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    Venus and Jupiter Create Breathtaking “Double Star” on June 30th
    Shared by B. Maat on FB

    By: The Editors of Sky Telescope | June 28, 2015​

    Kelly Beatty, Senior Editor, Sky & Telescope
    617-864-7360 x22168, kbeatty@SkyandTelescope.com
    Alan MacRobert, Senior Editor, Sky & Telescope
    617-864-7360 x22151, amacrobert@SkyandTelescope.com

    After weeks of gliding closer together in the evening sky, Venus and Jupiter, the brightest celestial objects after the Sun and Moon, will be dramatically close together in the western sky after sunset on Tuesday, June 30th. According to Sky & Telescope magazine, as seen from North America, the two planets will be just 13° apart — so close together that you'll be able to cover them both with the tip of an outstretched little finger.

    "To the eye they'll look like a double star," says S&T Senior Editor Kelly Beatty. "Anyone who hasn't glanced at the evening sky for a while will be surprised by how dramatically tight the pairing is." The two planets spend eight evenings, from June 27th through July 4th, within 2° of each other (about a thumb's width at arm's length). Not far to their upper left, appearing much fainter, is Regulus, the alpha star in the constellation Leo.

    Astronomers refer to such a celestial convergence as a conjunction. Close pairings of Venus and Jupiter are not particularly rare, however. They appeared slightly closer together (though not as high up) before dawn on August 18, 2014, and they'll be separated by about 1° before dawn on the morning of October 26th. During a remarkable conjunction on May 17, 2000, Venus and Jupiter were just 0.01° apart (but too near the Sun to be seen). Next year, on August 27th, they'll dazzle again during an evening conjunction with a separation of just 0.1°.

    "Planetary conjunctions have no effect on Earth or human affairs," notes Sky & Telescope Senior Editor Alan MacRobert. "But they can draw attention away from our own little world and into the enormous things beyond. In fact, a spectacular conjunction like this often gets people started in amateur astronomy."
    At the beginning of June, the two planets were 20° apart in the sky, about twice the width of your fist held at arm's length. Week by week, Jupiter and the stars behind it have gradually slipped lower in the evening twilight. But Venus, due to its rapid orbital motion around the Sun, has stayed high up. The resulting slow-motion convergence put them 6° last week, when a thin crescent Moon joined the scene, and set the stage for Tuesday's culmination.

    Although the two planets appear very near one another in the sky, they're actually not. Venus is 58 million miles (77 million km) from Earth, and Jupiter is 12 times farther out at 565 million miles (909 million km).

    The pairing on June 30th is so tight that a small backyard telescope will show both planets in the same field of view, with Venus appearing as a brilliant, fat crescent and Jupiter accompanied by its four largest moons. Telescopically, the two planets will appear identical in size — a coincidental illusion because Jupiter, though much farther away, is enormously larger than Venus. The two globes will contrast dramatically in brightness, with Venus's crescent appearing dazzlingly white compared to Jupiter's duller, striped cloud deck.

    Sky & Telescope Contributing Editor Fred Schaaf points out that this current trio of Venus-Jupiter conjunctions closely resembles a similar series in 3-2 BC that has been suggested as the Star of Bethlehem. "As has been the case in 2014–15," Schaaf explains, "the first two conjunctions back then were extremely close, the last one separated by about 1°, all three occurred not far from Regulus, and all were similarly high up in the sky."

    Sky & Telescope is making publication-quality illustrations available to our colleagues in the news media. Permission is granted for one-time, nonexclusive use in print and broadcast media, as long as appropriate credit (as noted in the caption) is included. Web publication must include a link to www.SkyandTelescope.com.

    On the evening of June 30th, all eyes will be on Venus and Jupiter as they create a dramatic "double star" in the western sky after sunset. Click on this image for a high-definition version, or click here for a version without labels.
    Sky & Telescope diagram

    Here's how Jupiter (at top) and Venus (at bottom) will look on June 30th when viewed with a backyard telescope. Jupiter's four moons, (left to right) are Ganymede, Europa, Io, and Callisto.
    Source: Stellarium

    For skywatching information and astronomy news, visit SkyandTelescope.com or pick up Sky & Telescope, the essential guide to astronomy, with subscribers in more than 100 nations. Sky & Telescope and SkyandTelescope.com are divisions of F+W, a content + ecommerce company. F+W also publishes two annuals (SkyWatch and Beautiful Universe) as well as books, star atlases, posters, prints, globes, apps, and other fine astronomy products.
    - See more at: http://www.skyandtelescope.com/press-releases/venus-and-jupiter-june-30th/#sthash.dzGk14cl.dpuf

    This relates to the topic of a 'Star of Bethlehem' aka a 'Messiah Star' aka a 'Blue Star Kachina'.
    The ET minded reader and researcher can ignore the Oabs and Nabs associated with the historical and topical debates regarding this subject matter and appreciate the headlines of media sharings such as http://osnetdaily.com/2015/06/the-prophetic-implications-of-the-messiahs-star-on-30-june-2015/
    The Prophetic Implications of the Messiah’s Star on 30 June 2015

    Editor’s Note…
    Read Velikovsky’s classic masterpiece “Worlds in Collision [PDF Link]” to get the subconscious mytho-hystorical background behind the significance of the recent convergence of Venus and Jupiter. Read also these earlier reports we published during the previous blood moons for further background on the subject:

    1913 Intel

    The excerpt below is from an article written by Jim Dodge. Jim is an expert of the Star of Bethlehem. And now we will see the reappearance of the Bethlehem Star on 30 June 2015 – now called the Messiah’s Star.
    “It should be obvious from the locations of these two appearances…that the 2015 appearance of the Messiah’s star is God’s heavenly sign of warning for America, because just like Israel when Jesus Christ came the first time, America has turned its back on the very God who made us great and showered us with blessings. Today, America has rejected God.”
    “… this tetrad of eclipses might mean for Israel.”
    Thoughts on the Prophetic Implications of the 2014-15 Blood Moon Tetrad with respect to Israel, the 30 June 2015 Appearance of the Messiah’s star with respect to the United States and the timing for these heavenly appearances in this Season of the Lord’s Return
    As the prophetic signs pointing to the soon return of Christ and the incredibly fluid state of world affairs appears to be converging in climactic fashion to bring about the end of this age as we know it, I have been humbled and moved with a sense of urgency, like a Watchman on the wall, to share recent discoveries about the current and pending appearances of two of God’s heavenly signs and what they might mean today for Israel and America in God’s end time plan. While many in the Bible prophecy world are aware of the appearance of a tetrad of lunar eclipses falling on the 2014-15 Jewish feasts of Passover and Tabernacles, few have any idea of what significance, if any, this tetrad of eclipses might mean for Israel. This in part is because many, if not most, prophecy experts regard these stellar appearances as mere coincidence, especially since heavenly signs appear to have little basis in scripture to connect them with end time prophecy. Even fewer people are aware that a remarkably rare reappearance of the Christmas or Messiah’s star will take place on the evening of 30 June 2015 during what appears to be a critical point in America’s march towards its end-time destiny. Is the reappearance of this heavenly sign also just a coincidence that should be disregarded because it has not been specifically revealed in the Bible?
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    Perseid meteor shower expected to be stellar


    As you gaze up into the sky tonight and contemplate the many shooting stars (Perseids) emanating from the constellation of Perseus I offer you this poem by Virgil from the book ‘Discourse On The Worship of Priapus’ by Richard Payne Knight, and a bit of history on the cosmic emissions you are witnessing.

    Deum namque ire per omnes

    Terrasque, tractusque maris, cœlumque profundum.

    Hinc pecudes, armenta, viros, genus omne ferarum,

    Quemque sibi tenues nascentum arcessere vitas.

    Scilicet huc reddi deinde, ac resoluta referri

    Omnia: nec morti esse locum, sed viva volare

    Sideris in numerum, atque alto succedere cœlo. 3

    Translation by Google:

    God pervades all

    Lands, the tracts of sea and depth of heaven.

    The flocks, the herds, and men, and all manner of wild animals,

    Each at birth the fine essential flame.

    That is to say, Brought back by, and dissolution,

    all things, nor can death Find place: but they live, to fly

    In the number of a star ', and the heights of heaven. 3

    The earliest information on this meteor shower is found in Chinese annals in A.D. 36. However, credit for recognising the shower's annual appearance is given to Adolphe Queteolet, who reported in 1835 that there was a shower emanating from the constellation Perseus. Some Catholics refer to the Perseids as the "tears of Saint Lawrence", since 10 August is the date of that saint's martyrdom. In Roman times it was believed that the meteor shower were nothing more than an ejaculation of god Inuo-Priapus that fertilized the fields. The transition in favor of the Christian saint Lorenzo was facilitated, as was the case with many other pagan festivals, by the Catholic Church. It is believed that the saint was chosen as phonetically assonant with that of Larentia, female counterpart of Priapus also celebrated during the date of August 10 with Priapus.



    In Greek mythology, Priapus (/praɪˈeɪpəs/;[1] Greek: Πρίαπος, Priapos), was a minor rustic fertility god, protector of livestock, fruit plants, gardens and male genitalia. Priapus is marked by his oversized, permanent erection, which gave rise to the medical term priapism. He became a popular figure in Roman erotic art and Latin literature, and is the subject of the often humorously obscene collection of verse called the Priapeia.




    Acca Larentia or Acca Larentina was a mythical woman, later goddess, in Roman mythology whose festival, the Larentalia, was celebrated on December 23.

    Foster mother

    In one mythological tradition (that of Licinius Macer, et al.), she was the wife of the shepherd Faustulus, and therefore the adoptive mother of Romulus and Remus, whom she is said to have saved after they were thrown into the Tiber on the orders of Amulius. She had twelve sons, and on the death of one of them Romulus took his place, and with the remaining eleven founded the college of the Arval brothers (Fratres Arvales).[1] She is therefore identified with the Dea Dia of that collegium. The flamen Quirinalis acted in the role of Romulus (deified as Quirinus) to perform funerary rites for his foster mother.[2]

    Benefactor of Rome

    Another tradition holds that Larentia was a beautiful girl of notorious reputation, roughly the same age as Romulus and Remus, during the reign of Ancus Marcius in the 7th century BC. She was awarded to Hercules as a prize in a game of dice by the guardian of his temple, and locked in it with his other prize, a feast. When the god no longer had need of her, he advised her to marry the first man she met as she stepped out that morning, who turned out to be a wealthy Etruscan named Carutius (or Tarrutius, according to Plutarch). Larentia later inherited all his property and bequeathed it to the Roman people. Ancus, in gratitude for this, allowed her to be buried in the Velabrum, and instituted an annual festival, the Larentalia, at which sacrifices were offered to the Lares.[3] Plutarch explicitly states that this Laurentia was a different person from the Laurentia who was married to Faustulus, although other writers, such as Licinius Macer, relate their stories as belonging to the same being.[4][5]


    Yet another tradition holds that Larentia was neither the wife of Faustulus nor the consort of Hercules, but a prostitute called "lupa" by the shepherds (literally "she-wolf", but colloquially "courtesan"), and who left the fortune she amassed through sex work to the Roman people.[6]
    Connection to Lares

    Whatever may be thought of the contradictory accounts of Acca Laurentia, it seems clear that she was of Etruscan origin, and connected with the worship of the Lares, from which her name may or may not be derived. This relation is also apparent in the number of her sons, which corresponds to that of the twelve country Lares.[7][8] T.P. Wiseman explores the connections among Acca Larentia, Lara, and Larunda in his books Remus: A Roman Myth and The Myths of Rome.


    Like Ceres, Tellus, Flora and others, Acca Laurentia symbolized the fertility of the earth, in particular the city lands and their crops. Acca Larentia is also identified with Larentina, Mana Genita, and Muta.




