Holes from micro states to macro states and as in the Hawking Mass-Temperature relation for Black Holes:
    {Minimum Planck Oscillator = ½hfPlanck = ½mPlanck.c2 for Tmax=Tps and Tmin=Tss in string modular T-duality for ½mPlanck.TPlanck = (1/8π)(4π).mPlanck.TPlanck = Hawking Modulus HM = hc3/4πGok = MBHmin.TBHmax ={c2/4π2}. MBHmax.TBHmin}.

    B(n) is assigned B(np) = {[ek](SI)/[ek](*)}, with {[ek](SI)=constant=(1.60217662x10-19 C)(1.380649x10-23 J/K) = 2.21204355x10-42 CJ/K} and using the old (SI) value with the Alpha-Variation for (e'); using (e±=1.6021119x10-19 C) without the Alpha-Variation gives {[ek](SI)} = 2.21195419x10-42 CJ/K}.

    The (*)-constant is a relatively fixed constant as: (e±*k*=2.267869086x10-42 (CJ/K)*) and subsequently B(np) calculates a particular value for n at the asymptote B(n[/font]±∞)=0 for e=1.606456344x10-19 C* as:

    {[e±k](SI)/[e±k]*} = (2.21204355/2.267869086) = 0.975384145 = [2e/hA].exp(-[Alpha]x[np2+np]), which yields an unique (np) as a complex solution to the quadratic equation by ln(0.975384145/0.992729803) ={ln(0.982527312} = {-Alpha}{np2+np} for 2.415747501 = np2+np for: np2 + np - 2.415747501 = 0
    and solving as: (np=FRB(-½) ± 1.6327117).

    {[e±k](SI)/[e±k]*} = (2.21195419/2.267869086) = 0.975344742 = [2e/hA].exp(-[Alpha]x[np2+np]), which yields an unique (np) as a complex solution to the quadratic equation by ln(0.975344742/0.992729803) = {ln(0.98248762} = {-Alpha}{np2+np} for 2.421284031 = np2+np for: np2 + np - 2.421284031 = 0
    solving as: (np=FRB(-½) ± 1.634406324).

    For the unfrozen M-space with Alpha-Variation: {10D-root: np = 1.1327117 (real) & 12D-root: np = -2.1327117 (imaginary)}.
    For the unfrozen M-space without Alpha-Variation: {10D-root: np = 1.1344063 (real) & 12D-root: np = -2.1344063 (imaginary)}.
    The difference in the present np cycle-time coordinate so becomes 1.634406324 - 1.6327117 = 0.001694624 as 0.001694624/Ho = 9.02486387x1014 s* or 28.59865512 Million civil years.

    This 'unfreezing' of M-space then allows the singularity algorithm of the cosmo-genesis to manifest in what might be called the sex chromosomes of the universal DNA-encoding in terms of frequency or a number count.
    A new physical quantity in 'awareness' is defined as the time differential of frequency and allows the concept of 'consciousness' to be born from the defining qualities of magneto charges.

    Electromagneto-monopolar 'Life' derives as consequence of self-inductions of quantum geometric entities, specified from super membranes, macro-crystallized in electropolar self-capacitances and magnetopolar self-inductances, subsequently becoming subject to mutual cross inductances.
    The purpose of the superbranial self-replication on ever increasing scales, and until modular duality is reached in minmax boundary conditions; is to establish the multiversal nesting of the smallest within the largest - a process which constituted the beginnings of it all in the 'naked singularity' becoming defined as the Genesis Boson.

    The GENESIS Boson then becomes the parametric initialization of creation in the abstract labeling of:
    ENERGY=k.TEMPERATURE=h.FREQUENCY=h/TIME=MASS.c2 and using the SEps-Master Constant Set: {4; 6; 7; Lo=1/[6x1015]; c2=9x1016; 11; h=1/[15x1032]; A=14x1524; k=1/[15x1618]; 26x6561} in reverse order and with arbitrary symbols as shown becoming associated with those 'master constants'.