    PART I

    MEN, considered collectively, are at all times the same animals, employing the same organs, and endowed with the same faculties: their passions, prejudices, and conceptions, will of course be formed upon the same internal principles, although directed to various ends, and modified in various ways, by the variety of external circumstances operating upon them. Education and science may correct, restrain, and extend; but neither can annihilate or create: they may turn and embellish the currents; but can neither stop nor enlarge the springs, which, continuing to flow with a perpetual and equal tide, return to their ancient channels, when the causes that perverted them are withdrawn.

    The first principles of the human mind will be more directly brought into action, in proportion to the earnestness and affection with which it contemplates its object; and passion and prejudice will acquire dominion over it, in proportion as its first principles are more directly brought into action. On all common subjects, this dominion of passion and prejudice is restrained by the evidence of sense and perception; but, when the mind is led to the contemplation of things beyond its comprehension, all such restraints vanish: reason has then nothing to oppose to the phantoms of imagination, which acquire terrors from their obscurity, and dictate uncontrolled, because unknown. Such is the case in all religious subjects, which, being beyond the reach of sense or reason, are always embraced or rejected with violence and heat. Men think they know, because they are sure they feel; and are firmly convinced, because strongly agitated. Hence proceed that haste and violence with which devout persons of all religions condemn the rites and doctrines of others, and the furious zeal and bigotry with which they maintain their own; while perhaps, if both were equally well understood, both would be found to have the same meaning, and only to differ in the modes of conveying it.

    Of all the profane rites which belonged to the ancient polytheism, none were more furiously inveighed against by the zealous propagators of the Christian faith, than the obscene ceremonies performed in the worship of Priapus; which appeared not only contrary to the gravity and sanctity of religion, but subversive of the first principles of decency and good order in society. Even the form itself, under which the god was represented, appeared to them a mockery of all piety and devotion, and more fit to be placed in a brothel than a temple. But the forms and ceremonials of a religion are not always to be understood in their direct and obvious sense; but are to be considered as symbolical representations of some hidden meaning, which may be extremely wise and just, though the symbols themselves, to those who know not their true signification, may appear in the highest degree absurd and extravagant. It has often happened, that avarice and superstition have continued these symbolical representations for ages after their original meaning has been lost and forgotten; when they must of course appear nonsensical and ridiculous, if not impious and extravagant.

    Such is the case with the rite now under consideration, than which nothing can be more monstrous and indecent, if considered in its plain and obvious meaning, or as a part of the Christian worship; but which will be found to be a very natural symbol of a very natural and philosophical system of religion, if considered according to its original use and intention.

    What this was, I shall endeavour in the following sheets to explain as concisely and clearly as possible. Those who wish to know how generally the symbol, and the religion which it represented, once prevailed, will consult the great and elaborate work of Mr. D'Hancarville, who, with infinite learning and ingenuity, has traced its progress over the whole earth. My endeavour will be merely to show, from what original principles in the human mind it was first adopted, and how it was connected with the ancient theology: matters of very curious inquiry, which will serve, better perhaps than any others, to illustrate that truth, which ought to be present in every man's mind when be judges of the actions of others, that in morals, as well as physics, there is no effect without an adequate cause. If in doing this, I frequently find it necessary to differ in opinion with the learned author above-mentioned, it will be always with the utmost deference and respect; as it is to him that we are indebted for the only reasonable method of explaining the emblematical works of the ancient artists.

    Whatever the Greeks and Egyptians meant by the symbol in question, it was certainly nothing ludicrous or licentious; of which we need no other proof, than its having been carried in solemn procession at the celebration of those mysteries in which the first principles of their religion, the knowledge of the God of Nature, the First, the Supreme, the Intellectual, 1 were preserved free from the vulgar superstitions, and communicated, under the strictest oaths of secrecy, to the iniated (initiated); who were obliged to purify themselves, prior to their initiation, by abstaining from venery, and all impure food. 1

    We may therefore be assured, that no impure meaning could be conveyed by this symbol; but that it represented some fundamental principle of their faith. What this was, it is difficult to obtain any direct information, on account of the secrecy under which this part of their religion was guarded. Plutarch tells us, that the Egyptians represented Osiris with the organ of veneration erect, to show his generative and prolific power: he also tells us, that Osiris was the same Diety as the Bacchus of the Greek Mythology; who was also the same as the first begotten Love (πρωτογονος) of Orpheus and Hesiod. 2 This deity is celebrated by the ancient poets as the creator of all things, the father of gods and men; 3 and it appears, by the passage above referred to, that the organ of veneration was the symbol of his great characteristic attribute. This is perfectly consistent with the general practice of the Greek artists, who (as will be made appear hereafter) uniformly represented the attributes of the deity by the corresponding properties observed in the objects of sight. They thus personified the epithets and titles applied to him in the hymns and litanies, and conveyed their ideas of him by forms, only intelligible to the initiated, instead of sounds, which were intelligible to all. The organ of generation represented the generative or creative attribute, and in the language of painting and sculpture, signified the same as the epithet παλλενετωζ, in the Orphic litanies.

    This interpretation will perhaps surprise those who have not been accustomed to divest their minds of the prejudices of education and fashion; but I doubt not, but it will appear just and reasonable to those who consider manners and customs as relative to the natural causes which produced them, rather than to the artificial opinions and prejudices of any particular age or country. There is naturally no impurity or licentiousness in the moderate and regular gratification of any natural appetite; the turpitude consisting wholly in the excess or perversion. Neither are organs of one species of enjoyment naturally to be considered as subjects of shame and concealment more than those of another; every refinement of modern manners on this head being derived from acquired habit, not from nature: habit, indeed, long established; for it seems to have been as general in Homer's days as at present; but which certainly did not exist when the mystic symbols of the ancient worship were first adopted. As these symbols were intended to express abstract ideas by objects of sight, the contrivers of them naturally selected those objects whose characteristic properties seemed to have the greatest analogy with the Divine attributes which they wished to represent. In an age, therefore, when no prejudices of artificial decency existed, what more just and natural image could they find, by which to express their idea of the beneficent power of the great Creator, than that organ which endowed them with the power of procreation, and made them partakers, not only of the felicity of the Deity, but of his great characteristic attribute, that of multiplying his own image, communicating his blessings, and extending them to generations yet unborn?

    In the ancient theology of Greece, preserved in the Orphic Fragments, this Deity, the Ερως πρωτογονος, or first-begotten Love, is said to have been produced, together with Æther, by Time, or Eternity (Κρονος), and Necessity (Αναγχη), operating upon inert matter (Χαος). He is described as eternally begetting (αειγνητης); the Father of Night, called in later times, the lucid or splendid, (φανης), because he first appeared in splendour; of a double nature, (διφυης), as possessing the general power of creation and generation, both active and passive, both male and female. 1 Light is his necessary and primary attribute, co-eternal with himself, and with him brought forth from inert matter by necessity. Hence the purity and sanctity always attributed to light by the Greeks. 1

    He is called the Father of Night, because by attracting the light to himself, and becoming the fountain which distributed it to the world, he produced night, which is called eternally-begotten, because it had eternally existed, although mixed and lost in the general mass. He is said to pervade the world with the motion of his wings, bringing pure light; and thence to be called the splendid, the ruling Priapus, and Self-illumined (αντανγης 2). It is to be observed that the word Πριηπος, afterwards the name of a subordinate deity, is here used as a title relating to one of his attributes; the reasons for which I shall endeavour to explain hereafter. Wings are figuratively attributed to him as being the emblems of swiftness and incubation; by the first of which he pervaded matter, and by the second fructified the egg of Chaos. The egg was carried in procession at the celebration of the mysteries, because, as Plutarch it was the material of generation (νλη της γενεσεως 3) containing the seeds and germs of life and motion, without being actually possessed of either.

    For this reason, it was a very proper symbol of Chaos, containing the seeds and materials of all things, which, however, were barren and useless, until the Creator fructified them by the incubation of his vital spirit, and released them from the restraints of inert matter, by the efforts of his divine strength. The incubation of the vital spirit is represented on the colonial medals of Tyre, by a serpent wreathed around an egg; 1 for the serpent, having the power of casting his skin, and apparently renewing his youth, became the symbol of life and vigour, and as such is always made an attendant on the mythological deities presiding over health. 2 It is also observed, that animals of the serpent kind retain life more pertinaciously than any others except the Polypus, which is sometimes represented upon the Greek Medals, 3 probably in its stead. I have myself seen the heart of an adder continue its vital motions for many minutes after it has been taken from the body, and even renew them, after it has been cold, upon being moistened with warm water, and touched with a stimulus. The Creator, delivering the fructified seeds of things from the restraints of inert matter by his divine strength, is represented on innumerable Greek medals by the Urns, or wild Bull, in the act of butting against the Egg of Chaos, and breaking it with his horns. 1 It is true, that the egg is not represented with the bull on any of those which I have seen; but Mr. D'Hancarville 2 has brought examples from other countries, where the same system prevailed, which, as well as the general analogy of the Greek theology prove that the egg must have been understood, and that the attitude of the bull could have no other meaning.

    I shall also have occasion hereafter to show by other examples, that it was no uncommon practice, in these mystic monuments, to make a part of a group represent the whole. It was from this horned symbol of the power of the Deity that horns were placed in the portraits of kings to show that their power was derived from Heaven, and acknowledged no earthly superior. The moderns have indeed changed the meaning of this symbol, and given it a sense of which, perhaps, it would be difficult to find the origin, though I have often wondered that it has never exercised the sagacity of those learned gentlemen who make British antiquities the subjects of their laborious inquiries. At present, it certainly does not bear any character of dignity or power; nor does it ever imply that those to whom it is attributed have been particularly favoured by the generative or creative powers. But this is a subject much too important to be discussed in a digression; I shall therefore leave it to those learned antiquarians who have done themselves so much honour, and the public so much service, by their successful inquiries into customs of the same kind. To their indefatigable industry and exquisite ingenuity I earnestly recommend it, only observing that this modern acceptation of the symbol is of considerable antiquity, for it is mentioned as proverbial in the Oneirocritics of Artemidorus; 1 and that it is not now confined to Great Britain, but prevails in most parts of Christendom, as the ancient acceptation of it did formerly in most parts of the world, even among that people from whose religion Christianity is derived; for it is a common mode of expression in the Old Testament, to say that the horns of any one shall be exalted, in order to signify that he shall be raised into power or pre-eminence; and when Moses descended from the Mount with the spirit of God still upon him, his head appeared horned. 2



    To the head of the bull was sometimes joined the organ of generation, which represented not only the strength of the Creator, but the peculiar direction of it to the most beneficial purpose, the propagation of sensitive beings. Of this there is a small bronze in the Museum of Mr. Townley, of which an engraving is given in Plate III. Fig. 2. 1

    Sometimes this generative attribute is represented by the symbol of the goat, supposed to be the most salacious of animals, and therefore adopted upon the same principles as the bull and the serpent. 2 The choral odes, sung in honour of the generator Bacchus, were hence called τραγωδιαι, or songs of the goat; a title which is now applied to the dramatic dialogues anciently inserted in these odes, to break their uniformity . On a medal, struck in honour of Augustus, the goat terminates in the tail of a fish, to show the generative power incorporated with water. Under his feet is the globe of the earth, supposed to be fertilised by this union; and upon his back, the cornucopia, representing the result of this fertility. 3

    Mr. D'Hancarville attributes the origin of all these symbols to the ambiguity of words; the same term being employed in the primitive language to signify God and a Bull, the Universe and a Goat, Life and a Serpent. But words are only the types and symbols of ideas, and therefore must be posterior to them, in the same manner as ideas are to their objects. The words of a primitive language, being imitative of the ideas from which they sprung, and of the objects they meant to express, as far as the imperfections of the organs of speech will admit, there must necessarily be the same kind of analogy between them as between the ideas and objects themselves. It is impossible, therefore, that in such a language any ambiguity of this sort could exist, as it does in secondary languages; the words of which, being collected from various sources, and blended together without having any natural connection, become arbitrary signs of convention, instead of imitative representations of ideas. In this case it often happens, that words, similar in form, but different in meaning, have been adopted from different sources, which, being blended together, lose their little difference of form, and retain their entire difference of meaning. Hence ambiguities arise, such as those above mentioned, which could not possibly exist in an original tongue.

    The Greek poets and artists frequently give the personification of a particular attribute for the Deity himself; hence he is called Τανροζοας, Τανρωπος, Τανρομορφος 1, &c., and hence the initials and monograms of the Orphic epithets applied to the Creator, are found with the bull, and other symbols, on the Greek medals 2. It must not be imagined from hence, that the ancients supposed the Deity to exist under the form of a bull, a goat, or a serpent: on the contrary, he is always described in the Orphic theology as a general pervading Spirit, without form, or distinct locality of any kind; and appears, by a curious fragment preserved by Proclus 3, to have been no other than attraction personified. The self-created mind (νοας αυτογενεθλος) of the Eternal Father is said to have spread the heavy bond of love through all things (πασιν ενεοπειρεν δεσμον περιζριθη Ερωτος), in order that they might endure for ever. This Eternal Father is Κρονος, time or eternity, personified; and so taken for the unknown Being that fills eternity and infinity. The ancient theologists knew that we could form no positive idea of infinity, whether of power, space, or time; it being fleeting and fugitive, and eluding the understanding by a continued and boundless progression. The only notion we have of it is from the addition or division of finite things, which suggest the idea of infinite, only from a power we feel in ourselves of still multiplying and dividing without end. The Schoolmen indeed were bolder, and, by a summary mode of reasoning, in which they were very expert, proved that they had as clear and adequate an idea of infinity, as of any finite substance whatever. Infinity, said they, is that which has no bounds. This negation, being a positive assertion, must be founded on a positive idea. We have therefore a positive idea of infinity.

    The Eclectic Jews, and their followers, the Ammonian and Christian Platonics, who endeavoured to make their own philosophy and religion conform to the ancient theology, held infinity of space to be only the immensity of the divine presence. Ὁ Θεος ἑαντσ τοπος εστι 1 was their dogma, which is now inserted into the Confessional of the Greek Church. 2 This infinity was distinguished by them from common space, as time was from eternity. Whatever is eternal or infinite, said they, must be absolutely indivisible; because division is in itself inconsistent with infinite continuity and duration: therefore space and time are distinct from infinity and eternity, which are void of all parts and gradations whatever.

    Time is measured by years, days, hours, &c., and distinguished by past, present, and future; but these, being divisions, are excluded from eternity, as locality is from infinity, and as both are from the Being who fills both; who can therefore feel no succession of events, nor know any gradation of distance; but must comprehend infinite duration as if it were one moment, and infinite extent as if it were but a single point. 1 Hence the Ammonian Platonics speak of him as concentered in his own unity, and extended through all things, but participated of by none. Being of a nature more refined and elevated than intelligence itself, he could not be known by sense, perception, or reason; and being the cause of all, he must be anterior to all, even to eternity itself, if considered as eternity of time, and not as the intellectual unity, which is the Deity himself, by whose emanations all things exist, and to whose proximity or distances they owe their degrees of excellence or baseness. Being itself, in its most abstract sense, is derived from him; for that which is the cause and beginning of all Being, cannot be a part of that All which sprung from himself: therefore he is not Being, nor is Being his Attribute; for that which has an attribute cannot have the abstract simplicity of pure unity.

    All Being is in its nature finite; for, if it was otherwise, it must be without bounds every way; and therefore could have no gradation of proximity to the first cause, or consequent pre-eminence of one part over another: for, as all distinctions of time are excluded from infinite duration, and all divisions of locality from infinite extent, so are all degrees of priority from infinite progression. The mind is and acts in itself; but the abstract unity of the first cause is neither in itself, nor in another;--not in itself, because that would imply modification, from which abstract simplicity is necessarily exempt; nor in another, because then there would be an hypostatical duality, instead of absolute unity. In both cases there would be a locality of hypostasis, inconsistent with intellectual infinity. As all physical attributes were excluded from this metaphysical abstraction, which they called their first cause, he must of course be destitute of all moral ones, which are only generalized modes of action of the former. Even simple abstract truth was denied him; for truth, as Proclus says, is merely the relative to falsehood; and no relative can exist without a positive or correlative. The Deity therefore who has no falsehood, can have no truth, in our sense of the word. 1

    As metaphysical theology is a study very generally, and very deservedly, neglected at present, I thought this little specimen of it might be entertaining, from its novelty, to most readers; especially as it is intimately connected with the ancient system, which I have here undertaken to examine. Those, who wish to know more of it, may consult Proclus on the Theology of Plato, where they will find the most exquisite ingenuity most wantonly wasted. No persons ever showed greater acuteness or strength of reasoning than the Platonics and Scholastics; but having quitted common sense, and attempted to mount into the intellectual world, they expended it all in abortive efforts which may amuse the imagination, but cannot satisfy the understanding.

    The ancient Theologists showed more discretion; for, finding that they could conceive no idea of infinity, they were content to revere the Infinite Being in the most general and efficient exertion of his power, attraction; whose agency is perceptible through all matter, and to which all motion may, perhaps, be ultimately traced. This power, being personified, became the secondary Deity, to whom all adoration and worship were directed, and who is therefore frequently considered as the sole and supreme cause of all things. His agency being supposed to extend through the whole material world, and to produce all the various revolutions by which its system is sustained, his attributes were of course extremely numerous and varied. These were expressed by various titles and epithets in the mystic hymns and litanies, which the artists endeavoured to represent by various forms and characters of men and animals. The great characteristic attribute was represented by the organ of generation in that state of tension and rigidity which is necessary to the due performance of its functions. Many small images of this kind have been found among the ruins of Herculaneum and Pompeii, attached to the bracelets, which the chaste and pious matrons of antiquity wore round their necks and arms. In these, the organ of generation appears alone, or only accompanied with the wings of incubation, 1 in order to show that the devout wearer devoted herself wholly and solely to procreation, the great end for which she was ordained. So expressive a symbol, being constantly in her view, must keep her attention fixed on its natural object, and continually remind her of the gratitude she owed the Creator, for having taken her into his service, made her a partaker of his most valuable blessings, and employed her as the passive instrument in the exertion of his most beneficial power.


    The female organs of generation were revered 1 as symbols of the generative powers of nature or matter, as the male were of the generative powers of God. They are usually represented emblematically, by the Shell, or Concha Veneris, which was therefore worn by devout persons of antiquity, as it still continues to be by pilgrims, and many of the common women of Italy. The union of both was expressed by the hand mentioned in Sir William Hamilton's letter; 2 which being a less explicit symbol, has escaped the attention of the reformers, and is still worn, as well as the shell, by the women of Italy, though without being understood. It represented the act of generation, which was considered as a solemn sacrament, in honour of the Creator, as will be more fully shown hereafter.

    The male organs of generation are sometimes found represented by signs of the same sort, which might properly be called the symbols of symbols.

    One of the most remarkable of these is a cross, in the form of the letter T, 1 which thus served as the emblem of creation and generation, before the church adopted it as the sign of salvation; a lucky coincidence of ideas, which, without doubt, facilitated the reception of it among the faithful. To the representative of the male organs was sometimes added a human head, which gives it the exact appearance of a crucifix; as it has on a medal of Cyzicus, published by M. Pellerin. 2 On an ancient medal, found in Cyprus, which, from the style of workmanship, is certainly anterior to the Macedonian conquest, it appears with the chaplet or rosary, such as is now used in the Romish churches; 3 the beads of which were used, anciently, to reckon time. 4 Their being placed in a circle, marked its progressive continuity; while their separation from each other marked the divisions, by which it is made to return on itself, and thus produce years, months, and days. The symbol of the creative power is placed upon them, because these divisions were particularly under his influence and protection; the sun being his visible image, and the centre of his power, from which his emanations extended through the universe. Hence the Egyptians, in their sacred hymns, called upon Osiris, as the being who dwelt concealed in the embraces of the sun; 1 and hence the great luminary itself is called Κοσμοκρατωζ (Ruler of the World) in the Orphic Hymns. 2

    This general emanation of the pervading Spirit of God, by which all things are generated and maintained, is beautifully described by Virgil, in the following lines:

    Deum namque ire per omnes
    Terrasque, tractusque maris, cœlumque profundum.
    Hinc pecudes, armenta, viros, genus omne ferarum,
    Quemque sibi tenues nascentum arcessere vitas.
    Scilicet huc reddi deinde, ac resoluta referri
    Omnia: nec morti esse locum, sed viva volare
    Sideris in numerum, atque alto succedere cœlo. 3

    The Ethereal Spirit is here described as expanding itself through the universe, and giving life and motion to the inhabitants of earth, water, and air, by a participation of its own essence, each particle of which returned to its native source, at the dissolution of the body which it animated. Hence, not only men, but all animals, and even vegetables, were supposed to be impregnated with some particles of the Divine Nature infused into them, from which their various qualities and dispositions, as well as their powers of propagation, were supposed to be derived. These appeared to be so many emanations of the Divine attributes, operating in different modes and degrees, according to the nature of the beings to which they belonged. Hence the characteristic properties of animals and plants were not only regarded as representations, but as actual emanations of the Divine Power, consubstantial with his own essence. 1

    For this reason, the symbols were treated with greater respect and veneration than if they had been merely signs and characters of convention. Plutarch says, that most of the Egyptian priests held the bull Apis, who was worshipped with so much ceremony, to be only an image of the Spirit of Osiris. 2 This I take to have been the real meaning of all the animal worship of the Egyptians, about which so much has been written, and so little discovered. Those animals or plants, in which any particular attribute of the Deity seemed to predominate, became the symbols of that attribute, and were accordingly worshipped as the images of Divine Providence, acting in that particular direction. Like many other customs, both of ancient and modern worship, the practice, probably, continued long after the reasons upon which it was founded were either wholly lost, or only partially preserved, in vague traditions. This was the case in Egypt; for, though many of the priests knew or conjectured the origin of the worship of the bull, they could give no rational account why the crocodile, the ichneumon, and the ibis, received similar honours.

    The symbolical characters, called hieroglyphics, continued to be esteemed by them as more holy and venerable than the conventional representations of sounds, notwithstanding their manifest inferiority; yet it does not appear, from any accounts extant, that they were able to assign any reason for this preference. On the contrary, Strabo tells us that the Egyptians of his time were wholly ignorant of their ancient learning and religion, 1 though impostors continually pretended to explain it. Their ignorance in these points is not to be wondered at, considering that the most ancient Egyptians, of whom we have any authentic accounts, lived after the subversion of their monarchy and destruction of their temples by the Persians, who used every endeavour to annihilate their religion; first, by command of Cambyses, 2 and then of Ochus. 3 What they were before this calamity, we have no direct information; for Herodotus is the earliest traveller, and he visited this country when in ruins.


    The 24 Elders of Canis Majoris

    It is dawn
    the chill glistens through a
    cathedral of sentinels
    soft beams of sunlight swarm
    among their evergreen branches
    lampyridae of golden tinsel
    glowing through mist of breath
    white heather invades
    the stillness here
    punctuations of lavender stiletto the air
    I am haunted by the fevered ache
    within my warm lake of blood
    Persephone tempts with her red stains
    her long shawl of moss eclipses
    the shadow of my body
    fossilizing me with its verdant cloak
    strung with the scent of
    fall leaves, pine and earth
    wolves materialize from
    sensual longing, they birth between my legs
    their images lurk within
    brown and gold rorschachs of maple
    strewn leaves lining the path
    they howl between the negative spaces
    forming the other world
    I hear their rustling
    rushing forms, gathering speed
    ancient ones
    descending to mingle in this forest of time
    their breath suspended in the trees
    foliage of nimbus
    steaming hounds ecstatic
    I exhale my own form
    it peers down through
    rays of opal light
    becoming inhaled once again
    into the purple throat of
    twilight’s lycanthrope
    there below my feet
    Sothis flashes me her blue teeth
    obedient I lay beneath the hunter’s gaze.