    Particularly then: ENERGY=hRmaxps with MASS=hRmaxpsc2=0.01183463299 and TEMPERATURE=hRmax/kλps=7.544808988..x1037 and FREQUENCY=Rmaxps=1.59767545..x1048

    This becomes the 'Atomic-Mass-Unit' in 12D-F-Space in using one protonucleon mc=Alpha9Lplanck for every one of the 12 monopolar current loops in the Unified Field of Quantum Relativity (UFoQR).
    A first Eps-Coefficient in the Expansion Series of the fundamental principles from the SEps algorithm then crystallizes the 'Counter for matter' in Avogadro's Constant for Molarity:
    MASS(20/33)/12mc = Navogadro = 6.02242143x1023 1/mol*

    N=npsps/Rmax in REAL Time relative to the Quantum Big Bang to be created following the string epoch and relating to IMAGINARY TIME relative to this selfsame creation in the Cosmogony of the Genesis Boson of the Abba-Baab 11-dimensional supermembrane. This UNREAL Quantum Relative Time then is the Hubble-FREQUENCY Ho=c/Rmax in proportionality to the Source Frequency of the Eps-Gauge Photon fps=c/λps in the expression HoRmax=c=λps.fps

    N then becomes the Null time for the initialization of the string/supermembrane-serpent modular duality in the De Broglie phase speed initialization, beginning with the Oscillation (or Bounce) of the Planck-Length and specifies the Instantaneity of Now-Cycle-Time nps=Hotps=Ho/tss as the Time Instanton tps=1/fps=fss and the Inflaton Rmax=RHubble=c/Ho with de Broglie Phase speed Vdebroglie=Rmax.fps=Rmax.c/λps=c/nps as the 'Heartbeat of the Cosmic Mother Black Hole' frequency of the oscillating cosmos in the Cosmology of QR and in the imaginary F-Space Time of NHo generalised in the Real Time n=Hot for any time in the evolving Cosmology and minimized in nps=Hotps.

    In SI-units (CODATA-2007), the (*) units are calibrated as:

    m*=0.998331431..m; s*=0.999022562..s; kg*; J*=0.994882942..J; C*=0.997295631..C* and eV*=0.997540464..eV depending on precision measurements for:

    h = 6.62607004x10-34 Js and h = 1/15x1032 (Js)*
    c = 2.99792458x108 m/s and c = 3x108 (m/s)* in 1/c2 = μoεo = (120π/c)(1/120πc)
    k = 1/4πεo = [30c]modulated = 1/Go (kg2/N.m2)
    Go = 4πεo = 1/30c = 1.111...x10-10 (N.m2/kg2)*
    and Go = 1.111880317x10-10 m3/kgs2
    e = 1.602176487(40)x10-19 C and ealpha = 1.602111895x10-19 C and e = 1.606456344x10-19 C* so defining finestructures:

    alpha=α = 2πke2/hc = e2/2εohc = 7.297352574(50)x10-3 = 1/137.035999084(51) for e
    alpha=α = ealpha2/2εohc = 7.296763015x10-3 = 1/137.0470721 for ealpha = 60πe2/h = 7.296762965x10-3 = 1/137.047072 → e=1.606456344x10-19 C*

    μo = 4πx10-7 = 120π/c = 1.2566370614...x10-6 N/A2 with (J/A2m=H/m=kg.m/C2)
    εo = 1/μoc2=1/120πc = 8.85418782...x10-12 C2/Nm2 with (C2/Jm=F/m=C2s2/kg.m3)

    The Age of the Earth calibrated to the Alpha-Variation in the Coulombic charge quantum e

    Hubble-10D-Event Horizon Seedling-Limit and with n=Hot; dn/dt=Ho (odd nodal):
    Rmax=RHubble=1.59767545x1026 meters=c/Ho=c/nt=16.87610652 Billion Lightyears for asymptotic approach and attained by the lightpath Rmax=ct=nc/Ho for n=1; t=1/Ho.

    Electromagnetic (Total Linear) Age of the Universe:
    tAEMR = nRmax/c = np/Ho = 1.1327117/1.877728045x10-18 s = 6.03235225x1017 s* or 19.117633...x109 (civil) Years

    Curvature. cosmicsurfer.