    ©Julienne Alvarez
    November 29th 2014


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    The Healing Potential for Sexual Abuse by a Reconfiguration of Stereotypical Old World Human Sexuality

    Without misappropriations of this agenda by toxic third wave feminism

    A spell from 600 witches
    Brock Allen Turner we hex you.
    You will be impotent
    You will know constant pain of pine needles in your guts
    Food will bring you no sustenance
    In water, your lungs will fail you
    Sleep will only bring nightmares
    Shame will be your mantle.
    You will meet justice.
    My witchcraft is strong. Our witchcraft is powerful. The spell will work. So Mote it be.



    Comment from the Thuban Council: {Keep sending the love n' light from the divine feminine!}

    The conflict between the 'good' light and the 'evil' darkness can be restated in a necessary and universal balance between two fundamentally different polarities or spectrums also often expressed in dichotomies such as male yang and female yin aka a God-Devil or wave-particle elemental divide.

    If this cosmological and metaphysical and physical balance is required to support the continuity of the aforementioned universal structure itself, then how can this 'eternal war' between the poetic 'good and evil' ever become resolved?
    All inhabitors of the universal structure so embody the necessary dichotomy as the ONE entity or 'beingness', but could in principle 'overcome' the 'old world' in metaphysically and physically expressing this duality in particular forms, such as manifesting half of the duality, say the body-particular as 'pure darkness' and the other half, say the mind-waved as 'pure lightness'.
    In such a scenario, the ONE 'cosmic inhabitant' could decide to eliminate hisher own 'darkness within' to manifest herhis 'lightness without' to resolve the 'eternal war' as the ONE's disappearance of its body form into the spacetime continuum of the environment, which had provided the stimulus to the ONE.
    Corollarily, a resolution mcan manifest if the ONE 'cosmic inhabitant' could decide to eliminate herhis own 'lightness within' to manifest hisher 'darkness without' in the ONE's disappearance of its body form into the spacetime continuum of its previously encountered environment.
    A combination of those potential manifestations of anyONEs possible resolutions of the dichotomy reality can then be expressed in many semantics such as the 'final conflict' between the Old World and the New World or the apocalyptic agendas of a Christ-Antchrist duality.

    In the annals of the Thuban Council of the Logos of Creation, the following stipulation on the distribution of information accessible to the 'soul consciousness' as function of data access or 'remembrance-recall' can be found:

    1. Definition of Consciousness Awareness Quantum: Eps=1/e*=1/2e√alpha(me/mP)=1/2Rec2 as primal energy (spirit) Electromagnetic Monopolar Charge Quantum.

    2. All universal memory is stored as such 'special awareness' quanta in units of 'soul memory' and collected in universal subspace integrals (morphs-bodies-merkabahs).

    3. Within a morph, the distribution of the 'soul remembrance' as data recall is 3-tiered in 343=7x7x7 parts as:
    'Waking Consciousness'=WakeC=287/343=83.673% and 'Sub-Consciousness'=SubC=49/343=14.286% and 'Super-Consciousness'=SuperC=7/343=2.041%

    4. Any redistribution between WakeC, SubC and SuperC from this normal distribution becomes a individualized function of the individuated morph defined across all dimensions as 'spacetime awareness quanta' defined in pre spacetimed quantum geometric universal 'construction units' or 'building blocks'.

    5. The original construction units are defined in modular duality between high frequency vibrating supermembranes and low frequency winding supermembranes in models of dichotomy, such as 'darkness of low vibration/energy' and 'lightness of high vibration/energy'.

    6. An individualized and universally evolving 'soul remembrance' so universally engages in a dynamic of information processing, which is itself derived from the stimulus provided by the environments the 'individuated soul' encounters in its evolvement.

    7. This evolvement of the cosmic entity redistributes the proportionality between the WakeC, SubC and SuperC as a function of the experienced environmental stimuli and within a necessary modular equality, as precisely half or 50% between the 'darkness'' and the 'lightness' .

    8. A redefinition of a maleness-yang = 50% || femaleness-yin = 50% original universal distribution as a malefemale-yangyin = 50% || femalemale-yinyang = 50% 'cosmic demographic' preserves the original necessitated wave-particular and metaphysical ontological - physical cosmological definition of the ONE, but allows the 'war of the sexes' in a 'sexist' battle between the 'patriarchy of the creator' and the 'matriarchy of the creation' to become reconciled in a 'doubling' of the cosmogonical cosmology in a retelling of an old story be to told as new.

    The Protest Against “Rape Culture” in Astrological Terms
    June 7, 2016

    Just when I thought that California law enforcement couldn’t get any crazier, a judge (who now faces a recall campaign) just gave a “slap-on-the-wrist” sentence to a Stanford athlete who raped an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. The crazy-making didn’t stop there, nor did it start there. The father of this young rapist wrote a statement and plea to the court in defense of his son that quickly become infamous. Nevermind the victim. Not exactly what we’d expect during the Sun’s conjunction to Venus, but then again Venus in youthful Gemini is travelling through the Underworld, not visible to us until July 13th (since April 30) and currently in an intensely grating Grand Mutable Cross.

    Shortly after that news, it was just broadcast that a student raped in a study abroad program in Puerto Rico is being held responsible for her being raped because she had been drinking when it happened and chose to follow a stranger onto a dark rooftop.

    For most of my life until fairly recently I had heard nothing about rape culture. I’ve been sitting by for a couple years watching people rage about this subject unsure as to whether I’ve wanted to participate in the conversation. It’s not that I don’t agree with how awful rape is and how sexist our legal system can be. It’s just that when it comes to rape there is always so much more that is not talked about that seems even more taboo than the topic itself. Perhaps we’ve made some progress by at least acknowledging that this happens on a massive scale. What I find equally appalling is the way that we have collectively been raped and beaten into submission as a species – men, women, children, and the animals we call food.

    Rape Culture is as old as the Gods

    When the American documentary Rape Culture came out in 1975, Saturn in Cancer was in a cardinal square with Pluto in Libra. Authority was being questioned as a whole, equal rights were suddenly demanded and feminism was gaining momentum. Women with great determination had come forward to illustrate the ways victims (primarily female) are often blamed for sexual assault and men who rape are given sympathy by society. They are often coddled by their parents and excused for their perverse behavior by close friends. In the late 70s, the normalization of sexual violence against women through the media was being challenged, as it is yet again by women all around the world.

    There was a bit of a gap between the late 70s and our present day in which rape was not so widely discussed. If ever a culture of rape would be seriously challenged by society in general it would be during Pluto/Dark Lord of the Underworld’s transit through Capricorn (2008-2023), sign of the patriarchy and long-standing traditions, no matter how crappy those traditions may happen to be.


    Eris, the small planet named after the Goddess of Discord and sister of Ares entered into a tight conjunction with the Great Awakener, Uranus in Aries, in mid-2015 that will last until mid-2017. The astronomer who discovered this dwarf planet originally wanted to name it Persephone, which would have connected it (and probably still does connect it) with the archetype of the goddess who was raped by Pluto and forced to become his bride and Queen of Hell. This may have a little something to do with the recent resurgence of the protest against rape, such as the huge protests in Brasil triggered by the rape of a 16 year old girl by 30 men. Although a slow moving planetary body with seeming little influence much of the time, when she’s finally got something to say it will be sharp – Eris is not the one you want to piss off.

    Saturn in Sagittarius (2014-2017) is about exposing the truth, no matter how ugly it is. If there will be justice to rape victims it’s going to increase during this transit because the truth about rape is coming out. What about “child molestation culture” since we’re going there with this collective protest? What about the crimes many of our popes, priests, and politicians have been known to commit? The Clintons have an extensive rape crime history behind them and yet still, Hillary is allowed to run for president. Don’t bother telling me that she represents the “Feminine”.

    Even Bernie Sanders who seems like the most benign candidate in support of human rights we have seen in ages was quoted from an alternative newspaper called Vermont Freeman in 1972, mentioning rape in a rather disturbing way:
    “A woman enjoys intercourse with her man — as she fantasizes being raped by 3 men simultaneously.”

    No. We need to get to bottom of this and get out of this Freudian rape fantasy mind-slip and there’s no time like now. Period. I’m sure this is preaching to the choir for most who are reading this post (if they can get past the Bernie quote), but I’m going to break it down further because, yeah…if everyone really understood these concepts so well we wouldn’t have such horrific rape statistics.

    Education and Soulutions

    Male or female, it starts with taking responsibility for our own actions – not the actions of others. An attractive woman wears a mini skirt? So what. Admire beauty and move on. If she didn’t ask you for sex, then you have no right to so much as lay a finger on her OR project your sick fantasies on to her. Be a decent human being and if you are really hot and bothered go fap at home. Oh, a random woman is lying unconscious on the side of the road? You might dial 911 if you had a conscious.
    Stop telling boys it’s ok to have sex with whoever they want and show them how to be a real man. Stop telling girls they should be polite no matter what, always look pretty and stay within the parameters of the activities that are designed just for them. Boys and girls are not necessarily told these things by their parents but they copy what they see on television.

    Here’s the real kicker – our children are led by more by example than with our words. In this case, words be damned.

    Many women have never been shown how to defend themselves, but even some of those who have, have been cornered and bullied by more than one rapist at a time. Some women even put themselves in harm’s way, because they abandoned themselves long before a rape even occurred. They learned self-loathing from their upbringing. That’s really sad indeed. We should not humiliate and punish them further but provide them with education, refuge, a chance for healing and recovery.

    Women, myself included need to stop apologizing for trivial things (the list is endless, but especially expressing a strong opinion that offends someone – oops!) or things they have no control over (like having a menstrual cycle). This might seem irrelevant but it is actually directly related to our attitudes about rape, which happens to men, women, and children mentally, emotionally, and spiritually just as much as it happens physically, if not more so. Who and what are we catering to with our endless apologies and subdued energy that stifles our creativity and life force?

    We don’t talk about the ways that we as a society have been psychologically raped, either because we’re ignorant of that fact or it’s too painful for us. Most of us were not shown how to love and respect ourselves, let alone others. Obviously our cultural sense of sympathy and empathy is all screwed up and backward.
    With Venus and Mars (Mars Retrograde in Scorpio) both currently plummeting the realms of darkness, there is noticeable conflict between love and the passions. We’ve been experiencing confusion, and witnessing so much cruelty in the world for the past couple of weeks.

    I’m not a “feminist” by man’s definition of the word and didn’t expect to publicly share my 0.02 on this topic. Since I’ve been hearing and seeing so many people talking about it lately I figured it might be an appropriate time to chime in.

    The Black Moon Lilith entered Scorpio on May 21, 2016 where she is at her most dark, dangerous, and potent, with a force much like that of the Hindu goddess Kali Ma. During this transit until late February 2017 the power of sex to heal and destroy will become even more evident. We may come face-to-face our hidden wounds and shadows and hopefully take steps toward re-integrating the aspects of ourselves that have been fractured due to rape or other trauma.


    Neptune and Mars Retrograde, illusions about rape

    Neptune Turns RETROGRADE June 13 @ 1:42 pm PDT/4:42 pm EDT/ 8:42 pm GMT
    indicating a reinventing, re-examination of our dreams, illusions, delusions, our addictions and creative projects until November 19th when Neptune turns DIRECT at 9 degrees PISCES square to the Fixed Star Antares- the rival of Mars. Then there will be a lot of power to fight for our dreams.
    The chart for that moment shows a Very powerful YOD or what’s known as a Finger of God, Yes, like God’s finger pointing to MARS, Retrograde in SCORPIO sign of sex, money power and secrets, meaning this is what we need to pay attention to.

    The YOD is comprised of URANUS, the God who stole Fire from the Gods, the revolutionary freedom loving planet who has joined forces with ERIS the Goddess of DISCORD, very powerfully at 23+ degrees ARIES. This is a major shit disturbing aspect.

    The two are in a sextile {60 degrees} to The SUN @ 23 degrees GEMINI and Venus is also involved at 25 degrees GEMINI and these four “planets” SUN VENUS URANUS and ERIS are all pointing their finger at Mars Retrograde @ 23+ degrees SCORPIO.

    The first relevant story to reflect this intense energy is the Brock Turner rape story and the ridiculously lenient sentence he was given because he is white privileged boy. It has just come out that the vile guy will be out after only 3 months in Jail.​
    RAPE of a Sabine by Giambologna in Florence Italy
    I was guided to look for symbols for 24 degrees Aries I went through the Sabian symbols, John Sandbach’s symbols and finally found the Kozminsky symbols, not as well known but here is the revelation for that 24 degree of ARIES.

    24º Aries: “A youth grasping a beautiful woman, who turns into a skeleton in his arms. Denotes one who may lose his way following his desires. He is highly passionate, and allows himself to be shaken by his senses as the wind shakes the autumn leaves. He is then apt to grow selfish, and to disregard the feelings and rights of others, with consequences bringing to him death, defeat, and disaster. It is a symbol of Illusion.”

    Also at this Neptune Retrograde LILITH is at 2 degrees of Scorpio and on the Ascendant in Toronto. Lilith in SCORPIO is hell hath no fury like a woman raped. Lilith in SCORPIO, the first woman, God’s left hand side and bride she is the DEATH GODDESS, like KALI, who will not compromise to any man and who knows her power as Divine Creatress of all, and who has nothing to do with Adam or any man who doesn’t respect her is rising in her power.

    The Goddess VENUS is in the LIGHT the power the strength of the SUN, exposing the Male shadows of rape, deceit, secrets, hatred and fear of the Goddess. ERIS is a warrior Goddess, the uninvited 13th and most powerful Fairy. As the Goddess, the Divine Feminine gathers her strength, there will be a global upswelling of women who are angry and will force re-education of men, a change in terms of how laws are used to protect the victims not the perpetrators. There are also good men, like the two Swedish men who stopped the rapist, who respect women and who know what is right and what is wrong. Jeff Brown, the Canadian writer wrote his apology to the Divine Feminine and is encouraging men to learn how to embrace honor and respect women.

    The ugly swaggering macho Donald Trump who is a racist and a sexist misogynist must be stopped and labelled the pig that he is and they are. CIRCE the Ancient Goddess and one who I have always felt very strongly connected to turned Ulysses men into real pigs for their own lower instincts.

    Just discovered this after hitting Publish 600 witches collectively hexed Brock his father and the judge on Tuesday at 10:00 pm http://www.papermag.com/stanford-rapist-brock-turner-witch-hex-1849619850.html

    Women must take back their own power. Hillary Clinton as much as I do not like her politics, is still a woman taking power in the world and that carries a real and symbolic meaning.
    Mercury in Taurus now is governed by Venus. Women must proclaim their truth- Taurus rules the throat and they need to make their collective voices heard. Saturn in SAGittarius at 12 degrees Retrograde, which rules higher education, judges, and the law, exactly squares Neptune now. With Jupiter, Planet of Higher law, sacred Law, in Virgo,who rules both Pisces and Sagittarius at the 15th and strongest degree, points our attention to woman and what we have harvested. Virgo is the Ancient Virgin Goddess, whole and complete unto herself under no man’s authority, the way it was from the beginning of time.

    The gap between what we imagine as a spiritual reverence for all life- Neptune in Pisces and the reality- Saturn in Sagittarius squared by Jupiter in Virgo- also keeping it real- can be shocking! We have been asleep with Neptune in Pisces and are waking up after thousands of years of patriarchal abuse to fight the good fight and rebalance our world so that the Sacred marriage can become real..
    Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are still in the Mutable GRAND CROSS with Venus and the SUN. The Goddess Venus/Inanna the Great Queen is still in her dark phase behind the SUN and she is preparing for her rebirth as an evening star and will be visible from behind the Sun in early August as the beautiful evening Wishing Star again.

    While Mars Retrograde in Scorpio is at the Apex of this Finger wagging Yod we see again the full extent of the secret cabals of power. The judge who gave the lenient sentence to Brock now has half a million signatures calling for his resignation.

    The battle between the sexes is getting stronger. Many new masculine men know their place to honor the feminine and to re-educate overly testosterone driven men into honoring the Goddess to earn her love. Fathers must also teach their sons to respect women. The whole culture needs to change. That is what URANUS and ERIS. are bringing. We take for granted all the ways woman are seen as objects of sexual gratification for men, because there has been indoctrination for thousands of years sanctioned by religion.

    What do you think?

    {The Thuban Council thinks that you are rather naïve, underinformed and deluded when you are trying to address global politics and international affairs - your competence in astroanalysis notwithstanding.
    Now do you include muslims in that comment or only white men from the west?}

    All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

    Get a reading from Tara http://www.taratarot.com

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    Why Don’t Jews Believe In Jesus?


    Jewish Beliefs About Jesus And Jews For Jesus
    For 2,000 years, Jews have rejected
    the Christian idea of Jesus as messiah. Why?

    It is important to understand why Jews don’t believe in Jesus. The purpose is not to disparage other religions, but rather to clarify the Jewish position. The more data that’s available, the better-informed choices people can make about their spiritual path.

    (What exactly is the Messiah?)

    1. Jesus did not fulfill the messianic prophecies.
    2. Jesus did not embody the personal qualifications of the Messiah.
    3. Biblical verses "referring" to Jesus are mistranslations.
    4. Jewish belief is based on national revelation.

    1. At the end of this article, we will examine these additional topics:
    2. Christianity contradicts Jewish theology
    3. Jews and Gentiles
    4. Bringing the Messiah

    What exactly is the Messiah?

    The word “Messiah” is an English rendering of the Hebrew word “Mashiach”, which means “Anointed.” It usually refers to a person initiated into God’s service by being anointed with oil. (Exodus 29:7, I Kings 1:39, II Kings 9:3)
    Since every King and High Priest was anointed with oil, each may be referred to as “an anointed one” (a Mashiach or a Messiah). For example: “God forbid that I [David] should stretch out my hand against the Lord’s Messiah [Saul]...” (I Samuel 26:11. Cf. II Samuel 23:1, Isaiah 45:1, Psalms 20:6)
    Where does the Jewish concept of Messiah come from? One of the central themes of Biblical prophecy is the promise of a future age of perfection characterized by universal peace and recognition of God. (Isaiah 2:1-4; Zephaniah 3:9; Hosea 2:20-22; Amos 9:13-15; Isaiah 32:15-18, 60:15-18; Micah 4:1-4; Zechariah 8:23, 14:9; Jeremiah 31:33-34)
    Many of these prophetic passages speak of a descendant of King David who will rule Israel during the age of perfection. (Isaiah 11:1-9; Jeremiah 23:5-6, 30:7-10, 33:14-16; Ezekiel 34:11-31, 37:21-28; Hosea 3:4-5)
    Since every King is a Messiah, by convention, we refer to this future anointed king as The Messiah. The above is the only description in the Bible of a Davidic descendant who is to come in the future. We will recognize the Messiah by seeing who the King of Israel is at the time of complete universal perfection.


    What is the Messiah supposed to accomplish? The Bible says that he will:
    A. Build the Third Temple (Ezekiel 37:26-28).
    B. Gather all Jews back to the Land of Israel (Isaiah 43:5-6).
    C. Usher in an era of world peace, and end all hatred, oppression, suffering and disease. As it says: "Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall man learn war anymore." (Isaiah 2:4)
    D. Spread universal knowledge of the God of Israel, which will unite humanity as one. As it says: "God will be King over all the world—on that day, God will be One and His Name will be One" (Zechariah 14:9).
    The historical fact is that Jesus fulfilled none of these messianic prophecies.
    Christians counter that Jesus will fulfill these in the Second Coming, but Jewish sources show that the Messiah will fulfill the prophecies outright, and no concept of a second coming exists.​



    Jesus was not a prophet. Prophecy can only exist in Israel when the land is inhabited by a majority of world Jewry. During the time of Ezra (circa 300 BCE), when the majority of Jews refused to move from Babylon to Israel, prophecy ended upon the death of the last prophets—Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi.
    Jesus appeared on the scene approximately 350 years after prophecy had ended.​

    According to Jewish sources, the Messiah will be born of human parents and possess normal physical attributes like other people. He will not be a demi-god, (1) nor will he possess supernatural qualities.
    The Messiah must be descended on his father’s side from King David (see Genesis 49:10 and Isaiah 11:1). According to the Christian claim that Jesus was the product of a virgin birth, he had no father—and thus could not have possibly fulfilled the messianic requirement of being descended on his father’s side from King David! (2)

    The Messiah will lead the Jewish people to full Torah observance. The Torah states that all mitzvot (commandments) remain binding forever, and anyone coming to change the Torah is immediately identified as a false prophet. (Deut. 13:1-4)
    Throughout the New Testament, Jesus contradicts the Torah and states that its commandments are no longer applicable. (see John 1:45 and 9:16, Acts 3:22 and 7:37) For example, John 9:14 records that Jesus made a paste in violation of Shabbat, which caused the Pharisees to say (verse 16), "He does not observe Shabbat!"​


    Biblical verses can only be understood by studying the original Hebrew text—which reveals many discrepancies in the Christian translation.​

    The Christian idea of a virgin birth is derived from the verse in Isaiah 7:14 describing an "alma" as giving birth. The word "alma" has always meant a young woman, but Christian theologians came centuries later and translated it as "virgin." This accords Jesus’ birth with the first century pagan idea of mortals being impregnated by gods.​

    The verse in Psalms 22:17 reads: "Like a lion, they are at my hands and feet." The Hebrew word ki-ari (like a lion) is grammatically similar to the word "gouged." Thus Christianity reads the verse as a reference to crucifixion: "They pierced my hands and feet."​

    Christianity claims that Isaiah chapter 53 refers to Jesus, as the "suffering servant."
    In actuality, Isaiah 53 directly follows the theme of chapter 52, describing the exile and redemption of the Jewish people. The prophecies are written in the singular form because the Jews ("Israel") are regarded as one unit. The Torah is filled with examples of the Jewish nation referred to with a singular pronoun.
    Ironically, Isaiah’s prophecies of persecution refer in part to the 11th century when Jews were tortured and killed by Crusaders who acted in the name of Jesus.
    From where did these mistranslations stem? St. Gregory, 4th century Bishop of Nazianzus, wrote: "A little jargon is all that is necessary to impose on the people. The less they comprehend, the more they admire."
    For further reading on the "suffering servant":
    arrow-grey-sharp. jewsforjudaism.org/ss


    Of the 15,000 religions in human history, only Judaism bases its belief on national revelation—i.e. God speaking to the entire nation. If God is going to start a religion, it makes sense He’ll tell everyone, not just one person.
    Throughout history, thousands of religions have been started by individuals, attempting to convince people that he or she is God’s true prophet. But personal revelation is an extremely weak basis for a religion because one can never know if it is indeed true. Since others did not hear God speak to this person, they have to take his word for it. Even if the individual claiming personal revelation performs miracles, there is still no verification that he is a genuine prophet. Miracles do not prove anything. All they show—assuming they are genuine—is that he has certain powers. It has nothing to do with his claim of prophecy.
    Judaism, unique among all of the world’s major religions, does not rely on "claims of miracles" as the basis for its religion. In fact, the Bible says that God sometimes grants the power of "miracles" to charlatans, in order to test Jewish loyalty to the Torah (Deut. 13:4).
    Maimonides states (Foundations of Torah, ch. 8):​

    The Jews did not believe in Moses, our teacher, because of the miracles he performed. Whenever anyone’s belief is based on seeing miracles, he has lingering doubts, because it is possible the miracles were performed through magic or sorcery. All of the miracles performed by Moses in the desert were because they were necessary, and not as proof of his prophecy.
    What then was the basis of [Jewish] belief? The Revelation at Mount Sinai, which we saw with our own eyes and heard with our own ears, not dependent on the testimony of others… as it says, "Face to face, God spoke with you…" The Torah also states: "God did not make this covenant with our fathers, but with us—who are all here alive today." (Deut. 5:3)​

    Judaism is not miracles. It is the personal eyewitness experience of every man, woman and child, standing at Mount Sinai 3,300 years ago.
    arrow-grey-sharp. See "Did God Speak at Mount Sinai" for further reading.​


    The following theological points apply primarily to the Roman Catholic Church, the largest Christian denomination.​

    The Catholic idea of Trinity breaks God into three separate beings: The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost (Matthew 28:19).
    Contrast this to the Shema, the basis of Jewish belief: "Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is ONE" (Deut. 6:4). Jews declare the Shema every day, while writing it on doorposts (Mezuzah), and binding it to the hand and head (Tefillin). This statement of God’s One-ness is the first words a Jewish child is taught to say, and the last words uttered before a Jew dies.
    In Jewish law, worship of a three-part god is considered idolatry—one of the three cardinal sins that a Jew should rather give up his life than transgress. This explains why during the Inquisitions and throughout history, Jews gave up their lives rather than convert.​
    B. MAN AS GOD?