    An Age of the Earth by various measurement techniques is approximated as 4.54 Billion years

    This value is centred at the Hubble node for the cyclic multidimensional universe as 16.876 ± Δ Gy as a function of the true electromagnetic age of the universe of 19.11576 Gy from npresent=1.1327117 and the alpha variation effect of 28.59865512 Million civil years.

    For the nodal Hubble Boundary:
    ΔEarth = 19.11576 - 16.876 = 2.240x109 (Civil) Years for 2ΔEarth = 4.480x109 (Civil) Years.

    For the Alpha Variation effect:
    ΔAlpha = 28.60 My for 2ΔAlpha = 57.20 My.

    Age of the Earth so becomes aligned in 2ΔEarth + 2ΔAlpha = 4.480x109 + 0.0572x109 = 4.5372x109 (Civil) Years.

    The mensuration systems are calibrated by the magnetic constant being measured as an identity in both, the SI- and the (*) systems
    as μo=120π/c=4π/107=1/εoc2 and as c=3x108 (m/s)* precisely by definition.

    There is however an interval of uncertainty in regards to the charge quantum e, as say observed in the Alpha-Variation of Webb and co from quasar spectra in hydrogenic absorption lines.
    The SI-value for e is modified from e'=1.602111758x10-19 C in the unit of the Henry for magnetic induction in [H]=[Js²/C²].

    This breaks the perfect calibration applied with introduction of the [kg] unit in terms of inertia, previously dependent only on lightspeed c in the Maxwell constant.

    C2*=0.99459841 C2 for C*=0.997295547..C then recalibrates the Coulombic charge quantum e from e = 1.606456344x10-19 C* = 1.602111895x10-19 C = ealpha from the measured e=1.602176487(40)x10-19 C.

    e/e'=1.00004, which squared, represents the alpha variation as so 8 parts in 100,000.
    The alpha variance is so an effect of inertia and relates to the CER in the PLO, which manifests in the inertial properties of the electron.

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    Dirac’s Monopole, GUT Unification and the Quantum for Universal Physicalized Consciousness


    Introduction, partially referenced to Wikipedia entries

    In physics, a Dirac string is a hypothetical one-dimensional curve in space, conceived of by the physicist Paul Dirac, stretching between two Dirac monopoles with opposite magnetic charges, or from one magnetic monopole out to infinity. The gauge potential cannot be defined on the Dirac string, but it is defined everywhere else. The Dirac string acts as the solenoid in the Aharonov–Bohm effect, and the requirement that the position of the Dirac string should not be observable implies the Dirac quantization rule: the product of a magnetic charge and an electric charge must always be an integer multiple of 2π. Also, a change of position of a Dirac string corresponds to a gauge transformation. This shows that Dirac strings are not gauge invariant, which is consistent with the fact that they are not observable.
    The Dirac string is the only way to incorporate magnetic monopoles into Maxwell's equations, since the magnetic flux running along the interior of the string maintains their validity. If Maxwell equations are modified to allow magnetic charges at the fundamental level then the magnetic monopoles are no longer Dirac monopoles, and do not require attached Dirac strings.
    The quantization forced by the Dirac string can be understood in terms of the cohomology of the fibre bundle representing the gauge fields over the base manifold of space-time.

    A nontrivial ‘twisted’ topology in the geometry of the Möbius strip or a Klein Bottle derives from a trivial geometry of a ‘non-twisted’ cylinder or a 2-torus, respectively. The ‘twisted’ geometry of rendering a two-sided surface as in the cylinder, a sphere, or a 2-torus as one-sided in the Möbius strip and the Klein Bottle shows, that the ‘twisting’ can only be observed globally and not locally embedded in the same space. A local intersection or cross section of both the trivial and nontrivial topologies would render the same space.

    The magnetic charges of a gauge field theory can be understood to be the group generators of the cohomology group H2(M)for the fiber bundle M. The cohomology arises from the idea of classifying all possible gauge field strengths F=dA, which are manifestly exact forms, modulo all possible gauge transformations, given that the field strength F must be a closed form: dF=0. Here, A is the vector potential and d represents the gauge-covariant derivative, and F the field strength or curvature form on the fiber bundle. Informally, one might say that the Dirac string carries away the "excess curvature" that would otherwise prevent F from being a closed form, as one has that dF=0 everywhere except at the location of the monopole.