    Roman Catholics believe that God came down to earth in human form, as Jesus said: "I and the Father are one" (John 10:30).
    Maimonides devotes most of the "Guide for the Perplexed" to the fundamental idea that God is incorporeal, meaning that He assumes no physical form. God is Eternal, above time. He is Infinite, beyond space. He cannot be born, and cannot die. Saying that God assumes human form makes God small, diminishing both His unity and His divinity. As the Torah says: "God is not a mortal" (Numbers 23:19).
    Judaism says that the Messiah will be born of human parents, and possess normal physical attributes like other people. He will not be a demi-god, and will not possess supernatural qualities. In fact, an individual is alive in every generation with the capacity to step into the role of the Messiah. (see Maimonides - Laws of Kings 11:3)​

    The Catholic belief is that prayer must be directed through an intermediary—i.e. confessing one’s sins to a priest. Jesus himself is an intermediary, as Jesus said: "No man cometh unto the Father but by me."
    In Judaism, prayer is a totally private matter, between each individual and God. As the Bible says: "God is near to all who call unto Him" (Psalms 145:18). Further, the Ten Commandments state: "You shall have no other gods BEFORE ME," meaning that it is forbidden to set up a mediator between God and man. (see Maimonides - Laws of Idolatry ch. 1)​

    Catholic doctrine often treats the physical world as an evil to be avoided. Mary, the holiest woman, is portrayed as a virgin. Priests and nuns are celibate. And monasteries are in remote, secluded locations.
    By contrast, Judaism believes that God created the physical world not to frustrate us, but for our pleasure. Jewish spirituality comes through grappling with the mundane world in a way that uplifts and elevates. Sex in the proper context is one of the holiest acts we can perform.
    The Talmud says if a person has the opportunity to taste a new fruit and refuses to do so, he will have to account for that in the World to Come. Jewish rabbinical schools teach how to live amidst the bustle of commercial activity. Jews don’t retreat from life, we elevate it.​


    Judaism does not demand that everyone convert to the religion. The Torah of Moses is a truth for all humanity, whether Jewish or not. King Solomon asked God to heed the prayers of non-Jews who come to the Holy Temple (Kings I 8:41-43). The prophet Isaiah refers to the Temple as a "House for all nations."
    The Temple service during Sukkot featured 70 bull offerings, corresponding to the 70 nations of the world. The Talmud says that if the Romans would have realized how much benefit they were getting from the Temple, they’d never have destroyed it.
    Jews have never actively sought converts to Judaism because the Torah prescribes a righteous path for gentiles to follow, known as the "Seven Laws of Noah." Maimonides explains that any human being who faithfully observes these basic moral laws earns a proper place in heaven.
    For further study of the Seven Laws of Noah:
    arrow-grey-sharp. The Seven Laws of Noah


    Maimonides states that the popularity of Christianity (and Islam) is part of God’s plan to spread the ideals of Torah throughout the world. This moves society closer to a perfected state of morality and toward a greater understanding of God. All this is in preparation for the Messianic age.
    Indeed, the world is in desperate need of Messianic redemption. War and pollution threaten our planet; ego and confusion erode family life. To the extent we are aware of the problems of society, is the extent we will yearn for redemption. As the Talmud says, one of the first questions a Jew is asked on Judgment Day is: "Did you yearn for the arrival of the Messiah?"
    How can we hasten the coming of the Messiah? The best way is to love all humanity generously, to keep the mitzvot of the Torah (as best we can), and to encourage others to do so as well.
    Despite the gloom, the world does seem headed toward redemption. One apparent sign is that the Jewish people have returned to the Land of Israel and made it bloom again. Additionally, a major movement is afoot of young Jews returning to Torah tradition.
    The Messiah can come at any moment, and it all depends on our actions. God is ready when we are. For as King David says: "Redemption will come today—if you hearken to His voice."
    by Rabbi Shraga Simmons
    Largely adapted from Aish.com​

    Jewish-Christian Disputations

    Moses Nachmanides and The
    Debate in Barcelona, Spain, 1263

    The most famous of all Jewish-Christian disputations was between the apostate Jew Pablo Christiani and Moses Nachmanides (the Ramban).
    Nachmanides argued that the central issue separating Christianity and Judaism was not the issue of Jesus’ messiahship, but whether or not Jesus was divine. There was no basis in Judaism, Nachmanides said, for believing in the divinity of the Messiah or, indeed, of any man. To Nachmanides, it seemed most strange "that the Creator of heaven and earth resorted to the womb of a certain Jewess and grew there for nine months and was born as an infant, and afterwards grew up and was betrayed into the hands of his enemies who sentenced him to death and executed him, and that afterwards… he came to life and returned to his original place. The mind of a Jew, or any other person, cannot tolerate this." Nachmanides told the Spanish monarch, "You have listened all your life to priests who have filled your brain and the marrow of your bones with this doctrine, and it has settled with you because of that accustomed habit." Had King James heard these ideas propounded for the first time when he was already an adult, Nachmanides implied, he never would have accepted them.


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    thubanis3 minutes ago (edited)

    It is not so much disagreement, but a valid question to ask about the nature of truth. So the excellent thought out and presented exposition of this book notwithstanding; misses on a major point of the subject of morality with respect to the question about truth. When the boy asked about the drawing of Jesus; the answer regarding the moralistic dilemma of the skeptic of either being true or untrue itself became biased , losing the objectivity 'believed' in by the skeptic.

    The point made by Stefan became coloured by his 'conviction' that this Jesus perhaps/probably did not exist and that 'speaking to his ghost' was as unreal as 'believing' in pink flying elephants. A truly unbiased skeptic, fully aware of the cultural dissonance which would result in an open sharing of his 'nonbelief' in the historical, physical/metaphysical reality of Jesus; would have answered the question about truth in allowing a physical-scientific reality of the boys belief to coexist with his personal dismissal of that belief. Then no moral 'dishonesty' would have been necessary to be entertained. As a simple logistical 'fallacy' example mentioned in the book; it is mentioned that 'to drink the blood of Jesus' relates to one of those 'abstractions' in the Christian faith and the words of Jesus. A deeper informed researcher would however easily relate the 'weird' semantics not only to the catholic eucharist, but also to the 'stories' of Jonah and the whale and the 'eating of the Lion (of Judea)' in the Nag Hammadi codices.

    Quote: (7) Jesus said, "Blessed is the lion which becomes man when consumed by man; and cursed is the man whom the lion consumes, and the lion becomes man." - Lambdin-End of Quote.

    Another 'weird' statement is found in the book of Isaiah, historically accepted to date to a time 800 BCE and a time when the 'life and rights of animals' generally could be considered to be little more than utility. How then can whoever authored this passage be considered a true representative of the historical background in which this statement was written?

    Isaiah 11:5-7 - King James Version (KJV)
    5 And righteousness shall be the girdle of his loins, and faithfulness the girdle of his reins.
    6 The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.
    7 And the cow and the bear shall feed; their young ones shall lie down together: and the lion shall eat straw like the ox.

    Summary: The point about the moral truth of the skeptical belief/unbelief to jeopardize cultural 'relative truth' between the skeptic and the believer should be borne in truth and not a relative truth. If Stefan is convinced, that Jesus and by implication and association the author/scribe of Isaiah:11.5-7 are mere figments of superstition and irrationality; then he should also entertain and explore the arguments for the actual metaphysical and physical synergy of the aforesaid identities. Stefan might then discover factual correspondences and a scientifically explorable subject matter, rather than human minded opinions, either of a believer lacking many facts or of a skeptical unbeliever likewise lacking many of the same facts.

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    First of all thanks very much for your email
    What you are proposing sounds great and will be a great addition to the platform.
    It is also going to be about content creators being able to highlight their own material or sites as well.
    A way to gain wider exposure.

    Just a few of things:

    1) Can you send me a username (handle) that you would like to use (for login as well as publishing).

    2) Once I have this I will send along your password as well as login instructions and how to actually publish once you are in.

    3) Can you write in the subject heading: "Website username"

    4) If you are going to need a category for your work, please include that so I can create one for the drop-down menus.

    If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Thanks in advance and let's make something great together.

    Be well.


    On Tue, Sep 27, 2016 at 12:33 AM, Tony Bermanseder <pacificap@hotmail.com> wrote:
    Dear BP!

    Having used many of your clips on my own websites; I would be interested to republish rather informative, but challenging scientific-cosmological information on your website.
    Of course part of my (less science based) work is in alignment with yours and I can contribute material on the metaphysical problems/solutions to the islamisation of the west and so on besides astropohysics and the physical ontologies.
    The one requirement to share and contribute I need however is the addition of scientific script for say the corner of publication you can assign for this purpose.

    Again your proposal is a good idea and our cooperation within a framework of ‘freely accessible public’ alternative information would I believe only enhance the outcome of the ‘war od ideas’ many of us are engaged in towards the favour of rationality, logic and reason.




    1) Can you send me a username (handle) that you would like to use (for login as well as publishing).

    “sirebard” – is what I use on twitter and on old defunct yahoo forums’ if this is unusable I use “shiloh” on my own sites and on youtube “thubanis”

    2) Once I have this I will send along your password as well as login instructions and how to actually publish once you are in.

    3) Can you write in the subject heading: "Website username"

    4) If you are going to need a category for your work, please include that so I can create one for the drop-down menus.

    I am active in two categories: hard science (physics, astrophysics and cosmology) and its ontology, say metaphysics and its history and would like to put potent (imo) pioneering albeit fully mainstream aligned (no quasi science or quackery iow) on your new channel and the other is all to do with the metamorphosis of this present civilization into a renewed form.
    This engages something I feel you are fully familiar and aligned with me. I sometimes call it the memeplexification of the ‘Old World’ to result in its metaphysical-cultural self destruction to rebirth itself as a ‘New World’.
    Aside mathematical science I am you could say rather familiar with particular ancient scrolls underpinning the politics of control, in the guise of religion. So I end with an excerpt about something of an introduction I would (or you can of course) place on your site under the metaphysical-philosophical part. I also include an ontological essay on the islamification (I would edit out some of the names associated with antiislamic scholars and exposeurs of course) including its confrontation not from the cultural-physical-political level but from its say philosophical-metaphysical platform. So those two parts, the second in full harmony with your own efforts I feel; are the two categories of interest and which your platform could perhaps use to a greater effect to share with a ‘memeperplexed’ and mentally hijacked civilization; than on my corners on the web.

    Thank you very much for your invitation.

    The Death of the Supernaturality Virus !

    Introduction and Disclaimer:

    This essay shall take the form of a dialogue between two philosophers and as a play of words in seven acts. A claim to have some answers to pertinent and profound questions in regards to the perennial quest of the human race to understand itself in being and in mind can be no statement of whimsicality.
    Such a proposition demands a thorough investigation of the issues at hand; not a onesided or biased examination of selected data and information; but a rigorous scientific approach to evaluate all the evidence supplied in the history of the developments, both in the popular culture and its science and the philosophies supporting it.
    It is of limited value to parade the scientific discipline as the rational and impartial paradigm for the future; if that same worldview proves itself incapable to elucidate or to explain the most basic of elementary questions asked or problems faced by the now globalised citizen, placing hisher hope and expectation into that same projected future. And the overwhelming problem facing mankind at the beginning of the 21st century is that of its own philosophy.