    Monopoles and Dirac strings

    The magnetic Aharonov–Bohm effect is also closely related to Dirac's argument that the existence of a magnetic monopole can be accommodated by the existing magnetic source-free Maxwell's equations if both electric and magnetic charges are quantized.
    A magnetic monopole implies a mathematical singularity in the vector potential, which can be expressed as a Dirac string of infinitesimal diameter that contains the equivalent of all of the 4πg = (moc)Qm flux from a monopole "charge" g=qm=e*.
    Like the electromagnetic potential A the Dirac string is not gauge invariant (it moves around with fixed endpoints under a gauge transformation) and so is also not directly measurable.

    Dirac’s string modeled as spanning the universe for a singular magnetic monopole at the center of the earth

    Dirac’s monopole can then be defined as a singularity monopole of magnetopole charge e*=Qm, connecting the two opposite sides of the universe in the Hubble horizon RH=c/Ho in the Dirac string. The spacetime observer relative universal northpole so is given as the positive charge distribution placed onto the northern hemisphere of the universe in a 3-dimensional surface derivative dV4/dR=(2πRH)(πRH2)=2π2RH3 from the 4-dimensional hypersphere V4(R)=½π2R4.
    The southern hemisphere then becomes the negative charge distribution as a 3-dimensional volumar connecting the Dirac string from its southpole to the northpole. The two infinite capacitor plate surfaces so are given in the higher dimensional string-membrane space which so effectively ‘cube’ the volume of the 3-dimensional sphere embedded in a 4-dimensional hyperspace as a 3-dimensional surface or membrane space.


    The Dirac string starts from, and terminates on, a magnetic monopole. Thus, assuming the absence of an infinite-range scattering effect by this arbitrary choice of singularity, the requirement of single-valued wave functions (as above) necessitates charge-quantization.
    That is, 4π.2qeqm/4πεohc=8πqeqm{α}/{2e2}=2ee*/εohc=4παe*/e must be an integer n for any electric charge qe and magnetic charge qm.
    e*=n.e/4πα={n/2π}{e/2α}= {e/2α} and where becomes Dirac’s Constant Dirac
    Dirac= 8πcRee/Goh = 4Re[ec]/Lplanck2c3 = 4.54214x1019 [C/m3s-2]*…………………………........................…………………[Eq. 1]

    in units of the star coulomb defining the magneto charge e* in a universal unit calibration [C*]=[C2/C*]=[C2s2/m3] and where the mensuration units for the gravitational parameter [GM]=[Nm2kg/kg2]=[m3/s2]=[C*] as the units for universally defined physicalized consciousness as an angular quantum acceleration (df/dt) acting on any spacetime volumar of units [m3] as the effect of the Dirac string manifesting at the observer relative center of the universe and as given in the location of the Dirac magnetic monopole at this center as a definition of the Quantum Big Bang Singularity (QBBS).

    Electric flux ϕe = ∑qeo = reV/εo = Qeo
    Magnetic flux ϕm = ∑qmoc) = rmV(μoc) = (μoc)Qm

    Dirac’s Quantization Condition for magnetic charge g as proportional to electric charge e

    The monopole of mass m mm and magnetic charge qm circulates at a radius r and velocity v in the electric field between two capacitor plates in the XY-plane within a constant electric field E=Ez and where z is the unit vector in the Z direction connecting the two poles.
    The Lorentz force qmvB=qmvE/c balanced by the centripetal force mmv2/r then gives, in the classical high energy limit for v~c
    E=mmvc/rqm …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… [Eq. 2]

    The energy of the monopole is quantized in the Landau quantization En=hf(n+½)= (hω/2π)(n+½) and as a result of using the Hermitian function ψn(x) as general form for a probability frequency distribution and used to derive the form for a classical 1-dimensional harmonic oscillator in the form of a quantum harmonic oscillator in quantum mechanics.
    The Normal distribution formula has a form Ψ(x) = {1/√2π}exp[-½x2] which is found in the Hermitian function:


    The classical form for the harmonic oscillator are given by the Hamiltonian:
    ℋ = ᵱ2/2m +½ kᶍ 2= ᵱ 2/2m + ½mω22

    The kinetic energy p2/2m=m2v2/2m=½mv2 and potential energy ½kx2=½mω2x2 from Hooke’s law and the equation of motion:

    F=-kx =md2x/dt2 and a solution x(t)=Acos(ωt+constant) with dx/dt=-ωAsin(ωt+constant) and with d2x/dt2=-ω2Acos(ωt+constant) , defining ω=√(k/m)=2πf=2π/T

    The energy levels of the classical Hamiltonian then correspond to the eigenvalues of the Hermitian operator (Ψ)=(ih/2π)dΨ for the momentum operator = -(ih/2π)∂/∂x

    The time independent Schrödinger equation (Ψ)=(ih/2π)dΨ=E(Ψ) then allows solution for the wave function x|(Ψ)=Ψ(x) for the eigenvalues of the Hermite function Hn(x)
    as Landau poles and with energy levels En quantized in integer n and defining a minimum harmonic quantum oscillator for n=0 as the Zero-Point Energy of the Planck oscillator

    The mass of the monopole can be equated with the mass of a particle accelerated in a cyclotron for the high energy limit.

    For a cyclotron frequency ω=2πfc from mv2/r=qBv with v=rqB/m and ω=v/r=qB/m=qE/mc and E=cB for the coupling of the electric field with the magnetic field for
    ω = qmE/mmc…………….................................................………..................……………[Eq. 3]

    The quantized kinetic energy for the orbit of the magnetic monopole so is ½mmv2=n.hf for ω=2πf=qmE/mmc for
    ½mmv2=n.hf=n.hω/2π=n.hqmE/2πmmc and describing the quantization of angular momentum JZ for the magnetic monopole about the Dirac string.
    JZ = mmvr = 2n.(h/2π) ……………………………………………………………………………………………........................………………………………………………..[Eq.4]

    mmv = 2n.(h/2π)/r = Erqm/c by [Eq. 2] for a quantization condition for the electric field E=2n.(hc/2π)/r2qm...….[Eq. 5]

    And without the zero-point dark energy minimum Planck quantum harmonic oscillator, in the Landau poles En = hf(n+½), which can be said to exist as a precursor of the manifestation of the Quantum Big Bang in a string-membrane epoch defined from an oscillation of the Planck displacement as the original quantum fluctuation Lplanck = e/c2√α = √{hGo/2πc3} = {Go/c2}mplanck

    This quantum displacement ‘bounce’ of the minimum spacetime configuration initiated the interdependency of fundamental constants, utilized in the laws of nature in defining the ratio of electrocharged over the squared speed of light c2 in unitizing two unitary measurement systems; one mass centered in the form of Planck units suppressing universal charge, both electric and magnetic and the other suppressing universal mass in the corollary of charge centered Stoney units. The coupling of those two unitary systems then unify the finestructures of energy-charge based electromagnetism with those of an energy-mass based gravitational interaction.

    The angular momentum JZ relates to the electric field E in [Eq. 2] for the mass of the monopole in Erqm/vc=mm=2n.(h/2π)/vr and the positive charge at the northpole and the negative charge on the southpole, considered to be infinite in extent but intersected by the cylindrical circular flux areas at the two poles for a total charge density of E.dA=E.2πr2= 2Q/εo =2σeπr2o for E=2σe/2εo = σeo = 2Q/2εoπr2 = Q/εoπr2 for ∑Q=σeπr2 for each capacitor plate

    E=2n.(hc/2π)/r2qm = σeo = Q/πr2εo … and charge quantization Q = 2πεo{n.hc/2π}/qm ……................……………..[Eq. 6]

    Dirac’s quantization condition follows as qmQ=2πεo{n.hc/2π}={(4πεohc)/2πe2}{½n.e2}={n.e2/2α} for Q=e

    Magnetic monopole qm =n.e/2α...........................................................[Eq. 7]
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