    ‘Where are we now as a race?’, ‘Where are we going ?’ and ‘Where did we come from?’ are some common questions asked, but not answered by the expert authorities in organised politics, science, culture and religion. Why do we seem incapable, despite having built a monumental edifice called the scientific way and methodology; and notwithstanding the progressing technology derived from that; why then can that same worldview not answer a simple question like:

    If there is such a thing as God, as so many of us have been told, then where and what is it?”

    We find an evolved human genetic disposition to form allegiances and to carry and ascribe to certain beliefs, often founded or exposited upon by certain individuals or groups. Kings and knights, magicians, clerics and sages of old have transformed into the experts and advisors of the new.
    Consultancy has become the catch-phrase, often stifling the natural curiousity to find answers for one’s own questions in a denial of one’s own creative impulses through an adventure of self-discovery. Today, we find allegiances to political ideologies, religious dogmas or some other culturally based agenda. All those liasons and associations have something in common however; they all become coloured in the individuals which belong to them. Redemption from this filtered state of affairs is found in a paradigm which is based on the precept of disallowing personality to individualise the work to be done or to colour the information to be collected as one’s personal archive or one’s private library of creation, subject to one’s own individual fancies and desires Albert Einstein once remarked:

    “The greatest trouble in the world is the idea of a personal God!”

    And so one might agree with the depersonification of Albert Einstein’s ‘God’, whom he rather affectionately called: "The Old One” and of whom he also said: “God does not play dice with the world”, referring to his rejection of the idea that life and nature’s processes are intrinsically arbitrary in an universe defined by chance and random events.

    He thought of ‘God’ as being the intelligence behind the natural laws of nature, as found in the sciences and the mathematics which he studied and he believed that nature had to be based in geometrical principles, rather than in probabilities defined in statistics and stochastic matrices. And there were others before and after him; Plato and Aristotle, upon whose dialogues this treatise is based; Pythagoras, the Greek geometers and Niels Bohr, Max Planck and Werner Heisenberg, all contemporaries of Albert Einstein with Paul Dirac, Max Born and Wolfgang Pauli in their contributions to the birth of quantum mechanics.
    The symmetries in nature, numbers and sequences and fundamental constants; all seem finetuned and set into relationships with one another to create the universe and all the cosmological entities within it.

    And should not forget another genius of contemporary science in Isaac Newton. But what the modern world has tried to forget and to sequester away under an umbrella of a perceived historical ignorance, was the immense interest Isaac Newton, the father of all of classical mechanics, had in the concepts of religion.
    And what is the modern moral evaluation by his peers, judging a man whom they portray to the students of science as having had no equal in his time in regards to his scientific work, inventions and mathematical insights?

    His power of pure intellect, like Einstein’s, is often used to exemplify the necessity for logical thought and concentration in the pursuit of scientific and mathematical excellence by the students in those fields. Is it embarrassing to tell the full story; that Isaac Newton spent months at a time trying to decipher scrolls, like the ‘Book of Daniel’ and the ‘Book of Revelation’ in the bible?

    He must have been deluded in the religious fervour of his age!”, they would have said.

    But was he?

    Could a mathematical prodigy like Isaac Newton have been so gullible? Isn’t it more likely, that he sensed that there was something to it – and that it had to be scientific?! Isaac Newton’s ‘God’ is the same as Albert Einstein’s ‘God’ and yet it is completely impersonal. It must be, by the definition of the working ethic!

    But is it?

    Could it be possible, that once the ‘God of Science’ has become totally impersonal, that then this same ‘God’ is reborn in a ‘God of OmniScience’, who allows, even demands a personification, because of its own definition?
    And what if that had been the masterplan throughout the ages anyway? Can we then ever know and understand such a masterplan?
    And what if all the clerical authorities around the globe are forced by their own followers to take notice? What if modern science can prove to them that their ‘Allah’ and ‘Jehovah’ and Yahwhey and ‘Brahma’ and ‘Baha’ and ‘Krishna’ and ‘Ra’ and ‘Osiris’ and ‘Set’ and ‘The Big Goat behind the Old Oaken Tree in the Walpurgisnacht on April 30th’ are all one and the same?

    What if their scriptures and ancient scrolls became illumined in a new light of omniscience; should their powerbase not become depersonalised, if they are shown to have followed a very limited interpretation of their ‘sacred texts’ indeed?
    Where would they go in their grandstanding of and about ‘God’s Law’ for the ‘chosen people’ and for the ‘infidels’?
    It would be the end of falsified religious dogma and the death of manipulative religion as such. Because omniscience is Omni-Science, the Science of ‘The All’ for ‘The All’ and the German word for the cosmos or the universe is“Das ALL” - Albert Einstein and Max Planck and Werner Heisenberg and Wolfgang Pauli and Max Born would have liked that in their contemplations upon the natural order of things.

    Albert Einstein also said: “Science without Religion is lame and Religion without Science is blind”- and this book shall try to synergise the two worldviews in a redefinition of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and its statistical nature within a geometrical interpretation of quantum mechanics.

    And then would peace between the nations have a chance, because of the demise of the old religions and the already internationally accepted profundity of the scientific way and methodology. Like music, dance or mathematics, a new language would sweep the old world of hate and dispossession, the ways of disempowerment and disbelief under the carpet of the illumination of a new base of knowledge.
    A new song would be sung and the nations and tribes and families at war with each other could embrace one another in a new way of looking at the world around themselves and their individuated places within it. And all the many things they had learned from their history through the ages of humankind; all their legends, myths and fables, their religions and their sciences; all would become integrated within themselves in a renewed understanding and the death of their ignorance regarding themselves.

    But to succeed, the initiation of this omniscience is first required to effect its own birthing process. The mathematical principles of necessity and sufficiency must be satisfied and the scientific global community must become informed about the new dispensation. The premises of the new model also necessitate their scientific validation through experiment and verification in the collective scientific data base.

    This then is the disclaimer for this play of words.
    To scientifically empower the new dispensation; a scientifically rigorous approach in its elementary application cannot be avoided. Science cannot ‘prove’ something, without clearly identifying its parameters and boundary conditions. There is an abundance of literature, which explains the present status quo in the specialised fields of particle physics, quantum theory, unification physics and cosmology in a populist genre of communication.
    Many discoveries add to that edifice on a daily basis.
    This treatise then does not retell the stories, which have already been told in many other ways and media. A list of references points to supportive accounts of some popular ones amongst them. This essay attempts to explain the fundamentals, the principles and preconditions for what brought about the universe’s occurrence and the parameters which led to its definition in the natural laws.
    And it is happenstance, that those precepts and prerequisites existing before space and time came into being, have a relevance for the birth of the religions of history or what one could term the ‘spiritual impulse’.

    The bearing upon the personality is found to be a subset of a collective psyche; what one might perceive as the groupmind of a race or species; a somewhat very unique genus, which despite the relativity of the observer and the heliocentric reality – finds itself at the centre of the universe, as itself – the race of mankind!
    The story is told in a dialogue of two grandexperts in the fields of science; both exponents of the artform, but also in possession of academic qualifications in theology and comparative religion. They discuss how the story of science could be told to a largely mathematically illiterate populace. And because of their expertise in the fields of religious studies and their ancient histories; they fluctuate in their discussions between a highly scientific form of expression and the semantics of a more popular tradition, often using the similes of mythological metaphor and imagery.
    That context is given as a percentage indicator at the beginning of each act.

    One Robert Sceptico of Jones has a genealogical lineage tracing back to celtic blood, which culminates in the anglosaxon culture of colonised Northern America and the state of Michigan in the USA. His anglosaxon heritage is however a derivative from the most ancient bloodline of the House of Ahriman Azurguya, in the Genesis of the starhuman species in the civilisation of Mesopotamia in the year 2244 BC.
    Robert Sceptico is an adherent to the divisionist school of science; progress and advancement are achieved in an organised approach to structure and the application of the scientific method in the testing and subsequent validation or falsification of proposed models and hypotheses.
    Robert Sceptico’s science is one of order and compartments; things are in their place and separated by form and in substance; yet are unified in the symmetries of quantum geometry via quantum relativistic principles applied to the smallest particles found in nature in the realm of the subatomic quarks and leptons. Robert Sceptico is a renown world authority on the 12-dimensional CMF-theory of supermembranes and is a visiting professor in the physics departments of universities around the world.

    One Logan Antico of Arndale has a genetic inheritance tracing back to celtic bloodlines and which culminate in the anglosaxon culture of colonised Australia and the state of Victoria. His celtic lineage derives however from the most ancient blood of the House of Adaman Azurguya, in the manifesto of the starhuman race in the civilisation of Mesopotamia in the year 2244 BC.
    Logan Antico is a proponent for the unifying school of science; progress and advancements are made in an organised approach to structure and the application of the scientific methodology in the testing of hypotheses and their experimental validation or rejection. Logan Antico’s science is one of order and of symmetry; things are found separated in space and in time; yet are unified in a holographic mode of operation, based on the energetic dynamics of principles in quantum relativity and in the quantum geometry of the largest particles found in nature in the form of galaxies and their cosmological origins as white-hole-sources and as black-hole-sinks, operating as a dyadic vortex system of duality. Logan Antico is a renown world authority on cosmology and the structure of the omniverse as a collection of universes and is a visiting professor in the cosmology departments of universities around the globe.

    The ultimate aim of science to unify all aspects of existence so becomes a quest to enhance all energy and matter towards their most basic and elementary form of manifestation. Once such a fundamental oneness is found and classified by science; then the scientific worldview will become enabled to crossfertilise all its interdisciplinary factions and the global culture will be ready to purge itself from all unscientific and irrationally derived paradigms and belief systems.
    That will be the death of superstition and of pseudoscience; the unscientific way of thinking and its many flawed perceptions in regards to observed natural phenomena.
    Both Robert Sceptico and Logan Antico hold professorships in theology and comparative religion, and both are initiates to the mythologies of ancient thought and the gnostic interpretations of the Dead-Sea-Scrolls and the documents of Nag Hammadi.
    And both hold the Einstein-Chair of Quantum Relativity in the Department of OmniScience at the University of New Alexandria. Their professional status is that of Doctor of the Perennial Philosophy (PphD).

    Physical Consciousness coupled to the Biomind of Universal Life

    The labels of 'mind' and 'self-awareness' and of 'consciousness' have for long awaited rigorous definition in the nomenclature of science. Whilst most researchers and philosophers accept the existence of those labels; what those namings represent in a physically measurable sense of physical parameters have remained largely unexplored.
    These notions have remained as one of the major mysteries of science and have become subject to a number of speculations; from a purely materialistic interpretation of the 'mind' being a biochemical response to environmental stimuli, to the 'mind' being part of a 'spiritual soul' and subsequently constituting a transcendent aspect of biophysical life.

    A related mystery is that of 'life' itself. How did the universe evolve 'life' from a generally accepted premise of a prior or older cosmology, which disallowed biological life as is observed today? The thermodynamically expanding universe follows well tested physical parameters engaging the quantum nature of physical existence in the form of nucleosynthesizing interactions such as nuclear fusion of atomic eleements and an associated natural radioactivity inherent in nature and its laws of conservation of energy and momentum. Those same processes occurred in the primordial universe and due to the smaller volume then occupied by the expanding universe; the descriptive cosmology describes a much hotter universe (as a Black Body Planckian Radiator) and a universe in which say the lifeforms observed on planet earth could not exist in their biochemical and molecular constitutions.

    Recent advances in the demetricated forms of supermembrane theory (M-Theory for 11-dimensional supermembranes propagating 10-dimensional superstrings in a 12-dimensional selfdual mirror-spacetime of supervolumars (Vafa-F-Space encompassing Witten-M-Space) have allowed a rigorous definition for the above labels in the parameters of the physics of the superbranes.

    The Coupling of the Energy Laws by the Self-Frequency of the Quantum for Mass

    It has been discovered, that the universe contains an intrinsic coupling-parameter between its inertial masscontent and its noninertial energy content.
    The matter in the universe is described by the physical parameter termed Mass (M), say as proportional to Energy (E) in Einstein's famous equation Mass M=E/c2.
    This mass M then reappears in Newtonian mechanics as the change in momentum (p) defining the Inertial Mass (Mi) as being proportional to some applied Force (F) or the 'work done' for a particular displacement {F=dp/dt for p=mv and v a kinetematic velocity as the ratio of displacement over time generalised in the lightpath X=cT}.

    It is also well understood, that the inertial mass Mi has a gravitational counterpart described not by the change in momentum of inertia carrying matter agglomerations; but by the geometric curvature of space containing matter conglomerations. This Gravitational Mass Mg is measured to be equivalent to the Inertial Mass Mi and is formulated in the 'Principle of Equivalence' in Einstein's Theory of General Relativity.
    F-Theory then has shown, that this Inertial Mass Mi is coupled inherently to a 'mass-eigen' frequency via the following formulation:

    (1) Energy E=hf=mc2 (The Combined Planck-Einstein Law)
    (2) E=hf iff m=0 (The Planckian Quantum Law E=hf for lightspeed invariance c=λf)
    (3) E=mc2 iff f=fo=fss (The Einstein Law E=mc2 for the lightspeed upper limit)

    (1) Whenever there is mass (M=Mi=Mg) occupying space; this mass can be assigned either as a photonic mass {by the Energy-Momentum relation of Special Relativity: E2=Eo2(pc)2} by the photonic momentum p=h/λ=hf/c} OR a 'restmass' mo=m/√[1-(v/c)2] for 'restenergy' Eo=moc2.

    The 'total' energy for the occupied space so contains a 'variable' mass in the 'combined' law; but allows particularisation for electromagnetic radiation (always moving at the Maxwell lightspeed constant c in Planck's Law and for the 'Newtonian' mass M in the Einstein Law.

    (2) If M=0, then the Einstein Law is suppressed in favour of the Planck Law and the space contained energy E is photonic, i.e. electromagnetic, always dynamically described by the constancy of lightspeed c.

    (3) If M>0, then there exists a mass-eigen frequency fss=fo=Ess/h=mssc2/h, which QUANTIZES all mass agglomerations m=Σmss in the massquantum mss=Ess/c2.

    The Coupling of the Supermembranes in Vafa-F-Space

    The quantization of mass m so indicates the coupling of the Planck Law in the frequency parameter to the Einstein law in the mass parameter.
    The postulative basis of M-Theory utilizes the coupling of two energy-momentum eigenstates in the form of the modular duality between so termed 'vibratory' (high energy and short wavelengths) and 'winding' (low energy and long wavelengths) selfstates.

    The 'vibratory' selfstate is denoted in: Eps=Eprimary sourcesink=hfps=mpsc2 and the 'winding' and coupled selfstate is denoted by: Ess=Eecondary sinksource=hfss=mssc2

    The F-Space Unitary symmetry condition becomes: fpsfss=rpsrss=(λps/2π)(2πλss)=1

    The coupling constants between the two eigenstates are so: EpsEss=h2 and Eps/Ess=fps2=1/fss2

    The Supermembrane EpsEss then denotes the coupled superstrings in their 'vibratory' high energy and 'winded' low energy selfstates.

    The coupling constant for the vibratory high energy describes a MAXIMISED frequency differential over time in df/dt|max=fps2 and the coupling constant for the winded low energy describes its MINIMISED reciprocal in df/dt|min=fss2.

    F-Theory also crystallizes the following string formulations from the EpsEss superbrane parameters.


    Here e* is defined as the inverse of the sourcesink vibratory superstring energy quantum Eps=E* and becomes a New Physical Measurement Unit is the StarCoulomb (C*) and as the physical measurement unit for 'Physical Consciousness'.

    Re is the 'classical electron radius' coupling the 'point electron' of Quantum- Electro-Dynamics (QED) to Quantum Field Theory (QFT) and given in the electric potential energy of Coulomb's Law in: mec2=ke2/Re; and for the electronic restmass me.
    Alpha α is the electromagnetic finestructure coupling constant α=2πke2/hc for the electric charge quantum e, Planck's constant h and lightspeed constant c.
    Go is the Newtonian gravitational constant as applicable in the Planck-Mass mP=√(hc/2πGo).

    As the StarCoulomb unit describes the inverse sourcesink string energy as an elementary energy transformation from the string parametrization into the realm of classical QFT and QED, this transformation allows the reassignment of the StarCoulomb (C*) as the measurement of physical space itself.

    TonyB. September 24th, 2016 ;Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia

    From: Black Pigeon Speaks
    Sent: Wednesday, September 28, 2016 6:09 PM
    To: Tony Bermanseder
    Subject: Re: BP website

    First of all thanks very much for your email

    What you are proposing sounds great and will be a great addition to the platform.
    It is also going to be about content creators being able to highlight their own material or sites as well.
    A way to gain wider exposure.

    Just a few of things:

    1) Can you send me a username (handle) that you would like to use (for login as well as publishing).

    2) Once I have this I will send along your password as well as login instructions and how to actually publish once you are in.

    3) Can you write in the subject heading: "Website username"

    4) If you are going to need a category for your work, please include that so I can create one for the drop-down menus.

    If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Thanks in advance and let's make something great together.

    Be well.


    On Tue, Sep 27, 2016 at 12:33 AM, Tony Bermanseder <pacificap@hotmail.com> wrote:
    Dear BP!

    Having used many of your clips on my own websites; I would be interested to republish rather informative, but challenging scientific-cosmological information on your website.
    Of course part of my (less science based) work is in alignment with yours and I can contribute material on the metaphysical problems/solutions to the islamisation of the west and so on besides astropohysics and the physical ontologies.
    The one requirement to share and contribute I need however is the addition of scientific script for say the corner of publication you can assign for this purpose.

    Again your proposal is a good idea and our cooperation within a framework of ‘freely accessible public’ alternative information would I believe only enhance the outcome of the ‘war od ideas’ many of us are engaged in towards the favour of rationality, logic and reason.




    Unfortunately the BPS website is not what it is proclaimed to be. Namely to form a library of material and information not easily accessible by the general web participant.
    The positive invitations and feedback from Black Pigeon Speaks at the start of his new website have deteriorated to just another forum of editorial censorship and selective data dissemination.
    This might not be the intent of BPS, but a result of BPS to delegate editorial authority to other, less anti censorship oriented personages.
    After sending the email below; I did not only receive no reply to my enquiry, but also found that the pending posts subsequently simply disappeared without notice given.
    I subsequently proposed a new essay, entitled "The sexism in the bible! " which then also disappeared without notice.

    The earlier two deleted contributions were entitled; "The Ontological Metaphysics behind the Physical Manifestation of Islam" and a continuing part of a published part named: "Cosmogenesis"; the latter supporting the earlier part with scientific parameters and formulae.

    I consider the essay addressing islam as highly relevant to the general genre of the BPS videos and as my essay addresses aspects of the islamization of western civilization from a rather deep eschatological perspective; I could not understand why the editor(s) on the BPS website found this treaatize unsuitable for publication.
    Needless to say and after the positive start to the BPS website; I am rather disappointed with the editorial censorship and lack of feedback encountered.


    email of October 8th, 2016

    Hi BPS!

    I am having a few issues with editing my posts, due to the generic editor. It seems to be restricted in edit options, say in embedding you tube clips. Also there seems to be no option to edit published messages.
    Also can you inform me, as to why my latest messages are still in pending mode?

    Sincerely sirebard

    Re: Editing of posts on new BPS website/Heather

    Tony Bermanseder
    Today, 14:03
    Black Pigeon (blackpigeonweb@gmail.com)

    Hi BPS!
    Thanks for replying and thanks for publishing the ontology essay, which I feel is important to be shared with as many folks concerned with the 'civilization war' as possible.
    Regarding your points.
    1. The many spelling mistakes are not mistakes, but a consequence of an older style of English used in the King James bible. I am familiar with many versions and to support my arguments, both logistically and epistometrically, I prefer to use the KJV version carrying the 'older English' nuances. I am not saying that my preferred English spelling of certainly words like colour in contrast to color and similar words qualify as spelling mistakes either, but rather reflect a limited application of the spelling checkers used. Of course some minor spelling mistakes I would certainly be guilty of but not the way you and Heather might have perceived them.

    2. The reason I joined your website was for the purpose to share rare information not easily found on the web, including pioneer science and the 'sequestered information' (by the aristocratic-banker-open source-globalist elitists/echeloners). I am well aware that the attention span of most information seekers does not appreciate deeper logistics and arguments and that most information on your new website falls into that category. So if you do not like deeper argument and supportive commentary then I do understand this from your and Heather's perspective as well.

    Thanks again and your website is growing nicely.


    From: Black Pigeon <blackpigeonweb@gmail.com>
    Sent: 02 November 2016 16:36
    To: Tony Bermanseder
    Subject: Re: Editing of posts on new BPS website/Heather

    Sorry to get back to you so late Tony, as I have not been able to get on top of my correspondence.
    So, I went to look.
    I think what she should have done, is give a reason. I have not spoken to her, but I can guess when looking at:

    The Ontological Metaphysics behind the Physical Manifesto of Islam
    The Jihad of Islam and the Hadji of Logos

    What I see are two problems, but both are readily fixable.

    1) The length is just too long for an internet article, you should be aiming at no more than 3500 words.
    2) There were many, many spelling mistakes.

    The solution is this, I have restored your articles, and if you can shorten the length as well as use a spell checker (in fact Google Chrome browser has a built in spell checker) then we can publish them.

    Does this sound good?

    Thanks for your understanding and I hope this email finds you well.

    Last edited: Nov 3, 2016
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    Tony Bermanseder October 5th, 2014 - October 5th, 2016 Jeremiah 28:3
    Within two full years will I bring again into this place all the vessels of the Lord's house, that Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon took away from this place, and carried them to Babylon:

    Tony Bermanseder Zia Zian Tony what can be expected from the time line after 2018 ? and can you write up the Prophecy of Jonah and the Whale in relationship to Jesus being the the belly of the Earth for 3 days ,when you have time .I looked for it but can't find it on Thubans ..

    Tony Bermanseder

    The Thuban timeline begins its countdown October 5th, 2016 for the Matthew 24. prophecies named as the 'Sermon of the Mount'. 84 days from that describes a 'shortening of times' as 84 hours are 3.5 days as 1260 days or 3.5 years. As the Daniel codes engage the 1290 and 1335 numerics as half of the 150 day 'flood of Noah' as well as the 5 months of the plagueagues of Scorpions in Revelation and Genesis; the last 3.5 x360 day years begin on March 12th, 2017 and end August 23rd, 2020. This synchronises with the islamic eschatology now politisized and shows you how the above video clips are related bridging the Torah's mosiach with the Christian messiah with the Mahdi of islam. The 3.5 days as the shortened times are the 3.5 days of Jonah as well as the halfweek prophecy of Daniel.9.24-27 as artopf the 70 sevens encoding which both is historically defined as 490 years (360) from the Babylonian captivity 609BC(+7)5 to 538BC and the following edicts of Ezra and Nehemiah in the Persian rule of Antaxerxes and Darius. So adding the 490 years to 445Bc leads to the works of Jesus from 6BC to 34AD as a 38-39 year interlude from 1335+1335=2300+370=2670 and 2670x360=961,200 for 365.2425x2670-13,997.5 = 2631.7+38.3 = 616BC+ 3+1+3 + {6BC-34AD} + 3 + 2017 + 3 AD. So Jesus knew the Noah code and synchronised it with the Jonah code to 'fulfil' the older timelines and prepare the newer timeline when the 70 weeks code is mirrored in the present time so bridging Daniel into Revelation via Genesis and finalising the 'Old Testament' and Torah in its fulfilment. As both Jews and Muslims have not decoded their scriptures appropriately, both are tapped in timeloops of the They are kind of 'frozen in time'. Hope this helps.

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    The ET starhuman mind revealed!


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